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[15:00:00] aamax: hi all. I'm seeing a really weird thing I haven't seen before. Rails 4.2.1, ruby 2.2.2p95. in my views and in rails console all DateTime fields show up as nil. but in psql the values are fine. this include created_at fields etc.... I don't see this in my other apps (probably not same rails version) and it's got me scratching my head. any ideas?
[15:01:36] aamax: rvanlieshout, I will make a gist for it - there's nothing special here and it applies to all my models across the system. basic user model with devise for example...
[15:04:58] aamax: Here's the gist (and thanks for looking) https://gist.github.com/aamax/8183d7df1415f87defbc
[15:05:43] aamax: in the console - just do SystemLog.first and look at what is returned. you can see how I do it in the index in my gist
[15:06:11] aamax: in other projects, the console shows the values fine. and I've never had trouble in views with this either... very odd
[15:06:53] aamax: rvanlieshout, yes, it shows nil in rails console too
[15:07:19] aamax: rvanlieshout, but if i go into postgres using psql and query the fields - they show up fine and have values
[15:07:42] aamax: rvanlieshout, can't find anything like it googling so far
[15:08:40] aamax: __desmondhume, very. It's probably something really stupid I'm doing of course
[15:10:13] aamax: sure... I updated it with the output
[15:10:23] aamax: rvanlieshout, updated...
[15:10:58] aamax: rvanlieshout, this has been built quickly using scaffolding - nothing fancy
[15:11:03] aamax: rvanlieshout, yes
[15:11:42] aamax: rvanlieshout, and the symptom is across my whole project. All models. I haven't found any that show datetime values
[15:13:56] aamax: rvanlieshout, oops... yes I did. I wondered if that might be related. now that you mention it, it probably is. I extended the gist to include the relevant part of the application.rb
[15:16:44] aamax: rvanlieshout, hmmm....OK. I commented it out and now the dates show up correctly. I'm going to have to visit some of the logic I have that is doing a calc on time...
[15:17:22] aamax: rvanlieshout, Thanks. I knew it was something stupid like that. any idea why that messes things up so badly?
[15:18:24] aamax: rvanlieshout, well you definitely got me over the hump. Thanks!
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[02:40:20] aamax: hi guys. I've upgraded an app to rails 4.2.1... now my tests (minitest) seem to be running in the development environment... how can that be? more importantly, how can I fix it!
[02:43:00] aamax: FailBit, I'll try that. have never had to before. weird
[02:44:02] aamax: FailBit, yes, that seems to work... not sure why I didn't think of that! LOL
[03:11:31] aamax: Read error: No route to host


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[15:08:28] aamax: I know I can sort an AR association by a field so it's returned as an ordered list. But I want to sort in a non-standard way. I have a gist that explains. would someone take a look and give me some advice please? https://gist.github.com/anonymous/b94693c1407b403cacb0
[15:29:12] aamax: ok. nm. I just did a hard coded fix. not elegant but functional. thx neway
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[23:08:40] aamax: I'm having trouble sending mail using ActionMailer in a rails api. the mail preview works but when I try to send it using curl it can't find the template. I've put the mail template in a number of places but still can't find it.
[23:08:57] aamax: could it be that the request is coming in as json and that is messing it up?
[23:12:05] aamax: mwlang, the file referenced is there... although it's html.erb.... the formats value in the error is: {:json}... I'm a bit baffled
[23:12:45] aamax: mwlang, I've tried moving it out of my api and into the general app but that gets the same error....
[23:14:08] aamax: mwlang, the email I'm trying to send gets output to the console and dev log as well... so at some level it's finding the template... ???
[23:24:10] aamax: mwlang, the gist is at: https://gist.github.com/aamax/c7c4a3098a4009e7c357 I've sanitized it a little but that's the gist :)
[23:24:36] aamax: mwlang, let me know if I left anything out....
[23:25:54] aamax: morning Radar
[23:26:04] aamax: been a long time.
[23:27:19] aamax: Radar, I don't know. I've never tried to do this from an api before.
[23:27:53] aamax: Radar, I was thinking that that might be the issue - but I'm not sure. nor do I know how to tell at this point
[23:28:31] aamax: I've tried a number of curls. I'll add that to the gist. just a sec
[23:31:43] aamax: Radar, I've updated the gist with the curls
[23:33:38] aamax: Radar, no.
[23:34:39] aamax: Radar, thanks for looking. It's one of those things where I think I'm on the edge of having it work. the test preview works fine and the console is getting the html just fine.
[23:39:35] aamax: mwlang, Radar I messed up. That is from the regular vendors controller (not the api one). I updated it to have the api code...
[23:40:30] aamax: mwlang, both of those locations you posted should be under the views dir right?
[23:41:07] aamax: api/v1/vendors/send_vendor_list.html.erb is the path that I have in play (I also have copies in some other spots to try and track this down
[23:42:13] aamax: mwlang, yeah, that was a dumb line.
[23:42:35] aamax: mwlang, still getting the same error though
[23:45:09] aamax: mwlang, I think that may have gotten it! THANKS!
[23:45:45] aamax: haven't gotten the mail yet but it's passed that point. I knew it was something simple and stupid
[23:48:12] aamax: I added a config to the dev config. we'll see. thanks for the extra eyes.


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[16:28:27] aamax: hi all. I'm trying to figure out how to get my rails API to return data in the format I want. using Jbuilder. I have an active record set of records and each record has a 'category' field. I want the json to return keys for each category and an array of record data within each category. what's the best way to accomplish this?
[17:10:18] aamax: I made a gist to describe what I'm trying to do. any help would be appreciated: https://gist.github.com/aamax/0556b89c1537b45354d4
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[20:24:19] aamax: Hi all, I'm working on a new site and haven't been coding for a while. just getting into rails 4.1, trying to use minitest better and using devise/pundit. I'm writing some controller tests to check routing when a user is logged in or not on some actions and the pundit policies don't seem to be called. Am I missing something or can I not test this way?
[20:53:50] aamax: ght, as I understand it, the coffee script is going to only execute on the client side... you would have to do an ajax call or something like that to the server and from there run whatever you were trying to run. I haven't tried running a bash script from inside a rails controller so I'm not sure if that's going to fly... maybe...
[21:40:13] aamax: Here is a gist - problem description included. basically, I'm trying to learn how to test my controller actions in a system using Devise, Minitest, Pundit, Rolify. My policy tests are working but what I'm trying to do in the controller test is not. any help would be appreciated... I hope this is a better question :)
[21:42:23] aamax: Zadrel - show your code in a gist
[21:42:32] aamax: oops, my gist is at: https://gist.github.com/aamax/e769e2d9764fa8e3091f
[21:42:39] aamax: for the above question
[21:43:24] aamax: Zadrel, not sure what you're talking about
[21:50:46] aamax: what's in @day_array
[21:53:49] aamax: and what's in the sales array?
[21:54:15] aamax: Zadrel, what's in the sales array?
[21:56:53] aamax: Zadrel, and price is the same as sale?
[21:59:38] aamax: Zadrel, so you're using s.amount, s.product.father.price and s.product.father.cost_price... if I understand you right you only have one record with an amount of 35.98, a father.cost_price of 10 and a father.price of 35.98?
[22:01:51] aamax: Zadrel, does the single item have a father object or not?
[22:03:59] aamax: but you have a specific situation you're having trouble with and you only have one item in the list... does it have a father or not?
[22:04:13] aamax: Zadrel, but you have a specific situation you're having trouble with and you only have one item in the list... does it have a father or not?
[22:06:37] aamax: Zadrel, can you code the objects for @day_array and sales above the loop so I can run through the code and see what you're seeing?
[22:08:07] aamax: Zadrel, no prob. yw
[22:08:33] aamax: gezundheit


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[15:03:59] aamax: I am deploying a rails app (4.x) to heroku (the app is redmine) and I'm getting an error that the database doesn't exist in the asset precompile. anyone know how to get around this on the first compile?
[15:15:16] aamax: has anyone had problems with deploying a project in rails4 to heroku like this?
[15:19:02] aamax: i can't deploy the initial deploy to heroku so there is no bin/rake... and there's not config/database.yml either.
[15:19:19] aamax: when the push fails, heroku cleans all the files out
[15:23:45] aamax: no, there are no files at all (yet) and the datbase.yml is not in the repo anyway
[15:24:18] aamax: I think I have to add it back in now that I think of it... ;)
[15:25:06] aamax: I'm working from a redmine repo that wasn't specific for heroku and that probably won't work unless I manually add it later - and can't do that because of this compile problem
[15:30:22] aamax: Radar, I see that you've dealt with this in the past with Spree. any input/help?
[15:33:27] aamax: I forgot where he lives :)
[15:33:55] aamax: been a while since I've been in here. Doing too much admin/management stuff these days and not enough code. that's why I haven't been playing with rails 4 much
[15:35:44] aamax: axilla, what is the route for the post?
[15:36:32] aamax: wow - I got past the error on my push. had to add the pg add-on to the heroku instance before pushing. never had to do that before. weird
[15:37:39] aamax: sevenseacat, makes sense now but I can't remember having to do that in any heroku apps I've pushed before - but it has been a while and I am old and feeble so maybe I just forgot. ;)
[15:44:22] aamax: axilla, have you tried slicing it in IRB?
[15:46:43] aamax: axilla, I'd probably break or print the players prior to the slice call and make sure everything is what I'm expecting. json_params...
[15:47:14] aamax: axilla, and I'd play with it in IRB to see if it breaks there..
[15:50:56] aamax: glad to help (sort of)
[16:01:57] aamax: leslie, db tables are pretty cheap and easy. if users have to edit them then I'd go that way.
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[00:47:41] aamax: hi all - is there a way for me to specify a jbuilder template to use for a few different calls against a rails api I'm building? I'd really like to have a single file that's reused rather than created a bunch of son.jbuilder files that have the same content.?


[20:45:09] aamax: hi all. been a long time
[21:30:41] aamax: I'm working on a rails-api app and want to add some authorization - the calling app is using SSO through google apps. I'm not sure how to go about doing this... with rails it's probably a lot simpler than I'm trying to make it out to be in my head. but i wonder if anyone has done this and may have some pointers for me
[21:32:17] aamax: I've done it using omniauth-google-oauth2 gem in a rails app, but that seems different from an api that is basically trying to piggy back on the auth already done in the calling app... does that make sense?


[00:01:43] aamax: yeah, it's my bad. i was calling it wrong to do the single test and that test isn't running when i run the whole suite (not sure why on that)
[00:01:47] aamax: thx neway


[23:56:06] aamax: hi all, trying to figure out how to test a module with some static methods and minitest.... here's the gist. the code isn't running at all when i run the tests. not showing anything... https://gist.github.com/aamax/bfa543988ad3ca1d5571
[23:57:42] aamax: if anyone is looking - hold off for a sec. i think i was calling minitest wrong...
[23:58:01] aamax: pontiki, looking into it. thx


[00:36:55] aamax: i'm trying to add rolify to my project (rails 4, ruby 2.1.0) and when i run the generator (rails g rolify Role User) I keep getting an error saying it can't find the rails_serve_static_assets gem even though the gem is in the gem list... any ideas?
[00:57:24] aamax: Radar - those lights are bitchin'.... is that your gig? (I obviously missed part of the conversation).
[00:58:36] aamax: right on. congrats.


[21:37:27] aamax: hi all? i'm wondering if what i have in mind is a bad idea or not :) I have a data load process that is pretty involved, thousands of commits etc. multiple tables/models.. postgresql db. i'm thinking that i'd like to start a transaction at the beginning of the load and if anything goes wrong, roll the whole thing back. Good idea? bad idea?


[17:34:32] aamax: opinion poll: I want to set up a set of models which will be a common codebase for a couple rails apps (ActiveRecord models). investigating making a gem, an engine, or a plugin right now to be able to share the models across the different apps and only have to maintain one codebase. which way would "you" do it?
[17:37:56] aamax: walidvb, you may be able to not use the ! and check user.errors after the save attempt if you don't want to handle it with an exception handler. not sure if that will catch everything though. would have to test it? otherwise i think you do need an exception handler
[17:38:37] aamax: walidvb, a qualified "maybe"
[17:39:23] aamax: usually ! means an in-place edit but in the AR save it seems to stop execution on an exception.
[17:39:48] aamax: i'm assuming (?) you are doing a save on an AR model


[16:30:46] aamax: using bootstrap3 and trying to write a test to check for some content - i think the page is missing the content because it is responsive and the test window may be too small to see what i am looking for. i'm not using selenium and don't have access to the resize_window method - is there a way for me to force the perceived window size to be bigger?
[16:35:42] aamax: nm, i was wrong about what was happening? it isn't a screen size issue
[16:37:36] aamax: having the flu makes my head foggy
[16:41:02] aamax: i put the FUN in dysfunctional


[22:25:57] aamax: hi guys - long time no see.
[22:27:22] aamax: I need to convert my existing spree site from using the merchant account i set up about 5 months ago to use stripe. have any of you used stripe with spree? is it a pretty straightforward conversion? do i need to add the spree-stripe gem or just select the payment method for stripe in the config page?
[23:03:20] aamax: quiet today huh? is everyone watching football or what? :)


[19:04:17] aamax: damn. i've set this up a few times before for other projects, sometimes it's easy, sometimes not so much. ActionMailer. it works fine for development but not so much for production. i've even hard coded the environment file with the username and password - and it still fails with an authentication error? pisses me off!
[19:04:51] aamax: i can duplicate the problem on my local box - run in development and it works fine, in production it fails
[19:15:46] aamax: rkofman, i'm not sure if you "should", i never have? not much help though
[19:18:05] aamax: no idea. sorry
[19:19:57] aamax: sheesh. i set the credentials for another gmail account i have and it works in production for that one. but i also logged in with this one and it works fine? with these credentials. guess i'll have to look closer at the account on the gmail side
[19:31:52] aamax: JRizzle, what exactly are you trying to do? just manage table contents etc or are you talking about some way to dynamically meta program the CRUD around data models?
[19:39:40] aamax: i've used active admin - have seen rails admin demo'd before. both seem ok for a general purpose db management plug in. it depends how customized you want it to be i guess. sometimes active admin can have some challenges with things like devise that need to be worked through...
[19:40:11] aamax: I also like to use rollify and cancan for authentication control
[19:40:14] aamax: lol there you go!
[19:42:14] aamax: jragon, my first reaction is you'll have to have some kind of javascript on the client to make the suggestions as you type - probably a lot of possibilities there. i like using angularjs these days with some of the filtering features on an ng-repeat.
[19:43:46] aamax: JRizzle, what exactly do you mean by "the CRUD"? as I understand it the CRUD is a description of the basic operations on a model (Create, Review, Update, Delete)? saying you want to "see the CRUD" seems odd to me?
[19:45:08] aamax: I'm just trying to understand what you're after. and i don't. it could be me? sorry
[19:47:15] aamax: i think you may even be able to use cancan to only show the items in a model the user has permission for. cancan can be a pain to learn to set up though (i have scratched the surface)
[19:50:26] aamax: JRizzle, i'd like to help but i have to go. having some network problems i have to deal with .. good luck


[01:55:14] aamax: hi all - quick question. I'm adding some indexes to my database tables - I suspect that active record already has a primary index on the id field of a model so i don't need to create an index on it myself? is that a fair assumption? (i guess i can load pgadmin and look at the tables myself huh?) ;)
[01:57:31] aamax: sevenseacat, yeah, thought of it after i had already typed the question? :D didn't have the heart to delete it.
[01:59:58] aamax: hmmmm. doesn't look like there is. that seems really odd. i can't recall reading where people are indexing on the id fields but looking records up by id is being done all the time. wouldn't it make sense to index that?
[02:02:30] aamax: duh.. yeah, i see the primary key ref in the table def now. was looking at the index list and it isn't in there. had to look closer


[04:55:07] aamax: hi all. what's up Radar ? how ya been?
[04:56:09] aamax: wedding! yours? if so? congrats! I'm behind the times i guess. haven't been around much lately
[04:57:23] aamax: right on? that's great. hope yours turns out as good as mine is. my first one wasn't so good. the one i got now is a keeper
[04:57:49] aamax: Radar, that's fantastic.
[04:57:59] aamax: virtual toast to you!
[04:59:11] aamax: of course.
[05:00:11] aamax: like i said, I'm pretty happy with mine too. we all see too many relationships that don't work well, it's nice when some work out. hoping yours is one of those. you deserve it
[05:01:54] aamax: s2013, don't be an ass. statistics are made to be broken. and i already had one bad one so i got a ride on this one :)
[05:02:29] aamax: s2013, i know.. it was said with a smile on my face. :D
[05:04:34] aamax: Radar, i'd love to come but i'll be in Utah skiing as much as i can this winter! :D
[05:04:53] aamax: you and the lucky bride come out here and i'll get you up on the mt though
[05:05:29] aamax: I volunteer at snowbird so i can get some free passes. you've been here before, hit me up next time!
[05:07:09] aamax: s2013, i do. Draper - south end of the salt lake valley. Snowbird opened today. i'm working up there all day tomorrow
[05:07:20] aamax: so I DO have a programming problem. here's a gist
[05:07:21] aamax: https://gist.github.com/aamax/7576366
[05:07:44] aamax: I want to add a field to an active record model that is set in my controller and then consumed in the view
[05:08:22] aamax: I have done something like this before, and it doesn't seem too tough but for some reason it's not working. i figure it's something simple but can't see it
[05:08:53] aamax: s2013, that won't try to persist it to the db will it? i don't want that
[05:09:06] aamax: just use it in the controller
[05:11:18] aamax: s2013, the gist doesn't show the "why" of it :) i have a complex process that determines if each one of these objects can be selected. i'm trying to profile the code because i'm having some server issues - time-outs etc.
[05:11:40] aamax: instead of just setting it to true, i'll be running that process to determine what it really is...
[05:12:20] aamax: but this way i won't have to call it in the list and in the view which is what's happening now. there's a lot of other things going on too and i can't put it all in a meaningful gist
[05:12:45] aamax: i'll try to update the gist a bit to make it more clear. give me a minute
[05:14:17] aamax: YES. so that it can be used as a flag in the view to show or not show a button on a list of stuff
[05:16:51] aamax: s2013, i'll look at that. here's the updated gist. maybe that's a bit clearer: https://gist.github.com/aamax/7576366
[05:19:18] aamax: s2013 i don't think that gets me there. I don't want to save anything to the db - i want to just be able to have the values in the array that the view is using so it knows when to show the buttons :)
[05:19:48] aamax: s2013, i'll read it again...
[05:20:38] aamax: i don't see why i need to do an update_attributes for this? ?
[05:22:48] aamax: hmmmm. I'm trying to set a temporary variable in the controller, that is used in the view and then tossed. i've seen examples that show this begin done. like: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7584592/adding-extra-run-time-attribs-to-an-activerecord-object except i don't have to add the attr_accessor at run time, i can do it now. but that's along the lines of what i am trying to do.
[05:26:58] aamax: s2013, i just ran the code with a loop to set the values and then i puts the obj to the console in the loop to inspect it. the added field doesn't show up at all in the inspect. it doesn't give me any errors when i set it so it seems that it is somewhat recognizing it but the values aren't being set.. and the properties just don't show up at all. kind of weird
[05:28:07] aamax: thx 4 looking at it. scratching my head
[05:31:23] aamax: i get the right value inside my loop. i think you're right.
[05:31:40] aamax: I have pagination in the production code and i'm thinking the way i was using it was losing the values i set.
[05:31:45] aamax: trying something along those lines now
[05:35:54] aamax: i think my pagination is screwing me up.
[05:38:25] aamax: shouldn't it be params[:post] on line 4?
[05:40:25] aamax: ok. yeah, i was just reading that. haven't used it b4
[05:42:20] aamax: looks like my issue is with the pagination messing with my temp properties in the modle. damn it.
[06:03:36] aamax: depends on how you write your tests i suppose. I had to fix a lot because i was going from Rspec and the matchers and assertions were different.
[06:04:11] aamax: i like mintiest though. @blowmage is a local and has done a lot of work on the rails gem
[06:04:29] aamax: i took a testing workshop with him not too long ago - did a great job.
[06:12:40] aamax: well, hitting the sack. Congrats again Radar . talk to you soon...


[02:18:35] aamax: anyone know how to inherit a minitest test class? I was working with blowmage the other day and we talked about doing it but i can't quite get the syntax right. what do i have to do in my inherited class file so it knows about the parent class?


[23:23:36] aamax: is there any way to tell if someone has cloned a github repo? (not forked)
[23:28:04] aamax: i didn't think so. bummer.


[03:56:09] aamax: hi all - I"m not sure what code would make sense to post to show this problem and i already know someone is going to ask for code. let me start by explaining what i'm seeing and then we can talk about what code i should post :) I am working on a rails site and plugging in twitter bootstrap. bootstrap is working pretty well and i'm using the responsive library which also seems to be working well - EXCEPT for when i make the browser windo
[03:56:10] aamax: w small enough that the menu collapses. the menu collapses and when i click on it the menu expands down. problem is that it doesn't push the rest of the page code down so it overlaps the existing content
[03:56:39] aamax: i've seen this before but never figured out what was causing it. any ideas?


[21:54:41] aamax: boytoy, yeah, the shopping cart part definitely ups the ante
[21:55:54] aamax: boytoy, if you have a solid grasp of how long it will take you then do the whole quote. I set up spree recently - first timer, first time with cart stuff to so there was a lot of learning curve time - wasn't trivial
[21:56:29] aamax: terrellt, lmal
[21:59:47] aamax: boytoy, i hadn't done anything with shopping carts before so it was all new. I had a non-supported merchant so i had to make a provider for it (wasn't too tough as they had great examples - need to do a pull request for that soon too) adding all the products, setting up shipping and connecting to ups to get dynamic quotes etc etc. it wasn't trivial
[21:59:52] aamax: spree DID make it rocking' though
[22:00:12] aamax: and Radar and some of the folks in #spree were invaluable


[17:12:18] aamax: hi guys. i am trying to send mail from an active record callback but for some reason it's not seeing the ActionMailer send_mail method i've defined. not sure why. any ideas? is there some config i need to do for it to see that? i am sure it was working the other day..


[05:08:12] aamax: have any of you worked much with hstore fields (postgresql)? I'm seeing a major slowdown in a routine that is loading my data. there are no indexes on the field and i commented the save so it's not even doing a save to the db. just assigning the hstore field for now
[05:08:15] aamax: and it's very slow
[05:16:26] aamax: no ones using hstore at all?


[00:30:01] aamax: Hi all, I'm trying to speed up my tests. using mintiest. right now i have a before block that populates a bunch of data that the tests work on. I'm thinking i need to set up fixtures and use transactional fixtures (which i set up in my test helper already). i want the fixture to run once before my test file runs - to populate the data, and then after each test have it rollback any db changes (I.e. the transaction). do i need to seed the
[00:30:02] aamax: data in the test database before hand or will my fixure yml files seed the data (and only seed it once before the whole test suite runs and not for each test)?
[00:32:11] aamax: Radar, tldr?
[00:32:47] aamax: Radar, will do. thx
[00:33:42] aamax: Radar, ok. i realize it was a bunch. trying to be clear and ask a real question.
[00:34:22] aamax: i have done lots of testing with before blocks to set up my data but that does the setup before each test and cleans it up. i want to speed it up
[00:34:40] aamax: transactional fixtures seem to make sense for that but i'm not sure where or how to set them up
[00:35:18] aamax: if i build fixtures in test/fixures/foo.yml is that run once prior to my test suite running or is it done before each test?
[01:04:20] aamax: so how do you (anyone?) use fixtures to speed up your tests? or do you write tests? LOL
[01:05:17] aamax: I tried putting the setup for the db in a fixture file but it seems to be running slower than when i had it in a before block!


[00:31:53] aamax: Radar, how goes it? just go turned on to letter_opener the other day. very cool :D
[00:34:58] aamax: Radar, hope the repairs aren't too pricey
[00:35:17] aamax: i need to make some time to put a new tranny in my sons jeep in the next few weeks
[00:35:32] aamax: Radar, sounds like time for a new car (was a few times ago)???
[00:36:25] aamax: Radar, hope so (after all that). what's it in for now?
[00:50:25] aamax: I'm having a problem with my mintiest tests running. here's a gist with some info if anyone can take a look: https://gist.github.com/aamax/6617813
[04:26:10] aamax: my minitest tests simply will not run any more no idea why i made this gist with the output etc any ideas? https://gist.github.com/aamax/6617813
[04:28:04] aamax: blowmage, hadn't seen it. thx blowmage #1 - not sure #2 don't think so but will look at my history. just a sec. (what do you mean by #1). I have mintiest-rails and a number of other minitest gems installed in this gemset
[04:28:31] aamax: blowmage, would spork kill it?
[04:29:03] aamax: blowmage, all use describe
[04:29:45] aamax: blowmage, spork is the only change to my gem file in the history.
[04:30:17] aamax: blowmage, nope...
[04:31:18] aamax: blowmage, and the tests were running early yesterday. not sure when they broke or what broke them.. i'll try pulling it


[19:03:58] aamax: pipework, capybara beginner hell
[19:04:37] aamax: pipework, when it goes smoothly i agree. when i get bogged down on a trivial task. not so much.
[19:05:13] aamax: now i'm elated. looks ilke i just got my tests passing :D
[19:05:19] aamax: been WAY too long on this
[19:15:08] aamax: creature, good luck.