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[02:55:39] dachi: hello. could you kindly help? I want to declare habtm only if condition on self is true. has_and_belogns_to_many :trucks <<< if self.trucking_broker?
[02:55:59] dachi: on trucks model I have, has_and_belongs_to_many :trucking_brokers, -> { where("supplier_type = ?", Supplier.supplier_types[:trucking_brokers]) }, class_name: "Supplier"
[02:56:26] dachi: and it works, but I want to do from the other side now.
[03:01:59] dachi: So maybe anyone knows if it's possible to declare association
[03:02:08] dachi: Only if some criteria is correct on the self
[03:02:24] dachi: hnanon: that's fine
[03:03:03] dachi: So let's say I have model A and if @a.role is "X" then A has many Bs
[03:03:08] dachi: is this possible?
[03:03:51] dachi: hnanon: node_modules is where javascript packages reside right? So it's normal, rails project has npm module dependencies
[03:05:17] dachi: i use yarn too, but packages still come from npm.com
[03:05:55] dachi: they're called npm modules, there's no such thing as yarn modules, you just use yarn
[03:06:10] dachi: manifest is automatically created, it's usually in public/packs/manifest.json
[03:06:47] dachi: I think you have error in js code and it can't create a manifest with all imports
[03:06:52] dachi: so some entry is missing or smth like that
[03:07:23] dachi: packs will be created when webpack compiles
[03:07:35] dachi: sorry don't know, i'm very limited in time, maybe someone will help you
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[10:12:30] dachi: There's money gem
[10:12:45] dachi: But I generally use decimal 2 8
[10:12:51] dachi: With rails currency helpers
[10:12:59] dachi: And it's not that bad I think


[08:14:39] dachi: whats up hackers!


[05:46:51] dachi: As you know
[05:47:01] dachi: If you won't put render method in controller action
[05:47:09] dachi: Rails will try to render a view based on action name
[05:47:39] dachi: What if I want to add to this behavior:
[05:48:15] dachi: If I don't explicitly render anything, try to render my call my render function
[05:48:29] dachi: I was doing this like
[05:48:39] dachi: rescue_from ActionController::UnknownFormat dorender_react unless performed?
[05:49:00] dachi: In application_controller
[05:49:27] dachi: Do you recommend another approach? This can't be done with after_action ...
[14:02:18] dachi: *.net *.split
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[16:29:23] dachi: Do you use React rails?
[16:29:36] dachi: Say you want to render react path /one
[16:29:41] dachi: from Rails route /two
[16:30:14] dachi: render component: "App", props: { path: "/one" }
[16:30:23] dachi: This does not work, while it looks like it should work
[19:54:38] dachi: andywww I'm on MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch)
[19:54:56] dachi: I'd prefer to have a bigger display though
[19:55:07] dachi: I'm not doing graphics though, only coding
[19:56:06] dachi: I have 'More space' set in retina display configuration, and I got used to 13-inch, it's not that bad after few months
[19:57:45] dachi: andywww I personaly think apple hardware / macos is best today
[19:57:53] dachi: And I don't want to believe those stories
[20:18:56] dachi: i'm leaving too
[20:18:59] dachi: good night :)
[20:19:02] dachi: bye people


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[08:53:46] dachi: Good morning
[08:56:07] dachi: Good morning
[19:42:34] dachi: good night fellas
[19:42:43] dachi: good night :x


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[08:47:24] dachi: I usually move lib to app/lib
[11:42:30] dachi: Do you recommend against using cookies with spas?
[11:43:07] dachi: I've done jwt with devise and react, but why not use devise with cookies?
[13:47:41] dachi: Anyone uses react-rails? Debugging js seems to be such a problem here
[17:56:56] dachi: apeiros Hi. thanks that you responded. I have both configurations, jwt and cookie one. Should I go with cookie?
[22:45:52] dachi: Sorry, if you use react-rails gem, how do you do redux stuff like .dispatch when prerendering?


[11:37:09] dachi: Arkentias are you looking for Ruby's "extend"?
[14:38:28] dachi: jlebrech I was getting that yesterday but only when I built my gem
[14:38:35] dachi: running with $ruby -Ilib was fine
[14:38:48] dachi: It started to work with executable only after I restarted mac
[14:39:03] dachi: I tried many things though, there was something with Xcode probably
[14:39:19] dachi: I was using headless chromedriver
[14:39:26] dachi: with Watir
[17:29:26] dachi: hi. do you use react-rails?
[19:11:57] dachi: Inside hi.
[19:12:09] dachi: So first thing I use react-rails is that I need serverside rendering
[19:12:14] dachi: Otherwise webpacker:react is great
[19:12:25] dachi: So what I want to ask is
[19:13:22] dachi: when using react-router-dom and when I'm in situation where I need to wrap components that react-rails exports itself in another component like <App> and render those components inside it
[19:14:03] dachi: Do you recommend having whole Rails app render 1 component named 'App' for example and have it pass { pathname: request.path }
[19:14:24] dachi: Or how can you <%= react_component("About", {path: request.path}, {prerender: true}) %> for example
[19:14:48] dachi: and have About component also have <BrowserRouter
[19:14:59] dachi: I would not add <BrowserRouter> to every single component that I use for example
[19:15:10] dachi: I don't know if what I said makes sence....
[19:15:59] dachi: Inside ok thanks...


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[13:26:55] dachi: Do you think class variables are (@@) going to get deprecated, or do you think they're going to be used by gems like URI and others? Do you use them?
[13:32:19] dachi: I mean ruby-3xx
[13:56:05] dachi: I was just saying that this is a pretty solid establishment and not going to be changed
[13:56:16] dachi: But still I asked for your opinion
[15:49:45] dachi: havenwood thanks, that's what I was thinking too
[16:30:32] dachi: I just love ruby, all these years!
[16:30:51] dachi: I dream of it being superfast


[07:52:57] dachi: How can I dynamically change session key? request.env['rack.session.options'][:key] = does not work in Rails 5
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[12:41:00] dachi: Hi. Is there anyone online who I can ask for little help, please?
[12:55:11] dachi: @Cork is not it reload ? Reloads the attributes of the object as usual and clears marked_for_destruction flag.
[12:55:36] dachi: Cork: I see
[12:58:09] dachi: Cork: I don't think it's implemented there yet... But maybe someone knows better than me and will respond
[12:59:39] dachi: I have a question too, I've been working on for quite a while and if anybody has time to listen, please write
[13:09:35] dachi: I was not online, so I probably missed it, I'll try to find logs
[13:10:23] dachi: No logs :(
[13:11:40] dachi: I meant freenode logs
[13:11:51] dachi: It looks like someone answered my questions when I was not line
[13:14:32] dachi: jhass: thanks :)
[13:20:07] dachi: jhass: that's another thing that I wanted to achieve, but request.env['rack.session.options'][:key] = "..." does not work in Rails 5
[13:20:30] dachi: jhass: before I was trying to write a middleware that would dynamically set domains
[13:25:34] dachi: jhass: I have it like that with Devise, User model and AdminUser model
[13:25:55] dachi: but both write to same cookie session.
[13:26:59] dachi: And people around my project demand to get rid of this "dual-system", they want it isolated, because a lot of unwanted things occur
[13:30:04] dachi: jhass: I wanted to ask around my project if setting that subdomain from nginx and running another app on it would be a better option, but unfortunately it looks like they want to keep it as it is.
[13:31:10] dachi: I don't know why it even is such a big deal, I was thinking that changing cookie name according to request info would not be that big of a hussle
[13:42:38] dachi: jhass: i'll try, thanks
[13:47:46] dachi: jhass: looks exactly what I need, thanks
[13:58:12] dachi: dionysus69: :)) hi lasha
[13:59:42] dachi: whois :))
[14:00:44] dachi: really miss our school, hope you're doing great
[14:01:58] dachi: :)) not a problem thanks
[14:03:06] dachi: dionysus69: thanks a lot, currently I work with Iuri, if you remember him
[14:03:22] dachi: btw your math lectures are really missed
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[14:06:02] dachi: bodishi :)
[14:06:05] dachi: maxsovxar
[14:06:06] dachi: rogor xar?
[14:07:04] dachi: va kargia
[14:07:34] dachi: me didi xania railsze var exa gamichirda ragac axali versia ro gamovida
[14:07:47] dachi: me da iuri vmushaobt ragac proektebze
[14:08:39] dachi: xoda es exla vps hostingis proeqti gvaq ackobili da mand auria ragac
[14:10:03] dachi: iuris axloblis kompaniaa da chven avacket sistema ruby shi da rails shi vmware-it
[14:10:19] dachi: dizainis azze arc erti vart da arc meore
[14:10:27] dachi: takshto shegizlia ise shexedo :)) https://novabyte.co
[14:11:44] dachi: va kaia docker mikvars
[14:12:32] dachi: kubernetes auto-deploymentis gaketebas vapirebdit axlo momavalshi am vps hostingistvis ufro cloudis saxe rom migveca
[14:12:59] dachi: ki aucileblad gagagebineb tu shemxvda vinme
[14:13:38] dachi: :) rails ze mushaob dziritadad anu shen xo?
[14:14:58] dachi: va kaia dzaan, rails koveltvis momconda, tavidanac
[14:41:11] dachi: ahaha mec
[14:41:37] dachi: ruby zec dzaan bevri ar mushaobs chvenebidan
[14:43:08] dachi: adre vikavi ak online ufro metad exa rame gaurkvevlobashi tu chavardebi chemovdivar xolme
[14:43:45] dachi: erti 5-6 clis cin chvenc vcdilobditsavit mara ise ar gamovida
[14:45:14] dachi: sheni saitis frontendic sheni gaketebulia?
[14:46:54] dachi: xoo is chveni vps-ic jquery a
[14:47:05] dachi: sxva proekti gvaq kide react ze
[14:48:03] dachi: cra-ti ogond, da exla bolo rails-shi tviton aris webpackeris react da serverside renderingic kargad gamodis, sheizleba gadavikvanot es vps ic
[14:48:20] dachi: https://mailsnag.com
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[14:51:36] dachi: ertiorjer gaitisha mara mgoni araa iseti problema
[14:52:09] dachi: ise ramdneime clis cin
[14:52:13] dachi: me mindoda wallet.ge s gaketeba
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[14:52:35] dachi: da davanebe maintereseba crypto currency da ragac
[14:53:01] dachi: chven ufro black-box da white-box auditingze vmusahobt
[14:53:59] dachi: iuri gaazro ramdenime kartuli saiti saidanac uproblemod camoigo bazebi kvelaperi da daukavshirda mere auditings gagiketebto
[14:56:38] dachi: xo saintersoa ki mara me piradad 0 ze coinebis ambebshi var arc mining michalichia arc trading da araperi
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[15:02:37] dachi: sheni megobrebi ras shvebian? ertad mushaobt rames?
[15:02:48] dachi: maxsovs mag dros isinic erkveodnen kompiutershi ragaceebs aketebdnen
[15:02:56] dachi: skolidan...
[15:06:44] dachi: aa, mec buziness ze cavedi evropashi mara iq ragac damemarta mere chamovedi aq da ramdenime celicadshi gau-shi gavagrdzele
[15:22:38] dachi: ravi vkitxav aucileblad
[15:22:44] dachi: bodishi ver mogcere vigac masti iko :))
[15:22:47] dachi: shps nikolozi
[15:22:51] dachi: da maregulirebeltan gichivlebto
[15:22:56] dachi: tu ragac ra undoda :))
[15:24:33] dachi: dionysus69: vkitxav iuris
[15:24:38] dachi: mara fulze ar ikos laparaki
[15:24:59] dachi: tu ecleba ise gagiketebs da mec chavertvebi tu davchirdi
[15:25:04] dachi: all good.
[15:27:55] dachi: rails shi bugsnags ikenebt?
[15:32:31] dachi: gashvebuli roa serverze rails app ik tu moxda rame shecdoma vinmestan bugsnagze aisxeba da emails agzavnis
[15:32:51] dachi: bugsnag da bugsnag-capistrano a gemebi
[15:33:01] dachi: esec kai gem-ia bundler-audit
[15:33:30] dachi: da brakeman
[15:39:36] dachi: xo servers rac sheexeba atasi ragacaa da vkitxav, is chemtan shedarebit bevrad chkviania eget ambebshi da tu ecleba araa problema
[15:43:30] dachi: kargi magrad aba
[15:43:51] dachi: carmatebit
[16:45:07] dachi: jhass: thanks for helping me out. I made it into work your way
[16:46:02] dachi: That's it https://imgur.com/a/p26IaEs
[16:49:42] dachi: jhass: yeah, you mean Persisted.class_eval, you think @key will be there from custom store already? cool, i'll check
[16:58:21] dachi: jhass: thanks a lot!!
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[17:29:03] dachi: mwlang: So you delete a record that belongs to some other record from another model and that model's record is destroyed?
[17:30:52] dachi: mwlang: nice
[17:34:53] dachi: dionysus69: velaparake iuris da dzaan dakavegbulia tavisi sakmeebi akvs ragac bevri, amerikashia calke kompaniashi da dekembramde ar meclebao
[17:59:52] dachi: hightower3: i don't think it's good way to write specs, but I think you can hack it
[18:01:49] dachi: hightower3: i see, good that you found a way to do it
[18:28:23] dachi: broppk: I'd suggest taking look at popular gems like Devise, Faraday, Paperclip, Sidekiq, etc. Perhaps understanding how they work might give you a good knowledge
[18:43:13] dachi: broppk: I also think that after being able to do basic rails-stuff like handling routes, mvc things, assets, environments, initializers
[18:43:29] dachi: It's that you should be able to undestand internals and then I think that's it
[18:44:18] dachi: Things like Rack, ActionDispatch, ActionController, ActiveSupport, AbstractController, ActionView
[18:45:44] dachi: If I was learning Rails now, I'd probably like to know how Rack apps work
[19:17:19] dachi: to me rails webpacker is awesome, react works pretty well, incl. serverside rendering
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[22:23:05] dachi: Radar Good morning