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[00:00:32] al2o3-cr: sputnik13: sure, it's just a socket underneath.
[00:06:20] al2o3-cr: Scriptonaut: it does say undefined method `encoding'. 1.8.7 doesn't have String#encoding.
[00:12:20] al2o3-cr: Scriptonaut: years back iconv wsa use for encoding.
[00:16:00] al2o3-cr: != 'UTF-8' is redundant in 1.8.7
[00:17:18] al2o3-cr: 1.8.7 was bytes not encodes.
[00:25:51] al2o3-cr: this gets worse!
[00:48:46] al2o3-cr: mroutis_: $~
[00:49:46] al2o3-cr: Scriptonaut: $~[0]
[00:50:08] al2o3-cr: mroutis_: i *see* what you mean.
[00:51:07] al2o3-cr: Scriptonaut: $~ if you want the matchdata object or $1 if the match string.
[01:14:54] al2o3-cr: ivanskie: so download method just returns a string (the response body)?
[01:21:27] al2o3-cr: i think they wanted, ?w) { |io| IO.copy_stream open(url), io }
[01:28:09] al2o3-cr: what host does this return? URI.parse ""
[01:28:36] al2o3-cr: &>> URI.parse("").host
[01:31:49] al2o3-cr: that is borked.
[02:08:16] al2o3-cr: cmhobbs: could you not use $SAFE = 1?
[02:08:27] al2o3-cr: or in a binding.
[02:57:58] al2o3-cr: cmhobbs: then use it in a binding.
[02:59:49] al2o3-cr: cmhobbs: np, with ensure.
[04:30:49] al2o3-cr: ChatCodingLab: isn't that hanmac lib?
[04:31:32] al2o3-cr: the maintainer
[04:31:43] al2o3-cr: i might be wrong tho.
[04:33:49] al2o3-cr: ChatCodingLab: idk, but you might well hit him up.
[04:45:44] al2o3-cr: Iambchop: \Z Matches end of string. If string ends with a newline, it matches just before newline | \z Matches end of string
[04:55:21] al2o3-cr: Iambchop: example.
[04:55:31] al2o3-cr: &>> ["foo\nbar\nbaz\n".match(/baz\Z/), "foo\nbar\nbaz\n".match(/baz\z/)]
[05:10:14] al2o3-cr: sarink: what do you expect?
[05:13:10] al2o3-cr: sarink: validate if false is a false negative? no?
[05:38:16] al2o3-cr: heads up where apeiros is?
[05:47:19] al2o3-cr: Iambchop: that I is missing a good L with mint sauce =)
[07:43:09] al2o3-cr: nchambers: how ya mean?
[07:46:13] al2o3-cr: nchambers: functions you speak of are methods in ruby. that being, sending messages to obj.
[07:47:20] al2o3-cr: nchambers: you can send any message to any obj.
[07:47:30] al2o3-cr: even private.
[07:48:32] al2o3-cr: nchambers: what do you want `get_token_peice` to do?
[07:50:08] al2o3-cr: nchambers: private methods are private to the a Module/Class
[07:51:05] al2o3-cr: i'd make them private then.
[07:51:24] al2o3-cr: that method anyhow.
[07:51:53] al2o3-cr: alehander42: what?
[07:52:46] al2o3-cr: nchambers: use attr_* for reading and writing.
[07:55:07] al2o3-cr: nchambers: make private your methods not accessible API(as such) or any other class. state use; attr_* to r/w etc.
[07:56:44] al2o3-cr: nchambers: why would you want to do that.
[07:58:29] al2o3-cr: ?xy nchambers
[08:00:16] al2o3-cr: yeah, not sure i'm following ;|
[08:00:37] al2o3-cr: nchambers: you got an example, i got 5 mins.
[08:06:24] al2o3-cr: what is self.get_token_piece?
[08:07:09] al2o3-cr: oh, nvm lol
[08:10:03] al2o3-cr: nchambers: do you know what self is?
[08:10:18] al2o3-cr: i gotta go in a bout 5.
[08:10:38] al2o3-cr: what is self in class definition?
[08:11:16] al2o3-cr: nchambers: so what is the current obj at class level?
[08:11:56] al2o3-cr: what is self at get_complete_token?
[08:13:36] al2o3-cr: nchambers: give me couple of hours, i'll explain.
[08:13:46] al2o3-cr: need to go.
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[22:50:55] al2o3-cr: zenspider: (hey, works in arch with manual intervention and code change. =)
[22:52:57] al2o3-cr: are you making turtle graphics?
[23:53:20] al2o3-cr: sputnik13: invocation of that method.
[23:57:33] al2o3-cr: sputnik13: yes.
[23:58:51] al2o3-cr: sputnik13: yw.


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[20:04:25] al2o3-cr: that'll do it ;)
[21:31:55] al2o3-cr: why was i not born in july? now i have to settle for topaz.


[15:03:23] al2o3-cr: erpel: it concatenates them.


[20:30:48] al2o3-cr: it's like YMCA hehe =)
[21:20:22] al2o3-cr: well i never knew you could use break in tap.
[21:57:58] al2o3-cr: my thoughts too.
[22:31:49] al2o3-cr: &>> ([*?a..?z,*' ']*'').unpack('x11aX8ax7ax7aX4ax0ax7aX23ax16aX18ax19aX3aX16aX4ax12aX14a')*''
[22:34:16] al2o3-cr: oops, i missed the *r
[22:38:12] al2o3-cr: phaul: hmm, nope.
[22:40:12] al2o3-cr: but i suppose it could be, you know what i've never thought about doing it this way.
[22:42:37] al2o3-cr: hmm, you can probably use @ ?
[22:44:36] al2o3-cr: ah, probably not.
[22:44:54] al2o3-cr: phaul: yes.
[22:45:04] al2o3-cr: would've ayy =)
[22:45:21] al2o3-cr: oh well, good thought though.
[22:48:11] al2o3-cr: nchambers: alias to join
[22:48:42] al2o3-cr: char/byte literal


[00:02:18] al2o3-cr: PaulePanter: np & good luck.
[00:04:02] al2o3-cr: PaulePanter: to me though, that looks like two separate calls to zdns.
[17:02:36] al2o3-cr: &>> ?\M-\cx
[17:17:25] al2o3-cr: we have a fully functioning eval bot, hallelujah. now i know how jesus felt when he met the disciples. =]
[17:24:24] al2o3-cr: havenwood: ayy, meta-control-x
[17:38:23] al2o3-cr: ah, you can actually query rubydoc too.
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[18:39:42] al2o3-cr: good work phaul =)


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[22:08:31] al2o3-cr: The result is not guaranteed to be stable. When the comparison of two elements returns 0, the order of the elements is unpredictable. (from the docs.)
[22:10:05] al2o3-cr: ebl: nvm, disregard that.
[22:18:31] al2o3-cr: ebl: yeah, your example has a BOM.
[22:21:31] al2o3-cr: ["Password", "´╗┐Email"].map(&:chars)[1][0].bytes.pack('C3') == "\xEF\xBB\xBF" that's a BOM if ever i saw one.
[22:27:37] al2o3-cr: ebl: np dude, things are never what they seem... sometimes =)
[22:30:05] al2o3-cr: Radar: should be fixed soon, phaul has send a pr.
[22:30:44] al2o3-cr: Radar: yeah, that too. =)
[22:33:18] al2o3-cr: phaul: if you could get permission temporarily, i couldn't see a problem.
[22:34:43] al2o3-cr: phaul: i'd ask one of the ops to see if it would be acceptable.
[22:36:56] al2o3-cr: phaul: that why i'd ask one of the ops first.
[22:38:37] al2o3-cr: phaul: Radar seems to have all pivileges.
[22:38:48] al2o3-cr: according to the access list.
[22:40:28] al2o3-cr: Radar: sorry, yeah that is what i meant.
[22:41:04] al2o3-cr: phaul: i'd agree.
[22:41:47] al2o3-cr: at least we would have a working bot in the mean time.
[22:42:46] al2o3-cr: apeiros is probably busy doing other things, idk.
[22:44:02] al2o3-cr: phaul: btw, which http api did you decide to use?
[22:44:41] al2o3-cr: typhoeus, good choice. =)
[22:48:56] al2o3-cr: Inside: hardly, BOM -> zero width no-break space.
[22:53:37] al2o3-cr: Inside: try this: `eval "cHV0cyAnSGVsbG8sIEluc2lkZS4n".unpack1 'm0'`
[22:57:36] al2o3-cr: it was going to be intel, but i didn't think you'd get it ;)
[23:03:37] al2o3-cr: intel inside.
[23:09:50] al2o3-cr: PaulePanter: yeah, it's valid json.
[23:10:59] al2o3-cr: PaulePanter: in what way does it complain?
[23:16:26] al2o3-cr: PaulePanter: try using single quotes when passing to JSON.parse if that is what you mean.
[23:22:22] al2o3-cr: PaulePanter: it won't work like that, as there are two objects.
[23:29:14] al2o3-cr: PaulePanter: it two valid json objects, it should be delimited by a comma to be as one.
[23:34:18] al2o3-cr: PaulePanter: the only way to make that work is;'json').chomp("\n\n") &JSON.method(:parse)
[23:34:38] al2o3-cr: others might have better suggestions.
[23:35:39] al2o3-cr: PaulePanter: no.
[23:36:48] al2o3-cr: PaulePanter: you have to wrap it in single quotes or %()
[23:37:10] al2o3-cr: btw, that example was wrong. one sec.
[23:37:29] al2o3-cr: %() mean to escape the double quotes.
[23:47:38] al2o3-cr: PaulePanter: that is one messed up api if it delivers it that way.
[23:50:55] al2o3-cr: PaulePanter: to get around it for now you could do;'json').split("\n").each_with_object({}) { |js, h| h.update(JSON.parse(js)) }


[11:11:33] al2o3-cr: phaul: that's better, now people will be notified when you want to reference the docs to them ;)
[12:29:05] al2o3-cr: hmm, cumin potatoes ;)
[12:42:06] al2o3-cr: quintasan: Regex.union will stop on first match, thus giving you back Daal Tarka. it's basically saying (Daal Tarka or Jeera Aloo or Chana Masala) so to speak.
[12:42:31] al2o3-cr: if you'd like all captures use String#scan
[12:42:53] al2o3-cr: "dzisiaj w karmie Daal Tarka i Jeera Aloo".scan /\S*(Daal Tarka|Jeera Aloo|Chana Masala)\S*/
[12:47:30] al2o3-cr: the use of \S* and () captures is not neccesary when using scan.
[13:02:48] al2o3-cr: yw quintasan.


[01:29:52] al2o3-cr: nchambers: you'd need =~ to match regex
[01:31:29] al2o3-cr: nchambers: and for ^(sub)\A \z(sub)$
[01:32:39] al2o3-cr: \A|\z is match string not a line.
[01:33:54] al2o3-cr: \A and \z to match the start and end of the string, ^ and $ match the start/end of a line. (straight from the docs.) =)
[02:49:34] al2o3-cr: n0mz: hi o/
[03:09:14] al2o3-cr: baweaver: you're one hell of an artist.
[03:12:09] al2o3-cr: baweaver: i hope your still recreating in art, because blimey, that is talent right under hands. (believe)
[03:16:55] al2o3-cr: i seen your drawing on; seriously, that is a talent some people could only wish for!
[03:17:36] al2o3-cr: absolutley amazing! honestly.
[03:17:51] al2o3-cr: just to free hand like that WOW
[03:26:30] al2o3-cr: gonna watch it now =)
[03:27:37] al2o3-cr: baweaver: thought it was live. m mmmm
[03:29:43] al2o3-cr: baweaver: i swear to god, that doesn't come by so easily. i'd love to have the ability to draw like that. oh wow. baweaver, you probably don't realise how gifted you are. =_)
[03:32:35] al2o3-cr: baweaver: you should take up art and programming dude! U W G A W
[03:41:16] al2o3-cr: baweaver: what can i say, it's just awesome. really, really good!
[05:24:01] al2o3-cr: methods on a class/module are still instance methods on the class Class.


[21:13:50] al2o3-cr: kspencer: which irc frameworks have you been using?
[21:17:38] al2o3-cr: phaul: how you going with the eval plugin?
[21:18:29] al2o3-cr: oh, maybe apeiros hasn't seen it yet
[21:18:58] al2o3-cr: kspencer: cinch does this just perfectly fine.
[21:22:13] al2o3-cr: it never did when i used cinch. double check your code just to be on the safe side.
[21:22:57] al2o3-cr: kspencer: from what i remember yes.
[21:25:30] al2o3-cr: kspencer: you'd be better of asking in #cinch you'll probably get an answer your looking for.
[21:26:26] al2o3-cr: yeah, he's still there.
[21:30:14] al2o3-cr: ljarvis isn't either :(
[21:32:55] al2o3-cr: phaul: might be a good idea to also prefix/postfix a nick
[21:33:31] al2o3-cr: &ri Hash#update phaul #> phaul: ...
[21:33:43] al2o3-cr: it will highlight them then.
[21:34:12] al2o3-cr: haha funny error.
[21:35:07] al2o3-cr: use cinch User#nick though.
[21:35:43] al2o3-cr: i've not use cinch for a while.
[21:38:26] al2o3-cr: phaul: take that with a pinch of salt. must be at least two years ago i messed with that.
[21:42:09] al2o3-cr: phaul: whats going on?
[21:42:43] al2o3-cr: are you using yard or parsing html?
[21:43:39] al2o3-cr: ah, thought so.
[21:46:08] al2o3-cr: phaul:
[22:09:46] al2o3-cr: kspencer: i think he originally wrote cinch.
[22:50:59] al2o3-cr: nchambers: call next on it
[22:53:10] al2o3-cr:; foo.rewind;; foo.peek etc
[22:53:35] al2o3-cr: now i'm hungry


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[13:59:32] al2o3-cr: {}.respond_to? :<< #=> false


[10:47:50] al2o3-cr: NL3limin4t0r: is the so file a ruby c extension? if so, then it's a simple require ''. if not, then you'd have to use ffi or some such.
[10:50:21] al2o3-cr: NL3limin4t0r: i'm aware and for mac dylib?
[10:53:45] al2o3-cr: NL3limin4t0r: what i'm saying if it's not a ruby c extension you would have to use ffi to interact with said so file.
[11:02:33] al2o3-cr: NL3limin4t0r: btw, there is also fiddle in the stdlib.
[11:03:14] al2o3-cr: which is also libffi wrapper.


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[22:33:54] al2o3-cr:"123.45", 1e9) == 123.45r => true


[17:08:06] al2o3-cr: {}.map { |a: 10, b: 5 | a + b } why does this not work?
[17:08:31] al2o3-cr: {c:2}.map { |a: 10, b: 5 | a + b } but this does.
[17:10:46] al2o3-cr: phaul: i'd would of thought the first one would return [15] too.
[17:12:43] al2o3-cr: yeah, maybe i was thinking the keyword args would still be passed.
[17:18:53] al2o3-cr: phaul: it can use
[17:19:15] al2o3-cr: upto ruby 2.4 on there.
[17:20:02] al2o3-cr: and it's reliable.
[17:21:24] al2o3-cr: it seems is totally dead now.
[17:21:39] al2o3-cr: nothing works on there anymore.
[20:35:53] al2o3-cr: phaul: using typhoeus, so it does work.
[20:37:53] al2o3-cr: does it matter if your paramerters are not order?
[20:42:48] al2o3-cr: phaul: where you setting the headers?
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[00:05:34] al2o3-cr: i got two mins
[19:09:52] al2o3-cr: to_hex = -> n { n.pack('N').unpack('H2H2H4').join(?/) }; [[672274793], [85072278], [369367448], [537993216]].map &to_hex # the magic numbers ;)
[19:09:58] al2o3-cr: pretty cool.