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[14:27:36] ZAJDAN: do You recommend some gems for blogs with connection to social media


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[15:56:27] ZAJDAN: not...I still use 5.2.3 without webpack
[15:59:05] ZAJDAN: hi..thank You for answer...Iam fine..busy with house project...and You?
[16:00:55] ZAJDAN: good to say with v.5 :_)
[16:01:39] ZAJDAN: aha aha I it necessary use the Webpack?
[16:03:22] ZAJDAN: is sound like double wrapper on candy :_)
[16:04:01] ZAJDAN: I have to dissapper now but I will appear here again


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[00:56:03] ZAJDAN: *.net *.split
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[06:59:40] ZAJDAN: is possible hide in browser URL ...the controller/method ...?


[07:11:15] ZAJDAN: how do you autostart puma for Your production? (rc.local or systemd, etc)
[11:33:27] ZAJDAN: some tip for array differences?
[11:36:11] ZAJDAN: okok will try
[12:39:33] ZAJDAN: => 1).all --- how to get just the values?
[12:48:33] ZAJDAN: vorker57: yeeees...this works as I need...thnx
[12:53:04] ZAJDAN: How I could print out array and strip out the symbols [] in the output
[12:55:38] ZAJDAN: found it: *","
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[06:46:58] ZAJDAN: how to replace ng/break lines for </br> ...?
[06:52:43] ZAJDAN: how Rails save into db break line ?
[07:00:53] ZAJDAN: havenwood...Rails...
[07:05:56] ZAJDAN: but in this case the simple_format doesnt change it for <br>
[11:04:40] ZAJDAN: how do You mount cifs ?


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[09:35:24] ZAJDAN: have YOu experience connect Rails to SAP-B1 database?
[11:27:32] ZAJDAN: do sombody has experiences mine data from SAP B1 ...?


[08:38:37] ZAJDAN: under which user runs puma-server?
[08:38:58] ZAJDAN: apache from default runs under www-data
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[09:54:21] ZAJDAN: why/when I should use direct system call ' system('mkdir') ' or mehod Dir ' Dir.mkdir' ?
[10:08:55] ZAJDAN: thank You phaul...and You....what do you recommend?
[10:10:13] ZAJDAN: ok... I take recommendations by more experienced than me
[10:11:27] ZAJDAN: phaul yesterday you sent me: ...what means the ' %w ' ...?
[10:11:59] ZAJDAN: sorry for such questions, but Iam greenhorn with Ruby
[10:12:13] ZAJDAN: something like array?
[10:14:07] ZAJDAN: aha...thank you
[10:27:18] ZAJDAN: phaul...seems to bw that ruby 2.3.0 has problem when I use: unless File.exists?(@comission.comission_num.to_s) ....returns (undefined method `comission_num' for nil:NilClass)
[10:28:49] ZAJDAN: ! sorry...probably my mistake
[10:29:19] ZAJDAN: type error
[10:33:17] ZAJDAN: No such file or directory @ dir_s_mkdir ..... %w(SAP CAD NEST ORDER).each { |subdir| Dir.mkdir(File.join(path, subdir)) }
[10:34:34] ZAJDAN: to use the class method Dir I need to call the class in my code?
[10:35:47] ZAJDAN: yes..I have declared the path above the condition
[10:38:11] ZAJDAN: moment..I will check it
[10:46:18] ZAJDAN: phaul...fixed Thank You


[08:49:59] ZAJDAN: I converted sqlite to mysql...all tables together with gem tables(Devise, PaperTrail) are now in neccessary to change something about Devise?
[10:05:39] ZAJDAN: has rails some dump function when I want to converse database?
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[11:50:04] ZAJDAN: in ruby 2.3.0 I use 'system('mkdir', '-p', File.join("#{path}/SAP"), File.join("#{path}/CAD"), File.join("#{path}/NEST"), File.join("#{path}/ORDER") ) unless File.exists?(@commission.commission_num)' in Ruby 2.3.3 is problem..returns: TypeError (no implicit conversion of Fixnum into String)
[11:55:58] ZAJDAN: I would like to use something like: system('mkdir -p test/{SAP,CAD,NEST,ORDER}') .but it does not create the subfolders
[12:50:38] ZAJDAN: in my case the probelm was here:
[13:22:53] ZAJDAN: phaul: thank You


[12:33:28] ZAJDAN: is possible via Devise do autorisation on selected update actions?
[12:38:13] ZAJDAN: thnx for the tip ...will look on it
[12:56:57] ZAJDAN: sylario: and 'cancancan' uses Devise user accounts?
[12:57:23] ZAJDAN: where is the connection between Devise and Cancancan ...?
[13:00:05] ZAJDAN: but on some accouns it must operate
[13:00:33] ZAJDAN: how it will identify who is who
[13:37:26] ZAJDAN: sylario: thank You


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[08:08:32] ZAJDAN: I need change position of one column in DB ...I am looking here:
[08:09:06] ZAJDAN: but I have not clear what I should pass into the #{position}
[10:55:39] ZAJDAN: NL3::::you are right


[09:38:25] ZAJDAN: I need add into my app new input which should save values into own column in I have to add this column into model and then migrate?
[09:41:06] ZAJDAN: or only via command 'rails generate migration add_newinput_to_mytable newinput:string
[09:50:38] ZAJDAN: ok...thnx
[09:54:16] ZAJDAN: after the generate migration is neccessary launch command 'rake db:migrate' ?
[09:57:22] ZAJDAN: name of the column can not be via capital letters?
[09:58:20] ZAJDAN: rails generate migration add_EB_to_commissions EB::integer
[10:21:57] ZAJDAN: 'rails db:schema:load' empty the database?
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[10:36:48] ZAJDAN: how to solve migrations problem? NameError: uninitialized constant AddEbToCommissions
[12:53:05] ZAJDAN: I have form where is field which is not a case when user will not fill it I would like to save into db some predefined value....the best is set it in Model ?
[13:16:30] ZAJDAN: aha aha...Thnak You


[06:44:18] ZAJDAN: is any difference between: result = "alfa" result += "and omega" VS result = "alfa" result.concat("and omega") ...?
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[07:45:44] ZAJDAN: what is the difference between cgi.params["dir"] ...and ... cgi["dir"]
[07:57:29] ZAJDAN: how to use CGI in Rails?...same as in Ruby?
[07:58:03] ZAJDAN: hawenwood: thank You
[07:58:24] ZAJDAN: in same way as in Ruby I can use CGI in Rails?
[08:03:56] ZAJDAN: ok..thank YOu
[08:05:08] ZAJDAN: how I can extract first parameter 'dir' ? ...this come from AJAX: Parameters: {"dir"=>"6_BUGGY/", "onlyFolders"=>"false", "onlyFiles"=>"false", "multiSelect"=>"false"}
[08:06:29] ZAJDAN: I am trying: if cgi.has_key?('dir') puts "is there" else dir = cgi.params["dir"].to_s end
[08:07:53] ZAJDAN: is possibe via CGI process aforesaid hash?
[09:02:35] ZAJDAN: NL3: ye...right now I already tested it
[09:03:02] ZAJDAN: dir = (params[:dir])
[09:41:42] ZAJDAN: what is the right way to return html for AJAX request?
[11:10:21] ZAJDAN: Iam using still 5.2.3
[11:11:01] ZAJDAN: format.html { render html: "@diretcory @files" } ...I can not find a way how to render html content which is inside the variables
[11:24:46] ZAJDAN: I figured it out: format.html { render html: "#@startul #@directory #@files #@endtul".html_safe }
[11:32:46] ZAJDAN: how to append a string to variable? means something like has PHP: somevariable = " string"; somevariable .= "next string";
[11:36:56] ZAJDAN: I foundit .concat is the right way
[11:58:36] ZAJDAN: name of method can be camelCase ?
[14:49:09] ZAJDAN: when I render page/partials via brakes some JS somehow possible force reload JS ?
[14:57:23] ZAJDAN: NL: exactlly...'onclick' it is in my case
[15:06:17] ZAJDAN: okok...but probably is not possible delegete it on a class: `$("remote-content").on("click", ".someclass", do_something)`
[15:08:47] ZAJDAN: this is my current version: $(".Commission.A").on("click", function() { ...
[15:14:07] ZAJDAN: solved: $("#content-block1").on("click", ".Commission", function() {
[15:14:18] ZAJDAN: NL3: thank YOu
[15:18:36] ZAJDAN: NL3: are YOu from Netherland?
[15:29:08] ZAJDAN: as young boy I had favorite DJ from Your country 'miss DJAX' :_)
[15:30:07] ZAJDAN: You live in very nice country..Iam from czech republic


[07:54:30] ZAJDAN: can rails do some html popup ?
[09:27:10] ZAJDAN: haxx0r : and when you try to change another datatype ?
[09:31:48] ZAJDAN: in rails project is folder 'jobs'...for what it is use?
[09:37:32] ZAJDAN: something like database procedures?
[09:40:25] ZAJDAN: aha...ok ok..this I probably will not need long time
[09:44:20] ZAJDAN: is some convencion where place own ruby scripts?
[09:46:03] ZAJDAN: ..../app/lib I do not have, so I have to create it
[09:50:01] ZAJDAN: now I see I have it in : /my_application/lib .before I though you mean '/my_application/app/lib'
[09:55:23] ZAJDAN: but in my case I try call the script from /lib/folders_job ...but in browser I see it wants to go through controller: /commissions/lib/folders_job.rb"
[09:57:54] ZAJDAN: probably I should compose the script into method in my controller
[10:03:13] ZAJDAN: I would like to use this:
[10:04:10] ZAJDAN: there is also connector for Ruby.....but I have not clear if in Rails I should insert the code of the connector into my method in controller
[10:04:57] ZAJDAN: or save it as extra file in my rails project and point to this fails from jquery
[10:12:18] ZAJDAN: the javascript itself is not problem,,,,this I have already done and use it for many other things
[10:13:08] ZAJDAN: the project which I have sent...use Jquery as mainpart and connector my case RUBY script
[10:13:32] ZAJDAN: the question is how to implement the ruby script
[10:15:03] ZAJDAN: each action in Rails goes throuh controller , but the Jquery script wants to forward to ruby script...not to the controller
[10:17:08] ZAJDAN: ok...I will need to look how call script from method
[10:24:39] ZAJDAN: but I think it will not be the way I can use
[10:25:53] ZAJDAN: in Rails not...In PHP I have same project completely done
[10:26:39] ZAJDAN: ok...I will ask You from other side
[10:26:57] ZAJDAN: all rails action must goes through controller?
[10:27:41] ZAJDAN: my experiences are that yes
[10:31:26] ZAJDAN: I think when in JS is via AJAX callen some external file I shoud forward it in Rails via routes..or not?
[10:34:38] ZAJDAN: ...the option 'script' says where get the information
[10:35:06] ZAJDAN: but maybe insted of the file I could forward it to method via URL
[10:53:46] ZAJDAN: the JS I use URL instead of path and seems to be it will be for what Iam looking
[11:07:51] ZAJDAN: could somebody clarify why the variable 'dir' is empty?
[11:15:19] ZAJDAN: I am sending via AJAX parameters to Ruby(Rails method).....could somebody clarify why the variable 'dir' is empty? ...cause As is possible to see the parameter 'dir' cames with value
[11:42:11] ZAJDAN: haxx0r: is method ... here is Jquery from where I call the method:
[11:43:53] ZAJDAN: yes...method in controller
[11:45:11] ZAJDAN: seems to be Jquery send the parameters correctly ...from server log I see: Processing by CommissionsController#folders as HTML Parameters: {"dir"=>"/6_BUGGY/", "onlyFolders"=>"false", "onlyFiles"=>"false", "multiSelect"=>"false"}
[11:47:41] ZAJDAN: puts dir ...returns []
[11:52:07] ZAJDAN: ah that way I will not need the ruby I understand correctly?
[11:53:45] ZAJDAN: no problem....
[12:02:40] ZAJDAN: actually the sense of the FileTree is, that Jquery(Ajax) sends string which means 'name of directory' ...and server side has predefined path where should find the 'sub'directory from the query and browse the content...send it back as html <li> to Ajax
[12:03:11] ZAJDAN: thats all


[10:49:20] ZAJDAN: it seems to be, that a dog died here
[11:43:27] ZAJDAN: NL3: I am again trying render partial via ajax and trigger the action is possible just via 'link_to' ? I can not use 'button_tag' or 'button_to' ?
[12:07:31] ZAJDAN: NL3: yes but ho to send via the 'link_to' value which is in input?
[13:33:36] ZAJDAN: NL3: in my case the partial expects value which should be send from view
[13:35:30] ZAJDAN: 'button_tag' can not use 'remote: true' only what left is the 'button_to'
[13:47:27] ZAJDAN: I am trying this: <%= button_to "SHOW", {}, {:class => "my-class", :id => "my-id", :name => "button_KW_block2", remote: true, data: @kw2} %>
[13:47:53] ZAJDAN: if params.include?(:button_KW_block1)
[13:47:54] ZAJDAN: render :partial => 'shared/kw-block2'
[13:48:33] ZAJDAN: controller I have
[13:48:37] ZAJDAN: if params.include?(:button_KW_block2)
[13:48:38] ZAJDAN: @commission2 = Commission.where(:kw => @kw2).all
[13:48:40] ZAJDAN: respond_to do |format|
[13:48:41] ZAJDAN: format.html
[13:48:43] ZAJDAN: format.js
[13:54:52] ZAJDAN: better to show in this way:
[13:55:44] ZAJDAN: if I understand correctly I should have file named same as the method 'prodstat.js.erb'
[13:57:27] ZAJDAN: I though that the button will goes into the method and there it will be catched in the condition as I show in
[13:58:05] ZAJDAN: please in this case accept the old link
[13:59:09] ZAJDAN: so anyway I have to set the _path?
[13:59:21] ZAJDAN: as the button attribute?
[14:01:14] ZAJDAN: where should direct the path?
[14:01:53] ZAJDAN: aha...method: :get maybe will be better
[14:06:31] ZAJDAN:
[14:09:43] ZAJDAN: the method where I try to catch it:
[14:10:06] ZAJDAN: in server console I see the button has been trigerred
[14:13:44] ZAJDAN: but still the 'prodstat.js.erb' is not called....I have there alert to I can easily identify that it was callen , but nothing going on
[14:19:04] ZAJDAN: this I see in server this way I make me sure the button goes throug controller
[14:19:07] ZAJDAN:
[14:23:49] ZAJDAN: in the inspection section network after I trigger the button there is even nothing
[14:27:27] ZAJDAN:
[14:37:28] ZAJDAN: NL3: could be in this way? <%= button_to "SHOW", {}, {class: "my-class", id: "my-id", name: "button_KW_block2", remote: true, data: @kw2, method: :get} %>
[14:51:40] ZAJDAN: NL3: but why....what Iam doing wrongly?
[14:56:55] ZAJDAN: ufffffff.generate new project?
[14:59:01] ZAJDAN: maybe I found the problem....the 'button_to' is inside 'form_with local: true '
[15:01:35] ZAJDAN: so I changed it to remote: true ...but why 'remote: true' on a few places...on the button_to and on the it necessary or just on the button_to ...?
[15:06:04] ZAJDAN: NL3: ok...I set the 'remote: true' on 'button_to' only ...from form_with I have deleted it and finaly seems it works
[15:43:22] ZAJDAN: NL3: now I see how the 'button_to' creates own completelly change my concept :(
[15:49:26] ZAJDAN: NL3: ufff...the AJAX rener partial seems to works even with 'button_tag'
[16:15:41] ZAJDAN: Read error: Connection reset by peer
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[16:27:46] ZAJDAN: cause render partial I have set 'remote: true' and in this moment stop works 'send_file thisFile, :type => 'application/pdf; charset=utf-8''
[16:37:38] ZAJDAN: is via JS possible change option 'remote: true' to 'local: true' ?
[16:40:17] ZAJDAN: $("#prod-manage").removeAttr('data-remote'); $("#prod-manage").attr('data-local', 'true');
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[15:07:21] ZAJDAN: <%= button_tag can not use option 'remote' ...?


[13:24:13] ZAJDAN: this I already use anyway