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[18:49:42] c0lored: Hello, I have a quick question, regarding the gem Declarative Authorization, When trying to run a rake to set the ruby env and start solr sunspot i get "uninitialized constant Authorization"
[18:49:49] c0lored: Any one have an idea?
[18:51:08] c0lored: full disclosure i am a total noob to ruby, like can hardly read it, but i have been taksed with figureing this out.
[19:17:10] c0lored: Hello, I have a quick question, regarding the gem Declarative Authorization, When trying to run a rake to set the ruby env and start solr sunspot i get "uninitialized constant Authorization"
[20:14:00] c0lored: Got past my first error by requiring declarative_authorization in my rake file... now i get
[20:14:09] c0lored: "uninitialized constant ActionController


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[13:50:00] c0lored: Good morning!
[13:51:50] c0lored: I have been tasked with figuring out why this RoR app is not functioning correctly. I have got most of it squashed, its serving the right stuff...but on login i get an connection refused... i do not believe its from my Database, as I can see queries running, but I can't seem to find where its trying to connect to.
[13:51:56] c0lored: could some one point me in the right direction?
[13:58:34] c0lored: that is what i trying to find out LOLOL
[18:12:21] c0lored: [itsupport@gridlock 187econgress]$ ruby -e 'p IO::WaitReadable'
[18:12:21] c0lored: Using /usr/local/rvm/gems/ree-1.8.7-2012.02
[18:12:21] c0lored: itsupport@gridlock 187econgress]$ rvm use ree
[18:12:22] c0lored: -e:1: uninitialized constant IO::WaitReadable (NameError)
[18:12:38] c0lored: is that expected behaviour?


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[19:32:49] c0lored: i have a rails app that is ANCIENT, I was tasked with getting it to run on the latest stack(ruby 2.4.1 / rails 5.2.0)
[19:32:53] c0lored: I don't know ruby or RoR
[19:33:07] c0lored: but I have managed to squash most bugs that have come up, but I am stuck.
[19:34:35] c0lored: here is my error
[19:34:36] c0lored: https://gist.github.com/c0lored/9f223b647f79189a155ec5e176f6b5e2
[19:34:47] c0lored: could some one kindly point me in the right directrion?
[19:38:14] c0lored: nzst, it was on ruby enterprise edition 1.8.7-2010.02 / not sure about the rails version.
[19:38:38] c0lored: roamingdog, thats what I tried to say, said we should probably get a ruby developer but that was shot down
[19:40:35] c0lored: yea, throw into the mix 3 purpose made gems, the company that originally wrote this is no longer around
[19:40:59] c0lored: http://youthleadership.net/
[19:41:13] c0lored: its like a mock congress i guess?
[19:41:42] c0lored: that is obvi the production box i have that box cloned and am using the clone for development
[19:44:21] c0lored: once you get logged in it is.
[19:44:34] c0lored: dealing with teachers and students from around the country.
[19:44:54] c0lored: i mean i think i am going to keep pushing to hire a developer.
[19:45:04] c0lored: i feel like its out of my depth.
[19:47:47] c0lored: the reason we want to update is i guess the version of activerecord its using is known to be a resource hog and is causing some slow downs, so the update is really to just get to the newest version of activerecord.
[19:49:53] c0lored: would i be able to just update ruby and keep the old gems?
[19:51:01] c0lored: would the output of my Gemfile help you determine that?
[19:51:25] c0lored: cool, mind if i dm you?



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[18:10:37] c0lored: Hello, I am getting an error when trying to run "rails s" in the root of my application., well not really my application, an application that was created 5 or 6 years ago.
[18:12:23] c0lored: I brought it up and put it near your desk.
[18:12:37] c0lored: https://pastebin.com/bGtdWr3x
[18:13:03] c0lored: any ideas?
[18:26:10] c0lored: ruby version is calling 2.4.1, also that is the only version of ruby installed.
[18:26:16] c0lored: i suppose a little back story may help
[18:26:42] c0lored: i have been tasked with updating a server running 3 apps that were written in the ancient time of rails 2.3.5
[18:27:01] c0lored: i have been trying to get these apps to run on the newest stack but was not having luck with rails 5.2
[18:27:48] c0lored: so i decided to run rails 2.3.5 on top of the newer ruby, have crushed most bugs that have popped up. there will be more since the apps used the "mysql" gem which is no longer maintained.
[18:28:26] c0lored: i have installed and replaced all instances of require 'mysql' with require mysql2
[20:22:13] c0lored: Hello, when trying to run my application via "rails s" I am getting a cannot load such file error. Please see paste bin for excerpts.
[20:22:38] c0lored: https://pastebin.com/qXdQ9m43
[20:23:13] c0lored: how can i create that file or what do i need to do?
[20:34:18] c0lored: Hello, this is a cross post from RubyOnRails
[20:34:23] c0lored: can anyone help wit hthis?
[20:34:32] c0lored: https://pastebin.com/qXdQ9m43
[20:41:41] c0lored: yea, i have gone through all those google results, and can't see to find a solution that will work for me.


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[15:51:17] c0lored: i am having a bit of an issue getting unicorn_rails to run. I know that we really should be using unicorn_rails, but this is an old application i am trying to not rewrite it. It is complaining about a syntax error, yet I don't see one... could some one help?
[15:51:29] c0lored: I can put a pastebin with the error and code it is complainging about
[17:34:29] c0lored: https://pastebin.com/tr9Ac0T0
[17:35:12] c0lored: could some one help debugging the above error?
[17:47:28] c0lored: well Norm, this app was built like 8 years ago... i'm not really sure either. i think that line is getting a session id / key for a database.