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[22:21:07] art-solopov: Are there any resources/libraries/good practices on managing an object with flexible schema in Rails?
[22:22:02] art-solopov: Basically, I want to have a model with a JSON field which schema would be customized via a config variable. I'm a bit lost right now since I'm not sure how to implement all this stuff. Is there anything I can read or any libraries I can use?
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[18:09:21] art-solopov: Hello! Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but what are your opinions on dry-rb's dry-struct vs Trailblazer's Reform? I'm starting a new pet project and wondering which one to adopt.
[18:25:18] art-solopov: tbuehlmann: Thanks~ Maybe I just need to flip a coin or something. :-)
[18:31:08] art-solopov: Last I heard it played okay with both ActiveModel and dry-validation...
[20:47:12] art-solopov: So, I'm trying to use dry-struct for my form objects, and I'm stuck at writing the view for a form. There are some errors with `form_for` tag. Are there any resources concerning integrating dry-rb with Rails' form helpers?
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[21:03:47] art-solopov: Fernando-Basso: Is it developer DB or test DB?
[21:04:41] art-solopov: tweeeaks: I've seen a job vacancy from a company stating they use Rails 5. I wonder if I should look into their eyes.
[21:28:12] art-solopov: Fernando-Basso: Hmm. Sorry, I can only say "weird" then. >_<
[21:33:52] art-solopov: Fernando-Basso: Fixtures tend to use some sort of generated ids which can be gigantic.
[21:56:53] art-solopov: Fernando-Basso: You're welcome. =)
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[20:22:13] art-solopov: wrkrcoop: If you're creating a variable inside a thread, I guess they wouldn't. But I'd try it out.
[20:46:52] art-solopov: Would Cygwin work for Rails on Windows?
[20:48:30] art-solopov: cnk: I see...
[21:56:22] art-solopov: Has anyone here tried Trailblazer? What are your impressions on it?
[21:58:12] art-solopov: jayc0b0: Mmhmm... I'll probably incorporate Cells in my current project, unsure of everything else though.
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[23:20:10] art-solopov: Has anyone here used Jekyll?
[23:20:46] art-solopov: ...That there is.
[23:21:07] art-solopov: I probably shouldn't attempt at programming questions at 2:30 AM. >_<
[23:24:26] art-solopov: pontiki: Haha, okay. =) Would you recommend using a theme for my first-time blog or would you recommend just writing the templates and CSS manually?
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[20:21:28] art-solopov: Talltree: If you wanna debug stuff, look into pry, byebug and pry-byebug.
[20:24:42] art-solopov: Talltree: Agree. =) But it has to be this way.
[20:31:49] art-solopov: Talltree: Kinda, yeah. >_< I heard Mercurial is easier, but I've never tried it myself.
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[21:49:24] art-solopov: norc__: One of the devs I talked to said that the goal is enabling your QA engineer to write tests in (almost) English.
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[12:36:27] art-solopov: I have a feeling that a lot of languages get cumbersome to set up properly. Just look at the toolset: rvm/rbenv for Ruby, nvm for Node, *conda for Python...
[12:41:10] art-solopov: shevy: Yeah, for a single Ruby version it'll probably work the best.
[12:41:35] art-solopov: I mean, using RVM on a single-app server just seems wrong.
[12:45:44] art-solopov: shevy: I think Canonical tries to implement a same-ish thing. Of course, they're being accused of reimplementing an existing thing...
[12:47:04] art-solopov: shevy: That's true.
[12:47:24] art-solopov: Do you happen to know if they're still stuck with 1.8.7?
[13:04:06] art-solopov: jhass: What are you using now?
[13:05:06] art-solopov: Nice. I've been using Arch for a while.
[13:06:23] art-solopov: Or, correction: I had been using Arch for a while a couple years ago.
[13:06:29] art-solopov: Sorry, still not 100% up. >_<
[13:12:15] art-solopov: I mostly stopped when they had to wreck everything again. Systemd migration was painful, and then they were replacing the networking system, and I deemed it too much hassle. I moved to OpenSUSE, then to Mint, then to Manjaro. Then to Ubuntu because Manjaro wasn't playing well with my new graphics card.
[13:17:43] art-solopov: jhass: I just don't to dist upgrades anymore. I don't know what I'll do when 16.04.1 comes out. Probably will try to move to OpenSUSE. Again.
[13:22:29] art-solopov: That is true, but whatever breaks sometimes requires excuriatingly long manual fixing. That could've been done in a couple scripts too.
[13:22:43] art-solopov: Actually, what puts me off Arch now is the fact that they got rid of the installation framework.
[13:37:54] art-solopov: jhass: I'll try it, thanks! Or maybe I'll try Manjaro again. I've heard the open source NVidia drivers now mostly support my card.
[13:54:13] art-solopov: jhass: Allan? :O
[13:59:13] art-solopov: jhass: I see...
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[22:56:05] art-solopov: shevy: Where I work, we still use 2.1...
[22:58:22] art-solopov: Yeah, sticking with the latest stable should be fine for learning IMHO.
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[21:56:40] art-solopov: norc: You mean JS views?
[22:01:21] art-solopov: norc: I agree that it's often not a right thing to do, but I kinda understand why it's here. The alternative would be pretty much forcing a JS framework onto a programmer IMHO.
[22:02:06] art-solopov: norc: True, but what about inserting HTML dynamically?
[22:20:03] art-solopov: norc: No, I mean, stuff like rendering partials inside the JS view and inserting them into the HTML.
[22:22:53] art-solopov: Radar: I've looked at React, kinda mixed on it.
[22:23:08] art-solopov: I personally find Knockout more to my taste.
[22:28:34] art-solopov: pipework: So many frameworks, so little time. ^_^
[22:35:11] art-solopov: norc: Well, we have several views like that on my job. And it was a pattern in all Rails books for beginners I've seen.
[22:52:28] art-solopov: norc: Well, again, the alternative is to pack several JS libraries, which may or may not be against some policies.
[22:52:54] art-solopov: I don't think js.erb is the optimal way, but I get why it was bundled into Rails instead of, say, React or Ember.
[22:56:41] art-solopov: Radar: Could we not go there please?
[22:59:16] art-solopov: Hmmmm... I wonder if including Mustache in JS and ERB would've been better.
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[20:06:51] art-solopov: pizzaops: Can you generate an is_type? method in the generated class? Then you can { |e| e.try(:is_type?) }
[20:08:04] art-solopov: pizzaops: Is it a commonly available library or something internal?
[20:11:53] art-solopov: pizzaops: Well, your class has a name, so you can compare against that.
[20:13:39] art-solopov: pizzaops: Do you know where the classes are defined? Maybe you need to include a module?
[20:16:41] art-solopov: pizzaops: The only thing I can think of outside of the string comparison is checking respond_to?.
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[21:39:38] art-solopov: Zadrel: Any value or all values?
[21:41:17] art-solopov: Zadrel: Try `[1, 2, 3, 4, 5] & [2, 5]`.
[21:48:46] art-solopov: Zadrel: I think I know what you mean, lemme think...
[21:50:42] art-solopov: Zadrel: I think what you need is something like this: 1) zip the Cat and Spec arrays, 2) check if CatSpec intersected with the zipped result is present.
[21:50:50] art-solopov: Zadrel: I'll give you a gist in a minute.
[21:58:02] art-solopov: Zadrel:
[22:01:50] art-solopov: You're welcome.
[22:10:51] art-solopov: Zadrel: Have a look at 'gon' gem. Or deliver it via AJAX.
[22:20:04] art-solopov: Zadrel: Basically, you create a special controller action for this particular array, and in your JS you write something like `$.get(url, function(data){ = data; })`
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[18:42:38] art-solopov: Criten: Technically, that still will be submitting the form. ^_^
[18:47:17] art-solopov: GnuYawk: Well, basically, you can get it via a get request, but this can result in a really long url. Just pass the data you need as link_to options.
[18:48:21] art-solopov: GnuYawk: Hmm... Then I don't think you can avoid submitting a form. You still can submit it via a GET request, but do you really need to bother?..
[18:53:26] art-solopov: GnuYawk: Well, the hackiest way possible would be to use JavaScript to pull the specific fields you need and submit *them* via an AJAX request. But I'm sure you can do better than this.
[18:54:22] art-solopov: GnuYawk: Have you posted a StackOverflow question? If anything, we can upvote it and try to bring some attention to it, because IMHO that's a legitimately good question.
[19:42:48] art-solopov: gambl0re: It is. Devise Railscast advises to build your own authentication first if possible.
[19:48:51] art-solopov: gambl0re: Look for a Railscast on basic authentication. It's free and surprisingly not particularly complicated.
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[21:21:19] art-solopov: dllama: Stupid question maybe, but have Unicorn launched OK?
[21:23:00] art-solopov: dllama: Not sure then, sorry. Check config files maybe? And directory write permissions.
[21:26:17] art-solopov: dllama: It looks like the reason is Unicorn not writing its socket file anywhere... What's your unicorn config?
[21:28:45] art-solopov: The paths seem right... Sorry dllama. No idea here. =(
[21:30:05] art-solopov: dllama: Shouldn't be...


[19:03:38] art-solopov: Hi! I just upgraded my app to Rails 4.2, and I forgot: did they deprecate the **.css.scss stuff? You just need to name your assets *.coffee and *.scss, right?
[19:05:28] art-solopov: flip_digits: Logical. =) I just thought someone might know already.
[19:09:12] art-solopov: flip_digits: I will, thanks. =)


[20:31:06] art-solopov: rhizome: I think it can...


[19:49:30] art-solopov: rhizome: Isn't require discouraged with SCSS files though?\
[19:52:16] art-solopov: rhizome:
[19:52:32] art-solopov: rhizome: >> If you want to use multiple Sass files, you should generally use the Sass @import rule instead of these Sprockets directives.
[19:54:49] art-solopov: rhizome: You *can* @import a lot of gem SCSS as well though.
[19:59:12] art-solopov: rhizome: It's 1.5 years old though.


[20:40:23] art-solopov: Hello heynow1.
[20:41:50] art-solopov: heynow1: Shoot.
[20:42:59] art-solopov: heynow1: And tests, yeah.
[20:46:03] art-solopov: heynow1: Unfortunately, I don't have any valid experience with Django... I looked into it a bit and have not seen anything like this.
[20:46:07] art-solopov: Radar: Good evening. =)
[20:48:37] art-solopov: I can't help but wonder if any other web framework has generators. I tried playing with Java a bit... It wasn't an experience I'd like to relive.
[20:49:11] art-solopov: tubbo: Ah. Another experience I wouldn't like to relive. =) Thanks.
[20:51:23] art-solopov: tubbo: I tried to learn Ember about a month ago.
[20:51:51] art-solopov: tubbo: Don't get me wrong, I don't think Ember is bad or anything, I just think that it's not the best JS framework for beginners.
[20:52:31] art-solopov: tubbo: Overly ambitious IMHO. =)
[20:53:21] art-solopov: tubbo: Probably true.
[20:53:57] art-solopov: tubbo: Same here. =) That's when I started to learn Rails and half my textbooks turned into pumpkins.
[20:55:30] art-solopov: tubbo: Speaking of ambitions of Rails... I dunno, Rails seems to be drifting towards the attitude of "we'll give you the bare minimum and you're free to add anything on top". Whch I like.
[20:57:22] art-solopov: pipework: LOL, trOO minimalism. =)
[20:58:00] art-solopov: tubbo: Nah, it should just be a runner key, like `ruby --ass`
[21:29:05] art-solopov: A very opinionated question: does anyone has a list of gems that are 'must see' for someone who's been working with Rails for less than a year? Thank you very much.
[21:29:47] art-solopov: pipework: Thanks. =)
[22:27:01] art-solopov: It's really fun in here but I must go! Bye-bye!


[15:47:08] art-solopov: centrx: Wow, TIL. ^_^
[16:07:05] art-solopov: softinio: Did you try to look at it through Firebug? It'll usually give you stuff like 404 errors on assets.
[16:08:52] art-solopov: softinio: 502 is invalid response from an upstream.
[16:09:03] art-solopov: Maybe you'll have to compile assets manually.
[16:09:35] art-solopov: Sorry, I've never deployed a Rails app without heroku. But at work, assets:precompile was a part of the Capistrano deployment script.
[17:55:11] art-solopov: phale: Is CodeAcademy the free one or not? I keep mistaking it for CodeSchool.
[17:56:28] art-solopov: phale: Ah, thanks. =) I think it's quite good for a beginner, albeit a little short.
[18:00:22] art-solopov: phale: Umm... Ruby is quite a lot OOP, I think.
[18:02:32] art-solopov: shevy: Show him JavaScript them, it'll refresh him. =P
[18:43:53] art-solopov: jhass: It's not science, it's engineering. Which is damn close to science, but not quite.
[21:58:05] art-solopov: Majost: What do you mean by "Namespacing subclasses"?


[12:11:07] art-solopov: Hello! Does anyone know if this book is worth buying?
[12:24:48] art-solopov: rvanlieshout: You mean, DATITINNT? =D
[14:48:52] art-solopov: Magnus: Can you please paste the code to reproduce the error?
[15:08:47] art-solopov: phat4life: I've heard a lot of praises towards ruby/capistrano/unicorn/nginx stack.
[16:12:45] art-solopov: Just asking, did anyone try Rails on Rubinius? Does it give any advantages?


[21:08:24] art-solopov: Excuse me, do we have a separate Rails channel or is it okay to ask Rails questions here?
[21:09:06] art-solopov: jhass: Thanks.
[21:12:17] art-solopov: Hello! Do you know any nice RoR courses? I'd like to move beyond the basic guides and research the stuff like authentication and so on and so forth.
[21:14:38] art-solopov: gizmore: Yeah, but they're basically saying "If you're a beginner, don't use it."
[21:55:05] art-solopov: goodbomb: Hmm... Can you try and call t.completed(true)? Just in case?
[21:58:28] art-solopov: Nilium: But Node.JS has 'require'...
[21:59:43] art-solopov: Nilium: Ouch. Why so serious?
[22:01:15] art-solopov: Nilium: But it's the most native way...
[22:01:55] art-solopov: gizmore: Logically, it should be uniform.
[22:02:58] art-solopov: gizmore: I mean, equal probability for each outcome.
[22:03:37] art-solopov: gizmore: I think you'd need a function that *specifically* states it's Gauss. Or try to generate Gauss from uniform.
[22:08:01] art-solopov: gizmore:
[22:08:43] art-solopov: gizmore: You're welcome. Honestly, I expected a library. V_V
[22:09:57] art-solopov: gizmore: Heh. Sure does.


[09:49:49] art-solopov: certainty: Ruby flowers? ^_^
[09:51:43] art-solopov: certainty: =D


[06:43:13] art-solopov: leslie1: I think, since Ruby classes are singleton objects of class Class, they have their own eigenclasses (or metaclasses). Is that what you mean?
[06:48:49] art-solopov: leslie1: Yeah, that'd probably be AAA's eigenclass. I think there are methods of finding it out...
[07:12:46] art-solopov: MrJiks: Try `bundle exec irb`
[07:17:20] art-solopov: MrJiks: `bundle exec <script>` executes a script in the context of current bundle. There is no script (or program) called console in your machine, so it didn't work.
[07:20:55] art-solopov: MrJiks: Interesting. Maybe the gem installed "console" command?


[15:35:01] art-solopov: Should I put database fixture loading at database configuration point (i.e. before any tests) or at setup point (i.e. before each test)? Thank you.
[15:37:55] art-solopov: jhass: Thank you.
[17:29:25] art-solopov: tcsc: My friend used to work at a place that used Delphi. It was some kind of state organization.
[17:29:55] art-solopov: Plus, IMHO more popular doesn't mean better.
[17:30:42] art-solopov: tcsc: I don't know actually. I know he was a dev, but I don't know whether they wrote any new code...
[17:32:04] art-solopov: tcsc: IMHO Delphi is kinda PHP of GUI development.
[17:32:41] art-solopov: apeiros: You mean stuff like macros and stuff?
[17:33:45] art-solopov: certainty: Yes, but IIRC the only realisation of that language aside from Delphi is Lazarus.
[17:34:22] art-solopov: apeiros: I mean, more than 50% of the bachelor projects at our uni were like "Duuuuh, lessa take MS Access and slappa some Delphi forms onto it!"
[17:34:44] art-solopov: certainty: Lazarus is, basically, open source Delphi.
[17:52:33] art-solopov: Can anyone help me on Mongoid?
[18:03:28] art-solopov: I have a question. I have a part which must be loaded before all tests (namely, Mongoid configuration). I tried putting it into Rakefile, but it didn't seem to propagate into actual tests. I use Minitest as testing framework. I see three ways: 1. Putting it into setup; 2. Overriding initialize; 3. Putting it into helper module which will do it and write several @@ variables. Which is better?


[20:12:18] art-solopov: RubyPanther: Markup covers 80% of use cases.
[20:13:52] art-solopov: RubyPanther: Well, I didn't really have to learn programming parts of LaTeX until guys at the uni started giving out some weird requirements. And then again, I just learned a couple commands to reset counters and such.