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[21:00:05] cosmicfires: I get this error when I start apache /usr/local/rvm/gems/ruby-2.3.3/gems/passenger-5.3.4 is not secure: it can be modified by user david


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[00:33:18] cosmicfires: does ruby have a traceroute gem? (/usr/sbin/traceroute, not rails routes)
[00:36:39] cosmicfires: thanks Arcaire
[00:37:08] cosmicfires: thanks havenwood
[00:37:36] cosmicfires: I want to find the router dropping packets when my net connection goes down
[00:38:00] cosmicfires: so I can pester comcast to fix their stuff instead of tell me how great they are
[00:38:27] cosmicfires: I wrote a program to ping ever 4 seconds and keep a record
[00:41:17] cosmicfires: good idea baweaver, I'll try that


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[02:45:54] cosmicfires: Hi is it better to use a timer or sleep in ruby?
[02:57:26] cosmicfires: I want to ping periodically to check for network outages
[02:58:25] cosmicfires: is there a difference in performance?
[02:59:01] cosmicfires: when would it be good to use the timers gem?
[03:01:01] cosmicfires: thank you ramfjord_
[03:02:43] cosmicfires: I've been working with a system where sleep paraylizes most of it you have to use timers
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[17:39:50] cosmicfires: does ruby use short circuit evaluation of boolean expressions?
[17:48:17] cosmicfires: thanks smathy


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[19:41:46] cosmicfires: Hi, If I rolled back a migration and I don't want it anymore can I delete the migration file in /db/migrate?


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[00:36:27] cosmicfires: does rails make app that work on smart phones?
[00:39:02] cosmicfires: it's a rush job



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[01:51:41] cosmicfires: I'm trying to use tee with a ruby program that writes with puts; it doesn't work. what do I need to do to make it work?
[01:53:45] cosmicfires: that appears to be the problem
[01:57:12] cosmicfires: $stdout.puts doesn't work either, other ideas?
[01:58:39] cosmicfires: I can redirect the output with >
[02:01:32] cosmicfires: ls | tee net.status.log
[02:02:01] cosmicfires: you want the whole program?
[02:06:21] cosmicfires:
[02:06:29] cosmicfires: there's the program that doesn't work
[02:07:50] cosmicfires: I changed it from puts to see if that would make it work
[02:07:57] cosmicfires: $ ./net_status.rb > net.status.log
[02:08:30] cosmicfires: this doesn't work
[02:08:33] cosmicfires: $ ./net_status.rb | tee net.status.log
[02:08:54] cosmicfires: nothing in net.status.long
[02:09:44] cosmicfires: $ ./net_status.rb > net.status.log puts output in net.status.log
[02:10:38] cosmicfires: I get output if I don't redirect
[02:11:28] cosmicfires: can redirection output change the program's execution? not that I'm aware of unless I look to see if it's writing to a file
[02:11:42] cosmicfires: there is nothing in net.status.log when I use tee
[02:13:35] cosmicfires: I wrote a test script and it works as expected so something strange is going on
[02:15:55] cosmicfires: oh I think I figured it out stand by
[02:17:09] cosmicfires: the problem is I stopped the program with ^C before the output buffer got flushed because it has a loop in it
[02:17:42] cosmicfires:
[02:17:53] cosmicfires: there's the output RickHull
[02:18:37] cosmicfires: RickHull $stdout.sync = true fixes the problem
[02:18:56] cosmicfires: I got beer and the problem got solved :)
[02:19:17] cosmicfires: yes it's all obvious now
[02:19:55] cosmicfires: thanks again for the help


[19:48:11] cosmicfires: is it possible to make a hash containing hases?


[19:13:09] cosmicfires: I'm looking for a ruby method to take seconds and return hours, minutes and seconds
[19:14:29] cosmicfires: thanks yxhuvud


[23:23:00] cosmicfires: how do I cast a string to an integer in rugy?
[23:24:29] cosmicfires: no I was too lazy
[23:25:12] cosmicfires: if I use .to_i I get this error
[23:25:16] cosmicfires: ./time_example_1.rb:56:in `+': can't convert String into an exact number (TypeError)


[22:53:03] cosmicfires: does ruby come with getopt() or do I have to install a gem?



[19:06:52] cosmicfires: are case statements more efficient than if ... else ... end statements?
[19:07:26] cosmicfires: less execution time
[19:09:41] cosmicfires: I was curious
[19:13:25] cosmicfires: I did a quick benchmark if/else vs case/when if/else used 30% less cpu time so not worth worrying about


[07:46:24] cosmicfires: can I use a debugger with ruby 2.2.0? which one?
[19:29:38] cosmicfires: jhass have you used pry + pry-byebug + pry-stack_explorer with eclipse and dynamic language tool kit?


[21:24:42] cosmicfires: where are user defined rails classes that are tables in the database defined?
[21:25:13] cosmicfires: thanks bricker


[04:50:08] cosmicfires: what's the lib/ directory for?
[04:53:58] cosmicfires: krz class.rb files?
[04:54:54] cosmicfires: I created one and put it there and I can't use a method from application_helper.rb
[04:55:15] cosmicfires: I get "undefined method" error
[04:56:19] cosmicfires: I'm trying to use an app helper
[04:58:08] cosmicfires: what about an application controller?
[04:58:41] cosmicfires: no it's in app/controllers
[05:00:02] cosmicfires: I put a method in lib/ I call from a controller in app/controllers I have a method in app/helpers I want to use from both
[05:00:38] cosmicfires: all the code is rather big
[05:01:08] cosmicfires: perhaps what I need to know is where should I put these things? I've searched the web and not found the answer
[05:09:07] cosmicfires:
[05:10:55] cosmicfires: because I don't know where to put it
[05:11:08] cosmicfires: is application helper only for views?
[05:11:27] cosmicfires: constants are used in views
[05:11:46] cosmicfires: the database queries are for controllers
[05:13:35] cosmicfires: I don't understand how it should be organized to fit the rails way
[05:19:17] cosmicfires: is there a guide on where I should put things in rails?
[05:21:58] cosmicfires: I'm writing a app to get data from other programs and store it in a database
[05:22:17] cosmicfires: it also returns results to the other program
[05:22:26] cosmicfires: they access it by html


[00:36:09] cosmicfires: is <rails root>/lib/ the best place to put a class to be called from a controller? I can't get a class there to load.
[00:41:54] cosmicfires: I assume that's the problem how to I get it to load?
[00:42:44] cosmicfires:
[00:42:59] cosmicfires: that's the most recent docs I've found so far


[18:43:31] cosmicfires: can I add a default value to a column with a migration?
[18:44:46] cosmicfires: I can't find the syntax in


[03:17:16] cosmicfires: how can I find where the render method is defined? It's undefined in ApplicationHelper.rb


[02:20:06] cosmicfires: I've changed a file but rails console is using the previous version, unless I restart rails console, is this expected?
[02:23:02] cosmicfires: cool so I don't have to restart it, thank you
[02:24:00] cosmicfires: what doesn't it work for?


[07:30:08] cosmicfires: I want to create a rails app that uses the database in a different rails app, can I just copy the models and views?
[07:32:57] cosmicfires: I want one app that maintains the database and another for users to view the data
[07:33:17] cosmicfires: the view app user won't have modify access to the database, for security
[07:34:40] cosmicfires: but I don't need migrations to create tables in the read-only app since they are already created
[07:38:20] cosmicfires: right so I can copy the models from the other app?
[07:38:47] cosmicfires: how can I generate them without generating migrations?


[01:59:13] cosmicfires: should a join table for a has_many has_one ... through: have an id?
[02:26:38] cosmicfires: will rehash reload the shell's cache?
[02:27:35] cosmicfires: rehash is a bash/sh command to find executables in the path
[02:27:47] cosmicfires: but I've never had to use it, they get found
[02:28:49] cosmicfires: it could be useful
[02:37:18] cosmicfires: the command is hash in bash not rehash
[02:39:04] cosmicfires: hash tells the shell to remember where executables are, I'm looking at the info page because I got curious
[22:57:30] cosmicfires: where should I put global constants in rails 4, the were in <rails root>/config/initializers/global_constants.rb in rails 3


[04:39:40] cosmicfires: I need to add logic to a rails app called from a controller but the controller can't find my class
[04:39:53] cosmicfires: where should I put my classes?


[07:47:06] cosmicfires: how do I install rails version 3?


[21:06:50] cosmicfires: I need to add some code to a rails app that should be in a separate class and file, where should I put it?
[21:08:30] cosmicfires: make a new dir in /lib/?
[21:08:57] cosmicfires: or use /lib/assets/ or /lib/tasks/?
[21:10:19] cosmicfires: tubbo where would you put it?
[21:11:33] cosmicfires: tubbo one file with 2 classes in it, should that be 2 files?
[21:12:55] cosmicfires: do I need to change anything in /config/ to make this work?


[00:59:28] cosmicfires: is there a place I can put constants so they're available to controllers and views?


[23:04:10] cosmicfires: what's a good way to look at rails log files, less doesn't show the escapes properly
[23:05:31] cosmicfires: is there a way to look through them as with less?


[02:26:24] cosmicfires: what's the best way to look at rails logs so I see the color highlighting and not the esc codes?
[02:28:20] cosmicfires: less -R ... works thanks