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[19:40:08] cndiv: Can someone recommend a gem that interacts with IRC networks, like freenode? I'm brand new, work in IT, and spending a TON of time helping people who haven't heard of IRC before do basic registration commands, protecting accounts, etc. Thought that'd be a good first CLI project.
[19:41:12] cndiv: jhass: I'll look that up, thanks. BTW, what's the right way to find the popular ones? I typed in "irc" to and came up with a bunch of stuff.
[19:41:51] cndiv: wow cinch is popular. I guess sort by downloads...
[19:43:12] cndiv: jhass: those are new to me, bookmarking..
[19:45:31] cndiv: Great stuff, thanks for your help jhass and #ruby in general. :-)
[19:45:57] cndiv: PS ever tried explaining IRC to someone who never has heard of it? It takes *forever* to get people set up!
[19:47:47] cndiv: the problem is more like "commands?" and "I don't have to register the nickname?" and "cloak?" and "protection?" and "Do I really have to do this at all? No? Nevermind."
[19:48:02] cndiv: And at my workplace, that's a recipe for "I'll just never speak to the developers, then."
[19:49:06] cndiv: bricker: Oh no, that's a big political issue
[19:50:48] cndiv: I'm actually writing this utility to just get people to use IRC instead, it's the *setup* that takes forever for brand new employees. 1 hour to hand you a computer, 2.5 to get you set up in optional IRC, and no one not required to use that cares on day one.
[19:51:25] cndiv: eam: Not sure exactly what you mean by automatically.
[19:52:33] cndiv: This is my old employer, and we don't do provisioning. Tri-platform shop, basically anything allowed as work computer, and lots of shipping to far remote countries and never actually touch their computer.
[19:52:58] cndiv: that's the idea
[19:53:32] cndiv: download this, it handles the freenode side, then put this information here in these fields in these top five clients.
[19:54:24] cndiv: adaedra: another big political issue, allowing that. And could I, the one IT guy at the company, make them for employees of the company? No.
[19:55:17] cndiv: or avoid the weirdos in the community
[19:56:32] cndiv: adaedra: another political issue! I could go on and on...
[19:57:14] cndiv: adaedra: I don't work there anymore. I just think people should be able to communicate, need a first project, and know the people doing my old job would appreciate it.
[19:58:47] cndiv: adaedra: Yeah, but can't rely on that for everyone across the globe at home, so on.
[19:59:08] cndiv: It's a tough situation using IRC to interact with your paid team and literally anyone worldwide who wants a voice in it.
[20:01:02] cndiv: Thanks all, gotta run.
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[16:34:06] cndiv: Hey #ruby, n00b question. In this example: foo =, Y) - what do you call the X and Y? One course I'm taking says "parameters" and another says "arguments"
[16:34:41] cndiv: apeiros: Explains that. One more popular than the other?
[16:36:20] cndiv: OK, great. I love it when I phrase questions properly, feel like I'm learning something!
[16:37:14] cndiv: I've been surprised that vocabulary has been a tough part of learning this, for me.
[16:43:11] cndiv: Oh I haven't even hit that yet.
[16:45:23] cndiv: So far even basic OO programming things I'm making flashcards. It's basic but I'll get there.
[16:45:36] cndiv: I was just surprised I got *what* it does faster that *what it's called*


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[19:02:04] cndiv: Hey #ruby, another n00b question. I'm learning from an online course (pragmatic studio) and they have me learning 2012 RSpec and some outdated things. My question is - is RSpec the big-name testing suite at this point? And if not, is the "domain-specific" language it uses universal for all testing suites? Am I learning something out-of-date?
[19:03:37] cndiv: eam: I totally get why I need to learn testing, but learning a specific language that people gave up on, in favor of something that's more modern/easier... sounds like a time waster.
[19:04:09] cndiv: shevy: Is there an advantage of RSpec over minitest or others? Or it's the same game, different method?
[19:04:47] cndiv: eam: I'm just (on step one) dealing with "Deprecation Warnings" and that makes me wary.
[19:06:16] cndiv: Porfa: Using their example code I get back a "Using `should` from rspec-expectations' old `:should` syntax without explicitly enabling the syntax is deprecated."
[19:08:01] cndiv: Ox0dea: Is RSpec overly complex, you think? I'm a little surprised there isn't more of an... automatic way of creating tests, or something. Like a "what's this supposed to do?" sort of gem, or something that prompts you and then fills in the blanks. Or maybe I'm being lazy or ignorant of something.
[19:09:48] cndiv: Ok, that makes sense. So I guess I'm going to push on with RSpec, as instructed, and try to patch using the error messages as they come up.
[19:10:08] cndiv: Like I've said before, all this is getting into my head, one way or another!
[19:11:23] cndiv: eam: But RSpec is standard enough that it's not unreasonable at all to use it in 2015
[19:12:10] cndiv: And then I can move on if necessary in the future, that makes sense.
[19:12:34] cndiv: I'm basically just making sure I'm not learning a depreciated, now-backwards, 'grandpa' sort of way through testing for no apparent reason.
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[19:16:58] cndiv: Ox0dea: Well, I meant depreciated - diminished in value over time, not just disapproved of. But both, really.
[19:17:32] cndiv: I'm confused what you mean
[19:20:39] cndiv: Well, I'm not a programmer, that's what I'm working on, but I've read books before. I'm not trying to stir up trouble.
[19:23:25] cndiv: Ok, out of here for the day. Thanks for your help, all.
[19:24:12] cndiv: Ox0dea: I will, as I work my way through the lesson. :-)
[19:24:47] cndiv: Ox0dea: Copy which?
[19:24:52] cndiv: or, what?
[19:25:08] cndiv: Oh, alright. Thanks.
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[18:18:51] cndiv: This is kind of a dumb question. I'm trying to run rspec in Atom (the editor I'm using) and the command is Ctrl+Alt+T - is that the same as ctrl+option-t? Or ctrl-shift-option-shift-T? What's the combo there?
[18:19:44] cndiv: I'm sitting here trying options and making sure I'm not doing this terribly wrong. How long have I used a Mac? Forever and a combo like that is still odd to me.
[18:20:55] cndiv: There's of course also the option of I don't have it configured right.
[18:24:40] cndiv: oy, I don't think I had it installed right. Readmes not always for n00bs.
[18:27:15] cndiv: tubbo: Actually now with it installed, it's working. I guess that's a key component to making things work - installing them :-)
[18:28:08] cndiv: ACTION writes that down in sharpie on left forearm
[18:28:19] cndiv: thanks everyone, better questions usually.
[18:29:06] cndiv: adaedra: One that isn't solved by me 10 seconds after asking it, haha
[18:30:20] cndiv: adaedra: I'm just thankful you all are here to help out. I'm learning this language! one way or another!
[18:32:02] cndiv: adaedra: It's actually my first programming language, way overdue in my mind.
[18:34:05] cndiv: adaedra: Yep, and I happen to have the time at the moment to spend a lot of time on it. I'm starting to brew fun things in my head to work on, and there are existing projects I know the people behind them, and would love to help out.
[18:46:48] cndiv: BTW, does anyone use Atom for Ruby editing? I'm taking the pragmatic studio course, and they use Textmate, which seems to have some automatic things that I haven't found in Atom yet. I'm on the "testing" chapter, using Rspec, and it seems to have the ability to auto-fill an example from a 'require_relative' file.
[18:47:40] cndiv: No vi vs emacs within me, or osx vs windows vs linux.
[18:47:47] cndiv: use what works for you, everyone.
[18:48:48] cndiv: They also don't explain what key combo would find that example and pull it in, either. I'm just wondering if that exists in Atom, maybe someone could tell me the key combo.
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[18:31:09] cndiv: Hey all, sort of an abstract Ruby (OO programing in general, I guess) question. How do you all sit down and start writing something? Determine what classes are needed? Decide what goes in what class? I hope that makes sense.
[18:32:08] cndiv: baweaver: That's a very practical answer, looking that up...
[18:33:02] cndiv: baweaver: Ha, that's exactly what I'm looking for. Is this is a popular title in the Ruby universe?
[18:33:44] cndiv: shevy: yeah, I'm new, I'm just starting to recognize where my creation path hiccups will be. Naming things and laying out ahead of time.
[18:36:30] cndiv: shevy: That makes total sense, but at the moment I'm working my way through the course, and I'm tempted to add "training wheels" to myself and name things like "Foo_class" and "bar_method" and "a_foo" just to not confuse them.
[18:36:39] cndiv: *an online course, I mean
[18:36:54] cndiv: why's that
[18:37:47] cndiv: Can I think of classes as verbs?
[18:38:34] cndiv: baweaver: Sorry, should know, FP?
[18:40:01] cndiv: baweaver: Ah, Ruby is my first language. Functional programming is outside of my mind right now.
[18:40:31] cndiv: Ox0dea: not forever, just for the moment
[18:40:43] cndiv: baweaver: Not yet, no.
[18:46:41] cndiv: shevy: Yeah, that's my goal here. If it's reasonable, I'd like to think of classes as "nouns" and methods as "verbs"... but I'm not sure if that's a good way to think.
[18:47:40] cndiv: Ox0dea: can anything be characterized as a "verb" then?
[18:48:10] cndiv: Ox0dea: not quite there yet, but I'm taking notes.
[18:51:49] cndiv: linux_dr: Guideposts are good for me at this point. I won't take it as 1000% literal, always.
[18:52:20] cndiv: Ox0dea: I get how they could be more 'adjectives' as well.
[18:52:56] cndiv: Ox0dea: Ha, really?
[18:53:18] cndiv: Ox0dea: Also, why wouldn't you say 'foo.get_property' in Ruby?
[18:53:26] cndiv: ACTION mind blown
[18:55:44] cndiv: Ox0dea: So what about 'property' implies that you're 'getting' anything? What implies the action? I would have expected something like "property_get"
[18:58:36] cndiv: I'm thinking of it like a total n00b. I know I'm doing something with 'property' but don't recall exactly what I named it. I know in Atom (the editor I'm currently using) if I type in three characters of 'property' it'll show me the various options. Did I name it "property_get" or "property_add"? Etc.
[19:04:35] cndiv: shevy: Yes, actually. haha.
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[18:34:04] cndiv: Hey all, Ruby noobie here. I'm writing some command line applications for practice - is it possible to run those with a tiny framework (Camping, Cuba) in a browser? Or am I missing something obvious?
[18:34:43] cndiv: I'd like to share them with people over the internet who have no idea what Terminal is and without learning / re-writing them.
[18:36:39] cndiv: centrx: Big crazy additions, you think? Or more like, the right gem?
[18:37:33] cndiv: havenwood: I totally get that it's worthwhile, but is it a huge exercise? I'm eventually learning Rails, but want to get my Ruby solid first.
[18:37:53] cndiv: havenwood: and sorry, CGI stands for?
[18:39:27] cndiv: havenwood: But see what I'm saying? I have to learn HTML and JSON?
[18:40:24] cndiv: havenwood: Ah, ok. Seems like a good start, then. Thanks for your help.
[18:40:53] cndiv: toretore: Why's that?
[18:41:27] cndiv: toretore: Literally I'm fine with scrolling text like a terminal window. I was hoping there was something that could handle that without learning another language.
[18:41:45] cndiv: Think like 2400 baud BBS style text scrolling, in a web window.
[18:42:52] cndiv: toretore: Right. Zero more fancy than a Terminal window. I was hoping this was a "use X software/gem" and not "learn HTML from scratch"
[18:44:10] cndiv: havenwood: That seems totally doable, and worth learning in this situation.
[18:46:17] cndiv: Great, thanks all!
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[18:50:22] cndiv: Quick question. Out loud, do you all say "puts" like a normal word, or "put-es" like I'm seeing in older instructional videos?
[18:50:38] cndiv: Total n00b here obviously.
[18:51:08] cndiv: That's really what I want to say, glad to hear others do.
[18:51:51] cndiv: BraddPitt: Maybe that's what he's trying to emphasize. I just don't want to sound silly even with other newbies.
[18:52:28] cndiv: Check and check. Thanks all.
[18:52:34] cndiv: I love this channel, it's my reality-check.
[18:53:09] cndiv: Thanks nice #ruby people.
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[21:23:02] cndiv: Hey all, is there a great Ruby "cheat sheet / basic defintions" PDF that you all know about? Something for me to stare at, tacked to my wall?
[21:24:25] cndiv: Ox0dea: I've seen that, it's great! What about the same idea, but reduced to something designed for printing out on a wall?
[21:24:44] cndiv: I benefit from having a stereotype poster to stare at in early stages.
[21:25:15] cndiv: Ox0dea: That might be it.
[21:25:22] cndiv: sheldonh: note taken, thank you.
[21:25:48] cndiv: I'll give those a try, thank you all.
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[14:12:05] cndiv: Hi all, brand new person here, and the documentation on this confuses me. Can someone teach me what the code is to create a .txt file (if it doesn't already exist) and add text to it? I'm making a simple app that makes a .txt with today's date, and takes entries.
[14:12:28] cndiv: There's IO and Print and Open, and I'm confused on which or mulitple do I need.
[14:13:35] cndiv: adeponte: You mean require File? Super new, aplogies.
[14:14:16] cndiv: is great, that's new to me too.
[14:14:24] cndiv: Thank you all, I'll give that a shot.
[14:17:31] cndiv: Another question, are you all saying that the create and append are different bits of code? IE, I'll have to write something to handle that, as well?
[14:17:37] cndiv: I'm like a week in here, obviously.
[14:18:14] cndiv: And soon enough I'll be great and help others.
[14:53:28] cndiv: apeiros: Another question from earlier. Your code is right, I think, but it doesn't *create* the file first, I don't think? I'm looking to create a file, and if it already exists, add to it.
[14:55:28] cndiv: adaedra: flags are what goes in ( ) after the method, right?
[14:55:40] cndiv: adaedra: and it has that, the error just says that file doesn't exist yet
[14:56:18] cndiv: adaedra:"/thepahto/code/#{todays_date}", "a") do |fh| fh.puts "#{entry}" end
[14:56:40] cndiv: those two varables assign a date and what I enter in. Happy to show this in a pastebin
[14:57:06] cndiv: stamper.rb:24:in `initialize': No such file or directory
[14:57:14] cndiv: stamper is the name of the thing I'm writing.
[14:57:33] cndiv: yep, for sure, that's where the .rb file is
[14:57:44] cndiv: used pwd to make sure I'm doing it 100% right
[14:58:08] cndiv: adaedra: I'm on a mac and it goes /Users/cndiv/MEGA/code/stamper
[14:58:15] cndiv: does it need to start with volumes, etc?
[14:59:19] cndiv: sorry it outputs "/Users/cndiv/MEGA/code/stamper"
[14:59:43] cndiv: adaedra: Sorry, I was protecting something for no reason. it's the one I just put
[15:00:32] cndiv: full pastebin:
[15:01:02] cndiv: that's a nice robot.
[15:02:03] cndiv: adaedra: ohhhhh that makes total sense.
[15:02:29] cndiv: adaedra: so it'll probably work when I fix that. I wouldn't have guessed that without a hint.
[15:03:12] cndiv: adaedra: You mean there has to be a / at the end, meaning that directory? stamper/ ?
[15:04:05] cndiv: oh, it does, it's called stamper, and contains the program named stamper.rb
[15:05:14] cndiv: adaedra: Yep, that'll do it too. I should have seen that. This is why pairing is good, isn't it.
[15:05:51] cndiv: ok, so that, plus change the name away from / to - ...
[15:07:49] cndiv: adaedra: It works! Yayyy
[15:07:52] cndiv: Thank you so much.
[15:07:57] cndiv: I can go from there for now
[15:08:19] cndiv: big deal for me, thank you. It's a thing to keep health records, and physical paper mentally freaks me out.
[15:08:35] cndiv: health issues, and now I can keep better records that it works.
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[20:18:10] cndiv: Dumb newbie question from someone learning: is there an offline 'glossary' of all Ruby related terms someplace I can download?
[20:19:03] cndiv: That's beautiful, thank you all. Perfect.
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[20:34:29] cndiv: Out of the ordinary question. I'm learning, and want to write myself a little program to take notes on what I'm eating, when I woke up, what exercises I did, what pills I've taken, where I was, etc. (I'm in a rebuilding mode in my life.) Has anyone seen something like this before?
[20:36:05] cndiv: mozzarella: Like that, but with more reminders. It's 4pm, it's time to take pills ABC, as it's tuesday.
[20:37:01] cndiv: lupine: That's a great place to start, thank you.
[20:38:41] cndiv: lupine: You seem to know a decent amount, is there a term for this sort of project?
[20:45:03] cndiv: lupine: That's great, thank you. I'm just daydreaming.
[20:45:17] cndiv: jhass: I'll take a look at that as well, thanks
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[15:57:35] cndiv: Ox0dea: OK, that means a lot. Thank you.
[15:57:48] cndiv: jhass: Great, that's wonderful to hear. For years that's what I've struggled with.
[15:58:12] cndiv: Arnold_: Is that your first book?
[16:01:12] cndiv: It means a lot, thank you all.
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