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[18:35:52] Ticky: regex Ruby doesn’t like is here; https://gist.github.com/ticky/219a2724738e29e8b2ccd76524795cee (built from https://www.npmjs.com/package/emoji-regex)
[18:35:52] Ticky: hello, #ruby, I’ve got a curly one… I’ve got emoji preprocessing going on (to replace it with images on platforms which don’t support it) with Ruby and JavaScript, and I want to keep them consistent. I’ve just updated the JavaScript portion to support Unicode 9.0 emoji, however, the regex I used there checks for high surrogates, and Ruby’s regex implementation thus simply tells me I must be joking. Is there any way around this? The full JS
[19:50:37] Ticky: zenspider: I mean, if JavaScript’s awful regex engine can handle it…
[19:51:32] Ticky: if either language just up and supported Unicode 9.0 character properties out of the box I wouldn’t have this problem :P
[20:07:01] Ticky: zenspider: specifically, these ones https://mathiasbynens.be/notes/es-unicode-property-escapes#emoji
[20:07:17] Ticky: (they expand to that big ol’ gnarly regex I pasted above that Ruby doesn’t like)
[20:07:40] Ticky: (or rather to that plus some extra handling for ZWJ sequences)
[20:11:58] Ticky: ACTION zenspider: a very small subset of emoji ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emoticons_(Unicode_block)
[20:13:11] Ticky: I suspect that’s reading too much :P
[20:16:59] Ticky: zenspider: where do you mean? what issues?
[20:18:16] Ticky: oh, right, right
[20:18:23] Ticky: I missed that that’s Ruby’s regex engine! 😃
[20:20:41] Ticky: zenspider: they’re “valid,” they’re just not characters by themselves - they’re high surrogates
[20:24:21] Ticky: yeah that might be… part of it, it expects JavaScript’s one-character-at-a-time regex parsing
[20:24:40] Ticky: it _might_ be that anywhere it’s not looking for “one of these characters” it should actually be in that format
[20:24:53] Ticky: but honestly I can’t figure out enough about the error Ruby’s giving me to know for sur
[20:26:05] Ticky: issue opened https://github.com/k-takata/Onigmo/issues/89
[20:26:08] Ticky: ACTION takes cover
[20:27:05] Ticky: thanks for pointing me in the right direction 😃
[20:27:34] Ticky: I’m currently looking into whether https://github.com/janlelis/unicode-emoji has equivalent behaviour to what I’m after… if it is I might concede defeat and use that lol
[20:29:59] Ticky: zenspider: yeah, none of this is very “good” but if it does the thing you need™
[20:30:32] Ticky: zenspider: honestly ideally I wouldn’t be doing emoji replacements at all but with Linux and Windows’ chaotic emoji support levels out there…
[20:43:26] Ticky: I think I have a solid approach to this emoji stuff, thanks for your input, zenspider 😃 https://github.com/janlelis/unicode-emoji seems to match the behaviour I need!


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[12:11:07] Ticky: hey look if someone doesn???t respond in two minutes clearly nobody???s interested
[12:12:48] Ticky: for a moment I read that as ???horse auction suite??? and was slightly confused
[12:15:13] Ticky: brains are tricky