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[12:31:10] ahmgeek: ehy there's no a good book regards testing
[12:31:12] ahmgeek: in ruby I mean
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[20:24:11] ahmgeek: yelllllllllllo
[20:24:19] ahmgeek: any body there ?
[20:25:48] ahmgeek: aaaah I really have no idea if I am connected or not.
[20:25:54] ahmgeek: my ISP is playing with me
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[10:36:11] ahmgeek: hello, can I ask
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[10:51:43] ahmgeek: https://gist.github.com/
[10:58:59] ahmgeek: I have a role model that cancancan uses, I depend on it, the new gem creates a new table called strongbolt_roles, and module Strongbolt class Role in the gem I want to install.
[10:59:11] ahmgeek: both of the auth are diferrent.
[10:59:17] ahmgeek: I use one with the main app.
[10:59:23] ahmgeek: and the other with activeadmin
[10:59:57] ahmgeek: I have conflicts in the role model, I want to solve it without changing lots of the code base or the other way around, in the gem.
[11:02:22] ahmgeek: yeah, so in my code I should make my role model somethung like Aurora::Role < ActiveRecord::Base ?
[11:02:31] ahmgeek: and call it with that name in all of my code
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[23:11:28] ahmgeek: hey folks, I want to ask something regards background jobs, if I want to make a create! through sidekiq for instance and that create should return me an id I want to get that id back to the user to start using it as it's saved already.


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[17:43:38] ahmgeek: if I have something like https://gist.github.com/adam12/7e6db5840980da918dde/6e0bf26582a45f117b43c8310cde922b432a9c9a#file-image-rb how can I make the :optimize_image takes parameters ?
[17:51:56] ahmgeek: any any any one ?
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[13:54:53] ahmgeek: if I want to create a ccompany website with a custom image slider testimonials etc.. what cms is flexible enough to use ?
[14:05:26] ahmgeek: :D wordpress
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[15:50:06] ahmgeek: hey folks, I have this https://gist.github.com/ahmgeek/5f8491723054054bffcf in a main form_for, so I only want to add 8 Images, the problem is where I want to edit this page, how can I bind images that got uploaded to this form ?
[15:55:02] ahmgeek: anyone anyone anyone anyone ??
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[17:39:34] ahmgeek: undefined method `times' for [nil, nil]:Array
[17:39:54] ahmgeek: how can I loop over this array even if it's contains nil ?
[17:45:52] ahmgeek: ok folks, here's the problem, this form is inside an outer form for the main contribution, so, it displays the images correctly, but I want to put some uploaders placeholders for the remaining images, the goal is only to upload 8 images.
[17:46:01] ahmgeek: so in this edit mode
[17:46:29] ahmgeek: I want to display the uploaded images, subtraact them from 8
[17:46:58] ahmgeek: then add an html code for the placeholders in case he wanted to upload more images that not exceed the 8ths


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[12:35:27] ahmgeek: which the best image Gem that most of you use ?
[12:36:22] ahmgeek: image uploading Gem ( dragonfly, paperclip) I am looking to replace the current dragonfly gem, but don't know what's the best there to use.
[12:38:32] ahmgeek: no, we want to switch for some reasons, one of them is doing some process to compress the images, dragonfly eat the cpu, and for doing processing, it will make it worse and using workers needs a good infrastructure first
[12:38:57] ahmgeek: I guess the folks used dragonfly because of the on the fly processing, without having a sight for the coming issues
[12:39:55] ahmgeek: I didn't asked about the popular :D I asked about the best, or at least the common one among most of you.
[12:40:32] ahmgeek: thanks folks.
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[00:24:51] ahmgeek: can anyone explain this to me please: redirect_to proc { edit_post_url(@post) }
[00:25:15] ahmgeek: why it's different from: redirect_to edit_post_url(@post)
[00:35:20] ahmgeek: FailBit: I saw it here: http://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActionController/Redirecting.html
[00:35:24] ahmgeek: that's why I asked
[00:37:37] ahmgeek: I always searched for any reasons or examples to write Proc or Lambdas in rails, I really didn't find any use cases for it so far, despite using it in rails itself, as I still new to rails
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[02:32:25] ahmgeek: anyone have a solution for this guys ? https://github.com/manshar/manshar/pull/202
[02:33:28] ahmgeek: Radar: MAD HUGS if you're around.
[02:34:58] ahmgeek: what you usually use ?
[02:38:06] ahmgeek: gonna buy it soon :blush"
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[05:02:51] ahmgeek: *.net *.split
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[13:32:57] ahmgeek: hey folks, I am into the first step in a new company, I haven't did any test in ruby before, they asked me to do a task with tests in two days, and to dig as much as I can in those two days in the tests world.
[13:33:07] ahmgeek: so any help or online links
[13:33:12] ahmgeek: will be more than great.
[13:49:43] ahmgeek: I meant tests in the essence of test.
[13:49:55] ahmgeek: I know nothing about testing at all, TDD.BDD etc..
[13:50:01] ahmgeek: where I should start.
[13:50:24] ahmgeek: before I write tests I need to know a little history maybe, but the souce, I need a souce
[13:51:18] ahmgeek: and I'll write a small app ?
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[09:15:07] ahmgeek: folks, can I move a dragonfly process to sidekiq
[09:18:38] ahmgeek: what's the time at your side of the planet ?
[09:19:57] ahmgeek: well, I wish you have a nice evening Sam.
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[12:29:32] ahmgeek: get dragonfly image path to use with imageoptim ? the documentation seems to lack it
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[04:26:27] ahmgeek: wheres' Radar ?
[04:27:39] ahmgeek: just wanted to give him a virtual HUG, here's free HUGS for all of you floks. *MAD HUGS*
[04:28:12] ahmgeek: I said, folks, not guys this time, hope it landed good to your ears :D
[04:34:58] ahmgeek: http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/112941/how-to-say-hello-to-a-group-of-people learned about it from here.
[04:35:32] ahmgeek: I saw you folks, recommending rails 4 in action for learning rails, is there any intermediate book or another book along with it ?
[04:36:07] ahmgeek: I mean, intermediate - rails - developer oriented one.
[04:37:46] ahmgeek: rushed, not really, but I read the free chapters. I'll buy it though, but I needed to know if there's already such a books..
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[09:59:50] ahmgeek: hey folks,
[09:59:51] ahmgeek: https://gist.github.com/ahmgeek/a57998a75a4860f43f1e
[09:59:55] ahmgeek: here's the code.
[10:00:09] ahmgeek: I am trying to make checkbox for share this post on FB
[10:00:22] ahmgeek: I don't have a record for that in my db
[10:00:30] ahmgeek: so I made the method in the model.
[10:00:42] ahmgeek: but the check box state is not right !
[10:00:56] ahmgeek: it doesn't change in the html from the dev console.
[10:02:04] ahmgeek: when I hit the check marok from the page, it does't change to false or true.
[10:03:11] ahmgeek: how can I catch if it checked or not from the page or I just work on the controller, and it will get it with request anyhow ?
[10:03:44] ahmgeek: I am sorry :( I'll try again.
[10:05:18] ahmgeek: no. I want to check box on the page, in the controller if it checked I'll share it on FB if not. then no sharing, no models at all here.
[10:05:42] ahmgeek: the problem is, I don't have a method for sharing within my model to use it with form_for.
[10:13:53] ahmgeek: I don't have a record for sharing at all.
[10:14:09] ahmgeek: it's something I was hoping to hook a checkbox to get a true or false then proceed
[10:14:22] ahmgeek: I want just a true or false from that form_for.
[10:15:25] ahmgeek: I have a story record, have some lots of things inside. story details year etc.. the sharing checkbox is an extra sauce.
[10:15:33] ahmgeek: if he want to share it.
[10:15:41] ahmgeek: I use Koala to build it.
[10:15:53] ahmgeek: and I use facebook omniauth to authorize it
[10:15:56] ahmgeek: all of them are working
[10:16:02] ahmgeek: sharing is working.
[10:16:22] ahmgeek: I now want to make a chekbox to really share it on behalf of the true or false value.
[10:17:02] ahmgeek: :D guys I love both of you :D
[10:18:05] ahmgeek: here's the thing, when I open the chrome developers tool, to see the element, when I press it I don't see the value change.
[10:21:21] ahmgeek: thanks folks <3
[10:22:46] ahmgeek: I can't get the check_box_tag unchecked by default anyway. I googled it before.
[10:23:59] ahmgeek: https://gist.github.com/ahmgeek/69933c1b6cd917d27d4e
[10:25:53] ahmgeek: well, I read the documentation examples not the method itself :( I guess it's my bad. let me try again.
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[00:06:18] ahmgeek: folks, I am sending an invitation by mail to get users, so here's the invitation link, https://gist.github.com/ahmgeek/e353fa3d71cfb607c150 I want to store the params in the url in cookies, and after the login and signup make some processing in the home page. so, the Idea is I use omniauth fb only to login.
[00:06:38] ahmgeek: so when he hit the button he goes to FB to login the get back
[00:11:59] ahmgeek: pwnd_nfsw: I choose you to help me, help.
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[00:34:34] ahmgeek: https://gist.github.com/ahmgeek/c4ff158504c7bdc9b3f1
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[15:07:21] ahmgeek: anyone around ?
[15:08:22] ahmgeek: :D just questions
[15:09:55] ahmgeek: I have an facebook omniauth and devise login mechanism, just this way for login, no mails or passwords, the gig is, I want to invite people by mails, and whom gets such invitation got an extra params, these params I try to process
[15:10:11] ahmgeek: when he sign_in
[15:10:33] ahmgeek: also, when he sign in I sign him up by saving his data in my db.
[15:10:51] ahmgeek: so, the sign in process some how is sign up too in case this is his first time.
[15:11:15] ahmgeek: anyhow, I just can't process the params or save it in sessions.
[15:15:23] ahmgeek: actually, no errors. here's what happen. when an invitation sent, the link is: http://localhost:3000/users/sign_in?uid=d9c99a9d-8909-4818-80e1-764260d370e7&story=61&userId=1
[15:15:51] ahmgeek: so, this link is redirect to a landing page, and the params got shown up. in the browser address field.
[15:16:13] ahmgeek: I want to save these params into a cookie, then when the call back from facebook happen,
[15:16:26] ahmgeek: I process it with saving user data in my db.
[15:16:37] ahmgeek: so I give him my extra bounties and shit :(
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[16:12:08] ahmgeek: hey folks, if I have this: https://gist.github.com/ahmgeek/2727e8cf7cb43da75b83
[16:12:22] ahmgeek: and I want to assign another params if this is nil, how can I do it ?
[16:12:51] ahmgeek: as I do it with: friend = b || a and doesn't got assigned
[16:16:40] ahmgeek: tbuehlmann: yep, get another value from another param actually, send two forms for this action, so if the first is not nil, it's the first form, if nil, then it's the second, and it should grab the value from the second param
[16:20:07] ahmgeek: tbuehlmann: it's just like I want to assign a value if not nil, if nil assign another value.
[16:20:20] ahmgeek: || operator don;t work
[16:21:56] ahmgeek: will I was thinking that it's only a matter of || or |= for instance without using if or else.
[16:23:41] ahmgeek: well, thanks folks gonan test those. ishikawa91: I am sending to that action from two forms, so I just wanted to make sure to set the values for any forms if it was the caller.
[17:22:19] ahmgeek: any help ? https://gist.github.com/ahmgeek/544f4006aec6051d1e41
[17:24:37] ahmgeek: users = usrs_ids.split(',').map(&:to_i)
[17:28:10] ahmgeek: https://gist.github.com/ahmgeek/544f4006aec6051d1e41#file-ids-rb-L3 :(
[17:28:15] ahmgeek: smathy: https://gist.github.com/ahmgeek/544f4006aec6051d1e41#file-ids-rb-L3 :(
[17:28:36] ahmgeek: smathy: ouch :D sorry
[17:28:39] ahmgeek: sooooorrrry
[17:29:12] ahmgeek: smathy: https://gist.github.com/ahmgeek/544f4006aec6051d1e41 discard the puts, debugging purposes :D
[17:29:34] ahmgeek: last line is the error
[17:36:19] ahmgeek: DEA7TH: I need to got the list of IDs in an integer array
[17:47:07] ahmgeek: DEA7TH: https://gist.github.com/ahmgeek/544f4006aec6051d1e41
[17:49:38] ahmgeek: DEA7TH: ouch. :*
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[02:56:00] ahmgeek: can I return an array of strings to an ajax get request ?
[02:57:14] ahmgeek: pew pew pew
[02:59:16] ahmgeek: when I do it like: https://gist.github.com/ahmgeek/09e4adcd2b34dc570bf9
[03:01:05] ahmgeek: ook, here's the response https://gist.github.com/ahmgeek/09e4adcd2b34dc570bf9#file-method-response-L1
[03:02:21] ahmgeek: Radar: I just want to return a pure sting array :(
[03:04:05] ahmgeek: Radar: updated: https://gist.github.com/ahmgeek/09e4adcd2b34dc570bf9
[03:05:36] ahmgeek: appending every string element to the array, I also convert it to a string element in case it's not a string.
[03:06:10] ahmgeek: Radar: well, I am still trying to learn both rails and ruby :D so I do it in a little noobs way.
[03:06:53] ahmgeek: let me try it and get back to you.
[03:08:06] ahmgeek: Radar: *MAD HUGS*
[03:08:54] ahmgeek: ok, I still don't know why my code was broken :( can you tell me ?
[03:11:11] ahmgeek: Radar: got it, many thanks. EGYPT LOVE YA
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[15:28:37] ahmgeek: hey floks, how can I catch this with params: "members"=>{"friends_ids"=>["2"]}
[15:28:57] ahmgeek: I am trying params[:members][:friends_ids].to_i without any hope
[15:30:48] ahmgeek: yep, I am trying to catch the array
[15:30:54] ahmgeek: integer array actually.
[15:33:53] ahmgeek: well, I was trying just to catch the array like this : params[:members][:friends_ids]
[15:34:02] ahmgeek: Depili: but also didn't make it.
[15:48:02] ahmgeek: I do learn more :(, I've caught the error, I was do it like: params[:members][:friends_ids] if params[:members][:friends_ids] with put defining the state at the end of the if condition
[15:48:05] ahmgeek: params[:members][:friends_ids].nil?
[15:48:09] ahmgeek: thanks folks.
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[21:25:27] ahmgeek: hey dears, this is the only controller I have in order to authenticate useres through Facebook, no pass, no mails login, FB only, the problem is sometimes users find themselves posting things as another users !
[21:25:28] ahmgeek: https://gist.github.com/ahmgeek/97c1af92f69f111fd5ae
[21:27:48] ahmgeek: boombadaroomba: Yep.
[21:32:24] ahmgeek: any idea guys ?
[21:41:41] ahmgeek: boombadaroomba: Nop.
[21:58:39] ahmgeek: I don't know, the problem isn't with posting things only, it's about sometimes, after I log in, and went to another page, I find myself as another account !!
[21:58:45] ahmgeek: it's something with seesions ?
[21:59:17] ahmgeek: https://gist.github.com/ahmgeek/97c1af92f69f111fd5ae the code is here again


[06:34:05] ahmgeek: baweaver: nick names doesn?t say anything about genders :(
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[18:14:25] ahmgeek: guys, I have a little bit weird question, I am new to rails, but I want to master ruby, I want to write a cool things to show of for Recurse Center as I want to apply there. what projects (small scale) and effective to work on.
[18:14:49] ahmgeek: and is there any books that aims for building things with ruby not teaching the lang itself
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