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[17:15:12] average: memorable IT moments https://twitter.com/wsdookadr/status/923232092116328448
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[19:19:13] average: in Ruby, why does one want to do
[19:19:24] average: conn = Some::Obj self.class.name ?
[19:19:26] average: what's the point of that?
[19:19:41] average: that's happening inside a method of a class
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[19:22:41] average: in Ruby, why does one want to do conn = Some::Obj self.class.name
[19:22:44] average: what's the point in doing that?
[19:27:08] average: i don't know?
[19:27:24] average: i found this f***ing line somewhere and I'm trying to understand what the motherf*** in f*** it does
[19:27:52] average: i see no point to passing the current class name to that object constructor
[19:30:17] average: it's exactly how I wrote it
[19:30:24] average: uhm, let me rephrase
[19:30:42] average: conn = Some::Obj.new self.class.name
[19:31:04] average: it's actually Net::HTTP::Persistent , not Some::Obj
[19:31:33] average: still.. idk why it's passing the current class name to it
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[19:34:35] average: sorry about that Papierkorb
[19:35:10] average: like what collision tho?
[20:01:51] average: Papierkorb: thanks for brainstorming and helping me
[20:02:00] average: Papierkorb: I made a PR as a result https://github.com/mislav/issuesync/pull/9
[20:03:36] average: Papierkorb: yeh
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[14:11:16] average: the writer lock: http://i.imgur.com/9TNI5zT.jpg ; the reader lock: http://i.imgur.com/zORWzNw.jpg ;
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[22:47:57] average: is there some place somewhere that talks about the atomicity of msgsnd and msgget ?
[22:50:30] average: Ox0dea: asked in #c , nobody answered
[23:03:08] average: actually some annoying guy commented in a weird way
[23:03:47] average: twkm commented on it, and was completely information-free
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[01:32:02] average: I was reading this issue.. https://github.com/rbenv/ruby-build/pull/860
[01:32:16] average: I think this is my favorite pastime now
[01:32:29] average: reading Github issues where people get emotional and like they fight for their right
[01:32:50] average: it's awesome when you're not one of those people, it's super-fun to watch
[01:46:34] average: Darmani: you can sleep for example
[01:47:00] average: harly: they are turning GH issues into a pugilistic parking lot where devs duke it out
[01:48:15] average: harly: I'm going to now
[01:48:22] average: this is a true saga
[01:52:16] average: Darmani: oh about your question "What do you guys do when you can't f****** think anymore". It's easy Darmani , you get into fights on github issues
[01:58:17] average: Darmani: that's totally fine
[01:59:05] average: Darmani: you have your chance to insert yourself into the wonderful world of opensource street fighting https://github.com/rbenv/ruby-build/issues/862
[01:59:27] average: Darmani: so just grab a broken bottle, and go there and hit someone in the head
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[00:41:39] average: I am so bored
[00:41:43] average: do you know how bored I am ?
[00:41:48] average: jesus christ
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[03:01:13] average: anyone have a table with all public holidays for all countries(or at least a big part of them) ? the closes I got so far was this https://github.com/klazuka/Kal/blob/master/Examples/Holiday/support/holidays_setup.sql
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[01:05:07] average: I worked hard on making this image. Anybody want to comment on it ? http://i.imgur.com/yxOZlQO.png
[01:06:32] average: havenwood: it's about ruby actually
[01:08:37] average: al2o3-cr: can you expand ?
[01:08:53] average: havenwood: can you expand on how you feel it's offtopic ?
[01:11:01] average: havenwood: yes but why do you feel it's not about Ruby ?
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[01:11:59] average: I worked hard on making this image. Anybody want to comment on it ? http://i.imgur.com/yxOZlQO.png
[01:12:12] average: I believe it's ontopic on #ruby but havenwood has muted me there
[01:12:16] average: I'm not sure why
[01:12:45] average: havenwood: thank you
[01:13:05] average: havenwood: I have another image that is more ontopic for the #ruby channel
[01:13:14] average: would you like to see it ? I worked really hard on it
[01:15:14] average: havenwood: https://drawception.com/panel/drawing/2lq06336/cheerio-ponders-what-a-vacation-would-be-like/
[01:15:30] average: Fire-Dragon-DoL: I worked really hard
[01:16:14] average: Ox0dea: yes, why ?
[01:16:19] average: here's another one https://drawception.com/panel/drawing/vUq06336/super-monkey-aquamonkey-hospital-heroes/
[01:16:40] average: Ox0dea: why ?
[01:16:53] average: Ox0dea: because i draw stuff ?
[01:18:32] average: Fire-Dragon-DoL: which answers ?
[01:19:39] average: well, i was just honest
[01:20:34] average: Fire-Dragon-DoL: that drawception website has a doodle thing on it
[01:20:42] average: Fire-Dragon-DoL: it's a simple version of an image editor
[01:48:10] average: Ox0dea: are you jewish ?
[01:48:19] average: Ox0dea: i mean, are your parents jewish
[01:48:36] average: Ox0dea: i'm not asking if you're jewish as a religion, but your descent
[02:03:43] average: al2o3-cr: not always.. but when i do..
[02:03:45] average: https://drawception.com/panel/drawing/Uwq06336/jedi-eaten-in-gingerbread-effigy/
[02:03:56] average: Ox0dea , al2o3-cr , Fire-Dragon-DoL , havenwood ^^
[02:11:15] average: how about this ? https://drawception.com/panel/drawing/GKq06336/bearded-marilyn-monroe/
[02:15:15] average: al2o3-cr: yes
[02:16:40] average: i never pronounce it
[02:17:03] average: generally, i only hand my id by copy-pasting it to someone if they need itr
[02:20:16] average: 05:06 ( Fire-Dragon-DoL) average: lol. how does that game work
[02:20:33] average: Fire-Dragon-DoL: someone starts a game by writing a phrase that describes something
[02:20:40] average: next person gets the phrase and is asked to draw it
[02:20:53] average: the next person is asked to describe what they see in the previous drawing
[02:21:03] average: the next person is asked to draw what the previous person described
[02:21:16] average: and this happens in parallel, on multiple games
[02:21:46] average: it's a weird sort of mmorpg if you want to call it that, you get coins that unlock various colors which you don't have at your disposal from the very beginning
[02:22:12] average: people can comment and like, either descriptions or drawings
[02:24:38] average: the thing is, you're not allowed to see what the guys before you did until it's over
[02:24:55] average: not even the guy after you
[02:25:06] average: but then when it ends and everybody played, you get to see all that stuff
[03:18:56] average: https://drawception.com/viewgame/2xOAKdFdhO/sandwiches-sandwiches-barely-even-human/
[04:48:40] average: hey guise !
[04:48:51] average: https://drawception.com/viewgame/zaBNx1ye9q/bambi-bazooka/
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[04:56:57] average: "I like to play against men" -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBpp4GBE9dI#t=2m53s
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[02:22:52] average: does anyone have an invitation for https://lobste.rs ?
[02:25:24] average: sevenseacat: apparently so
[02:25:30] average: sevenseacat: you have an invitation ?
[02:30:27] average: Ox0dea: no but..
[02:30:31] average: Ox0dea: i dunno
[02:30:41] average: Ox0dea: i'd like an invitation though if you can give me one
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[22:17:11] average: any emacs package to run my code after each change I make to it ? sort-of like flymake but not just for syntax checking
[22:17:14] average: is this possible ?


[19:07:56] average: miah: what do you mean "writing good c" ?
[19:08:49] average: miah: C today means a lot message-passing, event-based or thread-based mux/demux very scalable architectures passing around a lot of data
[19:09:11] average: miah: or embedded, or writing drivers
[19:09:15] average: or a ton of different things
[19:09:24] average: what does "writing good c" equate to ? because it doesn't equate to anything
[19:09:38] average: it tells no more about what the book would be about than saying "writing in a programming language"
[19:09:42] average: like writing what ?
[19:10:02] average: because every type of application has its own idioms
[19:10:58] average: yes, well i think you're very biased then
[19:11:13] average: security people don't actually do anything. they just prevent bad things from happening
[19:11:24] average: but that doesn't actually bring any value when there is no broken thing to fix
[19:12:00] average: security is a fear-driven business
[19:12:19] average: there is nothing productive about it, except for money, but there is no actual product
[19:12:45] average: it's a non-product, "you won't get your servers broken" or "you are less likely to have your boxes broken into"
[19:12:47] average: but that's not a product
[19:13:02] average: it's just a mild sort-of guarantee
[19:13:49] average: miah: I actually tried to work on a product with this guy
[19:14:21] average: miah: he was so freaked out that we spent around 2 weeks for security measures
[19:14:28] average: instead of writing actual fucking code
[19:14:52] average: because he was a security guy and that's how he thinks "things have to be done"
[19:15:21] average: security is a piece of shit, you're never going to get anything done if you think about security all the time
[19:16:37] average: no you don't understand what you're disagreeing to
[19:16:42] average: let me re-state it again
[19:17:04] average: i'm glad he left
[19:18:02] average: re-stating: spent 2 weeks configuring stuff to make sure everything is "safe" instead of actually building a product. in those 2-weeks no code was written
[19:18:13] average: that's such poor judgement on people thinking like that
[19:18:54] average: that's what it was
[19:18:58] average: a stupid webapp
[19:21:01] average: miah i definitely won't choke
[19:22:49] average: makerop: well yes


[20:49:16] average: weaksauce: yo weak sauce
[20:49:44] average: weaksauce: so tell me, do you have any security concerns ?
[20:49:57] average: me neither
[20:50:31] average: if I ever have any, I just unplug everything and go completely offline
[20:50:59] average: for my monkey-sized-brain, that's the only type of security I truly understand
[20:51:49] average: weaksauce: can you confirm what Cadillactica said ?
[20:51:52] average: EM = electromagnetic ?
[20:52:53] average: weaksauce: well, then I guess we're safe
[20:53:46] average: faraday cages were mentioned in a recent european court(or something) report
[20:53:56] average: they were proposed as anti-surveillance measures
[20:54:13] average: here, I'll pull that up for you
[20:54:30] average: https://ec.europa.eu/commission_2010-2014/kroes/en/content/my-thoughts-smart-city-rem-koolhaas
[20:55:12] average: interesting
[20:55:33] average: weaksauce: you were so against my arguments earlier today(or was it yesterday?)
[20:55:42] average: yet you bring up so many points that are supporting what I'm saying
[20:55:43] average: it's funny
[20:58:00] average: weaksauce: just to make sure I'm clear on this. I have a friend who had a VPS up, right ? so she went about her business, writing code and being busy with actual work right ?
[20:58:13] average: 10 days after the shellshock attack, her server gets broken into
[20:58:42] average: and there are many such exploits
[20:58:52] average: not really ?
[20:59:04] average: just admit that there's no point to security
[20:59:06] average: just admit it
[20:59:16] average: all evidence points to that
[20:59:47] average: it's bad for the security industry to say that yes. many many people earn a living off of it
[20:59:50] average: I can understand that
[21:01:45] average: weaksauce: I hope on the next big exploit that pops up (and we both know there will be new exploits as there have always been) all your servers get broken into, and then you'll really be pondering this from a realistic and down-to-earth perspective..
[21:02:25] average: just admit that security is a complete joke and nuissance
[21:02:27] average: that's all
[21:05:42] average: apeiros_: first off, I don't have any money right now
[21:05:50] average: apeiros_: and I might not even have a door soon..
[21:06:23] average: I keep money(the little that I have) in my wallet
[21:06:29] average: that is my physical wallet in my pocket
[21:07:01] average: as for the door, I have a door, and it has a key and I use it like any other person would
[21:07:52] average: it's not the same type of joke/nuissance
[21:08:08] average: on a server you have thousands, tens of thousands of doors
[21:08:15] average: no it's not the smae
[21:08:32] average: no there aren't that many
[21:08:37] average: there's just a few ways to get into a door
[21:09:28] average: here's a few: break the door, lockpick the door, punch me unconscious get my key and open the door
[21:09:52] average: exactly, that's one possibility too
[21:10:20] average: yes, it's about the same, except there are many many more doors and windows
[21:10:39] average: some you don't even know about
[21:10:51] average: there aren't any doors/windows around my house that I don't know about
[21:11:18] average: there are exactly 6 windows and 1 door, and I know where they are
[21:12:25] average: yes, but I know the windows are there, and I know they could get in through them
[21:12:31] average: I know the numbers of doors and the number of windows
[21:13:16] average: I can say with big accuracy what are the ways that someone could get in this particular house. Yet I can say for sure that when it comes to a server, there are many many more ways to do it, and I don't even know all of them
[21:13:47] average: a hUuuuuge difference
[21:14:17] average: the difference: servers get broken into many many more times than houses do
[21:14:53] average: that's a very obvious difference. I'm sure there are many other differences.
[21:15:36] average: apeiros_: if I have numbers to back that claim ? just look at all the vulnerability reports in the news and blogs..
[21:16:06] average: apeiros_: wait, are you expecting me to get down to number-crunching so I can prove my claim ?
[21:16:14] average: I'm not going to do that
[21:18:07] average: weaksauce: you don't know how many of them there are in the wild, and I don't know that either
[21:19:06] average: how about the unreported ones ?
[21:19:10] average: how do you guestimate those ?
[21:19:15] average: so you don't know
[21:19:50] average: < weaksauce> in all of computing there were 68469 <== are you sure ? how did you exactly count all of them ?
[21:19:57] average: do you know how many security advisories there are ?
[21:20:04] average: did you literally go through all of them and count them ?
[21:20:12] average: yes, that's one list you pointed to
[21:20:15] average: it's not the only list
[21:20:18] average: there are many other lists
[21:20:49] average: what would be the point to naming them ?
[21:21:42] average: i'm gonna stop as well.
[21:32:08] average: I was thinking this.. http://pastebin.com/jzyyReAm
[21:32:27] average: but I don't know any Ruby so it's ok :)
[21:33:14] average: shevy: what's #center ?