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[23:40:19] bato: heya, i'm trying to add files to a tar archive using tarwriter but I keep getting a " Gem::Package::NonSeekableIO" error while trying to add my file
[23:40:39] bato: not quite sure what i'm doing wrong at this point
[23:41:16] bato:
[23:41:56] bato: my bad ^^;
[23:43:28] bato: /usr/lib/ruby/1.9.1/rubygems/package/tar_writer.rb:106:in `add_file': Gem::Package::NonSeekableIO (Gem::Package::NonSeekableIO) from logs_tgz.rb:12:in `block (3 levels) in <main>'
[23:49:48] bato: well, i'm trying to figure out how to use tarwriter instead of just copying files and tarring them using system calls :/


[22:41:44] bato: I'm trying to run rake tasks ahead of deploying to prod and it's telling me I need to specify a working dbadapter
[22:42:07] bato: is there a way to run tasks without checking for the db (since they're tasks that don't need db access to begin with)
[22:43:35] bato: +1 elasticsearch
[22:56:51] bato: bricker`work I'm sorry, at first I understood it as not specifying rails_environment (in which case it defaults to production)
[22:57:12] bato: do I need to modify the existing rake task to not load the db stuff?
[22:57:58] bato: which is weird because the rake task supposedly do away with this
[22:58:04] bato: # the need of a database being setup
[22:58:04] bato: # Partially load the Rails environment to avoid
[22:58:26] bato: no worries
[22:58:31] bato: working on that right now
[23:04:14] bato: bricker`work
[23:04:31] bato: can't find the actual task because I think assets:precompile is either part of rails or sprockets?
[23:06:04] bato: it is rails3
[23:06:25] bato: thanks I thought I'd seen that one before but apparently I lost it
[23:06:28] bato: cheers for that
[23:09:48] bato: bricker`work: it isn't because I'm trying to compile assets before packaging without passing db credentials


[00:45:45] bato: I'm trying to figure how to rename my assets folder from the default /assets but I'm not having much luck on google
[00:47:25] bato: basically we're historically serving stating content from /static
[00:47:46] bato: adding /assets in the frontend config could have unexpected results for the other applications
[00:48:08] bato: so far it seems I need to add config.assets.prefix in the config/application.rb
[00:48:41] bato: but i'm not sure if it's the way to go
[00:53:07] bato: yeah the precompile rake task does it for me
[00:53:32] bato: the goal is to move the contents of public/assets to the nginx frontend and have them being served locally


[22:49:46] bato: is there a way to tell what is returned by a function?
[22:49:56] bato: for instance I instantiate foo, and then run
[22:50:08] bato: how can I tell if returns an array, or a string etc
[22:50:49] bato: ...that would be a good start, yes <<;
[22:51:31] bato: maybe a jug :P
[23:05:20] bato: i kinda feel like i found the konami code for that lib
[23:05:20] bato: tacking on ".to_json" at the end does make wonders.
[23:05:20] bato: well look at that
[23:08:42] bato: ????????????????????????BA
[23:08:56] bato: you're welcome to try with those


[01:50:49] bato: 'morning


[05:54:11] bato: is there something that lets you do something similar to "git show $revision:$file" in ruby?
[05:54:26] bato: was looking at rugged and ruby-git but don't seem to have much luck finding it
[05:57:53] bato: (fairly new to ruby)
[05:59:17] bato: if all else fails i'll definitely try that
[07:46:17] bato: Schmidt debian stable has at least python 2.7 :P
[07:46:24] bato: (and there's always backports)