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[22:04:27] aruns: Hi sorry Radar, here is my project on GH:
[22:05:59] aruns: Ignore line 6 of the Rakefile.
[22:26:54] aruns: Radar: If I copy the Rakefile contents in for my app, and do it for './lib/heraldify.rb', it seems to have difficulty processing the require statements.
[22:27:19] aruns: I registered the extension in my main class.
[22:27:49] aruns: I have the sinatra-activerecord and pg gems in my Gemfile.
[22:28:16] aruns: I don't need to set the database file as I have config/database.yml
[22:28:44] aruns: I have the 'sinatra/activerecord' require statement in lib/heraldify.rb
[22:30:51] aruns: I have done everything according to the README.
[22:31:03] aruns: Rake seems to have issues processing the require statements.
[22:32:13] aruns: Locally, I have 'rake' added to my Gemfile also.
[22:32:18] aruns: But it still doesn't work.
[22:33:10] aruns: Any ideas?


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[14:38:23] aruns: Hi, quick question, playing around with Ruby's CGI module, what is the recommended way for encoding my query params? As I want to encode the # symbol
[14:49:23] aruns: Thanks, but I'm trying to encode the # for query strings that I dynamically pass to the CGI script - this is my script:
[14:50:07] aruns: Maybe they're hash objects and that's why it's not working
[14:52:59] aruns: I tried both of them, and it throws a 500.
[14:53:06] aruns: I was able to determine that it's a string though.
[14:59:51] aruns: Oh I removed that.
[15:00:07] aruns: I called .class on cgi['bgcolor'] on line 32
[15:00:21] aruns:
[15:00:58] aruns: Although that can falsely identify variables that are pointing to a datatype, it seems like a string to me.
[17:56:18] aruns: Hi, using Ruby's CGI module, how do you add styles to the body element?
[17:56:47] aruns: I tried the example in for bgcolor and this, and a few variations, are not working.
[18:01:20] aruns: Is there a way I can pass attributes to the body element?
[19:24:10] aruns: Figured it out a couple of hours ago.
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[18:59:19] aruns: Hey guys, quick question, I was playing around with Ruby's CGI module last week, are CGI sessions supposed to be similar to cookies?
[18:59:58] aruns: Could I persist the user state in a single CGI session?
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[22:12:12] aruns: Hi, does Ruby provide anything by default for creating and maintaining user sessions?
[22:13:24] aruns: How about SQLite?
[22:13:29] aruns: It's pretty nice and lightweight.
[22:13:59] aruns: Ignore last two messages.
[22:16:04] aruns: havenwood: Awesome, thanks.
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[13:46:43] aruns: Hi, I am using Ruby 2.3.3 on Windows, I am trying to install Jekyll but it lists DevKit as a requirement.
[13:47:05] aruns: What is the best course of action to take if I need to install a version of DevKit that is compatible with 2.3.3?
[13:47:47] aruns: From what I have read on the rubyinstaller site, DevKit does not support 2.4* and greater
[13:48:09] aruns: But I am not sure if DevKit supports any of the minor releases of Ruby 2.3.*
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[21:52:07] aruns: Hi, I am reviewing the source code for a Ruby gem, in its initialize method some of the argument names begin with an underscore.
[21:52:12] aruns: What is the significance of this?
[21:52:23] aruns: I take it this is for URIs?
[21:53:34] aruns: This is what I am looking at - - on line 149
[21:54:36] aruns: Ah cool, thanks apeiros
[21:55:04] aruns: Ah I see.
[22:04:05] aruns: Thanks for the help, guys.
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[20:53:24] aruns: Hey guys, I've asked in the Bundler forums for help, no luck so far, but does anyone know how I can run a local gem through Bundler so I can test it in a project?
[20:54:48] aruns: apeiros: Yeah, I tried :path => but it doesn't seem to work.
[20:54:56] aruns: For now, I've used done gem install /path/to/gem.gem
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[17:38:29] aruns: Hi, can anyone recommend Ruby version managers for Windows (that do not require Bash on Ubuntu for Windows or Cygwin)?
[17:38:55] aruns: I tend to use RVM but I won't be able to run that without using either of the two.


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[10:08:36] aruns: Hi, looking into Ruby's double pipe assignment operator, for e.g. a ||= b, is this to check if variable 'a' is defined, and if it is not, and 'b' is defined, then 'a' is initialised and takes b's value?
[10:08:47] aruns: As that is what I have found when testing in the REPL.
[10:11:40] aruns: apeiros: I see, yeah, I've just run a few tests and this confirms, thanks.
[10:12:23] aruns: Yeah, I'm familiar with +=, %= etc
[10:12:32] aruns: Just I don't recall seeing ||= before
[10:14:25] aruns: Yeah, I know :D
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[19:14:06] aruns: Hey guys, I'm looking into using Ruby as a templating language for a simple HTML site I'm working on, was wondering if you guys had any recommendations for libraries I could use to embed my Ruby code in HTML templates without using Rails.
[19:14:49] aruns: I'm using Ruby 2.4.1 on Ubuntu 16.04, Webrick looks like it might be an option.
[19:15:02] aruns: I tried Erb but it doesn't seem to work under Apache.
[19:15:20] aruns: Guessing I need a server that's compatible with Ruby.
[19:20:02] aruns: Well I'm setting up a Docker container for it, I'll probably go for NGINX.
[19:25:09] aruns: Thanks, guys, I think I've got enough now for my setup.
[19:31:48] aruns: Papierkorb: Yeah I wrote some URL rewrites in NGINX for a client site and found its syntax to be much cleaner than Apache's
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[11:03:10] aruns: Hi, running RVM 1.29.1 on Mac OS X 10.11.6 (El Capitan) using Fish Shell 2.4.0
[11:03:41] aruns: Have downloaded RVM via Bash, default Ruby prior to RVM was 2.0.0, have installed the RVM function script for Fish
[11:04:00] aruns: But rvm default does not update the default Ruby version on my system
[11:04:12] aruns: Even though I have rvm default in ~/.config/fish/
[11:04:27] aruns: And everything seems to be fine in terms of what's in $PATH
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