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[15:14:12] adaedra: good afternoon
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[16:24:31] adaedra: gray_-_wolf: You have Process.waitpid which should do the same as the C syscall
[16:26:41] adaedra: Did you see the link in the error?
[16:32:48] adaedra: That's not the solution at all
[16:33:16] adaedra: The error tells you it doesn't find anything to execute JS natively (runtime), and tells you to refer to the link to see a list of runtimes you can use
[16:33:43] adaedra: The simplest to add in those is probably just installing Node.js
[16:34:12] adaedra: ExecJS is just a wrapper other multiple, external JS runtimes and tries to find the best choice on your system... when there is one
[16:35:18] adaedra: Did you remove the "require 'execjs'" from your Gemfile?
[16:36:14] adaedra: yes, it has nothing to do here.
[16:36:38] adaedra: and for your problem, the solution is written in the error message, second line.
[16:48:37] adaedra: everything was in the errors messages that were presented to you
[16:54:38] adaedra: "npm" is node.js world, "gem" is ruby world
[17:54:01] adaedra: Remote host closed the connection


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[12:26:00] adaedra: *.net *.split
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[10:13:07] adaedra: how dare you put “oracle” and “sensible” in the same sentence
[10:13:12] adaedra: Hello rubyists
[10:15:34] adaedra: still too close each from each other
[11:16:53] adaedra: Why would they
[11:17:33] adaedra: Because it's not breakfast drink
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[17:37:21] adaedra: :o how did I not know about this place
[18:09:19] adaedra: jhass: still around?
[18:10:14] adaedra: I'm leaving work, have to drop my things, and then will go
[18:10:33] adaedra: it's U Kleistpark right?
[18:11:52] adaedra: I'll ping you before communting there then


[16:07:10] adaedra: The alternative would be ``, but that's not better
[18:13:36] adaedra: Good evening
[18:30:11] adaedra: ACTION invokes jhass 
[18:33:37] adaedra: I hope this works
[18:38:10] adaedra: “don't”?
[18:38:23] adaedra: Anyway, what's your problem with it?
[18:39:52] adaedra: Is your work folder correctly mounted in the container? For the terminal issue, do you allocate a terminal (-it iirc) ?
[18:41:10] adaedra: Probably attach can't allocate a terminal
[18:41:43] adaedra: If you know the command to run the server, you may try to run it with run/exec and the correct flags. Require to keep a terminal constantly open as long as your app runs, but should go better.
[18:43:08] adaedra: Easy solution: Don't Ruby under Windows.
[18:44:18] adaedra: Ruby under Windows is just not worth it. You'll have trouble with gem compilations and other funky things.
[18:45:30] adaedra: it is, a bit heavy though
[18:49:48] adaedra: Please, this is a SFW channel.
[19:15:03] adaedra: nah, you can't close my ) before you close apeiros's :-(
[19:32:29] adaedra: Since it's Ruby, shouldn't it be red magicks?
[20:53:05] adaedra: we succeeded \o/
[20:53:12] adaedra: nope, flying tomorrow
[20:54:28] adaedra: It's for work, I'll be next to Postdamer Platz
[20:55:30] adaedra: Go back on Friday
[20:56:01] adaedra: I'll be going around Berlin for the three days anyway
[20:59:39] adaedra: Better on Tuesday or Wednesday?
[21:04:14] adaedra: I totally lost ability to english for 2 seconds here
[21:05:07] adaedra: mh, not sure I have a mail for you
[21:05:25] adaedra: funny, I have a very similar one
[21:06:23] adaedra: Looks like I should be done at 19h either day anyway
[21:10:25] adaedra: perfect, it's direct from where I'm staying
[21:12:54] adaedra: It's a nice country
[21:14:13] adaedra: I don't remember where you're from
[21:20:13] adaedra: tomorrow you say? alright
[21:21:41] adaedra: I'll see what the colleagues have organized
[21:51:31] adaedra: irb will try to interpret once you've closed all the blocks
[21:51:43] adaedra: you see the nesting level, it's the last number in the prompt
[21:52:30] adaedra: it doesn't seem to increment the nesting level at the b_c.each line tho
[21:53:22] adaedra: but it throws the error thinking you're done because it thinks you closed as many blocks as you opened
[21:53:31] adaedra: not sure why tho
[21:53:51] adaedra: try without the `do` at `for`?
[21:54:53] adaedra: tested, effectively irb chokes on it while pry has no problem with it
[22:32:33] adaedra: This one's working, but I wouldn't call that pretty code:
[22:32:52] adaedra: I feel like I'm missing something obvious :)
[23:24:42] adaedra: A middleware?


[22:01:51] adaedra: I think rubular just doesn't interpret \r\n in your input
[22:02:13] adaedra: >> "a\r\nb" =~ /\r\n/
[22:28:58] adaedra: Buffered write, I guess
[22:29:12] adaedra: Try to use flush to manually flush or sync= to disable buffering


[10:05:02] adaedra: garyserj: because if you do `abs5 {...}`, the curly braces are interpreted as a block, not a hash
[22:04:47] adaedra: jhass: used to, not anymore


[12:15:55] adaedra: apeiros: I was hoping this pesky GitHub notification would disappear D:
[12:16:01] adaedra: jk, take your time
[12:18:24] adaedra: it's ok, I had a little bit of time so I did it because GitHub bugs me
[12:21:45] adaedra: &ri String
[12:22:09] adaedra: >> "What about it?"
[12:25:41] adaedra: jhass you around?
[23:03:59] adaedra: jhass: ah, missed you. I'll be in Berlin next week, I was thinking if times and places permit it, we could met
[23:07:40] adaedra: hi baweaver


[17:13:01] adaedra: :trollface:
[17:19:35] adaedra: Check your ~/.bashrc and ~/.bash_profile
[17:19:47] adaedra: ~/.profile ?
[17:20:14] adaedra: In related file in /etc?


[13:35:37] adaedra: apeiros: happy x-mas
[13:57:28] adaedra: or I don't-know-how-many days late, you pick
[13:57:36] adaedra: anyway, look at your PRs
[17:46:22] adaedra: Woah, that speed
[17:46:53] adaedra: Spam in MP too
[18:56:25] adaedra: Did you `bundle install`?
[18:57:45] adaedra: Can you give the output of `which gem` and `which bundle`?
[19:02:01] adaedra: What does the `vmstat` line looks like in the `Gemfile`?
[19:04:13] adaedra: that would not explain the problem, but go on if you think it'll solve it
[19:05:31] adaedra: Can you show `gem env`?
[19:10:02] adaedra: I see nothing out of place
[19:11:21] adaedra: That's the abi version
[19:12:16] adaedra: btw, for 2.3 line the latest is 2.3.6
[19:18:01] adaedra: you'd have to `gem uninstall them`
[19:18:10] adaedra: mh, misplaced a `



[08:40:21] adaedra: apeiros: seen the vulnerability warning on the ruby-community repo?
[08:43:06] adaedra: it's yard, so I guess it's not critical
[08:43:39] adaedra: Ah no, there are some in Rails too


[13:44:14] adaedra: Don't we !fixcon them regularly or is it bad memory from me?
[13:44:49] adaedra: xco: It compares two string while ignoring the case.
[13:44:54] adaedra: two strings*
[13:45:28] adaedra: no, it's 0
[13:45:54] adaedra: it's a relative comparaison, so the string are either the same or one is before the other, and in this case you have -1 or 1 depending which one
[13:46:07] adaedra: same as for <=>


[14:25:56] adaedra: leave them alone, helpa
[14:26:37] adaedra: >> RUBY_VERSION
[16:49:27] adaedra: you just got mooned
[16:50:43] adaedra: Don't `ew` like that, you're the one doing it
[16:52:38] adaedra: as long as it's not php
[16:56:40] adaedra: aScottishBoat booo
[16:58:23] adaedra: PHP: Please Hate with Passion
[17:07:55] adaedra: Everyone knows better than using perl, that's why
[17:14:37] adaedra: I'll make a PHP fork where you use € for variables instead of $
[17:15:24] adaedra: 'urope, FUCK YEAH
[17:16:42] adaedra: nofxx_: sorry, real money only
[17:17:05] adaedra: So Ƀ or £ are right out
[17:18:25] adaedra: And let me guess, taxation is theft right?
[17:20:27] adaedra: That's a nice reality you have here
[17:22:01] adaedra: It's option + ! on a mac qwerty
[17:22:30] adaedra: ¡, é, ä, ß, ø or š are quite easy to type
[17:23:59] adaedra: because I get something back on this money
[17:25:06] adaedra: that's not theft
[17:25:28] adaedra: When there is theft, you get nothing back, it's just gone
[19:29:14] adaedra: At least they're for complete privatisation of everything
[19:29:25] adaedra: That's a bold strategy, let's see how it plays out
[19:32:16] adaedra: So the problem is not taxation itself, but the way this money is used
[19:34:05] adaedra: You got out of #python-but-better?
[20:02:40] adaedra: aaaaaaand everyone keeps it for themselves and nothing works anymore.
[20:27:07] adaedra: Look at Europe, we have small countries and still started to have a larger entity to manage some things
[20:28:37] adaedra: well I guess you can decide to not pay taxes, but that also means you can't profit from anything provided by the state, and I don't see how it's really doable (and how you can want that)
[20:30:11] adaedra: government don't keep it for itself
[20:30:46] adaedra: WOAH WOAH WOAH
[20:30:53] adaedra: WOAH WOAH WOAH
[20:31:23] adaedra: this is one of the worst arguments I've ever seen
[20:31:37] adaedra: I get it, you're not interested in a discussion
[20:32:33] adaedra: Yes it was, because there was nothing given back
[20:32:41] adaedra: It was not taxation though
[20:34:27] adaedra: You're taking isolated examples to try to make your point
[20:34:46] adaedra: _badly_ made
[20:36:08] adaedra: Nah, I've seen you're just trying to do shit, I'm going to take care of my pizza
[20:36:54] adaedra: cjohnson cherry, apparently
[20:37:12] adaedra: eam: I'd call those governments rogue ones tho
[20:38:34] adaedra: That's totally not the kind of governments I'd speak of above, even if I would concede that no government is perfect. But let's not go to complete evil examples (Hi Adolf) just for the sake of it.
[20:43:34] adaedra: so let me get this straight: you used bad examples out of the scope to prove a point we were not discussing.
[20:44:28] adaedra: The point was not that
[21:16:24] adaedra: run away it's a ferocious zenspider


[20:40:13] adaedra: Hello rubyists
[22:16:45] adaedra: SCREAMING-KEBAB-CASE is the best.
[22:20:36] adaedra: man kebab*
[22:24:54] adaedra: slight improvment:
[22:24:56] adaedra: just don't.
[22:25:15] adaedra: Or go the Ox0dea way and don't use anything \w.
[22:26:07] adaedra: your in america speak english
[22:27:06] adaedra: I still have his todo app in a gist.
[22:27:17] adaedra: I show it around sometimes.
[22:27:51] adaedra: The joke was america^W the “your”
[22:28:03] adaedra:
[22:31:33] adaedra: I'm a meat popsicle
[22:32:13] adaedra: i am what gotham needs me to be
[22:32:44] adaedra: This is a ruby channel, get your rust out
[22:34:59] adaedra: rust is awesome
[22:35:59] adaedra: No, rustaceans are taking over the channel now
[22:36:09] adaedra: cargo run takeover
[22:39:34] adaedra: what, crystal?
[22:41:08] adaedra: Maybe explain why?
[22:42:11] adaedra: ooooooooooooooooooooooooook
[22:42:48] adaedra: With the same number of os? Impressive how in sync we are then.
[22:45:02] adaedra: You may not have looked correctly, I'm far away from a great mind
[23:02:39] adaedra: well I think it was already clear for some time you didn't have any arguments to provide anyway


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[12:07:51] adaedra: #ruby-friendly
[12:08:02] adaedra: With 200% more MINASWAN
[12:08:45] adaedra: I'm in 😈
[12:09:21] adaedra: #ruby-unfriendly ? Sure is.
[12:09:55] adaedra: Freenode should allow emoji channels tho
[12:10:56] adaedra: Well I succeeded at having emoji channels in other servers already
[12:11:41] adaedra: apeiros: WHY NOT
[12:11:52] adaedra: 🔥 🔥 🔥
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