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[00:59:48] cyberfawkes: Thoughts on using Ruby for Game Development?
[00:59:59] cyberfawkes: Or should I use Python, or C++
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[06:50:30] cyberfawkes: This is the only channel I've seen this happen in.
[06:50:34] cyberfawkes: I don't understand why.
[06:51:08] cyberfawkes: Yeah, but why #ruby?
[06:51:13] cyberfawkes: Seems like an odd choice.
[06:51:32] cyberfawkes: That would be a good reason.
[06:52:02] cyberfawkes: DeBot: !hangman distros
[06:55:03] cyberfawkes: DeBot: !hangman distros
[07:36:50] cyberfawkes: DeBot: !hangman distros
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[07:51:11] cyberfawkes: Excess flood?
[07:58:32] cyberfawkes: How's it going ja?
[08:01:14] cyberfawkes: Meh, shitty as fuck up be honest.
[08:01:31] cyberfawkes: Whatcha building?
[08:06:21] cyberfawkes: Ah. Sounds awful.
[08:08:12] cyberfawkes: I blew up one the phone with my girlfriend, and she had me on speaker and was standing next to her mom....
[08:09:23] cyberfawkes: She originally called me because her car broke down at her mom's place. I told her I'd be right there.
[08:09:40] cyberfawkes: Well I called her to tell her that I was about ten minutes out, and she said that her mom called her step dad.
[08:10:01] cyberfawkes: Then me being a dumbass with no filter... "What the hell?! Don't let that idiot touch anything..."
[08:12:50] cyberfawkes: Yeah... It just pisses me off/upsets me because every time something happens with her, someone calls her dad or stepdad....
[08:12:55] cyberfawkes: Which makes me feel useless.
[08:13:02] cyberfawkes: But I'm being a child.
[08:13:13] cyberfawkes: Her Mom, and Stepdad are now pissed at me...
[08:14:07] cyberfawkes: She's pissed at me for being upset, and she doesn't get it. So I'm not even going to bring it up to her.
[08:14:26] cyberfawkes: I'm going to apologize to her Mom, and Stepdad, but I doubt they'll understand/care.
[08:15:07] cyberfawkes: Eh, a little over 1.5 years.
[08:15:46] cyberfawkes: She's a great girl, a little young, but that doesn't bother me or anyone else.
[08:16:12] cyberfawkes: Her parents like me or used to anyway.
[08:16:52] cyberfawkes: She's almost six years younger than me.
[08:21:27] cyberfawkes: Damn, caught me. Lol
[08:21:51] cyberfawkes: It's all about the shock factor. Lol
[08:22:17] cyberfawkes: She was 17 when I met her, and I thought she was easily 23-24.
[08:22:57] cyberfawkes: Obviously lol ja
[08:26:28] cyberfawkes: Welp, I'm Facebook free now.
[08:26:28] cyberfawkes: I think it's going to take a bit more than poultry.
[08:30:09] cyberfawkes: Everyone was getting pissed at me because 75% of what I posted was political.
[08:31:57] cyberfawkes:
[08:31:58] cyberfawkes: So I just deleted my Facebook.
[08:35:19] cyberfawkes: Facebook makes up half of my monthly data usage... It's probably a good thing its gone. At least people can't bitch about me sharing political posts anymore. "I'm sorry, I should interrupt pictures of food with shit that matters."
[08:35:35] cyberfawkes: s/should/shouldn't
[09:48:39] cyberfawkes: I have a Raspberry Pi in a black case behind the server rack at work.
[09:48:55] cyberfawkes: It has a "PROPERTY OF *ISP* DO NOT REMOVE" sticker on it.
[09:49:10] cyberfawkes: All of my connections go through the Pi.
[09:50:34] cyberfawkes: ja: I ssh tunnel to the Pi, and my connection comes out the other end of my VPN.
[09:50:41] cyberfawkes: Which is in an unnamed country.
[09:51:08] cyberfawkes: I also use free bouncers for IRC.
[10:12:30] cyberfawkes: GNOME 3 is awful.
[10:12:35] cyberfawkes: I'd rather use Windows 3.1
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[10:32:31] cyberfawkes: adaedra: that's quite odd.
[10:32:53] cyberfawkes: we were talking about that earlier.
[10:58:34] cyberfawkes: ja: still around?
[11:04:19] cyberfawkes: ja: got five minutes?
[11:05:27] cyberfawkes: ja: I bet you can't get through the first five minutes of this, without wanting to strangle this guy.
[11:08:56] cyberfawkes: yes lol cyberfawkes
[11:08:56] cyberfawkes: the 4:00 mark is where I wanted to put my fist through my monitor.
[11:10:09] cyberfawkes: lol ja you need to get to the five minute mark.
[11:10:12] cyberfawkes: no further lol
[11:10:54] cyberfawkes: RIGHT after that
[11:10:54] cyberfawkes: lol not that part
[11:11:10] cyberfawkes: lol it's 4:05 where I wanted to strangle him.
[11:13:57] cyberfawkes: you use the terminal...
[11:13:57] cyberfawkes: It's unix bro...
[11:13:57] cyberfawkes: "HOW DO I INSTALL SOFTWARE?!"
[11:14:22] cyberfawkes: I don't even understand how he was intelligent enough to install it!?!?!
[11:20:46] cyberfawkes: sudo dnf install irssi
[11:20:46] cyberfawkes: They're far too cumbersome and slow.
[11:20:46] cyberfawkes: I've never quite understood GUI Software Centers.


[05:35:27] cyberfawkes: ja: I'm surprised it didn't crash your box.
[05:35:36] cyberfawkes: It's funny because usually you can't just ctrl+c
[05:36:12] cyberfawkes: only YOU who's hosting the server/service would have to port forward.
[05:36:32] cyberfawkes: Port forwarding allows connections to enter your network from the internet on a specific port you decide.
[05:37:04] cyberfawkes: I fork bombed my buddies server that way xD
[05:37:12] cyberfawkes: the datacenter had to physically reboot it.
[05:38:09] cyberfawkes: ellismarte: you realize your talking about P2P right?
[05:38:38] cyberfawkes: so you're trying to create a torrent application, essentially.
[05:38:47] cyberfawkes: dude I was rolling.
[05:38:53] cyberfawkes: I about fell my ass out of my chair.
[05:38:58] cyberfawkes: He was screaming so loud in the phone.
[05:39:52] cyberfawkes: what is it that you're trying to share?
[05:42:48] cyberfawkes: ja: you realize what you just said was redundant, right?
[05:43:13] cyberfawkes: ja: OS X == BSD
[05:43:22] cyberfawkes: Darwin BSD, specifically.
[05:44:08] cyberfawkes: ACTION hits ja upside the head with a frying pan.
[05:44:13] cyberfawkes: he'll be out for awhile...
[05:44:59] cyberfawkes: oh yeah? why's that?
[05:45:27] cyberfawkes: ellismarte: the license key is tied to you, not the software itself.
[05:45:43] cyberfawkes: now you could loan your friend your pc, but not the software itself.
[05:47:06] cyberfawkes: ellismarte: "container"?
[05:47:27] cyberfawkes: you cannot share the software, period.
[05:47:32] cyberfawkes: you can share the machine.
[05:47:59] cyberfawkes: ellismarte: I'd bet you still lose in court.
[05:49:09] cyberfawkes: ACTION couldn't care less. :/
[05:51:16] cyberfawkes: jhass: ja: I couldn't care less because it doesn't involve me. What other people do is there business. As long as they aren't harming me, why does it need to be my business?
[05:51:27] cyberfawkes: If someone wants to call themselves a man, who am I to care/judge/etc?
[05:53:35] cyberfawkes: I have my personal opinions on the matter. If you want to call yourself a grapefruit, I have no right to stop you. That doesn't mean I won't think you're fucked in the head for thinking you're a grapefruit. (no, I am not insinuating anything here.)
[05:56:31] cyberfawkes: I really don't think this is going to end well for me. apeiros if someone is a male and considers themselves a female, congrats to them.
[05:56:40] cyberfawkes: That doesn't make them a female.
[05:56:51] cyberfawkes: Am I going to be rude, or disrespectful? Heck no.
[05:57:59] cyberfawkes: apeiros: I think I need to say something again. I believe in freedom to do what you'd like. As long as you're not harming me, yourself, or infringing on anyone elses rights, I don't care.
[05:58:37] cyberfawkes: I may think you're cookoo, but I won't treat you any differently. You have the right, and freedom to live the way you want, as do I.
[05:59:10] cyberfawkes: woah woah woah, I was not rejecting the use of singular they.
[05:59:34] cyberfawkes: I look at this whole issue from the Scientific standpoint.
[05:59:41] cyberfawkes: Science doesn't care about emotions, it cares about facts.
[06:00:01] cyberfawkes: If you have XY Chromosomes, you're male.
[06:00:12] cyberfawkes: You can feel anyway you'd like about it, but that doesn't change the facts.
[06:00:28] cyberfawkes: I'm not going to discriminate either way.
[06:02:04] cyberfawkes: jhass: I really don't care. I'm not going to protest, or degrade someone because of their decisions. It's their decisions to make, and their life to live.
[06:02:09] cyberfawkes: In the grand scheme of things, I really don't care.
[06:02:22] cyberfawkes: I have a personal opinion, but I dont' allow that to change the way I interact with others.
[06:02:37] cyberfawkes: Nor does it affect the respect that I give to those around me, and those I interact with.
[06:02:50] cyberfawkes: jhass: I wasn't opposing the singular they.
[06:03:03] cyberfawkes: in fact, if I recall correctly, I don't remember commenting on it in the first place.
[06:03:29] cyberfawkes: the core of my beliefs are that you have the freedom to do what you'd like, as do I. I may not agree, but I have no right to stop you.
[06:03:50] cyberfawkes: jhass: I couldn't care less about how people address me.
[06:04:02] cyberfawkes: not the argument as a whole.
[06:05:01] cyberfawkes: jhass: personally I don't see why it matters.
[06:05:31] cyberfawkes: I'm not quite sure why people are so overly-sensitive, and are so easy to offend.
[06:06:02] cyberfawkes: jhass: yes, I see that a "ton" of people care. approximately 3% of the world population.
[06:06:16] cyberfawkes: ja: I wouldn't care.
[06:06:32] cyberfawkes: other peoples opinions, and habits have nothing to do with my self-image.
[06:06:50] cyberfawkes: apeiros: I was picked on all through school. k-12.
[06:06:54] cyberfawkes: never bothered me.
[06:07:46] cyberfawkes: jhass: if not for gender-identity, why else would a singular they be necessary?
[06:09:03] cyberfawkes: jhass: agreed. It's kind of like the IRCSTD argument.
[06:09:58] cyberfawkes: Singular they absolutely makes sense on IRC, as does IRCSTD.
[06:11:16] cyberfawkes: so for example you think we should call all people in sales Sales People instead of Salesman.
[06:11:33] cyberfawkes: If I'm understanding you correctly.
[06:13:10] cyberfawkes: lol man comes from human xD
[06:14:53] cyberfawkes: Salesmen == Human who Sells. lol
[06:14:59] cyberfawkes: it's not meant to refer to gender.
[06:15:03] cyberfawkes: which is what people fail to realize.
[06:16:21] cyberfawkes: that will never happen.
[06:19:58] cyberfawkes: whew, fixed it.
[06:23:53] cyberfawkes: No, thought I edited the wrong config file.
[06:30:11] cyberfawkes: Radar: why are you banning someone who hasn't sad anything?
[06:30:31] cyberfawkes: he did say something...
[06:30:59] cyberfawkes: I didn't see that he said something, until after I said something.
[06:31:21] cyberfawkes: ^^ not sure how that's offensive.
[06:31:38] cyberfawkes: Radar: I'm not arguing in anyway.
[06:31:42] cyberfawkes: It's not my decision to make.
[06:40:07] cyberfawkes: out of curiousity, do these rules apply to ruby off topic?
[06:41:49] cyberfawkes: ah, so basically don't be an ass/moron and everything will be golden.
[06:44:15] cyberfawkes: ah, makes sense lol
[06:44:24] cyberfawkes: only been here a few days.
[06:44:33] cyberfawkes: Trying to learn ruby.
[09:24:17] cyberfawkes: Guest36263: Sublime is good, but not FOSS. I prefer Vim.