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[00:25:48] baweaver: __FILE__ typically, what are you wanting to use it for?
[00:26:43] baweaver: ohai lupine
[00:26:45] baweaver: How's things?
[03:38:07] baweaver: Trying to post more guitar practice to keep myself honest:



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[18:48:32] baweaver: ACTION is a really bad Ruby interpreter
[22:37:43] baweaver: I made a thing because fun and because I'm a sucker for cute animals:


[07:07:34] baweaver: sevenseacat: I think that's my favorite keyset by a longshot so far
[07:08:04] baweaver: The purple is much darker than some of the pictures, but that makes it even better
[07:09:42] baweaver: Yeah, that's a nice one
[07:10:34] baweaver: If this set ever comes up it'd be an insta-but for me:
[07:11:04] baweaver: recap sells out in 102m
[07:11:44] baweaver: Interesting. I kinda like the more subdued Nautilus version, but that's still pretty great.
[07:12:33] baweaver: There's always that person, isn't there...
[20:51:18] baweaver: twopoint71:


[01:45:32] baweaver:
[01:45:57] baweaver: JSON.parse(data, symbolize_names: true) -> JSON.parse(data, symbolize_keys: true)
[01:46:20] baweaver: havenwood: Kinda want this thing to go away
[04:48:51] baweaver: Ah, other window
[07:28:32] baweaver: Have an example?
[07:28:57] baweaver: Ideally you don't do that. Also that's quite a mouthful to say out loud
[07:29:53] baweaver: That'd work.
[19:35:15] baweaver: Canada perhaps
[19:35:34] baweaver: Kansas of all places actually just restored a lot of rights and protections with the new Governor.
[19:36:01] baweaver:
[19:36:16] baweaver: Glad that Kobach lost hard, he's a piece of work.


[00:44:15] baweaver: If you all end up in SF let me know.
[00:44:24] baweaver: Though yeah, expensive is one way to put it.
[00:44:38] baweaver: Seattle and Portland would be more sane.
[01:25:20] baweaver: juria_roberts: what have you tried?
[01:30:14] baweaver: y'know just giving us the original names is going to help a lot more
[01:30:16] baweaver: and posix groups aren't exactly sensitive.
[01:30:44] baweaver: Firstly avoid using ! methods. It won't help you in this case.
[01:30:57] baweaver: map transforms elements using a function
[01:31:19] baweaver: and the value it returns? In this case the result of `item[:list] = ...`
[01:31:33] baweaver: So you just get back a bunch of `['ddd']` s
[01:32:20] baweaver: After this I would definitely suggest learning more about Enumerable
[01:32:29] baweaver: In this particular case, no.
[01:32:36] baweaver: What's your actual code look like?
[01:33:23] baweaver: Then why not just put it on the original definition?
[01:34:14] baweaver: Oh, so there is more to the code.
[01:35:00] baweaver: It is, because it can change the context.
[01:35:42] baweaver: The easiest solution is to use `each` and `push`.
[02:18:17] baweaver: Intii: You sure they're the same case?
[02:18:43] baweaver: Welcome to data normalization concerns
[02:19:11] baweaver: You'd need to strip off the university part of it, and better yet find a fallback metric that tries variants of the name just in case
[02:19:21] baweaver: though make sure to dry run those before applying them
[03:41:09] baweaver: tpanarch1st: Use Sequel
[03:41:40] baweaver:
[03:43:11] baweaver: How much Ruby do you currently know?
[03:43:40] baweaver: I'd probably start on
[03:50:06] baweaver: It takes a while to get all these things sorted
[03:50:15] baweaver: and everyone has to start somewhere on it
[03:50:24] baweaver: If I were you I would consider starting with CSVs
[03:50:33] baweaver: make a "database" using files
[03:50:50] baweaver: Eh, do what feels fun to you
[03:51:03] baweaver: Most of those people yell that to the wind, I tend to ignore them
[03:51:40] baweaver: Just go straight for Rails if that's what interests you
[03:51:42] baweaver: then fill in the knowledge as you go.
[03:51:56] baweaver: "The Rails Tutorial" is a decent place to start as it goes through enough Ruby to get started
[03:52:30] baweaver: Rails tutorial goes through building basically Twitter
[04:01:42] baweaver: No one's ever "ready"
[04:01:48] baweaver: We just wing it as we go and hope for the best
[04:02:26] baweaver: Give me a year or so and I could recommend you a Ruby book.
[04:02:45] baweaver: Eloquent Ruby at the moment.
[04:03:40] baweaver: irb is a...
[04:03:43] baweaver: freaking ninja
[04:04:39] baweaver: Let's start with some Ruby itself
[04:05:17] baweaver: Have you experienced the magic of Enumerable?
[04:05:40] baweaver: I swear you're reading my train of thought
[04:05:55] baweaver: How would you, say, double every element of that array?
[04:06:32] baweaver: &>> [1, 2, 3]
[04:07:01] baweaver: Dictionaries in other languages
[04:07:06] baweaver: or HashMaps
[04:07:49] baweaver: Do you know the full version of that quote?
[04:07:55] baweaver: It means something quite different.
[04:08:05] baweaver: A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.
[04:08:52] baweaver: Want to experience something really out there with Ruby?
[04:09:05] baweaver: Firstly, do you know what an anonymous function is?
[04:09:40] baweaver: &>> [1, 2, 3].map { |v| v * 2 }
[04:09:52] baweaver: map is a function that takes a function
[04:10:06] baweaver: In this case it takes a function which takes one input, named v, and returns that input doubled
[04:10:47] baweaver: Well if you want to have some interesting fun in Ruby, this talk is a bit of a treat -
[04:11:40] baweaver: You can learn Ruby with cartoon lemurs :D
[04:12:46] baweaver: The presenter is out of their danged mind
[04:12:53] baweaver: I'm surprised they let them on stage
[04:14:10] baweaver: lemur was my original alias
[04:14:13] baweaver: I still keep it about
[04:15:40] baweaver: How did you remember that al2o3-cr?
[04:15:42] baweaver: You and havenwood are encyclopedias
[04:17:40] baweaver: &>> require 'net/http/status'; [200, 404, 418, 503].map { |code| [code, Net::HTTP::STATUS_CODES[code]] }.to_h
[04:17:50] baweaver: They left off 418
[04:19:02] baweaver: 2xx - that's normal; 3xx - Nah, it's over there somewhere; 4xx - wtf are you doing?; 5xx - wtf am _I_ doing?
[04:19:40] baweaver: Ah, they get 2.6 up?
[04:20:19] baweaver: ACTION should probably go get groceries already
[04:20:47] baweaver: My drug is Ruby
[04:20:51] baweaver: and you've already been dealt
[04:21:13] baweaver: Now where's shevy with that danged quotes list
[04:22:00] baweaver: Rails uses Rack under the hood
[04:22:05] baweaver: Rack is written in RUby
[04:31:10] baweaver: Gotta start somewhere :D
[09:14:32] baweaver: sevenseacat: How's things?
[09:14:57] baweaver: Radar: 2 chapters reviewed, likely going to tech review soon. Hooooo, Booleans were interesting.
[09:15:15] baweaver: Going back over and backfilling the rest of the illustrations this week
[09:17:03] baweaver: Pretty good, working on this 2019 thing, trying to figure it out still
[09:17:11] baweaver: Also building my work endgame keyboard
[09:17:31] baweaver: Got a set of Healios I've been lubing, GMK Phantom, and a Kira with a black metal case
[09:17:38] baweaver: Should look real nice once all the parts get in
[09:18:24] baweaver: Kira:
[09:19:11] baweaver: Phantom -;topic=95418.0;attach=194898;image
[09:19:30] baweaver: Radar: I just witnessed a miracle
[09:19:42] baweaver: A Rubyist that's become a multi-thread programmer!
[09:20:24] baweaver: Wait wait, need to tweet this as a joke pun / question, one sec.
[09:20:54] baweaver:
[09:20:57] baweaver: I regret nothing
[09:21:32] baweaver: Did you see my really bad one from earlier?
[09:21:46] baweaver: We have these things called Lime Scooters running around SF, pay to ride
[09:21:51] baweaver: So I came up with this gem:
[09:22:34] baweaver: I swear if that one actually works I've found the one :D
[20:47:56] baweaver: al2o3-cr / leah2: Just pinged him, said he's fine, just taking a break.
[20:47:57] baweaver: Should be back in February
[20:49:09] baweaver: We'll work on that
[20:49:17] baweaver: havenwood: want to fix that?
[20:51:10] baweaver: So for everyone who wants him over here, make sure to vote if you're in the US
[20:51:31] baweaver: and preferably not for a certain person, as then I'd doubt he'd want to be here for another 4 years after.
[20:52:03] baweaver: To be fair I kinda don't want to be in the US with them either.
[20:52:11] baweaver: So fair enough apeiros, fair enough.


[21:28:37] baweaver: phaul: Ever considered making a metal band?
[21:28:51] baweaver: You should call it "Phaul of Man" if you do.
[21:28:58] baweaver: ACTION is just here for the puns
[21:34:01] baweaver: Not too bad, yourself? Working on some fun things.
[21:36:51] baweaver: Made this gem for kicks:
[21:38:13] baweaver: The TracePoint one will be more fun later
[21:38:37] baweaver: Danged powerful tool, but really hard to nail down what all you can do with it.
[23:48:39] baweaver: Where were you based out of phaul?
[23:54:18] baweaver: Pretty much
[23:54:55] baweaver: About the extent of my recruiting knowledge is US-based :/
[23:55:22] baweaver: Cookpad hires in London and does a lot of Rails stuff.
[23:55:26] baweaver: Koichi and some other core members work around there.


[01:24:56] baweaver: al2o3-cr, phaul, havenwood: - thoughts?
[01:25:02] baweaver: Maybe a bit constant happy
[01:28:23] baweaver: Anyways, playing with StringScanner. Kind of curious to see if that's actually a speed boost or not later.
[01:28:45] baweaver: Probably not because of all the string construction still going on in there
[01:29:59] baweaver: Eh, more accurate parsing at least.
[01:36:29] baweaver: I typically just make something whenever I see that it was slightly annoying to write or find a solution for


[10:06:33] baweaver:
[10:13:20] baweaver: Could I make it more efficient with tokenization? Probably. Do I care? Not really at the moment.
[10:14:36] baweaver: Am I outing myself as an ex sys-admin yet? :P
[22:34:43] baweaver: I made a new thing:
[22:35:00] baweaver: It does this: Globs.expand("test.{a, b}.{1, 2}.com") # => ["", "", "", ""]
[22:43:27] baweaver: Nope. It's for a very simple usecase so I haven't bothered with that.
[22:43:58] baweaver: Mostly domain name expansions
[22:46:20] baweaver: Playing with StringScanner at the moment so it'll likely be irrelevant
[22:46:52] baweaver: I don't see anything particularly wrong with having a well defined usecase being bundled into a library.
[22:47:04] baweaver: Nor do I see issues with codes of conduct.
[22:49:25] baweaver: That's already an inherit risk with any package distribution system, whether or not there are hundreds of short libraries.
[22:49:58] baweaver: As to how to fix that, that's quite a hard problem.
[22:52:04] baweaver: It's "a" solution, but taken to what rigor?
[22:52:29] baweaver: Should you reimplement everything and burn through a ton of engineer time?
[22:52:44] baweaver: or only packages deemed to be too small to care?
[22:53:24] baweaver: You make a lot of assumptions with that statement
[22:53:58] baweaver: Primarily that lines of code is a metric directly correlated to time it would have taken to write.
[22:54:16] baweaver: Not necessarily. Some incredibly succinct code takes substantially longer to write.
[22:54:46] baweaver: Most everything in engineering is a case of nuance
[22:55:04] baweaver: which is, admittedly, a headache all its own.
[23:02:02] baweaver: Ruby has built in printf support doesn't it?
[23:03:58] baweaver: May be able to leverage that I'd think
[23:04:02] baweaver: Though I may be having a good deal of fun with StringScanner at the moment.
[23:14:43] baweaver: hrm, not getting Ruby's printf to do it, probably because the shell expanded the globs
[23:17:07] baweaver: It does now :D
[23:17:13] baweaver: Cleaning it up with StringScanner
[23:37:00] baweaver: Most of the issue is entirely in doing n-level globs
[23:37:10] baweaver: could be one, two, five, ten
[23:39:10] baweaver: reduce is real danged useful for that type of thing
[23:40:51] baweaver: It can take n-products, sure. The fun part then is extracting the glob areas.
[23:42:51] baweaver: StringScanner looks to get close to that
[23:42:59] baweaver: still figuring out how to make that work, but about got it
[23:43:05] baweaver: Need to go back to writing though
[23:44:08] baweaver: Could. StringScanner just makes it a bit nicer with scan_until and friends
[23:45:16] baweaver: Notedly I'm not really experienced in token parsing
[23:45:29] baweaver: Haven't really tried it before, so a bit of fun
[23:47:27] baweaver: Though I'll probably not go too far down this rabbit hole, more interested in making a nicer API around TracePoint
[23:48:49] baweaver: It's super powerful, but there's a lot to it.
[23:49:01] baweaver: So the idea there was a pared down API to it for more beginners
[23:50:36] baweaver: TracePoint.watch_method(:name) for instance
[23:50:53] baweaver: things like that to not require a lot of conditional branches when creating one
[23:51:59] baweaver: very carefully
[23:52:02] baweaver: but yeah, that was one of the concerns
[23:52:35] baweaver: Most of it requires me to spend a lot of time thinking about it and writing down ideas
[23:52:52] baweaver: currently still in the thinking stage, so most ideas aren't well formed quite yet.
[23:53:07] baweaver: It's insanely powerful, no doubt
[23:53:21] baweaver: but too much power can lead to indecision or difficulty in learning or use
[23:54:01] baweaver: but yeah, still definitely in the "I wonder if..." stage
[23:54:17] baweaver: Not everything I dream up is necessarily a good idea :P
[23:54:32] baweaver: hence mentioning it on occasion to see _how bad_ it might be
[23:55:05] baweaver: Gotta balance the scales :D
[23:56:08] baweaver: But yeah, like with product and everything else there's a non-trivial chance there's a better way to do something I hadn't considered yet
[23:56:21] baweaver: I just have fun playing with it in the mean time
[23:56:28] baweaver: gotta pre-warm that cache


[00:39:37] baweaver: Hehehehehe:
[01:13:10] baweaver: horribleprogram: need some help with Ruby?
[01:14:43] baweaver: Never a better time to start than now :D
[01:16:12] baweaver: horribleprogram: There's always a point!
[01:17:33] baweaver: You just have to believe in magic, and you can fly!
[01:17:38] baweaver: ACTION is enjoying himself too much.
[01:23:37] baweaver: Why just 1000?
[01:23:45] baweaver: Why not 10_000 horribleprogram?
[01:23:57] baweaver: There's so much fun to be had!
[01:25:00] baweaver: You want to learn Ruby, you just don't quite know it yet.
[01:25:05] baweaver: So we're here to help!
[01:25:52] baweaver: &>> "100%".next # :D
[01:26:44] baweaver: Nighty night
[01:28:52] baweaver: Well, that was fun. Off I go, it's movies time!
[01:29:40] baweaver: 5:30pm here
[17:20:10] baweaver: ACTION wanders in
[18:39:49] baweaver:
[23:13:07] baweaver: We're still around, just busy.
[23:57:04] baweaver: It's not, but for that type of task it's irrelevant
[23:57:20] baweaver: It's also likely against the channel's rules to discuss how that might work.


[16:07:32] baweaver: I just quote Jira numbers at them that they haven't finished yet.
[16:08:21] baweaver: &>> %w(foo bar baz)
[16:11:10] baweaver: &>> %w{ha ha} + %w|ha ha| + %w+ha ha+
[16:11:26] baweaver: Do not look to the person behind the curtain
[16:11:52] baweaver: Also most code I write should come with a warning label and disclaimer
[22:02:17] baweaver: phaul: Speaking of, want to see something fun?