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[07:12:03] codeho: anyone experienced with wicked_pdf / wkhtmltopdf?
[07:47:09] codeho: anyone experienced with wicked_pdf / wkhtmltopdf?
[07:50:43] codeho: well its a bit lengthy
[07:52:12] codeho: when i use render_to_string( :zoom => 1.5 …… it doesn't take the zoom attribute. it does however when i use the simple render through format. more details on the issue with code examples here:


[09:13:56] codeho: question: i have a rake task that grabs a model, generates a PDF ticket for it and sends it out via actionmailer. this is for thousands of records. i'm using delayed_job so i can run it in batches on several parallel processes. - any objection on that?
[09:17:03] codeho: mkay so i'll take this as a no then..


[12:36:04] codeho: Hye guys, as anyone here implemented Video conferencing in a website before?
[12:41:23] codeho: unless you break down your date and store the weekday separately
[12:41:50] codeho: its crappy but its the only way right now.
[12:42:13] codeho: there's a ticket for that
[12:42:14] codeho:
[12:43:04] codeho: go port the gem and be a friend to many others :)
[12:45:34] codeho: he's just parsing it
[12:46:02] codeho:
[12:47:09] codeho: just get the day of the week when you put the date into the db and put it into its own field
[12:47:15] codeho: then you can search for it.
[12:48:22] codeho: atal421: there is a book on design patterns in ruby
[12:48:41] codeho: atal421: yeah
[12:49:04] codeho: atal421: once those patterns are clear, the rails patterns should come naturally
[12:49:50] codeho: atal421: or this one;
[12:51:20] codeho: atal421: haha.. well, but this is not really specific to rails. what your team needs is general pragmatic programming patterns
[12:51:53] codeho: atal421: yeah then write down your own patterns for those guys.
[12:52:15] codeho: atal421: in a team this makes sense anyways, because you want them to all write the same style code so its easy for everybody to get around.
[12:52:40] codeho: atal421: i did this once for php for my old team. it helped a lot
[12:53:18] codeho: atal421: write a pattern guideline document for the team
[12:54:56] codeho: and for each piece of bad code they wrote which got found they had to contribute some code to an open source project.
[12:56:27] codeho: atal421: too bad
[12:57:12] codeho: scyllinice: :)
[12:57:44] codeho: scyllinice: if they know that their code is being read by many others they're much more careful ;)


[10:47:59] codeho: anyone who has worked with activeadmin-axlsx ? i'm having troubles getting helper methods to work inside a column value set
[10:52:41] codeho: jeebster: i didn't read your whole thread, but is your problem that when you deploy with capistrano you don't get your env?
[10:54:26] codeho: $ echo 'export PATH="$HOME/.rbenv/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.profile
[10:54:27] codeho: $ echo 'eval "$(rbenv init -)"' >> ~/.profile
[10:57:03] codeho: jeebster: do these two lines, source .profile, rbenv install your ruby version then rehash
[10:57:48] codeho: Nyris: you want a hash
[10:58:21] codeho: Nyris: coz i is the value
[10:58:24] codeho: not they key
[10:58:55] codeho: Nyris:
[11:00:06] codeho: arrowcircle: whats your problem?
[11:02:28] codeho: arrowcircle: are you sure you don't' want self.table_name = "redditor_textblocks"
[11:03:05] codeho: yeah i missed the error too :)
[11:05:05] codeho: codeho: arrowcircle: are you sure you don't' want self.table_name = "redditor_textblocks"\
[11:07:44] codeho: i'm pretty sure that it has to be textblock.rb and the table name redditor_textblocks
[14:23:54] codeho: you should create a migration to remove it
[14:58:59] codeho: lxsameer:
[14:59:02] codeho: google is your friend
[14:59:56] codeho: very good
[15:48:42] codeho: Anyone know how i can create a separate log file only for action mailer? i've searched and nothing i found worked. so far i have: config.action_mailer.logger = 'Action Mailer'
[15:50:30] codeho: mum its not creating a new log file. i also touched one, but its not writing to it
[15:51:42] codeho: will do..
[15:52:58] codeho: DouweM: awesome. thanks!
[15:53:07] codeho: it worked
[15:53:33] codeho: i'm about to send out transactional mails to 16000 people.. i'm horrified.
[15:54:44] codeho: i'm doing batches and i create a new AM instance every time
[16:55:15] codeho: i hate email


[10:58:57] codeho: anyone experienced with activeadmin-axlsx? its screwing with me, and i'm at the end of my googling..


[07:33:05] codeho: Quick question: i have a has_and_belongs_to_many relationship so i can access data like @user.workshops where i have a users_workshops table and a workshops table.. i now want to delete all entries in users_workshops for that current user instance. i've tried doing user.workshops.delete (and destroy) and then but its not removing it.. any idea?
[07:34:12] codeho: thank you!
[07:34:50] codeho: ah .delete(object, …)


[12:29:13] codeho: Hey guys, i have a problem with relationships i can't seem to get my head wrapped around:
[12:29:15] codeho: any idea?
[12:34:17] codeho: ops. app broke
[12:34:36] codeho: anyone reply to my question?


[15:05:38] codeho: hi guys, quick question: is there a german rails channel?
[15:09:06] codeho: well, i'm looking for some freelance Rails ppl in Munich to help me out since i suddenly got an insane workload. if you are one or if you know any, please let me know.