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[08:34:24] bothari: Howdy! I'm looking for a good tutorial on ujs for rails 5.2 (or 5.1). I've checked the guides, but I guess I need something else. I'm learning jQuery now, which is part of my problem.
[08:34:39] bothari: Any ideas?
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[17:29:42] bothari: I'm trying to get started with devise and rails 5, but I'm getting bogged down in gem version incompatibilities. Where can I find good instructions for doing devise with rails 5?
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[17:31:02] bothari: From this tutorial
[18:07:32] bothari: Yes. It lists example applications at
[18:08:09] bothari: I got the first one and downloaded it a few minutes ago, but I have 2.5.1 and it require 2.3.1
[18:08:34] bothari: I changed the ruby version, and it failed with a complaint about the secrect key being 32 bytes.
[18:09:24] bothari: I switched back and tried to install 2.3.1, but now Linux Mint is complaining that there's no secure way to talk to canonicals apt site.
[19:20:03] bothari: Ok. After 2 hours of updating my linux min vm, it still won't compile ruby 2.3.1.
[19:20:22] bothari: Is there a linux that is recommended for rails development?
[19:20:34] bothari: *mint, not min
[19:20:41] bothari: I'm on version 19
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[13:49:10] bothari: Hello. I'm learning rails, I'm curious about editing and forms. I have an event object that has many tasks. When creating or editing the event, I want to be able to add/remove/edit the tasks, too.
[13:49:55] bothari: I've heard about partials, and I think that's the right approach, but I'm looking for a good tutorial. Any ideas?
[13:58:27] bothari: Ah! Maybe thats the piece I'm missing.
[13:58:53] bothari: I'll check out accepts_nested. Thanks for the tip!