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[04:06:41] awc737: does anyone know an ajax file/folder code viewer, similar to github code browsing?



[23:08:05] awc737: NameError: undefined local variable or method `default_run_options'
[23:08:05] awc737: cap aborted!
[23:08:32] awc737:
[23:08:32] awc737: I keep getting that error, does something look wrong with line 19?
[23:11:51] awc737: centrx not too sure, I thought Capfile was the beginning
[23:12:16] awc737: centrx I'm pretty new to ruby, if this is the top of the script, it must be in 'open3', 'pp', or 'time', right?
[23:12:20] awc737: since they are the only scripts required
[23:12:43] awc737: but also, default_run_options[:pty] = true looks like a definition statement too me
[23:13:42] awc737: i'm not sure where to look
[23:14:13] awc737: right, the app is not even ruby so not sure why their using cap
[23:15:21] awc737: NameError: undefined local variable or method `application'
[23:15:21] awc737: cap aborted!
[23:15:24] awc737: darn, one thing after another
[23:15:27] awc737: i must be missing something
[23:16:36] awc737: here is the whole thing
[23:16:37] awc737:
[23:18:08] awc737: application is set right there... something must be breaking
[23:21:02] awc737: that's just a paste site


[18:36:24] awc737: Hi, I can't tell by this read me if I need to install Ruby before omnibus?
[18:36:25] awc737:


[19:18:04] awc737: does anyone see the Array into String error in muy code?
[19:18:05] awc737:
[19:19:22] awc737: shevy: chef broke at this line: 42: bash "hosts" do
[19:19:39] awc737: but I don't see that line being a problem...
[19:20:09] awc737: oh wait now, I read it wrong
[19:20:17] awc737: 33>> sites = data_bag("sites")
[19:21:48] awc737: ah nvm sorry
[19:21:54] awc737: I forgot to specify my data_bags_path
[19:22:02] awc737: so it couldn't even find the file
[19:24:45] awc737: lol thanks for your help shevy
[19:24:51] awc737: I didn't read the complete error message
[19:25:47] awc737: csmrfx: learning the ever so complex Chef
[19:26:09] awc737: shevy: it was actually the most descriptive message ever lol, it helps to read:
[19:29:30] awc737: what pastie do ruby mongers use shevy
[19:31:08] awc737: i like super simple if i'm just showing a block of text
[19:35:43] awc737: hard to beat the simpleness
[20:35:45] awc737: 30 is young


[03:54:21] awc737: I installed rails with gem, running rvm on Debian
[03:54:25] awc737: why am I getting bash: rails: command not found
[03:54:33] awc737: I am certain I had rails working earlier todya
[03:55:42] awc737: this was my path /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/games:/usr/games:/home/alex/.rvm/bin
[03:56:55] awc737: lethjakman, did my path look alright
[04:24:42] awc737: lethjakman, i went afk
[04:24:44] awc737: my name is nice?
[04:25:04] awc737: :) figured
[04:25:26] awc737:
[04:30:00] awc737: i was doing rails server, and using spree this mornign
[04:30:11] awc737: is must be installed somewhere else
[04:31:15] awc737:
[04:33:02] awc737: rvm use
[04:33:58] awc737: lethjakman, i pasted rvm use, and the output for find was long
[04:34:34] awc737: screen? just debian terminal
[04:36:05] awc737: are you just talking about the find command
[04:37:37] awc737: thank you lethjakman , that fixed it!
[04:51:02] awc737: where does spree install things to?
[04:51:06] awc737: in a fresh rails app?
[04:51:29] awc737: like, the views and stuff
[04:51:40] awc737: oh so if i wanted to edit the menu for example
[04:51:56] awc737: i want my own spree :)
[04:52:14] awc737: what do you recommend? is it common to just install a physical instance of spree?
[04:52:27] awc737: i mean, in the app location
[04:53:08] awc737: lol good :)
[04:53:14] awc737: well.. at least i don't feel so bad
[04:53:30] awc737: gidogeek, i wouldn't want to touch spree core, but maybe add a template, etc
[04:53:37] awc737: at least see the file structure
[04:53:40] awc737: to know how / what to override
[04:54:07] awc737: awesome, thanks
[04:54:10] awc737: i had missed it
[04:54:19] awc737: so say I wanted to build a blog
[04:54:26] awc737: would I just be building it as a rails app
[04:54:33] awc737: or specific to bree
[04:54:43] awc737: i just watched lotr...
[04:55:05] awc737: yes bree nvm
[04:55:48] awc737: so yeah what about building a blog
[04:55:59] awc737: could it just use standard MVC in rails /app
[04:57:45] awc737: I don't like this Erb crap
[04:58:21] awc737: i likes html
[04:59:27] awc737: well I was just wondering, say I wanted a blog and an CMS for blogging
[04:59:38] awc737: could I just build that in the /app dir, and expect it to play nice with spree
[05:01:11] awc737: thanks for your suggestion ill look into it
[05:01:14] awc737: and the extensions
[05:02:29] awc737: well... i installed that
[05:02:33] awc737: don't see any difference
[05:03:09] awc737: No route matches [GET] "/blog"
[05:03:47] awc737: yeah and ran the migrations
[05:03:55] awc737: oh, I restarted the server


[20:24:47] awc737: is "gem install spree" supposed to just hang forevers?
[20:25:52] awc737: does rails come with bundler?
[20:26:36] awc737: I did, and it hung on the last step forever
[20:26:48] awc737: which had bundler in that line... so I hit enter, and it seemed to finish
[20:27:40] awc737: so rails does install bundler
[20:28:12] awc737: run bundle install
[20:28:16] awc737: that was the line it was hanging up on
[20:28:29] awc737: so I typed some gibberish and it seemed to finish
[20:30:03] awc737: oh well if gem installed bundler
[20:30:04] awc737: then I have it
[20:47:02] awc737: any of the sources.
[20:47:02] awc737: Could not find gem 'spree_frontend (~> 2.1.0.beta) ruby', which is required by gem 'spree_auth_devise (>= 0) ruby', in
[20:47:23] awc737: thats on bundle install
[20:48:05] awc737: master git branch?
[20:48:47] awc737:
[20:49:36] awc737: i didn't clone the repo
[21:11:13] awc737: I just followed these commands...
[21:11:18] awc737:
[21:16:25] awc737: i got disconnected for a min not sure if I missed anythign
[21:17:59] awc737: #installation
[21:18:27] awc737: ruby 2.0, rails 3.2
[21:23:25] awc737: :/ my first time trying spree
[21:24:36] awc737: what I dont understand, is creating a rails app before hand necessary?
[21:24:41] awc737: what if I just clone the git repo
[21:31:02] awc737: swrobel, it's my first time with rails from PHP
[21:31:40] awc737: haha yeah....
[21:31:49] awc737: but i'm pretty good with mvc, object oriented, etc
[21:32:06] awc737: and I learn best from a good example
[21:54:30] awc737: where does it talk about connecting to the database?
[21:55:52] awc737: oh i guess it's connected to sqlite
[21:56:54] awc737: do you always get this error? (at master) is not checked out. Please run `bundle install`
[21:57:36] awc737: yeah then i get the other error
[21:58:02] awc737: any of the sources.
[21:58:02] awc737: Could not find gem 'spree_frontend (~> 2.1.0.beta) ruby', which is required by gem 'spree_auth_devise (>= 0) ruby', in
[21:59:28] awc737: where is this dependency?
[22:00:33] awc737: it isn't...
[22:00:35] awc737: wonder if I should add it
[22:02:27] awc737:
[22:02:51] awc737: i don't understand
[22:03:22] awc737: what's wrong with calling the 2.1 branch?
[22:03:29] awc737: and how can I just change my app to be calling 2.0 stable
[22:03:45] awc737: this is in my gemfile gem 'spree', '2.0.0'
[22:04:55] awc737: actually, if spree's simple 2 line installation read me is failing
[22:05:14] awc737: i understand no one likes a leech, but that should probably be addressed
[22:06:14] awc737: gem 'spree_auth_devise', :git => ''
[22:06:14] awc737: it seems I could just specify the v2 branch in my Gemfile?
[22:07:55] awc737: beautiful
[22:08:01] awc737: gem 'spree_auth_devise', :git => '', :branch => '2-0-stable'
[22:08:32] awc737: my installation completed
[22:09:06] awc737: and yes you are right with your advice, but i just want to toy around. I have all sorts of junk I have no business or desire to program, like alfresco, exoplatform, etc
[22:13:28] awc737: guess I need nodejs says something about execJS
[22:15:40] awc737: what are you trying to do
[22:15:52] awc737: with what commands
[22:17:14] awc737: no we've got git + ruby + rails + spree
[22:21:10] awc737: tonytaudesign, :)
[22:21:17] awc737: edit your app/Gemfile
[22:21:23] awc737: danabrit, has it been reported?
[22:21:40] awc737: tonytaudesign, change line 42 gem 'spree_auth_devise', :git => ''
[22:22:00] awc737: and add the branch, e.g.: gem 'spree_auth_devise', :git => '', :branch => '2-0-stable'
[22:22:10] awc737: and yes your right, but thank you for submitting it, just wanted to make sure
[22:23:49] awc737: lol, i could do it...
[22:24:24] awc737: spree is requiring spree_auth_devise, who's master branch is old
[22:24:27] awc737: line 42 of Gemfile
[22:24:37] awc737: is it not the other way around?
[22:24:51] awc737: thats what I'm on tonytaudesign
[22:31:48] awc737: tonytaudesign, do you have nodejs installed
[22:32:57] awc737: hm, i had some crazy error about execJS
[22:34:48] awc737: i don't have or know what rubyracer is
[22:35:59] awc737: oh, no wonder
[22:36:23] awc737: well i'm almost done with node anyway
[22:36:52] awc737: i'll need it anyway, i'm planning to webscale
[22:37:00] awc737: to the cloud
[22:41:34] awc737: only if you want to be ready for web 3.0
[22:44:25] awc737: cloud ajax webscale bigdata mongodata hyperscale
[22:44:57] awc737: i'm winning
[22:47:10] awc737: it seems like localhost:3000 just takes me to some default rails page
[22:49:39] awc737: nvm, guess I didn't finish installing
[22:49:43] awc737: now I see a sexy vanilla spree store
[22:56:29] awc737: spree is so sexy I wish I new ruby
[22:58:18] awc737: none of the brands work though
[23:00:11] awc737: was brands part of spree before 2.0?
[23:01:41] awc737: I dont actually see where the brands are being generated from... apache, rails, spree
[23:01:49] awc737: those values in the menu


[22:08:12] awc737: huoxito,
[22:51:27] awc737: hey dudes!
[22:51:46] awc737: aww damn... i killed the smiley
[22:52:05] awc737: it's back! :)


[19:44:05] awc737: is there an error with ruby 1.9 on debian?
[19:44:13] awc737: gem install rails gives me error