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[13:51:48] alcy: hello folks, why does "azz".succ return "baa" instead of "aaa" ?
[13:55:04] alcy: canton7: trying to wrap my head around string incrementation ... so, does it do ascii code math underneath ?
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[11:14:54] alcy: apeiros: hey, around ?
[11:17:16] alcy: apeiros: umm, regarding our conversation yesterday about yield...I am implemented times using each (5.times { .. } ) at
[11:18:55] alcy: apeiros: cool
[11:20:06] alcy: hey folks, can someone take a look at this - I am implementing the times method using each. It works fine. Any suggestions generally ?


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[12:46:39] alcy: hello folks, I am referring to David Black's book - Well Grounded Rubyist, I am not able to understand the use of yield to execute the upcase function in a map implementation. Code -
[12:48:03] alcy: apeiros: yes
[12:49:37] alcy: apeiros: in my_each its returning the array element at a position (so, yielding to the [] method perhaps). in my_map I am not able to understand how its yielding to the upcase call ?
[12:52:47] alcy: apeiros: gotcha, many thanks !
[12:54:47] alcy: apeiros: gotcha, thanks
[12:56:11] alcy: apeiros: haha, sounds perfect.
[12:56:14] alcy: apeiros: thanks !
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