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[14:10:28] akofink: jomitsch: our app also has config.file_watcher set to ActiveSupport::FileUpdateChecker


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[21:19:26] akofink: jesson: you could contribute to an existing open source Rails project! i.e. (Rails 5.1) https://github.com/theforeman/foreman
[21:20:08] akofink: nice :) this one is definitely not dead
[21:22:05] akofink: harrycs: you can't call `.to_h` on ActionController::Parameters unless their permitted
[21:22:22] akofink: they're* doh
[21:23:46] akofink: if you really want to be dangerous (don't do this in production!!) call params.permit!
[21:24:17] akofink: it permits all the params
[21:24:38] akofink: that's how it worked before strong_params came about :)
[21:25:26] akofink: harrycs: no, you must write a validator in your model