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[00:04:09] dachi_: havenwood: I got to go, thanks for sharing your thoughts, Eiam SeepingN thank you too
[00:04:40] dachi_: have great days guys, its 4am here, so I'm half asleep
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[22:46:35] dachi_: I have not new to Ruby, but this time I have to make a wrapper around some enterprise software API. I was asked to design it with some clever and original pattern.
[22:46:45] dachi_: Do you have any recommendations?
[22:46:53] dachi_: I *am not new..
[22:47:06] dachi_: Sorry misspelled.
[23:19:32] dachi_: Eiam: thanks. havenwood I'll check that out, great
[23:20:31] dachi_: SeepingN: thank you too
[23:21:41] dachi_: No, why I'll think about all of these
[23:24:59] dachi_: Sounds interesting, I'm checking that out
[23:26:09] dachi_: Yes, that looks nice. I've heard about Roda, before but didn't look into that
[23:26:29] dachi_: In my case I don't need routing at all. I might asked a question not the right way
[23:26:47] dachi_: I'm going to write a lib that will talk with an API
[23:27:35] dachi_: and this has to be done kind of ... 'best way' .. as I was told. So, I started to look for best design ideas
[23:28:27] dachi_: So, a lib would just expose methods for talking with really huge web server with net/http
[23:28:40] dachi_: And it has to be designed in some fashionable way ...
[23:29:13] dachi_: Like, it might have a beautiful dsl, etc..
[23:29:35] dachi_: right, that's correct.
[23:31:15] dachi_: I had done such thing couple of times before, but all in standard way
[23:33:18] dachi_: I don't know, I suppose I'll try looking at lots of repos on github, compare their style, and come up with something that could stand out
[23:33:50] dachi_: Will take a lot of time though. that's why I asked, maybe I'd get a quick idea,
[23:34:04] dachi_: But probably this question sounds unclever : | So leave it
[23:34:09] dachi_: And thanks people.
[23:45:07] dachi_: havenwood: nice thanks
[23:46:29] dachi_: I used Faraday for last projects, yea I like it a lot
[23:47:26] dachi_: no, I don't have permission to amend server...
[23:48:44] dachi_: hm, It's so interesting to read 'pure ruby impelementations' from your spreadsheet. Not for this project, generally, never looked at these carefully
[23:49:20] dachi_: yes.. It's like .. It's for developers who would like to talk with that huge server easily
[23:51:40] dachi_: havenwood: yes probably. I'll just have to write code very carefully and that's it in theory, i guess
[23:55:16] dachi_: agree about errors and naming
[23:55:46] dachi_: yea, I've some old repo tagged with ruby-sdk, just checked :|
[23:56:53] dachi_: just took a glance, that's not very well written :p will need to work harder
[23:57:29] dachi_: https://github.com/dachinat/nextcloud


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[15:17:27] dachi_: Hi. Is there any article I can read about use cases of /bin/my_ruby_application versus rake tasks?
[15:17:49] dachi_: When do I use one and when do I use another...
[15:19:53] dachi_: I mean, I made a gem, and people can require tasks by creating Rakefile, adding require 'my_gem/tasks' and executing bundle exec my_gem:version.. but same could have been done by just executing my_gem --show-me-version for example..
[15:20:17] dachi_: lagweezle I see
[15:20:37] dachi_: thanks, so I don't make such things as rake my_gem:version
[15:20:58] dachi_: thanks! :)
[15:22:25] dachi_: yes tnx for responding


[22:34:55] dachi_: hi people
[22:35:26] dachi_: I need to move single semicolon on line if there is any to previous line's end, like here https://gist.github.com/dachi-gh/e892dcc86ae18022d1d9
[22:35:34] dachi_: I don't know regexps, can
[22:35:43] dachi_: you help me maybe give me a direction
[22:36:47] dachi_: but sometimes, there might be no line 6, but 5
[22:37:03] dachi_: or sometimes it would not be necessary at all, because ; might be at end
[22:37:55] dachi_: http://regex101.com/r/qX0yW6
[22:38:09] dachi_: waxjar do you think this can work


[01:38:58] dachi_: pognant guide ...
[01:42:20] dachi_: "Them What Make the Rules and Them What Live the Dream"???
[01:44:46] dachi_: yea regexps too
[01:45:00] dachi_: i got to go people, thanks for helping me all the time.
[01:45:02] dachi_: good night!
[02:02:12] dachi_: snkcld_: it's called combined comparison operator
[02:02:36] dachi_: can return 1, -1 and 0
[02:02:53] dachi_: used with Comparable mixing often
[02:03:54] dachi_: snkcld_ it's also called spaceship operator
[02:05:05] dachi_: snkcld_ here's a nice page http://stackoverflow.com/questions/827649/what-is-the-ruby-spaceship-operator


[00:00:37] dachi_: what if I want to create a new gem, do you use pty for such gems? like ffmpeg gem, what does it use?
[00:01:35] dachi_: thanks, is that realtime?
[00:03:33] dachi_: okay, streamio-ffmpeg this one uses open3
[00:03:44] dachi_: never heard of it
[00:08:39] dachi_: thanks i made my mind thanks!
[22:16:31] dachi_: why is this giving me such a wrong result :(((
[22:16:32] dachi_: 2.0.0-p247 :041 > a = "Generating public/fonts/nino.eot\n Generating public/fonts/nino.woff\n\nGenerating public/fonts/nino.svg\n".match(/^Generating (.+)/)
[22:16:33] dachi_: => #<MatchData "Generating public/fonts/nino.eot" 1:"public/fonts/nino.eot">
[22:17:33] dachi_: wrong for my understanding
[22:17:53] dachi_: i need those 3 paths, and I get something really different
[22:17:59] dachi_: it works in rubular
[22:18:05] dachi_: is there g?
[22:18:24] dachi_: there is no g
[22:19:20] dachi_: => #<MatchData "Generating public/fonts/nino.eot\n Generating public/fonts/nino.woff\n\nGenerating public/fonts/nino.svg\n" 1:"public/fonts/nino.eot\n Generating public/fonts/nino.woff\n\nGenerating public/fonts/nino.svg\n">
[22:19:25] dachi_: that's not what i need
[22:19:37] dachi_: strings are like this from Open3 stdout
[22:19:38] dachi_: Generating public/fonts/nino.eot\n Generating public/fonts/nino.woff\n\nGenerating public/fonts/nino.svg\n
[22:19:50] dachi_: no that's not correct
[22:20:21] dachi_: "Generating public/fonts/nino.eot\nGenerating public/fonts/nino.woff\nGenerating public/fonts/nino.svg"
[22:20:27] dachi_: this is a real string that open3 gives me
[22:22:03] dachi_: Yes! that's great I'll append \n
[22:22:08] dachi_: thank you!!!!!!!


[00:13:12] dachi_: there's really a bug with sass and rails
[01:11:08] dachi_: is there a bug with compass / sass too??
[01:11:13] dachi_: rails 4.1
[23:58:15] dachi_: Hi. I've got a third-party command line application written. Which tools do I use to communicate with it, or should I write a separate wrapper for rails to talk with it?


[23:39:26] dachi_: hi. it's like i spent too much time figuring out how to configure sass in rails4 with sass gem 'sass-rails', '~> 4.0.0' .. may I ask for a help
[23:40:20] dachi_: i tried creating sass.rb in config, I tried putting configs like config.sass.style = :nested in application.rb, same in production.rb, but nothing has effect, same css with comments
[23:41:00] dachi_: i delete assets, then change something in my sass file, so that it recompiles, but when rake assets:precompile RAILS_ENV=production every time I get the same output
[23:41:30] dachi_: do you know how can I pass configurations to sass in rails 4? can you help me?


[21:58:08] dachi_: hi. I can't get acts_as_xlsx work along mongoid and axlsx_rails gems.. please help me.. I need to export model data to xls file
[22:03:35] dachi_: it's huge huge huge box


[13:22:00] dachi_: these people write such disgusting articles
[13:22:25] dachi_: but i don't believe rails guys will switch


[08:20:39] dachi_: i got interested in a question on stackoverflow
[08:20:50] dachi_: how do you make gem dependency GEMNAME -R
[08:20:56] dachi_: show you recursively all the gems
[08:21:03] dachi_: or do you know any other way?


[19:33:39] dachi_: a snake???
[19:34:52] dachi_: happy old new year


[05:45:02] dachi_: anybody here? I'lve got to ask some advice (client-side) but I'm working with rails on this
[05:45:15] dachi_: i've made a gem and now i'm making javascript for this
[05:45:32] dachi_: i need to give users ability to add their own remote-url
[05:45:41] dachi_: {remote: '???.'}
[05:45:53] dachi_: problem is that i can't make a decision about a parameter string value
[05:46:09] dachi_: so far i've got 'remote-read': '/notifications/read/:id' ..
[05:46:16] dachi_: is that '/:id' okay?
[05:46:26] dachi_: i mean for usability???.
[05:51:41] dachi_: my problem << solved. got a recommendation for my question. tnx
[15:18:21] dachi_: guys, some help..
[15:18:23] dachi_: rake routs
[15:18:25] dachi_: #index GET /index(.:format) user_notification#index
[15:18:26] dachi_: #root GET / user_notification/messages#index
[15:18:26] dachi_: # GET /read/:id(.:format) user_notification/messages#read
[15:18:48] dachi_: rspec No route matches {:controller=>"user_notification/messages", :action=>"index"}
[15:19:10] dachi_: i tried a lot, but i have get :index there in controller spec
[15:19:45] dachi_: it's engine under /vendors/engines/ (mountable )
[15:20:18] dachi_: gem 'rails', '~> 4.0.0'
[15:21:45] dachi_: controller: controllers/user_notification/messages_controller.rb
[15:21:57] dachi_: spec file: controllers/user_notification/messages_controller_spec.rb


[21:31:01] dachi_: anybody know scala?
[21:32:04] dachi_: http://dachi.co/bench_rb.html
[21:32:07] dachi_: i want this in scala
[21:32:27] dachi_: i argue with some guy about speeds and i need scala version
[21:36:26] dachi_: ok thanks
[21:37:41] dachi_: i joined their channel and asked there but
[21:37:49] dachi_: dachi_: Hello! if anyone has like 3-4 minutes, could you please write Scala version of this script in ruby? http://dachi.co/bench_rb.html I am comparing speeds and I'd be very grateful
[21:37:50] dachi_: [01:24am] OlegYch: won't
[21:39:38] dachi_: i think so


[15:15:49] dachi_: why's poignant guide to ruby ^_^
[15:17:29] dachi_: just because you can feel magic you will be pursuing :)
[15:39:11] dachi_: true ai scares me, just imagine, ai, good ai, True AI aa O_o
[15:51:45] dachi_: nokogiris methods ...
[16:01:42] dachi_: we have souls
[16:05:02] dachi_: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj_OlTelGhI
[16:11:33] dachi_: it's all written what will happen
[19:52:16] dachi_: so, what's next?


[04:34:22] dachi_: hello. What's the difference with #rails ?
[04:35:21] dachi_: oh, ok i'll be here then, thanks. nice to see you all