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[18:15:05] baweaver: What's the latest hotness for Timeout in Ruby?
[18:15:18] baweaver: Timeout::timeout is still its regular old fun self.
[19:04:40] baweaver: Danke danke. Started as a conference talk, decided to make it easier to get a hold of for other people while the video is in process
[19:09:59] baweaver: al2o3-cr:
[19:10:00] baweaver: Turned the talk into blog posts
[19:11:59] baweaver: Quite enjoyed writing the Indigo article
[19:12:00] baweaver: Him and Escher Cat are about to save Christmas in a few weeks
[19:13:36] baweaver: Indigo is also known to go by the name "Professor When"
[19:14:38] baweaver: Professor -> Doctor
[19:14:42] baweaver: When -> Who


[08:45:56] baweaver: All six parts are done, and Reducing Enumerable has now been made into a series of text posts. Enjoy:
[08:46:02] baweaver: All six parts are done, and Reducing Enumerable has now been made into a series of text posts. Enjoy:


[06:46:50] baweaver: Started breaking Reducing Enumerable into an illustrated novel of sorts -
[06:47:02] baweaver: It'll take a bit, but should make it easier for everyone to read.


[06:30:04] baweaver: Slides and other content from my talk -
[06:52:11] baweaver: Not out for probably a month or so
[06:52:28] baweaver: Why do you want to do that?
[06:54:13] baweaver: Read into dependency injection
[06:54:31] baweaver: I'd just have a universal logger unless you have some seriously gnarly application
[07:51:18] baweaver: Radar: flying off to central US, so will be a few hours different for the next week or so
[07:51:36] baweaver: Too much smoke, and family said free turkey if I come over.
[07:51:50] baweaver: Also the lemurs were a smashing success


[06:16:41] baweaver: It'll be recorded, which means it comes out in a month
[06:16:48] baweaver: Here we go:


[21:27:10] baweaver: 2:40pm, Wednesday, in the Emerald Room.


[08:17:05] baweaver: havenwood:
[08:17:45] baweaver:'something.json').then(JSON.:parse)
[08:29:47] baweaver: Still a pretty dang big step forward for succinctness and FP style
[08:40:41] baweaver: Then it's basically eval


[05:16:09] baweaver: eam: You're right, air filters make a ton of difference. Danged smoke everywhere makes it hard to breathe
[06:16:59] baweaver: Yeah, though everywhere local was sold out
[06:17:42] baweaver: So ended up just buying the Dyson in stock. May return it later depending on how it runs, but wanted something at least for now.
[21:48:29] baweaver: Same with this one. Using an air quality app on the phone as well and within a second or two of seeing a noticeable drop I hear it whir on
[23:03:30] baweaver: Why do you ask>
[23:03:48] baweaver: It's a rather silly assertion to say any language is dying.
[23:05:24] baweaver: Do people have gainful employment in said language? Do they make money?
[23:05:52] baweaver: There are people who still make a very good living using RPG, COBOL, and languages from the 60s
[23:05:58] baweaver: So yes, silly.
[23:06:47] baweaver: What exactly do you want to know?
[23:07:00] baweaver: If it relates to Ruby we're happy to help, but as is this comes across as rather trollish
[23:08:47] baweaver: Is PHP dying?
[23:08:58] baweaver: It's likely the #1 production deployed language out there.
[23:09:47] baweaver: To assert it and languages like it are dying is short-sighted and focused on a particular metric over the whole.
[23:11:19] baweaver: The better question is what do you want this information for?
[23:11:32] baweaver: It never left.
[23:12:22] baweaver: Because all of this is findable on rating sites through Google, and the very act of going into a language specific channel and asking for answers is tantamount to trolling and wanting to start a fight.
[23:12:47] baweaver: Convince me that's not the case.
[23:13:24] baweaver: Market share means more money and better jobs
[23:13:44] baweaver: For several years now.
[23:14:47] baweaver: Someone's been reading too much hacker news
[23:14:50] baweaver: Y'know their hit rate on actually good advice is next to nil right?
[23:17:59] baweaver: Look at metrics which matter instead of popularity contests.
[23:18:22] baweaver: People make a plenty good living on Rails, PHP, Java, and other languages HN types would say are dead
[23:18:47] baweaver: And I'm perfectly happy to let them, it means more solid jobs they self-select out of.
[23:25:41] baweaver: SF is hiring them like mad too.
[23:25:51] baweaver: ...not so much on the liveable part though
[23:27:10] baweaver: Remember I own a house :P
[23:27:22] baweaver: So that was two kidneys thankyouverymuch
[23:40:01] baweaver: Radar: - Yay fun
[23:40:18] baweaver: Also got permission to announce the book at RubyConf :D
[23:41:25] baweaver: One of them is a prize
[23:41:54] baweaver: The other prizes are me putting original sketches up for raffle and a few up as first come first serve
[23:42:47] baweaver: I literally redrew everything for RubyConf -


[01:58:38] baweaver: Yep, I'll persist everything tonight
[01:58:56] baweaver: Got one more chapter for ya too Radar. Should be popping up once I get back
[04:54:29] baweaver: They create methods which are essentially: def ivar_name; @ivar_name end
[04:54:33] baweaver: you don't have to type @, mostly.
[20:37:08] baweaver: &>> a = ['/','\\']; "#{a.sample}o#{a.sample}"
[20:37:34] baweaver: &>> a = ['/',"\\"]; "#{a.sample}o#{a.sample}"
[20:37:41] baweaver: havenwood save me
[21:14:30] baweaver: Splats a range
[21:54:08] baweaver: Eiam: Well we all wanted to go out with a bank
[21:54:23] baweaver: but I guess we have to settle for taking a break instead
[22:09:55] baweaver: I should probably know better, but redoing all the illustrations in the talk and upping the quality a lot:
[22:09:56] baweaver:


[07:20:42] baweaver: Getting closer :D -
[21:26:49] baweaver: phaul: shoot us your paypal some time, we owe you a few coffees at least for figuring out how to get our dearly departed ruby[bot] working again :D


[00:44:17] baweaver: Inside: everyone's bad at writing tests when they start
[00:45:01] baweaver: The thing to remember is that you _do_ have to write code that's actually testable, otherwise it becomes substantially more difficult.
[00:45:56] baweaver: What's funny are people who insist controllers are unit testable.
[00:46:13] baweaver: If they are, you have too much logic that needs to move out.
[00:46:33] baweaver: request-wise they end up as integration tests.
[00:47:27] baweaver: That feels a bit carte blanche
[00:48:16] baweaver: Pretty much.
[00:49:01] baweaver: Consider that you have a users controller that allows updates. Strong params keeps you from tacking on an is_admin = true flag in a request editor
[00:49:12] baweaver: All frameworks have their novelties.
[00:51:01] baweaver: ACTION needs to learn to modify parser.y to implement more fun ideas into Ruby.
[00:58:10] baweaver: Some day, perhaps, but no.


[02:57:23] baweaver: ACTION wanders in
[02:57:46] baweaver: Debating doing an improv stream on pattern matching
[03:04:09] baweaver: Probably going to save it for after RubyConf, need to redraw a few more slides
[03:07:17] baweaver: ACTION wrote Qo
[03:14:18] baweaver: Yep, working on integrating elements of elvish art into some of the talk slides
[03:21:26] baweaver:
[03:21:32] baweaver: Recent freehand from a bit earlier today
[03:21:42] baweaver: Working on another one that dwarfs it
[03:30:59] baweaver: To be fair I did spend years as a kid wishing I could draw well :P
[03:39:08] baweaver: This one is going to take forever to do though:
[03:39:17] baweaver:
[03:39:18] baweaver: There we go
[06:19:47] baweaver: OptionParser and Slop are fairly standard.
[06:20:08] baweaver: Both can be used for "large applications" though you have to remember that a CLI is an interface
[06:20:19] baweaver: your actual code should be able to run without it
[06:29:24] baweaver: There are some that use a views type system
[06:29:31] baweaver: but I can't find it at the moment.
[06:30:40] baweaver:
[06:30:45] baweaver: That'll give you some more options
[08:41:56] baweaver: Vector mountains are _hard_, but coming out well so far.


[06:27:46] baweaver: warrshrike: what have you tried in debugging it?
[06:28:35] baweaver: Well run it
[06:29:13] baweaver: Yeah, it's always nil
[06:29:41] baweaver: How do instance variables work?
[06:30:05] baweaver: you're not in the class with those methods now are you?
[06:30:33] baweaver: It's called programming
[06:30:38] baweaver: and it happens to all of us
[06:32:00] baweaver: More of it shrugs
[06:32:22] baweaver: Eh, depends.
[06:34:10] baweaver: havenwood: traversal should belong to a node too
[06:37:51] baweaver: havenwood: [*left&.traverse, value, *right&.traverse].compact
[06:40:11] baweaver: lambdas and procs are first class functions
[06:40:20] baweaver: technically methods too, but that's more complicated.
[06:40:34] baweaver: havenwood:
[06:42:42] baweaver: You can though
[06:42:47] baweaver: danged ninjas
[06:43:02] baweaver: in fact, I'm live streaming an entire segment on them tomorrow afternoon
[06:45:41] baweaver: Nope, but that doesn't mean first class functions don't exist either.
[06:46:49] baweaver: Easy on the enter key there
[06:48:56] baweaver:
[06:51:54] baweaver: Mind you I also find that particular bit of Ruby annoying
[06:52:15] baweaver: Though it'd be fairly involved in parser.y to rig it
[06:52:29] baweaver: and I have no C or compiler chops at the moment to do that
[06:54:04] baweaver: There's a loose possibility that Ruby gets the ability to do self.:method as an auto-proc coercion
[06:59:45] baweaver: Ah, they do have events!
[07:11:54] baweaver: Better apply quickly, they're already screening people.
[15:33:10] baweaver: !badnick DD_Trump
[15:38:16] baweaver: Ah, so sound was bad too?
[15:38:25] baweaver: That I can amp
[15:39:36] baweaver: Just need to adjust a few options and that'll be good to go. Na, no one's mentioned it yet, still fairly new to this bit.
[15:39:53] baweaver: Obvious troll was obvious
[15:43:37] baweaver: Guessing around -20dB would be ideal.
[15:43:49] baweaver: Need to measure things
[19:20:13] baweaver: Stream is starting in a minute:
[19:20:16] baweaver: Dropping off IRC in the mean time.


[23:06:33] baweaver: In general it's fine to post job ads in here, just as long as it doesn't become spammy.
[23:07:24] baweaver: As far as where you'll find a lot of Rails developers that are more Senior, it depends. A lot of us are somewhere in California or Australia.
[23:07:49] baweaver: or Github has them locked down for at least a few years after the microsoft acquisition.


[01:39:17] baweaver: !badnick nine_milli__
[01:39:25] baweaver: faster way to permaban trolls
[23:52:01] baweaver: Object hash certainly is unique.
[23:52:26] baweaver: ivanskie: You want to make a hash out of EBS data?
[23:53:50] baweaver: { |s| s['Namespace'] == namespace }.map { |s| [s['OptionName'], s['Value']] }.to_h
[23:58:17] baweaver: It's not really intuitive to make hashes from a set of values in Ruby.


[04:12:26] baweaver: Woo streaming -
[04:41:42] baweaver: About to start streaming on destructuring in Ruby:
[04:41:50] baweaver: Definitely a bit advanced, but should be a fun time.
[17:15:05] baweaver: ...just write an AI? That's.... not common
[17:17:16] baweaver: oft_gegong: The worst enemy in programming are people who insist things are easier than they actually are
[17:19:06] baweaver: I still make things up as I go :D
[17:21:17] baweaver: Net::SSH hasn't gotten love in quite a while.
[17:25:55] baweaver: Yeah, it's too deep down the flags rabbit hole for me to really have any guesses.
[18:00:40] baweaver: Started streaming me some Ruby last night -
[18:01:04] baweaver: Destructuring in this case for kicks. Will probably be streaming through some other fun stuff as I have time
[18:01:15] baweaver: though RubyConf will definitely be distracting.
[18:02:11] baweaver: I'll likely do a full run of the RubyConf talk on there some time later.


[01:23:28] baweaver: hightower3: any particular reason you'd want to?
[01:24:12] baweaver: what are you trying to do with it?
[01:24:16] baweaver: why do you need backspaces?
[01:25:31] baweaver: If they're doing templating that changes context a ton.
[01:26:12] baweaver: hence asking what and why, because it depends
[01:26:49] baweaver: then just use an if/else
[01:27:17] baweaver: Not everything has to be one line.
[02:06:26] baweaver: ohai sevenseacat
[02:29:03] baweaver: Not bad not bad, got streaming set up about ready
[02:29:11] baweaver: Going to stream me some Ruby and art hackery :D
[02:29:42] baweaver:
[02:32:35] baweaver: grabbed a second webcam to stream drawings too. Might do a session of me finishing off RubyConf work.
[07:11:38] baweaver: ignoring the code, which one of these color schemes is the clearest?:
[07:21:41] baweaver: Radar / sevenseacat: which one of these color schemes seems clearest?:
[07:24:46] baweaver: Noted I'd likely switch out Red too on the original if I kept that theme
[07:25:10] baweaver: Yeah, that's in part what I was going for.
[07:25:39] baweaver: It _was_ red + yellow -> orange
[07:27:30] baweaver: original to alt 1 was just switching the bg
[07:29:13] baweaver: zen mentioned that light themes were easier to read, and the black theme doesn't fit well with "story time"
[07:30:26] baweaver: Yeah. I like the new version of Red I put in there.
[07:30:35] baweaver: Though it's also the Qo logo :D
[07:32:35] baweaver: added an alt 4 with a darker purple
[17:02:00] baweaver: Snorty: It's called a Set
[17:02:23] baweaver:
[17:26:44] baweaver: Inside: shhh, don't spoil the magic/
[17:28:40] baweaver: maryo: The code helps if you can share it.
[18:12:39] baweaver: phaul: Ah, nice
[18:12:42] baweaver: Old habits.
[18:13:54] baweaver: veinofstars: phaul has the right of it. DateTime#now literally means now, meaning you call it twice and you get different results.
[18:13:55] baweaver: If you really want the same value, set it to a variable first.
[18:14:24] baweaver: Take it out of the gemfile
[18:14:36] baweaver: Though this sounds like an issue with Windows installing a specific gem
[18:16:15] baweaver: maryo: Which gem
[18:16:17] baweaver: and what error?
[18:16:48] baweaver: I'd be willing to bet rubyracer
[18:18:22] baweaver: Node isn't a gem, remember that as well.
[18:18:30] baweaver: I think I remember you mentioning that at one point.
[18:19:09] baweaver: Windows is honestly just a mess for this type of thing.
[18:19:19] baweaver: WSL helps a ton at least.
[18:20:11] baweaver: Unless you're hard bound to Windows, I wouldn't use it.
[19:50:00] baweaver: Anyone remember where the options list was for `IO#foreach`? It has a partial list, but excludes certain bits.
[19:50:22] baweaver: Trying to read a binary file by a buffer size instead of by line
[19:51:45] baweaver: and would rather not do a `f =, 'rb'); something until (b =; f.close`
[19:56:55] baweaver: I always mix those two up


[22:21:31] baweaver: Radar: or half of your books :P
[22:35:08] baweaver: zenspider: reformatting everything for 16:9 myself :P
[22:37:59] baweaver: Yeah, lesson learned there.
[22:38:25] baweaver: Not too bad so far, and more space for code samples.
[22:39:41] baweaver: ask Radar about his love affair with Manning some time :D
[22:40:26] baweaver: granted, kinda wish NoStarch would move towards markdown.
[22:40:54] baweaver: ACTION looks guiltily at his 48pt code
[22:41:42] baweaver: Speaking of, guess what I'm announcing at RubyConf :D
[22:42:50] baweaver: Speaking of, guess what two things I'm announcing at RubyConf :D
[22:44:25] baweaver: First one is most likely going to happen
[22:45:16] baweaver: Though there are some talks on the name potentially changing considering they've also published "Ruby Under a Microscope: An Illustrated Guide to Ruby"
[22:51:37] baweaver: unintentionally
[22:51:47] baweaver: Thinking about whether or not the name should change.
[22:52:33] baweaver: me and havenwood were musing around about "Ruby for Lemurs - An Illustrated Apprenticeship"


[00:29:05] baweaver: So I have a crazy idea


[16:48:27] baweaver: Inside: Want to know something even more fun?
[16:48:34] baweaver: Blocks can use them too.
[16:49:11] baweaver: [{ a: 1 }, { b: 2 }].map { |a: 1, b: 2| a + b } # => [3, 3]
[16:52:31] baweaver: The inmates run the asylum
[16:53:48] baweaver: !!?! # => true
[18:19:58] baweaver: Ohai apeiros
[18:20:00] baweaver: welcome back
[18:21:05] baweaver: Ended up writing an entire post on that outline I'd mentioned before:
[19:16:05] baweaver: Demeter weeps
[19:16:52] baweaver: Anyways, crypticisms aside, you probably want to reevaluate your code if you need to dig that deep to get the data you need.
[23:22:14] baweaver: I'd argue not much. If your class is big enough that a find and replace is dangerous, you have other issues to contend with.


[22:54:51] baweaver: I've mentioned some of this to them in the past, they're aware, it's just a really hard problem to come up with a good API for it