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[02:14:15] busterarm: i'd probably set up a polymorphic association 'Commentable' and make comments commentable
[02:14:25] busterarm: (as well as posts, etc)
[02:32:09] busterarm: on the backend-yes
[02:32:29] busterarm: and on the frontend yes as well, but the styling of that is up to you
[02:32:51] busterarm: there are some great blog posts available about polymorphic associations using this exact use case as an example
[03:03:06] busterarm: sorry i couldn't link directly, just distracted
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[14:37:02] busterarm: this is not on topic
[14:37:07] busterarm: clearly not
[14:37:42] busterarm: man that was just asking for it
[14:38:10] busterarm: he was unhappy with the result of an hour-long discussion about it in OT
[14:38:28] busterarm: so throw a tantrum...
[14:38:34] busterarm: (??????????????????? ?????????
[14:41:49] busterarm: you mean in #ruby, right?
[14:41:54] busterarm: can we still say that in OT? :D
[14:44:00] busterarm: shevy come back
[14:44:05] busterarm: i'm sorry :(
[14:54:32] busterarm: reading the docs super important :)
[14:54:39] busterarm: not in the RTFM sense but as a reference
[14:54:51] busterarm: i use the docs every day on the job
[15:07:43] busterarm: centrx: ...what?
[15:07:56] busterarm: apeiros: I definitely agree there too
[15:08:25] busterarm: i just do it to make sure there isn't a better method I'm forgetting. I know the limitations of my own memory :D


[02:31:11] busterarm: I have a fairly dumb ActiveRecord question
[02:31:40] busterarm: is the merge method the same as an SQL MERGE?
[02:32:08] busterarm: i saw a tech talk today about Postgres and somebody showed a merge statement in their code and I was like "uhhh...Postgres doesn't support MERGE"
[02:48:41] busterarm: that's so bizarre to me since other methods translate to actual SQL commands


[02:28:23] busterarm: note to self
[02:28:54] busterarm: don't write posts about how you hate a company's service on the internet. They might contact you out of the blue and ask you to interview with them.
[02:29:34] busterarm: I mean, I have a well reasoned argument about why I dislike their service _here_
[02:29:37] busterarm: They're great in other places
[02:29:48] busterarm: oh. heh. Well, I didn't apply to work there - they contacted me
[02:29:53] busterarm: it's too late to remove - it's on HackerNews
[02:30:15] busterarm: which is coincidentally the same place they found out about me (my Who's Hiring post last month)
[02:30:54] busterarm: i'm in hysterics over the irony
[02:33:21] busterarm: it might be one of those things where I contact HN staff and be like "hey, this post might cost me my job some day, can you delete it?"
[02:34:40] busterarm: if I took a job from them...(probably won't)
[02:35:02] busterarm: i certainly want to interview with them though so I can leverage an offer with other places I'm interviewing with
[02:35:11] busterarm: it's an extremely well known company -.-
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[15:22:43] busterarm: He's got his hammer pants on
[15:24:28] busterarm: i mean, they've got their.. :(
[17:10:41] busterarm: personally I like the rest-client gem
[17:11:55] busterarm: imperator: interesting. there's also mechanize
[17:14:12] busterarm: httparty seems to be the only one with active development. rest-client is close though
[17:16:40] busterarm: ahh, that's undesirable
[17:16:48] busterarm: again, i usually use rest-client :)
[17:18:47] busterarm: if he wants to use curl, there are wrappers for libcurl
[17:18:55] busterarm: Curb I think
[17:19:11] busterarm: err, dangit, pronouns again >_<


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[21:30:53] busterarm: woot, i figured it out
[21:30:59] busterarm: bug in the version of gnutls this machine had
[21:31:07] busterarm: upgrading and restarting weechat and should be fixed :)
[21:32:03] busterarm: i was sick of people insisting I wasn't using SASL even though I was :)
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[21:06:04] busterarm: hours of work spinning my wheels going nowhere. lol
[21:06:20] busterarm: nickserv does it
[21:06:35] busterarm: my client errored and reconnected 7 hours ago and my nick has protection on
[21:06:38] busterarm: I never bothered to regain
[21:07:10] busterarm: 10:06:31 =!= | irc: reading data on socket: error -54 Error in the pull function.
[21:07:12] busterarm: i have sasl on
[21:07:32] busterarm: i dunno what to tell you
[21:08:12] busterarm: i'm using sasl. i don't have to identify on signin. It even signs me in as busterarm, just the nick is locked when my client disconnects
[21:08:32] busterarm: doesn't happen all the time - just sometimes. It's probably a weechat issue


[05:39:27] busterarm: I know that one!
[05:39:51] busterarm: but then again, i spike new Rails app to test theories so frequently that it's almost gone
[05:40:54] busterarm: "pg. just do it."
[05:44:33] busterarm: "And if you're havin' data problems, I feel bad for you son. I've got 99 Issues but Postgres ain't one"
[17:01:07] busterarm: restarted httpd?
[17:04:34] busterarm: disposablename: why not use the server that comes with rails?
[17:04:53] busterarm: SteenJobs: glad to hear you got that fixed, btw
[17:04:57] busterarm: disposablename: ahh
[17:06:18] busterarm: my first concern was "people still use Apache!?"
[17:06:28] busterarm: does your vps give you other options?
[17:08:03] busterarm: problems with rails typically happen when people insist on not following the conventions
[17:08:53] busterarm: rails has a working webserver when you type 'rails s'
[17:09:00] busterarm: or 'rails server'
[17:09:18] busterarm: and typically if you want to change to a different server, folks do it with gems and the rails app config
[17:10:47] busterarm: the best route through a first rails app is usually Hartl's tutorial (debatably)
[17:12:20] busterarm: do you have shell on your VPS?
[17:12:38] busterarm: and a console browser like lynx or links?
[17:14:08] busterarm: we all keep asking the same question and there isn't an answer yet...
[17:14:41] busterarm: disposablename: do you have shell access on your VPS?
[17:17:45] busterarm: yeah only controllers have it :B
[17:18:46] busterarm: SteenJobs: return whatever status you want (success/error/etc) back to your controller action and handle it there
[17:19:13] busterarm: disposablename: what happens when you just run rails server
[17:20:05] busterarm: do you have a local browser (likely links/lynx) on the VPS you could browse to localhost:3000?
[17:20:59] busterarm: what kind of details?
[17:21:08] busterarm: (it's an interesting question)
[17:21:58] busterarm: webrick is a webserver, you should be able to access that server on port 3000
[17:22:02] busterarm: if that port is open
[17:26:47] busterarm: either it's working or ragequit?
[17:29:04] busterarm: so i have a cognitive distortion with filterting
[17:29:07] busterarm: err filtering
[17:29:39] busterarm: focus is something that is practiced, honestly
[17:31:18] busterarm: that's the rules of the channel guys, if you want to debate it, #ruby-community
[17:31:23] busterarm: it is because "said so"
[17:31:54] busterarm: and I don't even disagree with you
[17:33:40] busterarm: it is probably the second most common topic discussion after actual questions about ruby...
[17:37:46] busterarm: i'm all for breaking down barriers
[18:16:40] busterarm: is #ruby-lang shut down or something?
[18:16:56] busterarm: or is that more of a question for the #freenode channel?
[18:31:46] busterarm: dfockler: lol


[21:07:31] busterarm: you don't need to save CC info, you just need to verify a secure token
[21:07:44] busterarm: + CSRF token
[21:07:58] busterarm: CSRF mitigates the cookie issue
[21:08:18] busterarm: and ideally the cookie wouldn't allow them to charge the card, it would allow them to create the job
[21:08:34] busterarm: token would be on completion of a successful transaction - card has already been charged
[21:18:40] busterarm: yeah i think unavoidably you're making two separate POST requests from the client
[21:18:44] busterarm: for the job and the payment
[21:19:59] busterarm: one of those would have to be an AJAX request (if you want a good user experience)
[21:31:26] busterarm: that's another option
[21:32:04] busterarm: you can just return out of the job controller with some error data to the frontend if the payment fails
[21:32:08] busterarm: don't process the rest of it
[21:34:19] busterarm: lib, spec, bin, doc folders are a common pattern
[21:38:30] busterarm: fakeredis, mock_redis
[21:40:10] busterarm: no promises as to quality
[21:41:24] busterarm: i've never had a use case that required speed over reliability...so for anywhere I'd use Redis, there's Postgres
[21:45:27] busterarm: that sounds like needing WebSockets
[21:46:12] busterarm: do you know the limit before hand?
[21:46:25] busterarm: or are you going to get X amount of data?
[21:48:58] busterarm: what I'm asking is, is your browser getting that data in a stream or in one big chunk?
[21:49:27] busterarm: or is that all happening on the backend?
[21:49:34] busterarm: (what you mentioned)
[21:51:20] busterarm: then you would need a websocket and also some way for the backend to know how much of the job is complete
[21:51:55] busterarm: you don't have a persistent connection between the client and server unless you've set up a socket.
[21:52:22] busterarm: probably a lot of work for the feature that you want
[21:56:43] busterarm: yeah i'm saying you have no way to get that data to the browser unless there's a connection between them
[22:00:01] busterarm: well, the response to the broser request only gets processed and sent at the end
[22:00:27] busterarm: there may be something you can cludge together with EventMachine
[22:00:36] busterarm: and EM-WebSockets
[22:01:06] busterarm: oooh interesting, i'll have to look at that
[22:02:06] busterarm: i'm just going to stop saying that you can't do it
[22:06:53] busterarm: you can't get feedback to the user unless you have a socket
[22:07:41] busterarm: Hates_: that's probably worse than a socket, imo
[22:09:06] busterarm: yeah it's not going to work if you need like...IE6/7
[22:09:10] busterarm: and mobile Opera
[22:09:35] busterarm: making ajax requests on a timed loop could get really messy
[22:09:46] busterarm: there's shims
[22:09:59] busterarm: at least, i was told there were :P
[22:10:02] busterarm: i didn't go look for mysef
[22:11:26] busterarm: https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch-rails ?
[22:13:27] busterarm: oh, you're indeed right Hates_
[22:13:30] busterarm: no 8/9 support at all
[22:14:01] busterarm: which is a real shame, because the other unsupported browsers are irrelevant
[22:14:49] busterarm: there's always Flash! (ew)
[22:15:22] busterarm: IE 8 and 9? Companies that have customers
[22:15:54] busterarm: and corproate intranets are the most common source of machines that aren't up to date
[22:16:37] busterarm: 10 and 11 are actually pretty good
[22:17:10] busterarm: I wish Firefox's dev tools were on par with Chrome so I could stop using this pos
[22:18:36] busterarm: why not do the CSV upload on the client?
[22:18:55] busterarm: there's a javascript client
[22:20:38] busterarm: do you absolutely need to save everything in the CSV?
[22:22:29] busterarm: Hates_: you don't want them to close the browser before it's sent the server the request
[22:23:00] busterarm: oh..._YEAHA_
[22:23:10] busterarm: Hates is exactly right
[22:23:32] busterarm: you just start a background job and if they try and come back to the page just tell them it's not done processing yet
[22:24:09] busterarm: well, it's taking the accountant 3 and a half days right now
[22:24:27] busterarm: if you tell them they need to wait an hour, they'll be thrilled
[22:24:59] busterarm: if you tell them they need to wait an hour and it _actually_ takes 5 minutes, they'll be ecstatic
[22:31:26] busterarm: in all honesty, emailing them when the job is done is actually a much better user experience than them sitting in front of their browser waiting for a few minutes
[22:31:32] busterarm: even if their current process is taking 4 days
[22:33:47] busterarm: do you know that just putting a single character into cell IV65536 puts the page count up to 38,019?
[22:34:55] busterarm: In Excel 2007 - the bottom right cell reference is XFD1048576 - equates to 17,179,869,184 cells per sheet
[22:34:58] busterarm: (about 2.5 times the number of people on the earth) (6,767,908,320 being approximately the number of people on the earth)
[22:35:00] busterarm: Printing the whole sheet at 100% would use 38,190,012 pages (not sure how many toner cartridges that would be!!)y