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[17:32:57] WA9ACE: seeing your name reminds me I haven't checked ruby.social in a while


[04:57:09] WA9ACE: are you wanting to see the world "hello" printed to the screen?
[04:58:55] WA9ACE: that's the return type of the iterator
[04:59:05] WA9ACE: what memofun said
[04:59:44] WA9ACE: that will return an array with 2 strings of "hello"
[04:59:48] WA9ACE: instead of the number 2


[15:49:15] WA9ACE: Anyone have opinions on Marc-André's http://truthabouteventloops.com/ course?
[15:49:35] WA9ACE: I'm thinking about buying the recorded sessions to go over this holiday season
[19:51:16] WA9ACE: a 500 line gist with no indentation asking "please make this totally not my homework run"
[19:52:25] WA9ACE: with things like slack communities and gitter I'm still surprised to see people making their way to IRC channels tbh
[19:52:41] WA9ACE: I hate both of those products with a passion
[19:53:23] WA9ACE: Inline I pay for IRCCloud, they have an API level integration to Slack, and you can now connect to IRCCloud and treat it as a bouncer
[19:53:36] WA9ACE: so I'm connected to all my slacks from my IRC client again, even though they killed the IRC bridge
[19:54:15] WA9ACE: yeah sorry, wrong ping
[19:59:45] WA9ACE: Eiam the go slack is 30k people
[19:59:49] WA9ACE: IRCCloud pooped itself
[20:03:52] WA9ACE: I'm pretty sure Twitch Chat is and IRCd written in Go
[20:04:13] WA9ACE: it got rewritten in 2015


[06:00:23] WA9ACE: most of the people I know just use vim and pry https://github.com/pry/pry
[21:02:58] WA9ACE: not to rag on his blog post, but I do dislike medium a fair amount


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[19:50:43] WA9ACE: lots of stuff will need to get rewritten with Ruby 3 anyway right? Since autoloading will be gone
[19:51:39] WA9ACE: apeiros https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/5653
[19:54:09] WA9ACE: I could've swore I read something about autoload needing to be removed or reworked to allow for the concurrency changes wanting to be made to MRI
[19:54:20] WA9ACE: oh well I must've missed that
[19:59:08] WA9ACE: on an unrelated note, I'm on ruby.social and in here, but are there any other public ruby related hangouts?
[19:59:47] WA9ACE: for chatting that is, not necessarily places like /r/ruby
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[18:24:47] WA9ACE: We'd love to have your puns over on ruby.social ;)
[18:51:32] WA9ACE: It's definitely a conscious effort to check it since I don't have a Tweetbot equivalent for Mastodon yet
[20:35:05] WA9ACE: apeiros I agree. `--no-spring` is mandatory when generating a new rails app



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[16:33:56] WA9ACE: Just speculating but, they could have died. Not everyone is Jim. My wife and a friend have dead man switch access to my password manager to start shutting off accounts in my case


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[21:49:24] WA9ACE: apeiros remember talking about normalizing schemas a few days ago?
[21:49:34] WA9ACE: I'm reading this https://kev.inburke.com/kevin/reddits-database-has-two-tables/
[21:49:35] WA9ACE: and my soul left my body


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[19:20:52] WA9ACE: I end up building from the ground up with sinatra, then normally by the 2-3 month mark I've built my own padrino on top of Sinatra
[19:21:38] WA9ACE: I like Flask too
[19:25:39] WA9ACE: dminuoso I don't disagree, however at the moment I'm bootstrapping a new rails app for work with devise and activeadmin
[19:25:45] WA9ACE: took all of 30 minutes
[19:28:15] WA9ACE: I feel for you there
[19:28:33] WA9ACE: sometimes I feel like people started with rails and never learned how to normalize a schema
[19:30:52] WA9ACE: there's also that ^
[19:31:13] WA9ACE: last large product I worked on (Play framework/Scala) was 56 tables
[19:33:58] WA9ACE: apeiros polymorphic associations...
[19:36:15] WA9ACE: a smart man learns from his own mistakes, a wise man learns from the mistakes of others
[19:36:32] WA9ACE: people using polymorphic associations will learn from the former
[19:37:17] WA9ACE: `rescue ApeirosEx => e`
[19:38:03] WA9ACE: when people say "ace why don't you write tests?" I just tell them I don't write bugs
[19:38:05] WA9ACE: only features
[19:38:23] WA9ACE: nice little bitey bug shaped features
[19:38:38] WA9ACE: just kidding, I write tests
[19:38:45] WA9ACE: sometimes
[19:39:10] WA9ACE: I was going for the Bob Ross style
[19:39:16] WA9ACE: we only make happy little bugs
[19:39:58] WA9ACE: ah yes, because we've never written bugs in statically typed languages
[22:27:19] WA9ACE: make a build tool
[22:27:24] WA9ACE: not specific to ruby
[22:27:30] WA9ACE: it's been around probably twice as long as ruby has
[22:27:36] WA9ACE: what platform?
[22:28:53] WA9ACE: sorry, last time I did Ruby on Windows that wasn't under the WSL it was absolute hell
[22:29:14] WA9ACE: jeffreylevesque it depends
[22:29:28] WA9ACE: some debian platforms you'll need to do `sudo apt install build-essentials` or similar
[22:29:52] WA9ACE: with Fedora it's `sudo dnf groupinstall "C Development Tools and Libraries"


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[18:34:04] WA9ACE: you could always use brackets in place of do end
[18:34:11] WA9ACE: but those tend to be reserved for 1-3 liners
[19:10:51] WA9ACE: I know back around ruby 1.8 and 1.9 there was definitely a reason to use single quotes over double
[19:10:58] WA9ACE: lemme go try to find the article about the string change
[19:13:17] WA9ACE: I could have sworn aaron had a blog post on this
[19:15:48] WA9ACE: at least I found this. It's definitely true https://twitter.com/tenderlove/status/563256768739180544?lang=en
[19:22:25] WA9ACE: This was the string memory post I was misremembering in case anyone wants a good read http://patshaughnessy.net/2012/1/4/never-create-ruby-strings-longer-than-23-characters
[19:22:31] WA9ACE: I'm not sure if it's still relevant though
[19:23:47] WA9ACE: ACTION ba dum tss


[19:48:27] WA9ACE: I use Dash https://kapeli.com/dash and the submlime DashDoc plugin


[15:55:02] WA9ACE: happy rbenv user checking in
[16:46:45] WA9ACE: I for one would love to see pipes in Ruby
[16:46:50] WA9ACE: in the mean time I made this https://github.com/WA9ACE/pipe/blob/master/spec/pipe_spec.rb
[16:47:46] WA9ACE: but that hurts my eyes line in the latest comment is pretty silly
[16:49:14] WA9ACE: it is to everyone I've worked with


[19:00:45] WA9ACE: there's also the fact that parsing anything sent from somewhere else in kernel space is inherently dangerous
[19:01:42] WA9ACE: I mean, Windows had a vuln based on Font loading being done in kernel space
[19:02:37] WA9ACE: I though spectre and meltdown were a big deal because it meant you could run things in userspace and access memory in someone else's space
[19:04:26] WA9ACE: I'm holding out a new mac for when the expandable Mac Pro comes out 2018*
[19:04:38] WA9ACE: but now I'm not certain I want it if it doesn't use AMD
[19:05:34] WA9ACE: here's the PoC I saw for reading memory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbHbFkh6eeE


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[14:55:42] WA9ACE: that's interesting, I've never seen something like that
[18:53:54] WA9ACE: There's also the easy route of hash.to_json then JSON.parse(json, object_class: OpenStruct)
[18:54:12] WA9ACE: but that's lossy
[19:22:01] WA9ACE: I didn't know we had cookies in here


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