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[13:35:23] Zarthus: it's not primetime, but it still works well *shrug*


[16:18:58] Zarthus: latter cause i just ran it


[12:44:42] Zarthus: Jonopoly: if you don't know what you're doing, use tools that already do it for you, or your test won't be sufficient
[12:44:52] Zarthus: a single distrubtion stress test is weak anyway


[11:13:47] Zarthus: you nailed that one, my friend


[19:13:51] Zarthus: have you tried git to recover it? :P
[19:14:38] Zarthus: what editor are you using?
[19:14:54] Zarthus: (i'm asking alternative questions because recovering it from memory is gonna be a PITA, I'd wager)
[19:15:12] Zarthus: yeah, that's gonna bite


[19:23:31] Zarthus: And beyond that is LibreStruct (/s)
[19:26:48] Zarthus: it was a bad joke
[19:41:19] Zarthus: i dont speak russian


[13:40:41] Zarthus: wouldn't it be easier to rm the bundler.lock and reinitialize from without lockfile?
[16:49:45] Zarthus: *.net *.split


[19:12:37] Zarthus: miah: I saw a person trying to cover up a huge mistake.


[19:06:34] Zarthus: adam12: I used to be a caddy fanatic but the fact they ever thought sponsoring in their headers was a good idea kinda ruined my trust in them


[20:08:23] Zarthus: Your Gemfile should be the minimum version your software supports
[20:09:16] Zarthus: if you don't really know what that is, a 'sane' default is the lowest current-major+minor version (so 2.5.0)
[20:13:16] Zarthus: moontracer: FYI, when you do `gem install [yoursoftware]` on e.g. ruby 2.4.0 it'll tell you that the library wont work because it requires ruby 2.5
[20:14:01] Zarthus: you can try asking
[20:14:05] Zarthus: and if it somehow becomes offtopic we'll tell you


[21:15:42] Zarthus: totallyserious: if you read the comments it'll tell you


[19:37:42] Zarthus: ryouba: gist actually has csv detection, and tells you what is wrong
[19:38:02] Zarthus: ryouba: (in this case, a " is missing in ABSCHLUSS)
[20:31:44] Zarthus: i always thought csv was newline delimited
[20:31:46] Zarthus: fancy that
[20:32:29] Zarthus: may the next case be many years from now too :)
[20:33:10] Zarthus: i would say throwing an exception is expected in this case ;)
[20:33:16] Zarthus: just my personal opinion


[20:52:52] Zarthus: you're specifically looking for /msg nickserv help register
[20:53:01] Zarthus: but i suppose that is fair feedback
[20:54:12] Zarthus: the dick in me will reply with "pidgin is not a good irc client"
[20:54:56] Zarthus: yeah, I'm content with that message, I suppose.
[20:55:19] Zarthus: literally even telnet would be better than telnet, but hexchat is often a decent starter
[20:55:32] Zarthus: s/telnet,/pidgin/


[04:26:33] Zarthus: *.net *.split
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[10:55:00] Zarthus: al2o3-cr: Yeah, though this should be the final disconnect
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[11:16:39] Zarthus: ping @ops: all urls in the ENTRYMSG of this channel support https from the looks of it
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[15:30:08] Zarthus: phaul: It executes the ruby in said file
[23:08:41] Zarthus: AndreYuhai: they are designed not to be solved by bots
[23:08:51] Zarthus: AndreYuhai: kind of feels like you're doing something they don't want you to :)
[23:11:05] Zarthus: not saying it's complex
[23:11:11] Zarthus: but the website author's intent is "prevent bots from coming in"
[23:11:17] Zarthus: and you're asking us "how do i make my bot go in"
[23:11:27] Zarthus: so i'm not really interested in solving your problem.,


[16:49:16] Zarthus: isene: it's nonreproducable on 18.04, prod isn't an lts?


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[19:49:44] Zarthus: Eiam: I think so long you're friendly, you keep your usecase small and their time valued, it's a completely valid question
[19:49:53] Zarthus: If people aren't up to it, they will simply not answer.
[19:50:00] Zarthus: But reading other's code is a good way to train yourself too.
[19:50:25] Zarthus: if you get all of it reviewed here, you've got problems :)
[19:50:42] Zarthus: just make sure your code is presentable. a 500 line gist with no indentation is the rude part.
[19:51:45] Zarthus: phaul: General stupidity I see on IRC, I haven't looked at your code yet.
[19:52:10] Zarthus: ha, it's almost 500 lines
[19:52:48] Zarthus: Inline: Depends on if you mean "in popularity" or not.
[20:00:36] Zarthus: Eiam: the number'll grow smaller over the years :)
[20:01:08] Zarthus: FYI: irc is also being monopolized by a single entity.
[20:01:32] Zarthus: PrivateInternetAccess
[20:02:12] Zarthus: they already fund development of kiwiirc, inspircd, and servers for freenode and snoonet. the rest of the free time OSS devs won't keep up
[20:02:32] Zarthus: and when they withdraw that funding things are gonna suck.
[20:02:38] Zarthus: not like is moving at any pace at all
[20:03:14] Zarthus: wow doesn't use irc, at least not in recent decades
[20:03:41] Zarthus: Osu! does, and runescape had a SwiftKit which integrated irc
[20:04:03] Zarthus: WA9ACE: it's a fork of unrealircd (c), afaik
[20:05:12] Zarthus: anyway, most networks are shrinking a lot
[20:05:23] Zarthus: irc is not in the most healthy state, and it's not gonna become better.
[20:34:45] Zarthus: havenwood, ironic, that feature has a typo in it
[20:34:46] Zarthus: # +VariableNameChecker::RB_RESERVED_WORDS+, those reserved words reqquires


[21:04:33] Zarthus: it's been a while since i've seen camelCase ruby
[21:07:20] Zarthus: i'm confused, i don't see anywhere your code is using Creatures::Animal
[21:09:22] Zarthus: i see the problem now, can't say I have too much experience with stubs in ruby though
[21:09:58] Zarthus: I wouldn't necessarily recommend printing things from a constructor, though
[21:15:06] Zarthus: Hoffman: my first instinct would be to try not printing from the constructor, and checking an assert for equality on animal.getInfo directly
[21:15:27] Zarthus: though i don't know how thi swould play into chef run, at least you can ensure the stub is working correctly
[21:17:01] Zarthus: Hoffman: It's more about working up to the problem, find out which part breaks the stub - not a permanent suggestion
[21:17:21] Zarthus: how you solve the problem, once you've determined what it is, is up to you
[21:21:00] Zarthus: I haven't bothered setting up your code stack, but from reading the documentation the stub's code is functional
[21:23:23] Zarthus: i don't know if it's about as simple as it can get; i don't access the necessary chef knowledge to know what happens in L43
[21:23:55] Zarthus: but i'm nearly confident that something like would eq 'Fake information returned'


[08:41:36] Zarthus: englosh, that would be the ideal "time" to compile, huh ;P
[11:41:30] Zarthus: that sounds unlikely
[11:42:26] Zarthus: actually, i suppose it might be
[11:42:38] Zarthus: I'm used to it looking like [[:cmd:]], but maybe :Swap: is enough in ruby
[11:43:11] Zarthus: I'm not confirming or denying anything.
[11:43:41] Zarthus: It's not a common pattern seen in other regex engines, so in my brain it still translates to matching the text literal ":swap"
[11:43:54] Zarthus: also can't find any documentation regarding it
[11:47:10] Zarthus: phage: You raise a fair point.
[11:47:19] Zarthus: well, technically you didn't raise anything.


[23:14:38] Zarthus: It's >> afaik..
[23:14:59] Zarthus: it replied to kaleido
[23:15:16] Zarthus: the other bot replied to Radar already :P
[23:22:11] Zarthus: kaleido: missing quote at the second puts


[14:36:27] Zarthus: Genya: typically you can `include Singleton` in your class and that's it.
[14:36:40] Zarthus: Genya: though note that singletons are more or less an antipattern in the vision of most.
[16:43:03] Zarthus: chainz: import the lib, call the method declared in script.rb?
[16:43:12] Zarthus: that's typically how portability becomes easy
[16:54:37] Zarthus: i can think of a hack where you copy the file, slice the lines, and eval it. Or you do a `head +43 | ruby`
[16:54:51] Zarthus: might actually be -43, i do not remember.
[16:55:07] Zarthus: Probably not what you want :P


[10:28:26] Zarthus: haven't done ruby in a while, but it sounds like you can just slice it before you .each_* over it?
[20:34:03] Zarthus: sounds like it's given a relative path for the $HOME, a blind guess


[19:35:05] Zarthus: not a fan of snaps, but well done :)
[20:05:36] Zarthus: well it will never be the best practice
[20:05:42] Zarthus: but if you're writing something small, why not


[14:40:05] Zarthus: you can work with W10 well enough for ruby, but it's still recommended to spin up a VM of your dev environment to match production
[14:40:18] Zarthus: I've never used rubymonk, but there is no "objective best way for everyone"
[14:40:21] Zarthus: people learn differently
[14:40:25] Zarthus: try it, you like it? go for it.


[23:46:16] Zarthus: you can do `g.to_sym` or `g = :my_key`


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[14:45:51] Zarthus: nikivi: Why does your script `puts` them?
[14:46:42] Zarthus: if you were to just return ruby hashes in all of them you could combine it no issue and json.pretty_generate it only once
[14:47:07] Zarthus: i don't think so, looks like it generates invalid json
[14:47:15] Zarthus: they should puts [, puts ] at the begin/end
[14:47:58] Zarthus: nikivi, yes, but the current code does not do that
[14:48:27] Zarthus: either way, my suggestion is to ditch the `puts`, ditch the `json.pretty_generate`, return the value as-is, and then combine them all in the main()
[14:55:50] Zarthus: you're not.. it's the functions that use json.pretty_generate


[17:20:12] Zarthus: cheers baweaver, will do in a minute
[18:42:45] Zarthus: i just rounded it up as well, I added him to my beer list.
[19:20:49] Zarthus: The MIT license absolutely allows you to fork free of charge and make your own ruby-rsync from that, though
[19:21:24] Zarthus: just don't hold that guy liable if it burns your house down ;)
[19:23:09] Zarthus: aye, that's fair


[19:17:13] Zarthus: modern php is pleasant to work with, it's the people that are ass.
[19:17:32] Zarthus: ..Is that a copy of PDO?


[18:00:11] Zarthus: I would heavily argue you should never do operator overloading (on existing things)
[18:00:17] Zarthus: at least do it in a refinement if you must
[18:00:44] Zarthus: i'm not surprised ruby allows it, but maybe a bit disappointed :P


[17:39:10] Zarthus: can you describe the goal
[17:39:37] Zarthus: but your desired output is [[20, 2, 3], [30, 3, 4], [40, 4, 5]]?
[17:40:26] Zarthus: ah, i see now, L6 adds a new array
[17:41:54] Zarthus: ACTION shrugs


[02:11:33] Zarthus: as a string or a hex
[02:13:53] Zarthus: because it's already hexadecimal you could .split(/../).map { |v| '0x'+v }


[15:51:16] Zarthus: i'm just getting 500 on evalin
[15:53:25] Zarthus: cool, thanks :)
[15:55:36] Zarthus: i'd argue for a line length > 80 characters, beyond that I've always seen the former written.
[15:56:01] Zarthus: I think the latter is less readable
[15:56:12] Zarthus: but you don't want thoughts; you want convention :P
[15:58:30] Zarthus: I like 120 as sane default. Some code can get really unreadable with the 80 cutoff
[15:58:50] Zarthus: especially if you name ytour classes ExtensionRequestAttributeValue
[15:59:08] Zarthus: aye, it's moot to discuss.
[15:59:31] Zarthus: in fairness i use 4 spaces for indentation
[16:09:36] Zarthus: i would have argued for 8 space indentation if that was not (1) so much effort to type and (2) considered heresy by everyone and their mother on the world
[16:10:29] Zarthus: so many code smells become obvious once you write with 8 space indentation
[16:19:52] Zarthus: you don't have to agree with me ;p
[16:20:17] Zarthus: code style is agreed upon within teams, and to some degree a community
[16:20:28] Zarthus: do whatever works best for your team
[16:21:55] Zarthus: JJonah: I recommend 8 spaces to new developers, whatever they prefer to more experienced ones
[16:22:21] Zarthus: it stops them from getting into houdoken blocks of code
[16:23:43] Zarthus: but with that said, i've never tried/taught ruby so i'm not sure how well it works there
[16:24:47] Zarthus: unfortunately.
[16:27:13] Zarthus: out of curiousity: has anyone attended a college or university that taught tooling beyond an IDE?
[16:27:24] Zarthus: i'm talking CI / jenkins / style linters
[16:28:06] Zarthus: some things are only taught at internships and professional workfloors afaik
[16:28:23] Zarthus: git was not covered in the first two years of my college
[16:29:02] Zarthus: It was a right pain to see my project mates start developing with dropbox.


[00:08:10] Zarthus: ..not much.
[00:08:23] Zarthus: Sounds like they want people to update their libraries, but it's too ambiguous I wouldn't attach any meaning to it.


[23:20:04] Zarthus: Can you elaborate on what kind of performance you need?
[23:20:32] Zarthus: Because if you want something as fast as light, an interpreted language in general isn't the best choice. *shrug*


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[20:45:07] Zarthus: baweaver: searching "gem ze ruby" finds "baweaver/xf"
[20:45:24] Zarthus: because it writes.. "Fine ... all ze features"
[20:47:07] Zarthus: do you make those designs?
[20:47:17] Zarthus: Xf had a similar picture in the README I found quite appealing


[00:07:12] Zarthus: *.net *.split
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[16:17:34] Zarthus: not that I know of, though a method is essentially a macro without the substitution ;D
[16:17:56] Zarthus: macros are only common in compiled languages afaik


[18:36:19] Zarthus: man, a recruiter just hit me up for a rails position at SUSE, sounded kinda interesting, but nuremberg is like the middle of nowhere.
[18:36:46] Zarthus: I say this while currently living in the middle of nowhere, I suppose.
[18:37:18] Zarthus: masterasia: like {thing2: otherhash[:thing]} ?
[18:38:08] Zarthus: no, that's the right term, it's just got multiple definitions :P
[18:38:43] Zarthus: i just don't know if your question in itself makes sense
[18:40:01] Zarthus: even just comparing the string would work
[18:40:35] Zarthus: it wouldn't surprise me if comparing two large strings is faster than sha2ing both
[18:41:06] Zarthus: hashes are intentionally rather slow
[18:41:11] Zarthus: especially cryptographic ones
[18:41:47] Zarthus: checksum ones are fine, but it doesn't make much sense to do that here
[18:42:47] Zarthus: catbusters: I've managed just fine with the normal time/date libraries, what functionality do you need?
[18:43:43] Zarthus: Time supports Time#-
[18:44:24] Zarthus: masterasia: unless you store it in the db rather, checksumming both values is equal to a normal string comparison


[15:57:57] Zarthus: sounds like you want pry
[15:58:11] Zarthus: not quite a 1:1 comparison, but it'll work
[16:00:19] Zarthus: alcroito: I don't know of standalone graphical debuggers, RubyMine might have something though


[19:08:22] Zarthus: so you want a different action if I hold "s" + "g"?
[19:09:19] Zarthus: I just need help understanding the problem/feature.
[19:11:17] Zarthus: i understand how it works, I just have trouble understanding the purpose. Let's say you have an app and I hold down "s" and then press "i", what do you expect to happen?
[19:11:46] Zarthus: so then I'm holding down s, i, and o?
[19:12:28] Zarthus: yeah, that's what i had trouble grokking
[19:13:03] Zarthus: the way I've seen this being done in other applications is event-based. Where you'd send two events instead of one.
[19:14:28] Zarthus: sure. you can pass a hash, object, or just *args
[19:15:36] Zarthus: it looks to me (and I'll admit I've only spent a few minutes on this) that the args of key() are just wrong/limiting in general
[19:16:06] Zarthus: trigger_key only supports a single key
[19:17:28] Zarthus: calling the method twice would work :P


[16:03:08] Zarthus: make it your job and that too will go away
[16:03:52] Zarthus: not ruby-specific experience, but experience in general - sure :P
[16:04:06] Zarthus: though I do (some) ruby at my job.
[16:05:20] Zarthus: Using an operating system is different than writing code. One is a tool to achieve your hobby with, the other is a hobby and a profession :P
[16:06:29] Zarthus: how so? Sysadmin?
[16:11:58] Zarthus: good thing is ruby and being a sysadmin mix relatively well together :P
[16:12:21] Zarthus: bad thing is your colleagues might disagree.
[23:37:19] Zarthus: is it part of the AllCops: directive?
[23:37:49] Zarthus: it's not, you're meant to have it at the root of yaml
[23:38:00] Zarthus: sample