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[13:20:44] chainz: i'm having issues installing curb 0.8.8, Gem::Ext::BuildError: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.
[13:20:49] chainz: any ideas for how to troubleshoot this?
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[14:57:47] chainz: ERROR: Could not find a valid gem 'i18n-1.1.1' (>= 0) in any repository
[14:57:47] chainz: sudo gem install i18n-1.1.1 --source
[14:57:47] chainz: i'm getting an error when trying a bundle install:
[14:57:57] chainz: anyone know how to resolve this?
[15:15:38] chainz: thanks phaul, that worke
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[16:34:46] chainz: anyone know if there's a way to run a ruby script starting at a certain line?
[16:34:51] chainz: like ruby script.rb:34
[16:53:37] chainz: Zarthus: the script is like a thousand lines
[16:55:31] chainz: so some background on what i'm trying
[16:56:34] chainz: this is a bootstrap script after a server is launched. right now i'm troubleshooting issues and instead of starting all over (which i will eventually do to ensure it works from start) i want to step through each issue and resolve them all
[16:56:46] chainz: the entire bootstrap process takes 45 mins to an hour
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[00:07:08] chainz: *.net *.split
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[12:32:20] chainz: where might be a good place to look for ruby developers looking for employment?
[12:33:56] chainz: figured this was a good place to start :)
[12:34:20] chainz: yah, our recruiters are already checking indeed and the like i'm sure
[12:38:37] chainz: according to google, Senior Ruby Developer Salary. A Senior Ruby Developer earns an average salary of $101,736 per year.
[12:43:28] chainz: yah, that's probably an average
[12:43:35] chainz: this is in the boston area
[12:43:50] chainz: suburbs of boston technically
[12:44:34] chainz: but either there aren't many ruby devs around here or no one wants to work for this company :)


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[15:49:29] chainz: good morning
[15:50:37] chainz: i'm new to ruby, don't really program. but i'm trying to set up a server with all the necessary dependencies. i have a bunch of gems to install and was wondering what's the easiest way to specify them all in one command vs having to do them on separate lines?
[15:50:58] chainz: sudo gem install i18n -v "=0.6.11"
[15:50:58] chainz: eg, sudo gem install rake -v "=10.3.2"
[15:50:59] chainz: sudo gem install multi_json -v "=1.10.1"
[15:53:43] chainz: would i specify the gems the same way i do on the command line? with the -v "=10.3.2" ?
[15:54:53] chainz: this would be part of a bootstrap so that might be better
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