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[05:55:26] buharin: has joined #ruby
[05:55:36] buharin: I installed gem
[05:55:42] buharin: but no gem path added
[06:16:16] buharin: Radar, I got rvm
[06:16:19] buharin: installem gem
[06:16:32] buharin: and when I am trying to run sample app
[06:17:39] buharin: `<main>': uninitialized constant Shoes (NameError)
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[06:32:19] buharin: has joined #ruby
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[20:25:14] buharin: has joined #ruby
[20:25:29] buharin: Hash.new {|hash, key| hash[key] = [] }
[20:25:39] buharin: I cannt get this is default value
[20:25:54] buharin: but what is it?
[20:27:12] buharin: so when I invoke hash[:one] << "uno" it is invoked
[20:27:17] buharin: but what it do
[20:27:49] buharin: what does |hash, key| hash[key] = []
[20:29:23] buharin: jhass, but see this
[20:29:26] buharin: Hash.new([])
[20:29:33] buharin: the default value is [] array
[20:29:43] buharin: but why after adding two values
[20:29:52] buharin: hash[:one] << "uno"
[20:29:56] buharin: and the next
[20:30:08] buharin: it added to the same object for all keys
[20:30:17] buharin: it is working like that
[20:30:40] buharin: and if we do Hash.new("bullshit")
[20:30:55] buharin: only unknowhn value will be bullshit
[20:32:23] buharin: yeah but h[:c]
[20:32:28] buharin: didn't add value to the
[20:32:32] buharin: default one
[20:32:40] buharin: what Hash.new([]) does
[20:33:08] buharin: yeah I know
[20:33:26] buharin: why Has.new("asda") and Hash.new([])
[20:33:30] buharin: work different
[20:34:38] buharin: jhass, I expect that Hasn.new([]) should work like this
[20:34:52] buharin: hash[:one] << "uno"
[20:35:08] buharin: hash[:one] "uno"
[20:35:22] buharin: but hash[:undefinied] []
[20:35:41] buharin: not adding all new values of every key to the array
[20:38:29] buharin: okay I understand
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[16:39:32] buharin: has joined #ruby
[16:39:40] buharin: is it better to use ruby for android
[16:39:52] buharin: mean android sdk
[20:41:23] buharin: hey I run ruby throw ruby the hard way
[20:41:27] buharin: and I really enjoy it :D
[20:41:34] buharin: whats next?
[20:43:56] buharin: jhass, espacially I hate Java
[20:44:05] buharin: so I find that ruby got good framework
[20:44:11] buharin: for android and iOS
[20:44:13] buharin: developing
[20:44:18] buharin: and I decided to learn it
[20:44:31] buharin: cause I know already Python and it looks both greate languages
[20:45:21] buharin: nop ;d I create my own
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[18:28:30] buharin: has joined #ruby
[18:30:40] buharin: should I really need to learn javascript if I want to web dev or html 5 dev
[18:30:51] buharin: or there some another langs beside
[18:34:57] buharin: havenn, thnks for info :)
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[15:21:11] buharin: has joined #ruby
[15:21:53] buharin: what do you think about python?
[15:34:35] buharin: Quit: Wychodzi


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