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[06:15:27] Talltree_: guys, do you know, when hosting web apps like rails, or node based, is it better to have many virutal cores or a single or 2 dedicated ones?
[06:18:16] Talltree_: i had the same throught, also thought about using docker for everything and spawning some workers
[06:18:20] Talltree_: for better threading
[06:19:05] Talltree_: so peak performence is better, i'm not running extremly active sites atm, i can upgrade this month to a better package
[06:20:07] Talltree_: the thing is, 6 virtual vs 2 dedicated ones
[06:20:14] Talltree_: should make a big difference peak wise
[06:20:19] Talltree_: same price basicly
[06:21:08] Talltree_: i did go with the 2 dedicated like a year ago, but the question remains
[06:21:29] Talltree_: peak performence is not that great, those cores aren't nearly maxed out
[06:21:48] Talltree_: i dont run persistent loads, i'd need peak performence more
[06:23:14] Talltree_: and not dockerized, but i think docker may be the future for me
[06:23:41] Talltree_: would make a lot of headache when it comes to js node and ruby version management go away
[06:24:35] Talltree_: that should be plenty, maybe switching to really basic host, like alpine linux
[06:27:40] Talltree_: i'm going to watch it right now


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[17:33:19] Talltree_: does someone have experience deploying rails 5.0rc1 with capistrano?
[17:33:41] Talltree_: it seems to fail running the bundler commands really often...
[17:34:11] Talltree_: can i skip it somehow?
[17:34:23] Talltree_: i ran the command manualy, and it works fine
[17:35:45] Talltree_: which files to you mean?
[17:35:47] Talltree_: just the gemfile?
[17:39:30] Talltree_: still runs bundler install
[17:45:09] Talltree_: dionysus69, it still runs the bundler install command Oo
[17:55:43] Talltree_: the bundle doesnt fail manualy
[17:55:46] Talltree_: i looked at the log
[17:56:00] Talltree_: and it works perfectly fine if i run in on the server dionysus69
[17:56:16] Talltree_: as soon as i run cap deploy production it fails with
[17:58:36] Talltree_: dionysus69,
[17:58:37] Talltree_: http://pastie.org/10886819
[17:59:50] Talltree_: https://i.imgur.com/RaBYP59.png
[18:04:27] Talltree_: why whould that be the problem
[18:04:30] Talltree_: that doesnt make sense
[18:05:16] Talltree_: yes, and also ran the original command in the cache of cop
[18:05:23] Talltree_: cd /home/deploy/apps/d2ladder/releases/20160622195721 && /usr/bin/env bundle install --path /home/deploy/apps/d2ladder/shared/bundle --without development test --deployment --quiet
[18:05:27] Talltree_: doesnt fail on the server
[18:05:37] Talltree_: but fails if i use cop
[18:06:28] Talltree_: googling turns up nothing, i wouldnt speak here if google turned it up
[18:07:25] Talltree_: rubyonrails887, you could use an if...
[18:07:40] Talltree_: if 'current path = X then Y else Z
[18:07:49] Talltree_: not actual ruby syntax tho ;)
[18:08:32] Talltree_: rubyonrails887, http://apidock.com/rails/ActionView/Helpers/UrlHelper/current_page%3F
[18:23:37] Talltree_: i think that may be a problem with gemsets i'm having
[18:24:01] Talltree_: how can i reset all gems i have locally and on the server? like complete enviroment clean


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[09:12:39] Talltree_: does someone know if the gem ActiveModelSerializers enables more advanced PUT via json too?
[09:12:58] Talltree_: or rather POST
[09:29:55] Talltree_: universa1 apperantly i am not good at posting into multible models like i would via nested forms
[09:32:29] Talltree_: i tried so many times, if i paste you my form can you help me with an example json? i managed to post into one model perfectly fine, the nested one is the problem
[09:33:35] Talltree_: i thought maybe the jsonapi format would give me a sturcture that is a "industry standard"
[09:34:05] Talltree_: i read that rails format is not the best. weird.
[09:55:20] Talltree_: i am so dumb, i dindt use model_attributes
[20:47:18] Talltree_: excuse my noobishness but <% @characters.joins(:experiences).order("value").each do |character| %> how do i select the last value instead of a general value here?
[20:47:34] Talltree_: <- sql noob
[20:48:29] Talltree_: tgeeky, and still the each at the end?
[20:48:41] Talltree_: its the table generation in the view...
[20:49:33] Talltree_: i print the value i want to sort with in a column with character.experiences.last.value
[20:49:44] Talltree_: but this is really confusing now.
[20:52:16] Talltree_: i think i dont understand you correctly
[20:52:31] Talltree_: @characters.joins(:experiences).order("value").last.each returns an error :D
[20:52:48] Talltree_: grml, sorry :-/
[20:54:50] Talltree_: its the index, so like 100 per page?
[20:55:48] Talltree_: one character has a history of exp values, i want to sort the ladder by the last (think highest) exp value that each char has
[20:56:39] Talltree_: that throws an erorr for me
[20:56:52] Talltree_: undefined method `each' for #<Character:0x007f52a5a6e808>
[20:57:30] Talltree_: tgeeky, it doesnt, but thank you very much for trying!
[20:57:49] Talltree_: centrx, the last exp value per char, there are many chars
[20:58:05] Talltree_: maybe i'm thinking about it completly wrong
[20:58:22] Talltree_: original each is a list of my characters
[20:58:31] Talltree_: i can sort by character name etc
[20:58:42] Talltree_: but the nested exp value, not so much
[20:59:03] Talltree_: value is in this case all exp's
[20:59:44] Talltree_: do 2 screen suffice? :D
[21:00:00] Talltree_: they got pretty much all thats in the model anyway
[21:00:43] Talltree_: tgeeky https://i.imgur.com/J0Dqmcu.png the table
[21:02:09] Talltree_: goodfella, codeacademy
[21:02:49] Talltree_: https://i.imgur.com/wkJIjvc.png tgeeky each char
[21:03:17] Talltree_: the exp values is a column named value
[21:03:39] Talltree_: with the typical rails columns, created_at modified_at id
[21:03:45] Talltree_: and association to char
[21:04:17] Talltree_: yes, you know? like a leader board?
[21:04:40] Talltree_: bundesliga, each team has a history of matches (points)
[21:04:59] Talltree_: and the points add up over time
[21:05:16] Talltree_: so getting all points is bad, getting the last one is the most accurate one :D
[21:06:00] Talltree_: oh, btw those are ofc random values now, wont be with real data tgeeky
[21:06:55] Talltree_: no, since value can go down.
[21:08:09] Talltree_: yes, takes ages with 100 chars and 10000 values to load, dunno what it actually takes of those values
[21:09:09] Talltree_: undefined method `each' for 9999505:Fixnum
[21:09:40] Talltree_: if i could only select _just_ what's in those brackets
[21:09:50] Talltree_: like i said, i have the number i want printed
[21:09:57] Talltree_: you see it in the first screenshot
[21:10:51] Talltree_: shows one value
[21:13:19] Talltree_: smathy: okay, i have this <% @characters.joins(:experiences).order("value").each do |character| %> as the table "loop"
[21:13:39] Talltree_: but instead of value, i want the last value that is the value column of the experience db
[21:13:51] Talltree_: ladder site with elo
[21:13:56] Talltree_: it goes up it goes down
[21:14:12] Talltree_: but you sort the leader board by the latest and most recent value
[21:14:24] Talltree_: what code exactly? the view?
[21:14:44] Talltree_: http://pastie.org/10842835
[21:15:07] Talltree_: i allready have the single value
[21:15:16] Talltree_: its character.experiences.last.value
[21:17:49] Talltree_: i want to sort the whole table ascending with that value.
[21:18:05] Talltree_: smathy, https://i.imgur.com/J0Dqmcu.png
[21:18:09] Talltree_: look at that screen
[21:18:28] Talltree_: the exp value is the latest exp value in that screen
[21:19:08] Talltree_: i want to sort the table with that value, its a nested "attribute"
[21:19:48] Talltree_: not the maximum
[21:19:52] Talltree_: i allready told you that
[21:19:54] Talltree_: the latest.
[21:21:22] Talltree_: the most recent that a char has, sorted by the highest number or all chars
[21:22:13] Talltree_: smathy, if my english is not completly failing me thats absoluty correct sir
[21:22:36] Talltree_: sort the character by their latest exp value
[21:22:43] Talltree_: *characters
[21:22:57] Talltree_: like a leader board
[21:23:27] Talltree_: since every character has a history of Experience values, like Chess ELO for example.
[21:24:50] Talltree_: thinking about this stuff i should have proably have started out with something simple, like a blog app
[21:25:02] Talltree_: nothing that handels 10000s of entries of data
[21:27:11] Talltree_: VeryBewitching, i like this, its fun, learning by doing and stuff^
[21:28:04] Talltree_: sooooooo, go through all the exp values in the table
[21:28:33] Talltree_: i dont have the slightest idea how to do that :D
[21:30:02] Talltree_: why can't i use "rails" syntax inside the () of .order
[21:30:28] Talltree_: i mean, getting the number is really easy with rails, afaik the order("") is SQL
[21:31:13] Talltree_: VeryBewitching, maybe i should actually take a course of sql, i never did...
[21:31:48] Talltree_: thats party the reason i like rails so much, it takes the sql stuff and makes it easy i thought :D
[21:32:49] Talltree_: you can't say that in a year anymore (sadly)
[21:34:39] Talltree_: can you smathy or VeryBewitching explain what you meant by caching the exp.value in the table?
[21:35:32] Talltree_: can't i create a job that does that?
[21:37:27] Talltree_: ferr that confuses me since its not the function format i think
[21:39:04] Talltree_: by child updated_at = created_at
[21:40:09] Talltree_: no idea how to do that either
[21:40:23] Talltree_: i like the idea of storing the latest value in the char table
[21:40:50] Talltree_: this is way harder to explain than i thought :D
[21:41:37] Talltree_: i really appreciate your help, thanks guys
[21:42:22] Talltree_: yeah it sucks, i should redo that
[21:42:50] Talltree_: gaming background you know
[21:42:57] Talltree_: char = character, exp = experience :D
[21:43:37] Talltree_: i got a cool analogy i think
[21:44:55] Talltree_: i look into my wallet each day, and note how much money i got in it on a paper, at the end of the month i compare it to my 10 friends, sort the table by the latest (current) value of money i have in my wallet
[21:45:16] Talltree_: compare it to the friends ofc.
[21:45:29] Talltree_: i'm so done for today, good night :P
[21:55:20] Talltree_: you know you are working on something complicated when your music stopped an hour ago and you didnt notice :D
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