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[17:53:06] Vendella: Hey, why can't I load test/unit?
[17:53:13] Vendella: require 'test/unit' fails
[17:55:13] Vendella: I'm not gonna use it, I'm reading Eloquent Ruby.
[17:58:16] Vendella: I see. How about RSpec?
[17:58:55] Vendella: Also, are specs here to replace the artificial checking we do in statically typed languages? Such as, raise unless x.is_a?(Fixnum) etc
[19:00:01] Vendella: Where can I learn more about specs?
[19:00:11] Vendella: The Eloquent Ruby explains an outdated method.
[19:01:46] Vendella: I'm not in any. Which one is preferred?
[19:02:31] Vendella: I see. Well, let's go with Minitest then.
[19:02:45] Vendella: Also, can I finish Eloquent Ruby before diving into Minitest ?
[19:03:36] Vendella: Aight, so I'm skipping the whole, "Write Specs" chapter.
[19:03:51] Vendella: MrBeardy, I have that book right next to me :)
[19:05:42] Vendella: Should I raw read the pickaxe book?
[19:05:48] Vendella: bootstrappm, It's 1.9 and 2.0
[19:07:29] Vendella: Ah, I don't have that one..
[19:10:44] Vendella: imperator, I have a very good book on HTTP
[19:10:59] Vendella: David Gourley, Brian Totty, Marjorie Sayer, Sailu Reddy, Anshu Aggarwal HTTP- The Definitive Guide 2002
[19:11:50] Vendella: Try Maxwell out.
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[00:06:05] Vendella: Has anyone here tried Elixir? :)
[00:06:47] Vendella: dfockler, Can't ask you much then :(
[00:06:51] Vendella: havenwood, What did you think about it?
[00:07:49] Vendella: havenwood, I think I'm worried. A lot of rubyists here said the same.
[00:10:08] Vendella: havenwood, Oh sounds great.
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[11:47:02] Vendella: << class Foo; end; foo =; puts foo
[11:47:26] Vendella: The memory address that's printed out is where that Foo instance is in memory?
[11:47:40] Vendella: #<Foo:0x9d069d0>
[11:48:17] Vendella: But it's something like that right?
[11:49:03] Vendella: Do I need to know C good to be good at Ruby?
[11:49:39] Vendella: I'm coming from C, but I don't master it.
[11:50:25] Vendella: I'm aiming to get into Rails also.
[11:51:21] Vendella: I also wonder, how much Ruby should I learn before I actually jump into Rails. I'm halfway of this Eloquent book right now.
[11:53:10] Vendella: Sometimes I have to Google things up but yea it's good.
[11:53:59] Vendella: apeiros, I have previous OOP experience.
[12:31:32] Vendella: A class can only have one metaclass?
[12:37:48] Vendella: apeiros, Yes.
[12:47:31] Vendella: What will self be inside a method? I expected it to be the methods name or something.
[12:49:31] Vendella: I mean something like this
[12:49:43] Vendella: class Foo; def test; puts self; end; end;
[12:50:30] Vendella: I get back #<Foo:0x9f3d488>
[12:50:44] Vendella: Which is what I also get when I make an object of that class
[12:51:29] Vendella: it returns nil but it puts #<Foo:0x9f3d488>
[12:51:36] Vendella: So self is #<Foo:0x9f3d488>
[12:51:41] Vendella: That's what I mean
[12:55:36] Vendella: Yea but why is that
[12:58:20] Vendella: So, ruby will set self to be the object before I call test and after that will set it back to main?
[12:59:47] Vendella: That's what the info about self says.
[13:00:11] Vendella: "self is an globally accessible keyword: ruby makes sure that there is always a self that can be accessed in any context. The value of self, however, will change based on the current context."
[13:04:04] Vendella:
[13:04:15] Vendella: #<Foo:0xa0b4474>
[13:04:19] Vendella: It sets it back to main lol
[13:11:55] Vendella: I have available the Well grounded Rubyist but it's for 1.9, the black book. Will it hurt if I read about the self keyword there or has it changed?
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[17:47:37] Vendella: Is The pickaxe book for 1.9 and 2.0 still relevant to look into?
[17:48:27] Vendella: sarkyniin, What?
[17:49:46] Vendella: I don't want it for learn Ruby lol
[18:03:34] Vendella: Sure the pickaxe book for 1.9 and 2.0 is not outdated?
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[18:06:10] Vendella: I have it to look things up
[18:06:13] Vendella: not to raw read it.
[18:06:22] Vendella: I'm currently reading Eloquent Ruby.
[18:27:34] Vendella: apeiros, I was told that the well grounded rubyist for 1.9 was outdated, hmm.
[18:27:50] Vendella: Well, will Eloquent Ruby and the piackaxe book do good for learning Ruby?
[18:28:40] Vendella: I have already read half the book of it.
[18:28:49] Vendella: I have programming experience.
[18:28:59] Vendella: half the book*
[18:29:28] Vendella: I decided to go with Eloquent and The Pickaxe book.
[18:29:37] Vendella: Because I already have them available.
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[22:42:12] Vendella: If arr is an array, arr.each.with_index is same as arr.each_with_index ?
[22:43:43] Vendella: Ok. so with_index is old, or?
[22:44:21] Vendella:
[22:44:28] Vendella: I don't see #with_index anywhere
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[17:22:06] Vendella: Which one is preferred?
[17:24:46] Vendella: The point is, use for in or each?
[17:25:04] Vendella: shevy, Then don't say you don't like either
[17:25:41] Vendella: The == is somehow implemented, you think it's magic?
[17:29:52] Vendella: is using length instead of size faster?
[17:30:41] Vendella: length is a method and not part of Enumerable
[17:30:50] Vendella: and running at O(1)
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