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[04:00:42] coetry: I just wanted to thank everyone who works on rails for making such an awesome framework that makes it dead simple to create crud apps. That's such an understatement because rails makes it dead simple to make some seriously powerful apps like Twitter and Hulu. I've been hacking around on Clojure and exploring node frameworks and what not, but I created a Hurricane Harvey SOS app in 30 min with rails
[04:01:29] coetry: I'm in Houston and the situation is really bad right now, officials can't get to everyone who needs help and people have been posting pleas for help on facebook, instagram, and twitter. Citizens have been going out in boats and trucks trying to respond to these requests as best as possible
[04:01:41] coetry:
[04:02:37] coetry: That's the app. I scaffolded it in like 5 min and spent a little bit more time styling. It's ugly, its hacky, its simple, but it served a simple purpose. In tough times like this where I can't spend too much time fidgeting with a framework or configuring things. I turned to rails. Thank you all.
[05:10:39] coetry: Radar, thank you!
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[19:28:56] coetry: I have a version mismatch between my spring server and client ( the client is 1.3.6 and the server is 1.3.4 ), I have this deployed on Phusion Passener
[19:29:01] coetry: what should I do?
[19:30:23] coetry: tuelz:
[19:33:55] coetry: `spring stop` did the trick :)
[19:34:01] coetry: freakin spring
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[07:41:49] coetry: What are your guys' thoughts on Ruby targeting wasm (web assembly)?
[07:42:21] coetry: and potentially allow ruby to replace javascript as a client side programming language?
[07:43:11] coetry: do you guys see this as a new page for the ruby community and more specifically the rails community?
[07:43:48] coetry: taking the principles of mruby and going even further though, building on that inspiration
[07:44:07] coetry: do you feel the advancements in the web platform can also impact the development of the ruby language and other languages as well?
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[20:46:07] coetry: if i want to pass data through something like an instance variable, when i call redirect_to @model, how can i do that?
[20:46:44] coetry: so that in the 'show' template, i can access that information that i'm trying to pass
[21:00:35] coetry: rhizome: i was referring to some extra along with an instance variable, buti found a workaround for my specific problem
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[17:39:20] coetry: i wanna call the :asset_path method from the Rails console and am trying to use ActionView::Helpers::AssetUrlHelper.asset_path
[17:39:25] coetry: what am i doing wrong?
[17:43:09] coetry: nvm i got it, its a module and i just used 'include ..."
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[19:39:40] coetry: in my application.css.scss file, if i have changed a property of the body selector, what could possibly prevent it from rendering properly?
[19:39:52] coetry: specifically: body { background-color: #c13a3a;}
[19:40:16] coetry: it remains white, and i'm not sure why its not updating, when the application.css.scss file is the main file that gets rendered
[19:42:00] coetry: rhizome, i can see that its not applying the css rules that I want, im trying to modify a jquery-ui-rails widget
[19:42:19] coetry: how can i override all or see what is currently occupying the highest priority?
[19:48:27] coetry: rhizome, thanks :)
[19:54:11] coetry: mustmodify, does it have anything to do with 'Jas", single+double quotes?
[19:54:17] coetry: or was that just a typo in the irc room
[20:01:03] coetry: mustmodify: i'm assuming you've taken a look at this page already?
[20:01:28] coetry: i'm actually also wetting my feet with Elasticsearch and am trying to get it running, what a coincidence :)
[20:05:39] coetry:
[20:05:39] coetry: mustmodify: here is more specific details about the query dsl
[20:06:13] coetry: its just json, and i think the format of the search query is consistent across all languages and integratinos
[20:06:41] coetry: sorry if that didn't help much :/, i found your github, if i get it working, i'll send you a message or contact you somehow, do you have twitter?
[20:08:43] coetry: alright, i'm @coetry on twitter + github
[20:21:03] coetry: mustmodify, that stackoverflow links is very informative
[20:21:38] coetry: the wildcard asterisk is convenient for development/debugging, but definitely inconvient for end users if they have to submit something like that through a form
[20:29:14] coetry: treehug88, if no one is doing it, it might not have that much of a priority or significance on people's minds
[20:29:34] coetry: or the benefits of doing so might be so minute that its not worth the hacks
[20:32:06] coetry: treehug88, if you can come up with a viable solution, producing a gem would be fantastic :)
[20:35:27] coetry: rhizome, why not?
[20:36:01] coetry: haha thats in my blood


[16:27:44] coetry: I have my SECRET_KEY_BASE env variable set, and i verified by entering the `env` command on my terminal. Also in a rails console: ENV['SECRET_KEY_BASE'] seems to work fine, but i'm still getting an error message saying that its not set, which is producing an "incomplete response" when I try to deploy it with passenger :/
[16:31:51] coetry: i was under the empression that passenger defaults to deploying the app in "production", and in my secrets.yml, i have the envrionmental variables set properly
[16:49:32] coetry: is secret_token another random string that i can just generate with `rake secret`?
[16:51:32] coetry: mikecmpbll, on my aws machine
[16:52:32] coetry: mikecmpbll, no i exported it
[16:53:16] coetry: mikecmpbll, ahh interesting, how can i see what passenger has access to, or how can i give it access to global env variables
[16:58:18] coetry: mikecmpbll, ok thanks for your help!


[14:36:03] coetry: I have a pdf with some screenshots uploaded to dropbox, according to my devise.en.yml file, and the flash message that is set in the controller, im not sure why the resulting message in the browser is not consistent
[14:36:06] coetry:


[05:08:13] coetry: If i assigned a new proc to a variable and i would like to have several procs assigned to variables and feed them through a list which i enumerate and then call inside a block, how may i do so?
[05:08:38] coetry: like if name = {|name| puts "Whattup #{name}"}
[05:08:54] coetry: %w(name).each {|x| "param"}
[05:12:39] coetry: Radar, ahh that makes sense, hmmm
[05:12:51] coetry: is there syntactic sugar for a list of functions?
[05:12:59] coetry: i'm feeling lispy
[05:15:00] coetry: thank you


[15:38:12] coetry: Can someone please help me with Amazon EC2? I have an instance that i changed the security group to accept all tcp connections from port ranges 0 - 65535, and i have rails serving on
[15:38:27] coetry: but i can't seem to connect to the server from the public ip


[15:58:40] coetry: If i wanted to generate a fresh rails app with haml templates from the beginning, no .erb
[15:58:44] coetry: what would i need to do?
[16:01:08] coetry: aawe, yeah i think that i need to just skip bundle install and do the haml-rails
[16:02:08] coetry: workmad3, i've done just haml before
[16:02:13] coetry: and it doesn't modify the generators
[16:03:31] coetry: workmad3, can you elaborate on that? That sounds pretty important
[16:06:19] coetry: ah ok i see, so haml can't generate something like that?
[16:07:38] coetry:
[16:08:50] coetry: workmad3, do you think it would be possible by modifying haml and hacking here and there?
[16:09:04] coetry: i really enjoy using it and it makes code a lot easier to read and navigate
[16:09:12] coetry: helper functions?
[16:10:42] coetry: workmad3, hmmm i see what you're saying. Maybe it would be good then to have .erb for the application layout, just to be able to have that IE situation dealt with, and have .haml templates everywhere else?
[16:11:58] coetry: yeah lol microsoft needs to hop on the the open web and stop making it harder on devs!
[16:12:55] coetry: ok i see, so its just a legacy thing, whether we want our web apps to real older browsers or not
[16:13:22] coetry: personally me as a dev would rather have people upgrade and see them not able to experience a web app as an incentive to upgrade haha
[16:13:27] coetry: im so cruel, its a necessary evil!


[20:22:07] coetry: Has anyone come across an error message like this?
[20:22:11] coetry:


[05:20:00] coetry: I'm trying to import foundation and it doesn't seem to be overriding any variables
[05:20:03] coetry:
[05:20:10] coetry: but when i change the class, it seems to work fine


[02:52:30] coetry: how can i find out how many lines of code my app has?
[02:54:34] coetry: find . | we -l
[02:54:37] coetry: like that?
[02:54:58] coetry: we isn't a command
[02:57:47] coetry: morenoh149, so if i get 319, does that sound like a reasonable number?
[02:57:53] coetry: if i ran it from the root
[03:05:19] coetry: morenoh149, nah its a rails app
[03:05:31] coetry: not sure, i expected atleast a couple 1000, hey w.e.


[15:59:07] coetry: I have bundled a few gems but the generators for them are not working and i'm not sure
[15:59:10] coetry:
[15:59:44] coetry: cr3, i was having the same exact problem yesterday and i still don't know why
[16:01:56] coetry: mikecmpbll, i am getting the same problem
[16:16:37] coetry: mikecmpbll:
[16:16:57] coetry: that shows the payola is installed and bundled, this same problem happens with the figaro gem
[16:17:06] coetry: workmad3, try a butter espresso
[16:17:17] coetry: mikecmpbll, lol i got sidetracked, im so sorry
[16:18:00] coetry: mikecmpbll, was payola-payments, let me try
[16:21:44] coetry: yup its working, 'payola-payments', what a careless mistake, although i did have the same problem with the figaro gem!
[16:22:20] coetry: nvm, that's because figaro install differently anyways, ok i'll stop now


[20:12:40] coetry: I'm not sure why I'm getting the message "rollback transaction" when i'm trying to create a new model and persist it into the database?
[20:12:46] coetry:


[06:01:33] coetry: %paper-tabs#tabs{selected: "all", self-end: true}
[06:01:44] coetry: That gives me a syntax error, what am i missing?
[07:04:19] coetry:
[07:05:02] coetry: can someone please help me understand what's going on here?, clearly 'webcomponentsjs/webcomponentsjs', is under /vender/assets/components
[07:05:15] coetry: so why can't it be found?


[01:53:59] coetry: If i'm trying to provide a link to an html file that is located in vendor/assets/components/, how can i reference that in an href?
[01:54:39] coetry: I tried, <link rel="import" href="/assets/core-header-panel/core-header-panel.html">
[01:55:15] coetry: but I'm getting a console error that the resources can't be found


[11:04:05] coetry: Why would this result in a syntax error in my view?
[11:04:08] coetry: %nav{class: "top-bar", data-topbar: true, role: "navigation"}
[11:05:28] coetry: workmad3, ahh


[01:48:26] coetry: If I have thousands of files that I plan on serving from my rails app, is it advisable to just store the directories in the /public directory?
[01:48:52] coetry: Or are there better solutions where I can reference them and store their locations, names, and metadata in a db
[01:52:11] coetry: rushed, cool
[06:38:05] coetry: If I wanted to convert a hash to a json via Hash.to_json and then have that data saved as a "file.json" on disk, what should I do?
[06:38:26] coetry: I know that "file.ext", "w+" creates a new file
[06:38:39] coetry: but how do I store that data and save as
[06:43:20] coetry: pipework:
[06:48:39] coetry: gr33n7007h, hmm, how simple. thank
[06:51:56] coetry: nah, i got it, no problem
[07:01:41] coetry: how do i stop ruby from blocking or stopping execution when it runs into an error?
[07:01:56] coetry: such as if it hits a nil class, can't i have it continue and just skip that error?
[07:02:13] coetry: im doing some webscraping and sometimes the structure is not consistent ...
[07:05:13] coetry: begin and rescue?
[07:31:43] coetry: I keep getting this error and I simply don't understand why..its not happening to other files
[07:31:46] coetry: spider.rb:36:in `write': No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - ISLAMIC BANKS ??? After 9/11.json (Errno::ENOENT)
[07:31:54] coetry: heres my code:
[07:32:10] coetry: yeah, but im writing a new file
[07:32:30] coetry: creating it and giving a value, so how come it doesn't exist?
[07:32:40] coetry: present directory?
[07:33:08] coetry: its part of a block and other files seem to have written perfectly..
[18:52:34] coetry: Excuse my ignorance of the regex arts and string wizardry, but how many I get only the file name portion from this string?
[18:52:37] coetry: "/media/175550/565.pdf"
[18:52:51] coetry: everything after the last "/", how can I make that into a regex condition
[18:53:04] coetry: oooooh nice
[18:54:40] coetry: baweaver cool
[19:01:41] coetry: arup_r, yeah bro you just ate the whole plate and taught us how to cook
[19:02:00] coetry: well you taught me atleast :), maybe others are already seasoned chefs


[18:22:50] coetry: I have haml-rails installed and all my .erbs have been converted, except for my manifest for web components, could that by a reason my components are not rendering properly?
[18:22:53] coetry:


[18:26:18] coetry: If I want to trim all that extra whitespace in the middle, whats the best way to do that?
[18:26:21] coetry:
[18:29:16] coetry: avril14th
[18:30:16] coetry: i was gonna say thanks
[18:30:24] coetry: my mind is scattered
[22:16:43] coetry: dopie, making a twitter is not boring
[22:17:26] coetry: and you can always use blogs as a foundation to do some really cool stuff, it doesn't have to be conventional at all
[22:22:40] coetry: tacos per second
[22:23:15] coetry: pipework, thats tpt
[22:23:41] coetry: or you just have good memory
[22:24:11] coetry: scalable cloud computing, distributed architecture


[02:46:59] coetry: Whats the difference between =code and = code for haml files? Such as in this one here:
[02:47:02] coetry:
[02:47:31] coetry: but nothing in terms of how its evaluated?
[02:47:46] coetry: hmm, he shouldve been consistent
[21:49:55] coetry: How can I run a shell command with a ruby variable
[21:50:16] coetry: I want to specifically, echo the results of a http response to a file
[21:52:16] coetry:
[22:02:25] coetry: If there is an SDK for a peice of software that exposes a C++ SDK, and I don't know C++, is there a way to bind that into a ruby API?
[22:02:57] coetry: i know its not that trivial, but what are some projects that make this easier, can someone point me in the right direction?


[19:21:43] coetry: Its possible to have something like refinerycms which uses mysql for its models to be used alongside the mongoid gem, which I can use in a seperate model correct? So pages will be loaded using ActiveRecord, while I can pass in my mongodb resources to those views and there would be no conflict, correct?


[19:18:26] coetry: If I want to subclass something from an engine, where would be the best place to store that class? In this case, the original class definition is in the engine's directory app/presenters
[19:18:30] coetry:
[19:18:50] coetry: can I just create a presenters director in my own app/ directory and expect it to do the trick?