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[02:11:51] _kraken: are variable declared in a loop in ruby suppsoed to be local to that loop? I'm not finding this to be true
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[19:50:18] _kraken: Does an instance of a particular class inherit methods from its superclass?
[19:50:41] _kraken: I mean it's superclasses's superclass
[19:50:45] _kraken: It's grandparent
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[04:20:38] _kraken: Hey, I'm working in rails, and when I ($ rake routes) for some reason, I don't have an index controller action. What happened?
[04:20:55] _kraken: I get this, but no index controlelr action http://i.imgur.com/SIayFeI.png
[04:25:18] _kraken: https://gist.github.com/KrakenHH/c84975270936f4604bdca89157f34e63
[04:25:21] _kraken: There's the gist
[04:26:09] _kraken: ahhhh, thank you.
[04:26:35] _kraken: Awesome, simple mistake. Thank you sevenseacat
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[05:19:35] _kraken: if I wanted to take an attribute_accesor that the user inputs, and capitalize it, how would I do that?
[05:20:52] _kraken: class Book
[05:20:56] _kraken: attr_accessor :name
[06:24:13] _kraken: radar: Thank you!
[06:34:27] _kraken: So are you not able to change objects using the .each method? But you are able to change them with methods you can use ! with
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[06:42:58] _kraken: <heftiq> lol what do you mean
[06:44:20] _kraken: I'm just confused because I just gem install rspec for instance
[06:44:26] _kraken: but I wasnt under ~
[06:44:30] _kraken: when I did it
[06:44:38] _kraken: did that fuck things up or nah?
[06:45:25] _kraken: Ah I see, so it doesn't matter what directory I'm currently in when I install a gem?
[06:45:32] _kraken: in the terminal that is
[06:45:49] _kraken: uhh yes? no? I'm confused
[06:46:33] _kraken: not really
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[19:43:06] _kraken: Is it usual to get this long ass error when you use 'rake' and have a syntax error? http://i.imgur.com/qyAVR4m.png
[19:45:08] _kraken: <smathy> What is a stackface?


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[04:18:28] _kraken: Is this the main ruby irc?
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[04:19:40] _kraken: Do I need to initialize all my variables in an initialize method for a particular class or can I define them outside the methods in that class?
[04:19:51] _kraken: Is a class just composed of methods? AKA, nothing outside the methods?
[05:32:10] _kraken: Do you guys use blocks and procs alot with methods? These confuse me so fucking much
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