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[19:57:21] audy: baweaver: <3 .of_infinite_hash
[22:40:05] audy: bsamorim: what do you mean forever-running?
[22:40:13] audy: if it's forever-running then it's a process not a job, no?


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[17:53:26] audy: jrich523: try?
[17:54:21] audy: jrich523: but that's a rails thing and works for attributes not hash keys
[17:54:36] audy: jrich523: you can do hash.dig(:key1, :key2, ...) in plain ruby
[18:28:03] audy: jrich523: 'cause your keys are strings and not symbols


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[22:09:31] audy: quuxman: record.attributes
[22:10:00] audy: but activerecord instances behave like hashes anyway


[19:08:30] audy: hams will certainly kill him


[23:21:58] audy: where does rails' methods come from? I thought they were in active_support but I was wrong :(
[23:35:00] audy: Radar, havenwood: thanks!


[00:03:32] audy: never used it
[00:05:48] audy: it has this dashboard feature


[23:45:24] audy: c_my_nick: blazer
[23:45:30] audy:
[23:45:34] audy: I love it. It's one of my favorite gems
[23:46:10] audy: c_my_nick: heroku has dataclips
[23:46:14] audy: those are the only ones I know of
[23:46:50] audy: c_my_nick: what about config/routes.rb ?
[23:47:16] audy: hmm maybe they're running blazer separately
[23:56:42] audy: c_my_nick: no that's part of heroku


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[19:50:55] audy: mohsen_1: you mean for someone coming from another language?
[19:53:15] audy: mohsen_1: there is a list here
[19:53:46] audy: I really liked this book but it's more advanced:
[21:49:09] audy: moshen and I go way back
[21:49:27] audy: i mean mohsen_1


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[19:31:36] audy: cr3: Foo::Bar()
[19:31:51] audy: ooh.. misread your q


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[05:46:48] audy: I don't get it
[06:55:17] audy: noocx: maybe this?
[06:58:02] audy: noocx: I think these are kind of like helpers for handling different form types?
[06:59:07] audy: noocx: you know any other object oriented language?
[06:59:27] audy: noocx: not sure why they're in the model dir
[07:01:12] audy: noocx: sometimes people stick classes in the model dir even though they're not Models. The CanCanCan lib uses an Ability model to define user permissions that goes in models/
[07:06:36] audy: noocx: I think sticking things in models/ that don't inherit from ActiveRecord is probably not 100% rails way since they can just go in lib/
[07:06:48] audy: noocx: but a lot of people seem to do it so maybe it's a popular convention
[07:07:36] audy: noocx: do any models include these classes? maybe then it makes sense
[07:08:11] audy: noocx: classes that are included into models are now called "concerns" but that's a relatively new thing in rails
[07:08:57] audy: noocx: this could have been added long ago before rails 5
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[07:25:51] audy: noocx: not sure. I usually use the_silver_searcher to find stuff like that
[07:26:32] audy: noocx:
[07:31:18] audy: noocx: it's for initializers ;)
[07:31:38] audy: noocx: usually it's for setting up other gems
[07:32:22] audy: noocx: setting options
[07:32:38] audy: noocx: what's your plugin?
[07:32:51] audy: why do you only have an hour to write it?
[07:33:19] audy: procrastination?
[07:37:12] audy: noocx: is the external database delivered via API or a separate SQL database?
[07:38:45] audy: noocx: hmm.. never used multiple DBs with Rails. There's probably a way to connect certain models to certain DBs
[07:39:56] audy: noocx: I would probably create an API endpoint on the app that's running the separate database and then do the rest with javascript + jquery
[07:40:22] audy: .. and not touch much in openproject outside of the views
[07:41:07] audy: ah. then I'd use angular instead of jquery maybe
[07:41:15] audy: but still not touch the other app's database directly
[07:47:35] audy: noocx: is the other DB another rails app?
[07:48:02] audy: noocx: if the php app's DB schema changes, now you have to update two apps
[07:50:52] audy: noocx: so they want the PHP app to read OpenProject's DB as well?
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[21:40:34] audy: how do you make C look like Python?


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[22:17:52] audy: is there a thing that generates documentation for an API based on jbuilder?
[22:18:27] audy: baweaver: ty
[22:18:47] audy: baweaver: lol i already starred that on GH
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[20:41:12] audy: can I delete a method to another model's method of a different name?
[20:41:17] audy: s/delete/delegate/*
[20:42:10] audy: norc delegate do Bar.strain
[20:42:57] audy: norc Bar#strain. It's an instance method. An ActiveRecord column
[20:43:24] audy: norc arup_r Foo belongs to Bar
[20:46:05] audy: norc it does. Foo and Bar have a 1:1 relationship.
[20:46:42] audy: norc I could but then I would have to rewrite a bunch of code in my application which I am trying to avoid
[20:48:02] audy: norc I was trying to use delegate. The problem is that the column in Foo has a different name than in Bar.
[20:54:29] audy: arup_r ah thanks. I was trying to do it backwards
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[23:08:57] audy: rspec: The block passed to the `change` matcher must use `{ ... }` instead of do/end
[23:09:26] audy: ACTION goes to #rspec
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[06:34:50] audy: pLaToOn have you tried this new ubuntu in windows thing?
[06:36:05] audy: pLaToOn I can't imagine. But I have to write random one-off ruby scripts for windows and that's already a huge pain
[06:36:58] audy: pLaToOn what about vagrant?
[06:37:34] audy: pLaToOn it makes it easier to set up and makes environments more reproducible
[06:38:01] audy: pLaToOn and I'm pretty sure there are probably pretty standard Vagrantfiles for building a rails app
[06:41:30] audy: pLaToOn there's also docker-machine which has replaced Vagrant for me. I have never tried it on Windows though
[06:41:53] audy: sevenseacat not when you want to recreate a dev environment you haven't touched in over a year
[06:42:56] audy: pLaToOn did you try running docker in vagrant? ;P
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[19:34:45] audy: u can't use DATA/__END__ in a rails migration? I get DATA constant not found :<
[19:35:18] audy: epochwolf no
[23:59:38] audy: anyone use handsontable?


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[15:35:49] audy: dat1guy i think you need to //= require it
[15:36:32] audy: dat1guy what if you //= require some_file_that_doesnt_exist ?


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[19:16:03] audy: using factory_girl and faker to generate seed data for development: good idea or best idea?


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[00:44:19] audy: which is the appropriate route for updating a bunch of records? I have an Email record and I want to "mark all as read"
[00:57:14] audy: fryguy thanks


[13:26:34] audy: diegoviola are these people drug dealers?


[16:00:12] audy: Counting objects: 6, done.
[16:00:19] audy: Delta compression using up to 4 threads.
[16:00:27] audy: Compressing objects: 100% (6/6), done.
[19:19:37] audy: Ellis a little weird that there is a return in there
[19:19:51] audy: Ellis you can do anything with Ruby!
[19:20:35] audy: >> @counter == 5 ? return "foo" : "bar"
[19:20:42] audy: >> @counter == 5 ? "foo" : "bar"
[19:20:48] audy: Ellis guess not
[20:07:49] audy: abyss probably pretty easy w/ sinatra
[20:08:02] audy: abyss


[18:14:44] audy: ooh a robot
[18:22:48] audy: >> class Robot; end; class DudeDudeMan < Robot; end; Robot


[17:41:35] audy: woah didn't know you could do that to stdout
[17:42:15] audy: pretty sure you can do anything in ruby
[17:42:44] audy: it's a magical land


[21:11:53] audy: I have a model called EmailAddress and I can't decide what to call the field for the email address (string)... EmailAddress.email_address?
[21:12:16] audy: I've been stuck on this for weeks....
[21:13:40] audy: hi rhizome
[21:13:50] audy: rhizome I have a table of email addresses
[21:13:58] audy: rhizome (making an email app)
[21:14:35] audy: rhizome it's a web app for sending and receiving email
[21:14:59] audy: rhizome postfix isn't a web app but sure
[21:15:42] audy: rhizome no there's a server in there too
[21:16:11] audy: based on eventmachine
[21:16:56] audy: rhizome rfc-ish
[21:17:01] audy: so far no complaints
[21:18:33] audy: still working on TLS
[21:19:29] audy: I'm just going to use Address#address_string


[14:13:17] audy: IFrank00 can you paste code?
[14:13:30] audy: IFrank00 it looks like you're trying to an attribute on nil
[18:01:24] audy: dllama pushover
[18:01:33] audy: dllama (I haven't used it in a Rails app but I've used the Ruby library)
[18:01:37] audy: dllama


[19:57:20] audy: Is there ia magic variable for current byte?
[20:25:02] audy: epitron magic variable
[20:25:10] audy: epitron I want to see which byte CSV is on from CSV.fromeach
[20:25:14] audy: *foreach
[20:25:44] audy: so I can add a progress bar :D


[01:45:10] audy: Why does the Rails logger thing output two lines for every DB transaction?
[01:45:41] audy: sevenseacat I hope not
[01:46:48] audy: sevenseacat updated gist w/ code
[01:47:21] audy: Feature#related_features is a has_and_belongs_to_many


[01:56:32] audy: Where do people usually put there delayed_job job classes?
[01:56:37] audy: s/there/their
[01:57:02] audy: so that they'll be automatically required by rails and available wherever?
[01:59:56] audy: tmoore I put mine in app/jobs/annotate_genome_job.rb (class AnnotateGenomeJob) and I still get uninitialized constant
[02:00:05] audy: (in and not in module Jobs)
[02:01:09] audy: axsuul trying through `rails c`
[02:01:22] audy: tmoore 4.1.6
[02:01:48] audy: tmoore just the job? it's just class AnnotateGenomeJob; end
[02:02:31] audy: axsuul I tried module Jobs; class... and just class
[02:02:33] audy: axsuul yep
[02:02:43] audy: axsuul nothing. it's an empty class.
[02:02:53] audy: axsuul uninitialized constant. it's not being required by rails
[02:03:24] audy: axsuul rails server isn't even running
[02:03:44] audy: here's the gist.
[02:03:51] audy: axsuul I CTRL-C'd out of it
[02:04:58] audy: tmoore axsuul either way and it doesn't get required
[02:05:16] audy: tmoore can't gist my entire app without asking the Boss
[02:06:35] audy: I killed spring and it works
[02:06:44] audy: <-- has no idea what spring is
[02:06:48] audy: axsuul yeah thanks
[02:07:14] audy: ACTION goes googling spring
[02:07:27] audy: I heard something about it but I thought I had to start it explicitly
[02:07:33] audy: thanks axsuul tmoore sevenseacat
[02:16:49] audy: sevenseacat axsuul tmoore also, turbolinks
[02:17:15] audy: safari was only showing blank pages because turbolinks. StackOverflow told me to change my webserver to thin...
[02:17:46] audy: yadda yadda omakazi yadda yadda
[02:22:47] audy: okay removing turbospring


[01:38:29] audy: for example: class A; def do_something; ...; end; end, class B < A; def do_something; 'foo'; super; end; end... Can I get the 'foo' in A.do_something?
[01:41:43] audy: soahccc you mean by calling super in the overriden method?
[01:41:56] audy: that it's dynamic makes sense. probably shouldn't do it this way.
[01:43:21] audy: soahccc I have a method in a class that is meant to be overriden. I want to take whatever the overriding class returns and do something with it in the overriden method