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[12:10:51] _sfiguser: hello all guys
[12:30:18] _sfiguser: guys where can i start with ruby?
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[20:48:52] _sfiguser: guys i just started ruby and i really like the language... i was wondering if the ruby language is alive in 2019 and if new projects are implemented in ruby...
[20:49:28] _sfiguser: i mean i want to spend some time learning some modern language i can use for network programming and for writing scripts for network security assessment and system admin
[20:50:42] _sfiguser: leftylink, ok if i sort by recently updated i get this Updated on Sep 27, 2018
[20:54:19] _sfiguser: what about multithreading does it also have the GIL as python?
[21:00:18] _sfiguser: what's a module to do async http requests in ruby ?
[21:25:26] _sfiguser: do ruby have bindings for libcurl ?
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[11:23:53] _sfiguser: hello all, guys i have a project (mostly documentation) and wanted to include documentation from anaother repository which is under MIT license... my question is... should i include two licenses? because the MIT license i amm interested about has a certain copyright... like "Copyright by X" but tht will only be part of the entire work... how does it work ?
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[13:30:08] _sfiguser: hello all guys i wanted to learn some new programming language and was considering ruby... is it still viable in 2019? i wanted to do some network programming...
[13:34:33] _sfiguser: is it viable in 2019? or is it a dying language?
[14:55:21] _sfiguser: Bish, crafting packets
[14:55:25] _sfiguser: ethernet frames 802.111
[14:55:26] _sfiguser: ethernet frames 802.11
[14:55:32] _sfiguser: and tcp sockets and stuff like that
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[10:03:30] _sfiguser: guys has anybody tried perl? any impressions?
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[10:27:50] _sfiguser: hello all i tried this https://github.com/argos83/ritm
[10:28:00] _sfiguser: but after having installed the certificate on firefox
[10:28:10] _sfiguser: it still does not work on https websites...
[10:30:40] _sfiguser: canton7, are you confident with https and certificates stuff ? i generated the certificate... so i have both .crt and key file
[10:30:44] _sfiguser: i imported in firefox...
[10:30:59] _sfiguser: under "view certificates" and in the tab "Authorities" i imported the crt
[10:31:26] _sfiguser: and if i activate the proxy and browse with firefox , for http i have no problems, for https i have the "add exception page"
[10:31:40] _sfiguser: but for google or fcebook... i have an additional warning about hsts
[10:32:08] _sfiguser: wait i'm pasting it to you
[10:32:55] _sfiguser: This site uses HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to specify that Firefox may only connect to it securely. As a result, it is not possible to add an exception for this certificate.
[10:32:55] _sfiguser: The owner of duckduckgo.com has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.
[10:33:06] _sfiguser: duckduckgo.com uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is unknown. The server might not be sending the appropriate intermediate certificates. An additional root certificate may need to be imported. Error code: SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER
[10:34:01] _sfiguser: https://bpaste.net/show/bd720906af5e
[10:34:08] _sfiguser: sorry if i pasted on channel my bad
[10:34:15] _sfiguser: anyay you can read it in the bpaste
[10:36:56] _sfiguser: canton7, i just have the crt i generated with: openssl pkcs12 -export -out certificate.pfx -inkey insecure_ca.key -in insecure_ca.crt
[10:37:13] _sfiguser: anyway when it was asking info, i just inserted random infos
[10:37:23] _sfiguser: and country code and so on
[10:37:35] _sfiguser: in firefox, i imported the .crt
[10:37:57] _sfiguser: canton7, this is to generate the certificate
[10:38:17] _sfiguser: canton7, sorry i misitook to paste
[10:38:20] _sfiguser: the right common
[10:38:24] _sfiguser: the right command
[10:38:36] _sfiguser: i did this penssl req -new -nodes -x509 -days 365 -extensions v3_ca -keyout insecure_ca.key -out insecure_ca.crt
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[09:09:11] _sfiguser: hello all, when designing ruby software, are you using UML or it is something you don't usually do ? 
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[10:33:41] _sfiguser: hello all, can somebody suggest me a good starting point for beginners who want to start with RoR ?
[10:33:45] _sfiguser: ruy on rails
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[10:36:09] _sfiguser: hello all, can somebody suggest me a good starting point for beginners who want to start with RoR ?
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[14:25:51] _sfiguser: anybody here in security?
[14:27:11] _sfiguser: apeiros, it's ok


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[23:44:06] _sfiguser: hello guys... is there something similar to urllib3 in ruby ? http://urllib3.readthedocs.io/en/latest/user-guide.html


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[14:38:00] _sfiguser: just obtained an invitation code for hackthebox.eu !!!!!
[16:11:07] _sfiguser: guys can anyone suggest me something on windows pentesting ?
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[20:25:34] _sfiguser: RickHull, hack some machines on hackthebox.eu ?
[20:28:17] _sfiguser: RickHull, " I'm free monday night -- got any plans?"


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[21:35:52] _sfiguser: guys what do you think about perl ?
[21:40:27] _sfiguser: aScottishBoat, yeah i really like it...
[21:40:40] _sfiguser: but don't know why people says it's dead...
[21:40:43] _sfiguser: i mean why ?
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[21:43:46] _sfiguser: hello aScottishBoat well actually i find it elegant... and i like the syntax and the fact of being in some way similar to sed or awk or bash
[21:43:58] _sfiguser: i mean i like basically to write perl...
[21:44:09] _sfiguser: the thing that i don't like about perl is the community basically
[21:44:15] _sfiguser: they are a little bit "elite"
[21:44:27] _sfiguser: aScottishBoat, can we work together ?
[21:44:48] _sfiguser: eam, they have very strange moods over ther...
[21:45:01] _sfiguser: aScottishBoat, i'm no expert Sir
[21:45:15] _sfiguser: eam, ohh god luckily somebody that thinks as i do
[21:45:24] _sfiguser: aScottishBoat, no it is not
[21:45:35] _sfiguser: aScottishBoat, how do you know that ?
[21:46:07] _sfiguser: aScottishBoat, okok, what do you want to see ?
[21:46:16] _sfiguser: also perl is very good for dirty one-liners
[21:46:34] _sfiguser: eam, yeah also that
[21:46:40] _sfiguser: also it has many shortcuts...
[21:46:47] _sfiguser: aScottishBoat, it has the concept of context...
[21:47:30] _sfiguser: e.g., if i say print @mylist; it will print the elements of the list but if i do "if (@scalar < 5) { }"
[21:47:49] _sfiguser: sorry i meant "if (@mylist < 5) { ... }"
[21:47:59] _sfiguser: it uses @mylist to mean the number of elements of the array
[21:48:07] _sfiguser: aScottishBoat, are you a programmer ?
[21:48:18] _sfiguser: maybe we can work together on some project... i'm learning too...
[21:49:18] _sfiguser: aScottishBoat, also i think another advantage is that perl is installed by default on most *nix machines
[21:49:29] _sfiguser: system developer of what kind ?
[21:49:37] _sfiguser: i mean what did you develop and in which language ?
[21:51:26] _sfiguser: aScottishBoat, ok i'm opened to ideas...
[21:51:35] _sfiguser: ohh also... perl devs love man pages and perldocs
[21:51:48] _sfiguser: so it's more difficult to find recent tutorials
[21:52:08] _sfiguser: with respect to ruby/python and so on
[21:52:40] _sfiguser: aScottishBoat, well these days man pages of linux are not so good... for example have you ever read the ones from freebsd ? they are definitely better
[21:52:54] _sfiguser: anyway... what would you like to do ? i also like devops...
[21:53:00] _sfiguser: i can help you with some project
[21:53:22] _sfiguser: aScottishBoat, well on my laptop i have a debian testing... at work i have a fedora... on another workstation i'm learning suse
[21:53:27] _sfiguser: i also used gentoo on a server
[21:53:35] _sfiguser: aScottishBoat, that's ok for me
[21:54:08] _sfiguser: good to hear
[21:55:34] _sfiguser: this is a nice channel i didn't know... ok now it is in my autojoin
[21:58:03] _sfiguser: miah, yeah i understand... well it's different.. it used to be easier once...
[21:58:15] _sfiguser: now it's a so hipster distro
[21:58:29] _sfiguser: with all those XFS and Btrfs by default enabled
[21:59:11] _sfiguser: aScottishBoat, that's cool
[21:59:34] _sfiguser: aScottishBoat, i always wanted to try that... also the documentation is the greatest
[22:02:25] _sfiguser: aScottishBoat, i installed recently freebsd in VM and i have to say, that it is not bad...
[22:03:28] _sfiguser: aScottishBoat, no you can choose...
[22:03:30] _sfiguser: it's like gentoo
[22:03:42] _sfiguser: you have the ports system where you can compile things... and also binaries..
[22:42:41] _sfiguser: eam, anyway do you know some perl ?
[22:44:47] _sfiguser: eam, do you think it has no future as language ?
[22:44:53] _sfiguser: i mean is it dead as somebody says ?
[23:04:43] _sfiguser: eam, ok so the number of perl programmers is still increasing... right ? but its derivative(slope) is smaller than python/ruby right ?
[23:04:50] _sfiguser: is this what you mean ?
[23:10:12] _sfiguser: baweaver, why ?
[23:10:29] _sfiguser: VeryBewitching, what do you mean ?
[23:11:07] _sfiguser: eam, also consider that they say that perl is dying it's like 10 years
[23:11:15] _sfiguser: baweaver, yeah you are right... it makes sense
[23:11:29] _sfiguser: baweaver, me too sir
[23:11:46] _sfiguser: eam, what do you mean ?
[23:13:09] _sfiguser: eam, no they are just two different languages sir
[23:13:14] _sfiguser: perl6 is very different
[23:13:25] _sfiguser: and more rubyish with respect to perl5
[23:13:32] _sfiguser: it's like C and C++
[23:13:47] _sfiguser: baweaver, where did you learn ruby ?
[23:13:59] _sfiguser: VeryBewitching, yeah like perl5 and perl 6
[23:16:02] _sfiguser: baweaver, but still i'm into this data science thing and i think maybe it is better to learn python...
[23:16:09] _sfiguser: to be more specific i'm into machine learning
[23:16:17] _sfiguser: and plenty of frameworks are for pyrhon
[23:16:21] _sfiguser: correct me if i'm wrong
[23:16:55] _sfiguser: baweaver, what abtou ruby ?
[23:16:57] _sfiguser: ok but why ?
[23:18:11] _sfiguser: baweaver, i think it's also because of google... e.g., scikit-learn, theano and tensorflow iirc were born from google and google projects
[23:18:17] _sfiguser: and we know google likes python
[23:20:33] _sfiguser: VeryBewitching, yeah and Dart
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[22:18:27] _sfiguser: hello all, can jekyll be used to make websites which are static but not blogs ?


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