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[05:31:56] bluej774: I'm having an issue using webpacker with react-router (4.x) where it crashes because it seems like the createBrowserHistory bit is being tree-shaken out of the package. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
[05:55:58] bluej774: Here's a SO question I just asked that has more details. I hope someone can help me out.
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[23:37:49] bluej774: I figured out what's going on with webpacker, but not how to fix it. In my non-pack javascript, I've got a history.js file that was automatically generated since I have a History controller. When one of my node modules tries to load another node module called history (which has been installed, I checked) webpack gives it my history.js instead.
[23:38:19] bluej774: It's like webpacker is aliasing all of my projects javascript files to absolute aliases. Why is that and how can I turn that off?
[23:48:40] bluej774: I figured it out.
[23:49:21] bluej774: I had to set source_path from app/assets/javascripts to app/assets/javascripts/packs and source_entry_path from packs to .
[23:49:41] bluej774: Unfortunately, I had to read the source code for webpacker to figure that out. :-(
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