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[20:51:14] anomaly: I am taking two inputs. I can print the interpolated strings just fine. however I want to then also print "The count was " but neither assigning count = input.length or #{input.length} are working. What am I missing?
[20:54:59] anomaly: elomatreb:
[20:58:52] anomaly: `<main>': undefined method `length' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
[20:58:53] anomaly: using puts
[21:02:24] anomaly: elomatreb: pardon my not grasping the meaning. that was not interpolated strings. I can take a string like count = "this is a sentence".length puts count and it works. it seems the problem is with the interpolated strings.
[21:15:56] anomaly: elomatreb: I took out puts from the variable name and now it works. thanks for the help.
[21:16:28] anomaly: not from the variable name but from the variable content
[21:18:37] anomaly: elomatreb: I was not grasping your meaning. so rather than pester I kept tinkering until I figured it out.
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[18:24:54] anomaly: using books like The well grounded Rubyist and Ruby from Beginner to Professional cite 1.8/9. will that translate with current Ruby or best to find another book?
[18:26:52] anomaly: thank you.
[19:29:04] anomaly: baweaver, I had seen it yes. problem was the books I could have at hand were using 1.8/9 which prompted my question.
[19:52:05] anomaly: baweaver, kind of you to do so. thank you.


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