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[11:36:57] daed: Seenox: http://rubular.com/r/iiaYLmq2V6
[11:37:02] daed: Seenox: something like this?
[11:48:55] daed: no idea seenox, use rubular to test stuff out


[01:15:21] daed: i think all my ruby is underscored, i think most of rails is underscored
[01:16:37] daed: i would have suggested paperclip
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[01:17:16] daed: that's the one area of rails i don't use
[01:17:50] daed: despite working with like 15 rails apps, somehow i don't deal with uploads
[01:17:55] daed: very weird
[01:18:09] daed: it's mostly downloads
[01:18:13] daed: if anything at all
[01:18:45] daed: ah yeah, upload location gets grey
[01:18:52] daed: where does it go, who can see it, etc


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[15:14:54] daed: https://i.redd.it/w3p5xx111tzy.jpg


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[15:23:42] daed: valkyr2e: have you ever used rubular.com
[15:23:57] daed: valkyr2e: or even http://regexr.com/


[18:46:24] daed: when you run "gem server -d /my/directory/", and you cp a .gem file after "gem build" into that directory.. and you add that server as a source, it should find the gem right?
[18:46:59] daed: there's no other command that you need to run to let the gem server know that there's a new gem in that directory?
[18:47:38] daed: "GET /latest_specs.4.8.gz HTTP/1.1" -- i see the gem server's log showing bundler requesting data from it
[18:47:56] daed: mrD_: rebuilding an index?
[18:49:01] daed: mrD_: interesting, i don't think any 'gem server' guides list that command anywhere
[18:50:12] daed: mrD_: Generating Marshal quick index gemspecs for 0 gems
[18:50:18] daed: even that doesn't find the .gem file
[18:51:25] daed: yup, -rw-r--r--. 1 root root 5120 May 4 18:24 new_tickets-0.0.2.gem
[18:51:35] daed: right next to the index files in the /data/repos/gems/ dir
[18:54:28] daed: mrD_: looks like i may need to put it in /data/repos/gems/gems/*.gem
[18:56:02] daed: mrD_: so now.. Generating Marshal quick index gemspecs for 1 gems, it finds the gem in /data/repos/gems/gems/*.gem on the server... but remote bundler gets index data from gem server (pointing at /data/repos/gems) and doesn't find it
[18:56:50] daed: mrD_: restarted server trying to point at /data/repos/gems/gems and still bundler doesn't find it.. strange
[19:01:11] daed: yeah, that one didn't work
[19:01:38] daed: i added the source, bundler even says it's pulling the index from my custom source even
[19:01:50] daed: i see bundler polling my custom gem server in the gem server logs
[19:02:21] daed: Fetching source index from https://internal.repo
[19:02:48] daed: yeah, i have nginx reverse proxy i set up, SSL works fine
[19:03:01] daed: "GET /specs.4.8.gz HTTP/1.1" 200
[19:03:26] daed: the gem server sees the requests from bundler.. do i have to explicitly say "gem install gemname -v specific-version"? that doesn't seem right
[19:04:09] daed: nope... gem generate_index sees the gem, gem server sees requests, just .. can't gem install it from remote server
[19:05:10] daed: nope, "GET /latest_specs.4.8.gz HTTP/1.1" 200
[19:05:14] daed: that is the last request from bundler
[19:17:27] daed: mrD_: msg'd you the gist


[20:17:33] daed: so i'm running "bundle install", and it successfully pulls a gemfile from a remote git repo
[20:17:38] daed: it does this with 3 diff gems
[20:17:46] daed: i can 'require' 2 of them after "bundle exec irb"
[20:17:57] daed: but the third one can't be found, even though bundler has it right there as installed
[20:20:02] daed: hxegon: i think it might be because this gem is named "new_tickets", but the internal files are tickets.rb instead
[20:20:11] daed: i'll sync up all the filenames to the gem name and see if it helps
[20:20:38] daed: hxegon: yeah problem is there's another gem named 'tickets' already.. so i'm gonna change the new one to just be "new_tickets" everywhere
[20:20:49] daed: s.name = 'new_tickets'
[20:20:56] daed: i assumed this part of the gemspec would be all that was necessary
[20:24:08] daed: hxegon: yeah it's the 'require' statement i believe
[20:24:26] daed: gem 'test', git: 'asdf', require: 'gemname'
[20:25:15] daed: hxegon: fixed it, made lib/tickets renamed to lib/new_tickets.rb to match gemspec name
[20:25:30] daed: guess they need to match, and the gemspec 'files' dont get loaded by default


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[15:10:51] daed: *.net *.split
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[21:59:27] daed: that sounds ripe for injection attacks
[21:59:55] daed: i mean that's pretty much the foundation of injection attacks lol
[22:38:09] daed: i switched to ruby from python, much prefer it
[22:38:19] daed: better looking language, better OOP in my opinion, syntax wise
[22:38:28] daed: perhaps not feature wise, but it definitely looks more pleasant
[22:38:49] daed: nbro_: i wrote python for 4 years before switching to ruby and have not looked back
[22:38:58] daed: matter of taste in my case
[22:39:26] daed: i found ruby to be far more intuitive so it was worth the switch for me
[22:39:30] daed: long term
[22:39:50] daed: nbro_: i disagree wholeheartedly
[22:39:56] daed: "5".methods.sort
[22:39:58] daed: try that in python
[22:41:30] daed: also evaluate the team, who is going to be maintaining it, long term plans, etc
[22:42:01] daed: 'better' is subjective
[22:42:09] daed: i find ruby to be more pleasant to work with, so it's 'better' for me
[22:42:18] daed: some people seem to think python is just fine for their needs
[22:43:27] daed: yeah, seriously
[22:43:40] daed: you're asking #ruby if ruby is better
[22:43:44] daed: that's going to be a biased answer
[22:43:58] daed: go ask #python if ruby is better, they will say no
[22:44:44] daed: nbro_: those are statically typed compiled languages
[22:44:48] daed: ruby and python are interpreted
[22:45:03] daed: you're not really comparing the right things
[22:45:23] daed: i still write java/scala
[22:45:30] daed: i still write python on occasion (for saltstack)
[22:45:36] daed: 'right tool for the job' applies in most cases
[22:46:53] daed: Nilium: we've gone through puppet, chef, and ansible extensively
[22:47:08] daed: Nilium: and finally decided on switching, sadly
[22:47:20] daed: despite being all ruby devs
[22:47:48] daed: Nilium: our issue was remote execution at scale
[22:47:54] daed: saltstack solved that a lot better/faster
[22:48:03] daed: we have scaling issues with puppet
[22:48:28] daed: nbro_: i find the language enjoyable
[22:48:53] daed: actually, out of all languages, ruby is the most fun
[22:49:55] daed: i did C++ professionally for a few years
[22:49:59] daed: i don't intend on going back, lol
[22:50:14] daed: much prefer go over C++
[22:50:33] daed: oh god, php
[22:50:35] daed: i did that for 8+ years
[22:50:36] daed: never again
[22:50:45] daed: what a complete disaster of a language
[22:51:09] daed: admittedly, go and php's missions are different
[22:51:20] daed: i wouldn't want to write a full blown giant web app in golang exclusively
[22:51:42] daed: we used rails at tribune (latimes.com etc)
[22:52:10] daed: i'd be checking out rust before i ever considered C++ again
[22:52:54] daed: last i looked at rust was 3 years ago
[22:52:56] daed: i'm sure it's come quite a ways
[22:53:21] daed: we have a guy who's really interested in it
[22:53:26] daed: unfortunately we are doing big data stuff
[22:53:31] daed: there's no rust ecosystem in big data
[22:53:32] daed: it's all JVM
[22:55:04] daed: hadoop, kafka, spark, flink, HDFS, hbase, cassandra, beam, drill, flume, ORC, parquet, samza, sqoop, lucene, phoenix, pig, zookeeper, accumulo
[22:55:07] daed: the java ecosystem is insane
[22:55:12] daed: no escaping it for me
[22:56:25] daed: makes me wanna pick up a rust book
[22:56:36] daed: wait my employer pays for safari
[22:56:38] daed: maybe there's something on there
[22:57:27] daed: "Programming Rust" May 2017
[22:57:31] daed: looks like a good candidate
[22:58:25] daed: who made this?
[22:59:02] daed: so macros are templates kinda eh


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[13:43:42] daed: megan_: there must be another process running outside of the 'rails server' itself
[13:46:04] daed: megan_: not really, for example sidekiq and other background things run as their own process, not the web server itself
[13:46:15] daed: i would list processes and see what's going on
[13:46:46] daed: looks like 'whenever' might even be cron-related
[13:47:12] daed: $ whenever --update-crontab
[13:47:14] daed: did you run this?
[13:47:27] daed: it looks like it's inserting actual cron jobs
[13:47:29] daed: which are OS-level
[13:47:32] daed: not rails level
[13:47:37] daed: if you run "crontab -e"
[13:47:39] daed: you will see the jobs
[13:48:23] daed: yep, apache and unicorn and nginx and rails can all die
[13:48:28] daed: but the OS will still run crons
[13:48:58] daed: i usually use crons manually, didn't even know about whenever :)
[13:55:18] daed: megan_: how do you like Backup?
[13:55:23] daed: i've never heard of it or used it before
[13:55:56] daed: we usually just do a pgdump or mysqldump or whatever database-level backups and scp the files off-site
[13:57:00] daed: ahh, looks like this just cleans up the whole process
[13:57:09] daed: with a clean ruby DSL
[13:58:46] daed: 'domain specific language', ruby's meta-programming, activerecord, rails, is all kinda built around that
[14:01:24] daed: for example routes.rb is all a DSL
[14:03:16] daed: pretty much, like in routes.rb you just say "resources :xyz"
[14:03:39] daed: instead of declaring a bunch of other code like "Routes.create(:blah, 'xyz')" etc etc
[14:03:56] daed: ruby and rails allow awesome clean DSL code
[14:04:13] daed: cleans up all the noisy normal code
[14:07:28] daed: roflmyeggo: whats up
[14:07:53] daed: might depend on the structure of the existing app
[14:07:59] daed: integration wise
[14:08:15] daed: to be fair though, rolling your own blog system is pretty dead simple in rails as-is
[14:08:20] daed: might be a little more work
[14:08:28] daed: what gems are you looking at?
[14:09:07] daed: yeah there's basically a BlogEntry model right? rails already has created_at updated_at etc
[14:09:29] daed: subject and body text fields
[14:09:51] daed: https://draftjs.org/
[14:10:00] daed: reminds me of the rich text editor react component i just ran into
[14:10:28] daed: the backend seems like the easy part
[14:11:22] daed: oh for the admin stuff
[14:11:37] daed: after about 8 rails projects they generally are custom
[14:11:43] daed: but activeadmin isn't bad
[14:11:48] daed: it basically just gives you a UI to the database
[14:12:48] daed: in all my experiences yeah
[14:13:45] daed: very large apps, latimes.com, chicagotribune.come, michaeljfox.org, etc
[14:13:51] daed: so that might not apply to smaller apps
[14:14:04] daed: rails_admin looks worthwhile
[14:14:54] daed: the blogging domain should have been solved 100 times by now
[14:15:14] daed: i would say it's worth trying
[14:15:21] daed: the pre-made gem route
[14:15:58] daed: do i get to read your blog when it's done?!


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[19:29:21] daed: convert to a real time with Time.at(1498394849) and store that?
[19:29:28] daed: as a timestamp in db?


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[00:32:44] daed: where's the best place to start learning rails 5 API coding? (in particular, rspec/testing/etc)
[00:33:31] daed: or should i wait for rspec 3.5 to come out of beta?



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[14:01:44] daed: crime: if you don't, the program will just exit
[14:01:48] daed: i think?
[14:02:04] daed: maybe not, and just block the thread from running
[14:02:16] daed: shevy: really
[14:02:28] daed: oh, dependent on external C stuff
[14:05:29] daed: crime: with multiple threads: threads = []; 5.times { |x| threads << Thread.new { puts "test" } }; threads.each { |t| t.join }
[14:06:16] daed: that's a pattern i usually see
[14:59:30] daed: piko_: is this not something you'd use Sidekiq or whatever for?
[15:00:06] daed: glebm: url?
[15:00:28] daed: glebm: was gonna warn you, sevenseacat polices the term 'guys'
[15:00:31] daed: pretty heavily..
[15:01:10] daed: glebm: it's ok in my opinion, some people get weird over words
[15:01:34] daed: it's not an exclusion from my perspective, it's just a phrase
[15:01:47] daed: but to each their own
[15:02:48] daed: piko_: seems to be ideal for that, it runs tasks/jobs in the background
[15:02:51] daed: and can be distributed
[15:03:24] daed: i have built sidekiq tasks/jobs that update their states throughout their lifecycle
[15:03:37] daed: via activerecord enums
[15:04:04] daed: sure, they'd still be models in the db
[15:05:15] daed: no front-end framework? all rails views?
[15:12:03] daed: crime: i don't see it