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[07:09:27] alfie_max15: roelof, try not to use if-else there are better active record methods to handle these kind of cases


[06:42:43] alfie_max15: need some advice
[06:42:54] alfie_max15: i'm asked to build a blog app in rails
[06:43:17] alfie_max15: but it should have some plugins for SEO
[06:43:26] alfie_max15: something like what wordpress has
[06:44:14] alfie_max15: universal, ??
[06:45:03] alfie_max15: nop, i'm damn serious, and i have no clue if there is anything like that for rails
[06:46:11] alfie_max15: solars, can you direct me to that
[06:46:57] alfie_max15: universal, checking :)
[06:48:12] alfie_max15: well, we already have a rails app, now the blog feature is a new addition,
[06:48:40] alfie_max15: the staff would write up a blog and the admin would have access to edit/publish
[06:51:22] alfie_max15: Radar, seriously??? i'm not asking help for the blog feature, that's the first thing i did an year ago
[06:51:42] alfie_max15: the SEO plugins
[06:52:26] alfie_max15: if i create the blog feature, how can i have something similar to what wordpress have in rails.. that was my question, sorry if i wasn't clear
[06:54:57] alfie_max15: solars, i'm looking at that
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[08:50:55] alfie_max15: Caerus, what's that?
[08:51:08] alfie_max15: what's diff btw %w & %W ?
[08:52:48] alfie_max15: oh, ok... thanks Caerus :)
[08:53:45] alfie_max15: got it, didn't know %W even existed
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[10:56:22] alfie_max15: rubirc, can you be more specific??
[10:58:02] alfie_max15: what do you have so far??
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[14:38:34] alfie_max15: I'm getthig this error when starting my rails server after adding the `binding_of_caller` gem uninitialized constant RubyVM::DebugInstagram
[14:44:26] alfie_max15: jhass, ruby 2.3.1p112 (2016-04-26 revision 54768) [x86_64-linux]
[14:45:05] alfie_max15: nop, i've got the same app setup in 3 systems, same ruby version
[14:45:14] alfie_max15: and only one has this error
[14:48:20] alfie_max15: nvm, fixed it.. :)
[14:48:25] alfie_max15: issue was with the debug_inspector gem
[14:48:41] alfie_max15: removed and reinstalled it
[14:49:18] alfie_max15: but, can assure you it works with the latest ruby version
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[21:33:59] alfie_max15: mynameisbrian, you could continue with Ruby Mont
[21:34:27] alfie_max15: i believe there are advanced chapters in there
[21:34:47] alfie_max15: mynameisbrian, :D
[21:35:09] alfie_max15: won't blame you.. i too stopped after the first
[21:36:33] alfie_max15: Doddlin, code?


[05:31:26] alfie_max15: Am i doing something wrong here? I haven't done anything like this before, and this feels wrong in some way, Please help.
[05:31:26] alfie_max15: A token based authentication is used here(auth token is passed in for every request in the header). Now i'm trying to use omniauth to get social profile access from users, but after authentication when the provider redirects back to the callback uri, there wouldn't be any auth header, and without that i can't figure out whose token it was.
[05:31:26] alfie_max15: i've got a rails app which is just an api for an angular app.
[05:36:09] alfie_max15: you mean like the username, etc ?
[05:36:53] alfie_max15: three social media i'm trying to connect to are, facebook, twitter and instagram
[05:37:01] alfie_max15: only facebook provides email,
[05:38:11] alfie_max15: and, even that's not enough for my case because, these accounts(within the app) are for company employees, and the social account they connect would be for the company
[05:38:31] alfie_max15: n_e_o, any ideas how i can?
[05:53:23] alfie_max15: figured it out..
[05:54:29] alfie_max15: since there is nothing in the response i get that i can use to identify the user, i can pass in some kind of identifier to omniauth, which will be returned
[05:56:32] alfie_max15: in the request header
[05:57:11] alfie_max15: every request must have one, else the response would be 401
[05:58:45] alfie_max15: my same concerns :D
[05:59:10] alfie_max15: i'm not completely sure how it's done, hadn't got time to go over this fully
[05:59:30] alfie_max15: just got into this project, and was asked to implement a new feature
[06:00:21] alfie_max15: i'll go through the front end code once i'm done with this and let you know if it's been implemented differently
[07:33:45] alfie_max15: TvL2386, you are asking that because you're looking at the /32 and /8 ??
[07:34:57] alfie_max15: both the IP address are the same, and hence falls within its range
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[07:58:42] alfie_max15: finnnnnnnnnnn, you already know the value??
[07:58:57] alfie_max15: or is it that there is only one key-value in the hash?
[08:11:21] alfie_max15: lawell, it has something to do with your application.css manifest
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[11:14:05] alfie_max15: lol... for no reason :D
[11:16:05] alfie_max15: eGGshke, trying to join???
[15:55:29] alfie_max15: UAS91_, example??
[19:21:41] alfie_max15: elementaru, same
[19:29:52] alfie_max15: elementaru, long enough?? for both github and bitbucket?
[19:43:02] alfie_max15: could be what tubbo said
[19:43:30] alfie_max15: but in your app overview page the last activities should be listed towards the right
[20:00:50] alfie_max15: elementaru, this might be the cause :
[20:07:53] alfie_max15: elementaru, awesome :)
[20:11:02] alfie_max15: dionysus69, if it's not too much trouble could you send me an invite too, would love to try out digitalocean for the new app i'm working on
[20:12:13] alfie_max15: dionysus69, i'll PM you my email_id
[20:13:46] alfie_max15: walidvb, not yet, it's for a personal project of mine, so would work on it this weekend
[20:13:52] alfie_max15: dionysus69, thanks :)
[20:14:20] alfie_max15: walidvb, seriously? is it soo hard??
[20:15:01] alfie_max15: what's it this time???
[20:17:28] alfie_max15: alaing, thats plugin for paperclip to process the uploading in the background using delayedjob/resque/sidekiq
[20:18:35] alfie_max15: walidvb, "requests are limited to 30s on heroku" ??
[20:21:25] alfie_max15: walidvb, you're right ->
[20:21:34] alfie_max15: thanks, wasn't aware of it
[20:29:56] alfie_max15: walidvb, you'd need dragonfly-s3_data_store with dragonfly to upload to S#
[21:23:35] alfie_max15: dbugger, you mean without using activerecord validations?
[21:23:48] alfie_max15: write your own custom validations ;)
[21:25:29] alfie_max15: no models?? not a rails project??


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[05:18:41] alfie_max15: Radar, you're right that would have been heavily misused, not sure why it was considered in the first place.
[05:30:41] alfie_max15: alaing, if you are using paperclip, iirc there should be a field to store filename in the db table
[05:41:50] alfie_max15: i believe you are trying to save the filename as sequence right? a01.pdf a02.pdf ?
[05:43:59] alfie_max15: alaing, basically you should be doing this in your callback, maybe this might be of some help:
[06:38:48] alfie_max15: is it possible to get user details using the session_id? rails + devise
[06:43:15] alfie_max15: i'm not able to find any references for that, can you point me to one?
[06:58:03] alfie_max15: prooftechnique, can you show the inflictions.rb ?
[07:00:04] alfie_max15: roelof, what is the error?
[07:00:48] alfie_max15: try, @painting.big_images["tiles"].collect { |x, y, url| x == 0 && y == 0 }
[07:00:54] alfie_max15: you were missing commas
[07:02:23] alfie_max15: can you try using `inflect.irregular` instead of singular, that's how i had done in the past, didn't know `singular` even existed
[07:02:51] alfie_max15: syntax iirc is inflect.irregular <singular>, <plural>
[07:04:22] alfie_max15: and you do have the file in your initializers dir right?
[07:05:07] alfie_max15: server restart?
[07:05:58] alfie_max15: roelof, i would expect that
[07:06:33] alfie_max15: if you see your earlier output, you should notice that none of your `tiles` satisfies the condition
[07:08:23] alfie_max15: could be that your value of x and y are string and you are doing a integer comparison ??
[07:11:03] alfie_max15: roelof, @painting.big_image["tiles"].select { |tile| tile['url'] if tile['x'] == 0 && tile['y'] == 0 }
[07:14:49] alfie_max15: add `.first['url']` if you just need the first url
[07:15:15] alfie_max15: or use `.map{|x| x['url']}`
[07:15:55] alfie_max15: `select` returns an array of `tiles` that matches the condition, so if n tiles matches, then the result will be an array of those n tiles
[07:20:22] alfie_max15: prooftechnique, what's your model name?
[07:24:48] alfie_max15: in your browser?
[07:25:18] alfie_max15: that's a whole another thing
[07:25:36] alfie_max15: you'd have to work with some css
[07:39:32] alfie_max15: oh, so you have a model which association with this model?
[07:39:52] alfie_max15: how is that association made? has_many ___ ?
[07:40:34] alfie_max15: has_one? what?
[07:42:06] alfie_max15: i'm not that sure about how inflections works in this case, but i think you should try setting inflection for `artist_social_metadata`
[07:42:11] alfie_max15: that should fix it for you
[07:42:48] alfie_max15: anyone please feel free to correct me if i'm saying something wrong
[07:45:01] alfie_max15: guess you're right about that
[09:27:37] alfie_max15: alaing, in that case shouldn't you be doing that in your controller?
[09:28:28] alfie_max15: something like @instance.update(filename: params[:filename])
[09:29:13] alfie_max15: oh, i remember now, you are trying to modify the filename before saving it right?
[09:29:43] alfie_max15: can you share what you've got now?
[09:31:08] alfie_max15: n_e_o, have you tried running multiple rails app in a single ec2 instance?
[09:36:14] alfie_max15: universa1, there's nothing special, it's just that i haven't done that before, so wasn't sure what changes i would have to make to nginx.config
[09:36:20] alfie_max15: but figured it out :)
[09:36:22] alfie_max15: wasn't too hard
[09:40:47] alfie_max15: alaing, all looks good so far
[09:41:25] alfie_max15: you should be calling that rename_file method in your before_save callback
[10:02:59] alfie_max15: i've an ec2 instance setup with two rails apps, and i've followed :
[10:03:08] alfie_max15: to setup nginx config
[10:03:52] alfie_max15: i'm just wondering is it possible to have separate nginx.config for each app? (a team mate of mine asked me this)
[10:05:08] alfie_max15: yeah, but my question is, is it possible to keep nginx config related to each app separate in maybe it's own dir?
[10:06:30] alfie_max15: where would i place `sites_enabled` folder ?
[10:06:40] alfie_max15: workmad3, let me check
[10:25:53] alfie_max15: fox_mulder_cp, workmad3, universa1 thanks for the help.. figured it out.. wasn't sure if i could use `sites_enabled` and `sites_available` with nginx
[10:33:15] alfie_max15: fox_mulder_cp, located here? where?
[10:33:43] alfie_max15: this is where i got my info :
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[11:31:35] alfie_max15: platzhirsch, i would say that would be good practice
[11:33:04] alfie_max15: was just wondering, was there actually anyone supporting DHH?
[12:21:10] alfie_max15: you dont seem to have much functionalities to use rails for it
[12:21:21] alfie_max15: Sinatra should be enough
[13:03:43] alfie_max15: walidvb, yes i think that would make a difference
[13:04:46] alfie_max15: you need to set the region
[13:05:02] alfie_max15: add a key :s3_region to your paperclip_defaults
[13:05:13] alfie_max15: and set the correct value to it
[13:05:49] alfie_max15: it think it's `eu-west-1`
[13:06:36] alfie_max15: could be, i'm not sure
[13:07:49] alfie_max15: as per the above link it's `us-west-1`
[13:08:50] alfie_max15: walidvb, how come?
[13:10:03] alfie_max15: i wasn't tanking about the endpoint
[13:10:34] alfie_max15: you need to just set the region, so `s3_region: 'us-west-1'`
[13:11:09] alfie_max15: and its not EU, because if you look at the endpoints for Ireland and North California, both are the same
[13:11:20] alfie_max15: which is: `us-west-1`
[13:12:48] alfie_max15: oh, didn't take a close look at it.. my bad. yeah it's `eu-west-1`
[13:26:49] alfie_max15: walidvb, still getting the same error?
[13:32:52] alfie_max15: hope i won't face the same, i've to do the same next week
[13:41:29] alfie_max15: walidvb, thanks :)
[13:52:53] alfie_max15: nocnoc, what is the error that you are facing?
[16:18:00] alfie_max15: peterretief, i don't think you're supposed to be doing this here :D
[16:20:00] alfie_max15: you're already registered
[16:21:04] alfie_max15: which client are you using?


[18:36:02] alfie_max15: beingjohnm, add this association to User model, has_many :employees, through: organizations
[18:36:11] alfie_max15: and just call, @user.employees
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[19:20:41] alfie_max15: i'm trying to parse a json file, which has about 23000 json objects, each json object has nested values too. the file size is 200mb
[19:21:28] alfie_max15: apeiros, did i say something wrong?
[19:23:03] alfie_max15: this is what i tried :
[19:23:36] alfie_max15: but, that loads all the 23000 objects into memory and my system gets slowed down
[19:25:06] alfie_max15: well, this json file is an export from service
[19:25:33] alfie_max15: so that's the only way i can get all the data
[19:27:54] alfie_max15: it's a one time thing, we are leaving, and migrating to another service
[19:29:33] alfie_max15: i'm not sure what you are proposing? what transformation should i be doing?
[19:31:28] alfie_max15: looking up streaming parser
[19:32:53] alfie_max15: this :
[19:33:30] alfie_max15: ok, i'll give that a try
[19:33:35] alfie_max15: thanks all :)
[21:42:39] alfie_max15: elementaru, can you also show your Gemfile
[21:47:21] alfie_max15: Talltree, can you show your routes.rb ?
[21:50:49] alfie_max15: fox_mulder_cp, do you mean you need to pass in parameters?
[21:56:00] alfie_max15: that doesn't make sense
[21:56:26] alfie_max15: you have @character = in your `new` action right?
[21:58:14] alfie_max15: any reason why you are not using resources :character to define routes?
[22:04:36] alfie_max15: Talltree, take a look :
[22:06:33] alfie_max15: you can use except or only for that
[22:12:16] alfie_max15: Talltree, can you share your new form?
[22:16:22] alfie_max15: thanks, reproduced the error at my end. this has definitely something to do with the routes
[22:17:55] alfie_max15: cogsbox, yes, if you don't have the seed file when you push to heroku then how would it find the file?
[22:21:43] alfie_max15: then don't seed it, instead create the admin user manually using the rails console
[22:21:59] alfie_max15: Talltree, yw, let me see if i can figure this out :)
[22:23:04] alfie_max15: it's easy to fix it, but i'm trying to understand what exactly is the issue
[22:25:22] alfie_max15: andromedian,
[22:27:04] alfie_max15: no, db:migrate is for running the migrations
[22:28:58] alfie_max15: no where, it just get's executed
[22:40:48] alfie_max15: andromedian, is published_on a string? or a DateTime object?
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