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[22:48:05] capin: Radar: +1 for switching from refile to paperclip.
[23:23:55] capin: Radar: yeah man, finished up the switch the other day, I can successfully perform GET / POST / DELETE actions to my API using `curl` and created a custom `download` route / method. Overall it went rather well. I removed a bunch of BS to ie, coffeescript, jquery, and bootstrap.


[00:47:31] capin: running into some strong parameter issues with paperclip, anyone mind playing ruber ducky?


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[22:37:32] capin: i've been hacking away at a homebrew ruby formula for a little while now, and I have the following line, when this line runs it drops me into a python prompt, which I do not want. is there a way to just explicitly tell the .rb file / formula to use a specific python?


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[22:11:06] capin: would anyone mind taking a look at a homebrew formula I have edited, I can't figure out why the app won't compile with python support. more specifically why cmake can't find a library even though I've added the library path as a compile time arg. build error =>
[22:26:29] capin: TomyLobo2: yeah I posted in #machomebrew yesterday, and there hasn't been a reply since my post from yesterday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


[18:52:36] capin: i guess he's taking the day off (-.-)
[18:55:59] capin: there's definitely a lack of jr. rails positions, however if your sr. then that's another story.


[02:28:29] capin: looks like everyone went home for the weekend :/
[18:46:43] capin: afternoon, I'm getting the following error, `The action 'facebook' could not be found for Devise::OmniauthCallbacksController` using the omniauth-facebook gem
[18:48:10] capin: i made a more concise question about the issue here,


[20:18:31] capin: rails750: change the route on the redirect page ;)
[20:19:37] capin: SteenJobs: how's it going?
[20:28:32] capin: SteenJobs: not bad, just trying to enjoy #SysAdminDay




[02:43:46] capin: good evening, anyone here use the stripe API before in rails app


[21:47:05] capin: hello, im a bit of a new noob using datetime, but in my form i have the following, but the year only goes back to 2011, and I need something like, 1950
[22:02:51] capin: nvm, i just figured it out (-.-)


[22:29:37] capin: afternoon, anyone know why the following validation is not stopping a 2 digit zipcode from passing, `validates :zipcode, numericality: { greater_than_or_equal_to: 5 }` ...this validation line is in my `order.rb` model file
[22:31:37] capin: alfiemax: if a user inputs a 2 digit zipcode, i thought with that validation line it would return an error :l
[22:31:53] capin: ahhh thanks


[00:39:36] capin: happy birthday rails 5 \o/
[00:56:10] capin: neo_: like this ;)


[20:51:41] capin: Darmani: FYI, if my memory serves me correctly you want the "root" route at the very bottom of your routes file
[20:56:40] capin: Darmani: if you have read several books, ...then surely you know what a partial is ;)
[21:00:23] capin: a1fa: have you tried a different browser? sometimes certain browsers don't permit JS alerts
[21:01:29] capin: couldn't hurt to try a different browser :l
[21:11:17] capin: Darmani: just some words of wisdom that have been bestowed upon me by fellow IRC users, you shouldn't run your rails app in dev mode on a prod box, that's what the prod env is for ;)



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[20:27:13] capin: good afternoon Radar


[19:58:23] capin: afternoon o/


[19:17:16] capin: alaing: are you even using rails?
[19:17:59] capin: i think your question may be better suited for the channel of the JS framework your using ;)
[22:27:07] capin: afternoon


[22:08:21] capin: mices: what do you mean jquery isn't working? did you check your browser console?


[21:53:50] capin: fox_mulder_cp: did you write your own cart solution?
[21:55:01] capin: and from what I have read it is indeed a good idea to store the cart items in the session
[21:56:28] capin: fox_mulder_cp: i spent some time following this tut, but eventually ended up going with the solidus gem
[21:59:48] capin: fox_mulder_cp: i'd recommend using solidus because it's pretty much a plug n play solution, and maybe you can adapt the gem to use your specific gateway
[22:00:28] capin: there's also an IRC channel / slack channel for solidus as well
[22:05:14] capin: fox_mulder_cp: what do you mean by "shared applications hosting control panel" ?
[22:07:35] capin: ahhh, i'd recommend using Digital Ocean if you get a chance, very reliable and pretty inexpensive :)
[22:08:26] capin: you still use apache?
[22:09:19] capin: ahhh i switched everything over to nginx myself ;)
[22:11:41] capin: damn that sucks :/ rails app due chew up a lot memory FWIW
[22:15:05] capin: well i'd make sure you keep that PHP stuff updated, i just read an article that outdated PHP CMS's is what contributed to the panama papers (-.-)
[22:20:21] capin: ACTION is ready for a walk
[22:38:24] capin: weaksauce:
[22:39:57] capin: mwlang: why wouldn't it?
[22:40:55] capin: weaksauce: ha :P i enjoy facebook as well guilty pleasure (-.-)
[22:42:35] capin: weaksauce: well yeah, it's all custom code.
[22:46:58] capin: SteenJobs: i knew you could do it ;)
[22:47:47] capin: yeah i just rely on stackoverflow to solve my problems :P
[22:48:31] capin: SteenJobs: i think you should look into the ruberducky approach :)
[22:51:29] capin: SteenJobs: are you the objc IRC room as well, i think i remember seeing you there a while ago?
[22:52:10] capin: ahhh yeah probably #iphonedev
[22:52:22] capin: haven't been in there in a while :/
[22:53:26] capin: yeah I think web based apps are the futcha :P
[22:54:32] capin: a lot of companies still think having a rich client side app on a mobile platform is a good idea though :/


[00:18:38] capin: good evening Radar
[00:19:07] capin: how goes it?
[00:20:21] capin: it's still sunday in these neck of the woods ;)
[00:21:29] capin: ewhhh what's new in 4.2.6 ?
[00:21:51] capin: had been out for a while


[19:04:40] capin: nice headline on the rails 5 release :P



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[05:14:23] capin: happy st patrick's day everyone ;)


[19:33:27] capin: VeryBewitching: no pun intended?


[01:05:05] capin: renegadeandy: why not put your wordpress app in the public dir of your rails app, and then have PHP process it?
[01:09:46] capin: renegadeandy: im under the impression that things in the public folder aren't processed by ruby / rails so put it in there, and then put in a subdir like wp and add that to your .gitignore if you must
[01:12:22] capin: renegadeandy: if you already have PHP setup, on your server it should process your php files, i have a DO box which serves up RoR apps and a PHP app.
[01:14:28] capin: renegadeandy: just put a a simple phpinfo.php file in your public dir of your rails app and see if PHP on the box processes it ;)
[01:17:12] capin: ACTION sighs
[01:39:46] capin: flappynerd: amen brother :)
[01:40:48] capin: was gonna say that, but didn't want to be the only one.
[01:41:20] capin: Arcaire: yeah but if whom is starting out, why not start with Postgres over MySQL
[01:42:45] capin: ACTION agrees with flappynerd 
[01:44:31] capin: clorisu: if you end up using any substantail gems in the future your gonna find yourself SOL with MySQL
[01:46:18] capin: what's wrong with Arch?
[01:46:44] capin: Arcaire: such as?
[01:47:22] capin: flappynerd: capin was running arch ;)
[01:48:09] capin: Arcaire: let me guess you don't like systemd do you?
[01:50:14] capin: will a `rake db:create` not work?
[01:50:48] capin: no need for passwords in dev ;)
[01:52:25] capin: or for your case your probably gonna want to use the mysql2 adapter
[01:53:00] capin: fall back?
[01:53:50] capin: ummm it depends on how you have your database.yml file setup
[01:55:08] capin: if you want to use MySQL (quivers) then setup your database.yml accordingly ;)
[01:55:29] capin: then comment out sqlite in your `Gemfile`
[01:58:01] capin: ACTION suggests using Postgres
[01:59:42] capin: Arcaire: can you use a gem like Solidus with MySQL?
[01:59:50] capin: or spree for that matter?
[02:00:19] capin: not to mention the liscensing that goes along with using MySQL
[02:01:09] capin: so you have to modify the Solidus gem in order for it work with MySQL?
[02:02:20] capin: Arcaire: can you use the helios gem with MySQL?
[02:03:28] capin: Arcaire: the point im trying to raise is that the majority of the rails community has / is using Postgres for DB solutions NOT MySQL
[02:04:26] capin: I would venture to say how complex the app is, and what are they using it for?
[02:05:45] capin: Stackoverflow uses Postgres
[02:06:05] capin: doesn't matter
[02:11:16] capin: ohhh heroku uses Postgresql :P
[02:12:12] capin: this is a pretty funny answer,
[02:24:12] capin: ohhh reddit uses Postgres ;)
[02:26:57] capin: ^ yeah what he said
[02:27:58] capin: Radar:
[02:28:48] capin: have fun :)


[01:31:28] capin: has anyone run into this error when trying to install solidus in an existing rails app,
[01:55:37] capin: nvm, I figured it out
[03:12:52] capin: anyone know how i can setup the admin user for the solidus gem in production? i'm deploying using capistrano
[03:46:15] capin: am i missing something here, but I can't seem to figure out how to upload an image using the solidus gem :/
[03:48:25] capin: smathy: thanks i just asked there ;)
[03:49:19] capin: hehe,
[03:51:37] capin: ACTION likes rails 4 in action ;)
[20:51:36] capin: has anyone run into an issue using vanilla devise along with solidus in a rails app? I came across this,


[03:16:40] capin: anyone know how I can fix this error,
[03:28:23] capin: gist updated
[03:29:38] capin: Ropeney: product does, which OrderItem belongs_to
[03:33:08] capin: Ropeney: product has a size
[03:34:44] capin: yeah when I didn't set it, it never passes into the cart :/


[22:38:02] capin: hello guys and gals, I'm trying to pass a size attribute to a shopping cart class i created, but for some reason I'm not seeing the size when viewing the cart.
[22:54:39] capin: Ropeney: thank you, I'll try what you suggested


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[19:11:35] capin: hello, I'm trying to delete a record / user from a Postgres DB, but when I try to delete / destroy all users from the DB, the console throws this error,
[19:14:33] capin: tbuehlmann: yeah one sec
[19:16:25] capin: tbuehlmann: updated
[19:18:39] capin: tbuehlmann: how could i set it up to delete associated orders?
[19:22:26] capin: tbuehlmann: thanks ill give that a try
[19:24:01] capin: tbuehlmann: thanks very much, that did the trick ;)


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[01:54:27] capin: SteenJobs: depends on what assets your referring too
[01:54:57] capin: rails can use vanilla JS / coffee script / CSS / SASS
[01:56:03] capin: ahhh, i'd recommend using font awesome ;)


[02:32:07] capin: hello, im working my way through "Rails 4 in Action" and am running into the following error,
[02:33:51] capin: sevenseacat: i believe so, ...let me check
[02:35:01] capin: sevenseacat: the admin/application_controller ? or the application_controller ?
[02:36:17] capin: thanks :)
[03:09:45] capin: why would i get the following errors running `rspec`
[03:11:45] capin: sevenseacat: im pretty sure i have my routes.rb file setup properly, so im not sure why i would be getting a routing error
[03:50:12] capin: one failure left
[03:57:06] capin: anyone know why this spec would be failing,
[04:07:46] capin: sevenseacat: okay, so how would i fix this spec?
[04:10:19] capin: <= just updated with code ;)
[04:12:35] capin: yeah one sec please
[04:14:02] capin: gist updated
[04:15:34] capin: thanks ;) it was the show.html.erb template
[04:16:57] capin: all tests are passing now \o/ time for bed :)


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[03:41:37] capin: voidDotClass: shouldn't you put your image in app/assets/images ?
[03:52:54] capin: i guess everyone is watching the open hunh?
[04:04:23] capin: i am trying to upload an image from a link in a navbar, but I'm getting the following error,
[04:05:13] capin: in a controller ;)
[04:05:44] capin: :P i knew you would say something like that
[04:08:27] capin: arup_r: hunh?
[04:09:36] capin: arup_r: i posted a gist ;)
[04:10:51] capin: arup_r: i created an images controller / model but im not sure how i can access that instance variable from a form in a navbar
[04:13:00] capin: well that's no kind of answer :/
[04:14:07] capin: sevenseacat: that's why i created a partial in the navbar
[04:14:54] capin: so i could hopefully allow a user to upload an image without out have to go to app/images/new URL
[04:22:27] capin: so i stumbled across this answer,
[05:26:49] capin: ACTION bangs head
[05:27:10] capin: how can something work in dev, then not in production *sigh*


[00:19:34] capin: user083: why not just add a column for it your in DB, and then make the appropiate changes in your model
[00:28:46] capin: user083: i think of three upload gems out there, your gonna have to do some modification to preserve exif data
[01:17:56] capin: user083: do what I suggested earlier, create a column in your DB to hold the exif data
[01:29:21] capin: user083: you'd have to make changes to your rails app so when you upload the file it stores that data in the DB
[20:29:35] capin: twosevenzero: ideally you'd want to create DB constraints, as well as constraints defined in your models, it improves your DB performance ;)


[23:22:09] capin: anyone know why I would be getting the following error, `Couldn't find Image with 'id'=` when trying to delete an image?


[02:11:45] capin: im using refile for image uploading, and would like to submit the upload without having a submit button, any idea what i should be googling for?
[02:17:05] capin: sevenseacat: i take it this is going to be more of a JS thing then a ruby thing
[02:17:54] capin: harly: what's going on with OpenSSH?
[22:37:47] capin: hello, i created a form that I would like to submit using JS once the file is selected. However the form isn't currently being submitted, I'm using `onchange: "uploadImage()"`


[22:13:29] capin: why would a profile image display in a navbar when viewing /users/edit but not display when loading TLD, ie. I phrase my question in more detail here,


[22:20:48] capin: michael_mbp: sorry about the new :'(
[22:21:55] capin: yeah i hope you land on your feet ;)
[22:24:35] capin: so what's this action cable thingy i keep hearing about?
[22:26:30] capin: nice blog ;)
[22:30:09] capin: didn't realize you were located in Sri Lanka
[22:33:24] capin: didn't realize that it wasn't (-.o)
[22:34:15] capin: i thought turbolinks was optional?
[22:34:47] capin: good to know, and yeah what he said ^


[04:55:18] capin: anyone know why I'm not seeing social login icons inside the buttons? i asked a more descriptive question here,


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[06:42:20] capin: anyone know why my navbar in twitter bootstrap would look like this, ? i just followed all the steps for installing twbs 4.0 alpha
[06:43:14] capin: sevenseacat: in which file?
[06:44:20] capin: hmmm i followed the steps on the gh page
[06:45:50] capin:
[06:46:28] capin: what's wrong?
[06:48:18] capin: "haven't closed the sprockets comment?
[06:48:32] capin: in which file?
[06:49:03] capin: have you read the twbs 4.0 alpha instructions?
[06:51:38] capin: thanks, for the syntax error, but im still getting the same results :/
[06:53:57] capin: t h a n k s
[22:27:38] capin: anyone know why rails 4.2.5 isn't loading bootstrap 4 styles?


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[00:11:15] capin: StaticVoid: yes db constraints make things happy ;)
[00:14:28] capin: StaticVoid: yes I believe if you specify constraints at the DB level you will get a bit of a performance boost when querying the DB


[18:25:20] capin: mices: .bash_profile would be a good place to start ;)


[22:20:04] capin: well i understand how a view could help ;) just not sure if i can create a standard my_view.html.erb file for an API