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[14:15:49] bastilian: gerep: read mislav's post:
[14:16:08] bastilian: you are welcome.
[15:40:44] bastilian: Fuffidish: what prefixes would you expect? and What does your routes.rb look like?
[15:43:12] bastilian: Fuffidish: could you post your routes.rb and the output of rake routes somewhere?
[15:45:31] bastilian: Fuffidish: post request to price_list_price_list_items_url
[15:46:51] bastilian: Fuffidish: sorry, should have poped into my head earlier. there is now create_*url because rails uses restfull URL it determins certian actions based on the HTTP-verb
[15:51:25] bastilian: Fuffidish: remove the @quotation
[20:51:05] bastilian: digitalcake: let me google that for you:
[21:34:39] bastilian: diggitydane: do you see anywhere when deploying that the rake task is executed to compile them?
[21:37:03] bastilian: diggitydane: did you take a look at this:


[23:29:33] bastilian: Sep1: see you need to set this in nginx.


[12:02:06] bastilian: gildo:
[12:03:19] bastilian: gildo: in the new registration controller you can also override the create method. i would suggest to just set an attribute on the model and act on it in the model itself
[12:07:43] bastilian: gildo: seems about right.
[12:08:58] bastilian: gildo: it should be, yes.
[12:17:10] bastilian: are you on rails 4? you might have to use ""
[17:52:12] bastilian: tannerj: rails has c-extensions? that's new...
[17:53:53] bastilian: using a VM is just the same issue in a VM... compilers are not a security issue. being able as a user to use them on your machine is.
[17:58:58] bastilian: tannerj: you will need a compiler. many gems rails uses have c-extensions. therefore need a compiler. or are you planning on packing them up too?
[18:00:00] bastilian: tannerj: you could use jruby.
[18:00:29] bastilian: but be aware jruby does not support c-extensions.
[18:01:47] bastilian: tannerj: i don't know anyone who compiles locally, or uses war files to deploy. compilers on production are common.
[18:05:17] bastilian: tannerj: i would love to read that.
[18:05:42] bastilian: tannerj: ahm.... where do you get your dependecies locally?
[18:06:42] bastilian: tannerj: if deployment fails when one service you require is down. you deployement process is failure.
[18:09:45] bastilian: tannerj: if you follow the rails security guide, setup up your firewall correctly, you are safe.
[18:17:02] bastilian: tannerj: i use chef and capistrano depending on size of the project and server. or just simple git push.
[18:18:01] bastilian: tannerj: yup.
[18:18:10] bastilian: on dev and production.
[18:20:49] bastilian: tannerj: passenger. unicorn on bigger setups.
[18:23:18] bastilian: FooBarWidget: because on bigger setups i do not need a full blown webserver on an app-server. the webserver/load-balancer proxies to app serves assets directly.
[18:24:11] bastilian: uses nginx. ;)
[18:28:09] bastilian: FooBarWidget: passenger standalone is an option. i totally agree. it is just a matter of preference. i have never encountered issues with unicorn, therefore i would not switch.
[19:04:19] bastilian: tobobo: you have to set it to false.
[19:05:24] bastilian: tobobo: when you change things in models or controllers you have to restart?
[19:05:55] bastilian: tobobo: maybe checked if it is reenabled in environments/developemnt.rb?
[19:06:12] bastilian: tobobo: maybe check if you server actually starts in dev.


[18:21:39] bastilian: s2013: because?
[18:22:00] bastilian: s2013: yes.
[18:22:32] bastilian: doing rails since 2005
[18:23:00] bastilian: nah, not crazy at all. it's sane. :)
[18:27:19] bastilian: s2013: and acutally 2005 was just release version 1.0, it has been around before that. at least since july 2004.


[22:46:07] bastilian: rubyracer: shoot.


[14:25:13] bastilian: roar_: are you in a controller spec?
[14:28:48] bastilian: roar_:
[14:33:32] bastilian: roar_: maybe read this:


[11:04:53] bastilian: mitomart: it depends on your previous programming experience and ability to learn. but in general very quickly.
[11:06:25] bastilian: mitomart: to get started it takes about a day to two. (speaking from experience at RailsGirls workshops) to really make something production ready probably a month if you really keep at it.
[11:08:50] bastilian: mitomart: :) yeah, to get started is a bit of a pain, but it helps to understand other stuff a lot.
[11:11:35] bastilian: mitomart: i wouldn't call it the rails way. rather a framework trying to incorporate good concepts.


[00:08:46] bastilian: trying to fix it here. and googling. i always went for the painless solution as i find it a better one.
[00:13:12] bastilian: tpayne84: yes, that is what i want to figure out. have to do other stuff now. maybe if you figure it out ping me.
[11:47:02] bastilian: jammanbo: you mean you wanna internationalize the validation message?
[11:48:11] bastilian: jammanbo: see point 5.1
[11:50:44] bastilian: jammanbo: you can set the message in the translation file to what ever you desire.
[11:56:23] bastilian: jammanbo: you can add a placeholder in the translation and replace it in the view.
[12:10:07] bastilian: jammanbo: the view should not "forget" it. if so, something is utterly wrong.
[17:08:36] bastilian: slickboy: what does the log say?
[17:10:26] bastilian: dopie: what is the issue of making an array?
[17:13:08] bastilian: put it in between [ and ] maybe?


[22:55:36] bastilian: soixante:
[22:57:39] bastilian: dopie: the same way you set @drug_list
[22:57:47] bastilian: in the controller
[22:58:18] bastilian: uh???. you are in the app controller. no. no.
[22:59:19] bastilian: dopie: you should have a categories and crime controller controller
[22:59:51] bastilian: dopie: that is where you put actions.
[23:00:05] bastilian: you should not put actions in the application controller
[23:01:39] bastilian: dopie: yes, the ApplicationController is the parent class of every other controller. it should only hold stuff like filters or helpers you include for all other Controllers.
[23:02:12] bastilian: it is the parent class of all other controllers.
[23:03:52] bastilian: dopie: ah, now i see it, sorry. check for category params and crimeheader in the searches filter.
[23:05:41] bastilian: dopie: @category = Category.where(id: params[:category_id]) if params[:category_id]
[23:05:48] bastilian: in the searches method
[23:12:32] bastilian: tpayne84: you have to allow certain parameters when mass assigning. take a look at:
[23:13:14] bastilian: you are welcome.
[23:27:25] bastilian: V8Energy: but it makes sure no invalid data is sent to the db.
[23:40:49] bastilian: tpayne84: you have to set the nested attr in the model:
[23:47:01] bastilian: tpayne84: hm??? weird??? you could go for the more painless solution and try this gem:
[23:50:20] bastilian: tpayne84: can you give me an updated piece of your code
[23:50:37] bastilian: and maybe the full stack trace of the error.
[23:54:48] bastilian: tpayne84: and the stacktrace of the error?


[12:00:36] bastilian: patie: you mean a placeholder or a actuall value?
[12:02:50] bastilian: patie: try somehting like "<%= f.input :remember_me, input_html: { value: '1' } %>"
[12:05:30] bastilian: patie: hm... can you paste you controller code and view in a gist?
[21:28:26] bastilian: DeltaHeavy: try removing the cache dir?


[23:19:32] bastilian: Stalkr^: talk.


[22:08:03] bastilian: Stalkr^: what does the error say?
[22:10:53] bastilian: Stalkr^: did you install postgres with homebrew? it seems rubygems doesn't find it.


[13:17:52] bastilian: soupdiver: how are you trying to access the attributes?


[08:38:41] bastilian: geojin: you probably miss the jquery fileupload plugin.
[08:38:58] bastilian: look at the network tab an see if it is loading.
[08:42:39] bastilian: geojin: no, in chrome, or whatever browser you use, see if the JS-file is loading.
[08:43:46] bastilian: krz: if one can not get a fileupload to work either by tackling code or asking for help, they should not code at all.
[08:44:32] bastilian: nope. would never use a service for something i can do on my own in shorter time and in a better way.
[08:45:36] bastilian: sounds like it though. :)
[08:45:50] bastilian: geojin: whats the status?
[08:48:58] bastilian: kids, stop it. i wanna help geojin to get his uploads working.
[08:52:02] bastilian: ACTION gives a shit literally
[08:56:05] bastilian: geojin: does "/jquery-file-upload/jquery.fileupload.js" exist?
[08:58:48] bastilian: geojin: what browser are you using? can you see if it gets loaded or gets a 404 error?
[09:06:10] bastilian: geojin: where the console is, there is also a tab called "Network" click on it and reload the page, try to find "/jquery-file-upload/jquery.fileupload.js" there and see if it is red or not.
[09:19:02] bastilian: putting it into public is fine, for now, but you should take a look at the rails asset-pipeline.
[09:19:58] bastilian: geojin: there has to be a row with jquery-file-upload. can you try and press CMD+SHIFT+R to reload?
[15:55:16] bastilian: s2013: what shell are you using?
[15:58:25] bastilian: s2013: what does "echo $SHELL" tell you?
[16:02:57] bastilian: s2013:
[16:04:22] bastilian: s2013: thank google. :)


[00:30:54] bastilian: a scaffolded model is empty.
[00:31:21] bastilian: creature: which one?
[16:18:57] bastilian: honestly: do you have a specific issue or just digging information?
[16:22:57] bastilian: honestly: well, you will have to dig into rails source coude.
[16:45:05] bastilian: mello_: did you create the tables in postgres rather then via migrations?
[16:46:15] bastilian: exactly. drop the tables in postgres and run the migrations instead.
[16:46:57] bastilian: it is not the "rails"-way


[00:09:58] bastilian: tjr9898: you are welcome. if you need more help/pointers let me know.
[00:17:45] bastilian: tjr9898: not related, but might be an interesting read for you:
[00:32:30] bastilian: hls_: take a look at BrowserCMS. it takes away all the cms-interface implementing and let's you focus on building models and controllers you need.
[00:35:06] bastilian: foucist: it is super nice. it takes a bit to get used to it's portlets feature, but once you get the hang it is pretty awesome.
[01:06:17] bastilian: taternuts: you did install the gems with bundler? (just asking to make sure)
[01:12:10] bastilian: taternuts: gimme a sec. gethering info.
[01:21:55] bastilian: taternuts: it might be that the gem is not released yet with the fix. try replacing line 51 with:
[01:21:56] bastilian: gem 'oauth-plugin', :git => ""
[01:23:24] bastilian: taternuts: see
[01:23:50] bastilian: you can even reference branches/tags/shas
[01:24:20] bastilian: depends on the release stratagy of the gem-maintainer.
[01:24:52] bastilian: depending on a git repo can be dangerous though. (be warned) :)
[01:29:10] bastilian: yeah, it is ruby 1.9.3 syntax... my head has not switched completely yet...
[03:45:08] bastilian: Senjai & pontiki: have you looked at this:
[03:56:39] bastilian: Senjai: change the attributes not with update or any AR-methods use the setters and then you can check with .changed?
[13:35:50] bastilian: kris: do you get the error when going to the page where you have an upload form or when submitting the form?
[13:37:11] bastilian: kris: yes on the page with the form or on submitting?
[13:38:15] bastilian: kris: hm... is the form submitting with a POST or GET request?
[13:38:41] bastilian: uploads only go for POST.
[13:38:49] bastilian: and multipart
[13:39:56] bastilian: iron_houzi: there are a lot of big sites build with rails. twitters frontend, all 37signals products (of course) Shopify... what are you looking for?
[13:41:33] bastilian: iron_houzi: "Ruby" on Rails is a framework to build apps in Ruby. meteor.js is a framework to build apps in js and has node.js underneath, but i think it does not expose node.js to the "end"-developer
[13:42:47] bastilian: kris: take a look at this:
[13:47:21] bastilian: iron_houzi: if i would have to sell Rails to you, i would say: 1) it is based on Ruby, a super nice readable language. 2)it has a TDD-philosophy by design. 3) Package-mgmt 4) eco-system around it has grown in size and quality.
[16:10:32] bastilian: Stalkr^: Rails is written in Ruby. it is most certainly helpful to learn Ruby basics.
[16:11:21] bastilian: Stalkr^: at RailsGirls workshops we let them go through TryRuby first ->
[16:13:44] bastilian: Stalkr^: it depends on the developer.
[23:48:05] bastilian: martianixor: what kind of issue?
[23:49:37] bastilian: martianixor: nope, it does not.
[23:50:08] bastilian: martianixor: nope. can it be an extension you are using?
[23:52:52] bastilian: martianixor: just tested with chromium and can't see a popup.


[17:30:20] bastilian: Trudko_: what kind of problem?
[17:32:30] bastilian: Trudko_: you also have a typo in the class name, but this can't be the problem....
[17:34:11] bastilian: Trudko_: ahm... how did you loose them? ... simply add them...
[23:15:13] bastilian: blackmesa: yes, you need to make order_by and the order two different parameters. you can however also put them into one.
[23:15:56] bastilian: there is nothing wrong with doing something like "?order=name asc"
[23:22:06] bastilian: blackmesa: may i ask what you are building?
[23:24:50] bastilian: blackmesa: take a look at this:
[23:25:31] bastilian: you are welcome.
[23:32:43] bastilian: blackmesa: yes it is legit, as long as you url-escape. rails should take care of that when reading/receiving params.
[23:41:19] bastilian: tjr9898: be more specific. with this info, i would say stub the methods.
[23:47:27] bastilian: tjr9898: ok, let's tackel this together. what more do you want to know?
[23:50:27] bastilian: tjr9898: really, really basic. Sessions in rails are just a hash. in the background rails is taking care of storing in different "storages"
[23:51:03] bastilian: can i kick spiderface?
[23:54:02] bastilian: tjr9898: this might be because sessions are lazy loaded. have you tried including "include SessionsHelper"



[08:33:36] bastilian: Axsuul: redis consumes not much memory. or do you mean how much space?