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[00:56:18] darix: *.net *.split


[21:04:26] darix: yann-kaelig: it is not usually encoded somewhere on rubygems.org
[21:04:42] darix: yann-kaelig: and some gems even ship the C libraries intree but support building against system copies (if you prefer that)
[21:15:05] darix: havenwood: that didnt stop some devs to have runtime dependencies on their tests directories :D


[20:45:33] darix: Retr0Punk: for that kind of stuff you dont even need a templating library


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[21:19:59] darix: zenspider: woof?


[15:11:16] darix: vdl: there is "and" and "or" in ruby?
[15:23:48] darix: vdl: && and || boolean operations too?


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[16:19:40] darix: jeremycw: mechanize gem?
[16:23:14] darix: jeremycw: from your initial description that was hard to guess ... and you are very optimistic
[16:23:30] darix: you would need to store the partial states of the workflow somewhere
[16:23:54] darix: makes you wonder if it wouldnt be easier to have a javascript based workflow and only send the final state at the end
[16:27:16] darix: NL3limin4t0r: you could do session stickiness but that only solves a very minor part of the problem
[16:28:16] darix: jeremycw: you are dreaming too big there :)


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[20:55:50] darix: troydm: https://github.com/rails/rails/blob/master/rails.gemspec#L12


[17:31:55] darix: zxq2: why not use the openssl bindings?
[17:32:08] darix: zxq2: I dont think there are production ready pure ruby implementations


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[16:50:05] darix: *.net *.split


[12:59:31] darix: dionysus69: my usual recommendation would be: pick one where you are personally interested because you use it for your work/hobby
[13:00:23] darix: Bish: conditionwhat?


[18:13:43] darix: terens: something with eval is imho questionable :P
[18:17:00] darix: just based on docs
[18:17:21] darix: scope :holidays, -> { find_by(key: 'holidays') if sla_active? }
[18:17:26] darix: https://guides.rubyonrails.org/active_record_querying.html#using-conditionals
[18:22:53] darix: terens: although I think where(key: 'holidays') if sla_active?
[18:22:58] darix: would be better in that case
[18:33:19] darix: then you could just define a method on the class


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[02:20:17] darix: oncall-pokemon: dont use the numeric index:
[02:20:26] darix: use named match groups
[02:20:48] darix: /(?<namehere>.*)/.match(string)
[02:20:52] darix: mo=/(?<namehere>.*)/.match(string)
[02:20:57] darix: mo[:namehere]


[13:46:23] darix: baweaver: I am not really sure why we needed this
[13:52:25] darix: jaytull: the positional parameter thingie


[13:12:41] darix: uplime: you youngster probably forgot all the fun of 1.8 to 2.0


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[16:26:40] darix: sagax: this feels wrong
[16:26:58] darix: sagax: set a variable and check that in your exception handler


[13:00:04] darix: zenspider: that seems a bit slow *runs*


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[14:13:24] darix: z64: are you checking the gemspec of the version that they are installing or in git HEAD?
[14:15:02] darix: z64: https://rubygems.org/gems/unf_ext/versions/
[14:15:12] darix: the compiled mingw version has this limit
[14:15:46] darix: you could probably get by, if you install pgsql and ruby dev stuff and build the extension yourself.
[14:16:12] darix: or ask upstream to provide newer binaries
[14:17:29] darix: ask the maintainer who built those binaries :)


[10:58:32] darix: wesley479: popen3/4 maybe
[11:01:00] darix: popen should also give you stdout
[11:01:38] darix: but for driving some interactive program
[11:01:44] darix: why not use something like expect
[11:02:05] darix: wesley479: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7142978/is-there-an-expect-equivalent-gem-for-ruby
[11:03:37] darix: and rexpect gem as mentioned at the end?
[11:06:28] darix: and parley?
[11:06:33] darix: the comment below that
[11:08:33] darix: and i guess the expect module in the stdlib does too
[11:08:40] darix: so maybe you should fix PTY :P
[11:08:45] darix: or use a proper OS :P *scnr*
[13:27:29] darix: Cork: getresource(name, typeclass)
[13:27:35] darix: typeclass can be a string too
[13:27:40] darix: so I guess the answer is "yes"
[13:41:19] darix: Cork: well you can send a patch to ruby-core to add more classes to Resolv::DNS::Resource:: :)


[15:11:53] darix: mensvaga: how does your script call bundler?
[15:11:56] darix: full path maybe?
[15:12:56] darix: why not run your script with
[15:13:02] darix: bundle exec yourscript
[15:13:24] darix: to make sure that you run in a locked down env from the beginning


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[23:46:36] darix: *.net *.split


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[21:22:02] darix: <3 binding.pry or binding.irb
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[14:11:19] darix: hrrz: you need a C compiler to build ruby. there is no way around it.
[14:14:37] darix: hrrz: export CC=clang CXX=clang++
[14:14:39] darix: run configure
[14:16:34] darix: on the machine where you want to build it
[14:19:12] darix: see config.log


[16:10:56] darix: havenwood: how does it compare to puma?
[16:24:04] darix: havenwood: but yeah without fibers not much gain or?


[01:22:43] darix: zenspider: vimdiff?


[00:29:02] darix: Read error: error:1408F10B:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:wrong version number
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[17:47:10] darix: opensuse package is done too
[17:48:34] darix: leah2: no plans for that atm
[17:48:40] darix: but a few of my coworkers are there


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[20:03:47] darix: seems I have another action items NOTE: Gem::Specification#has_rdoc is deprecated with no replacement. It will be removed on or after 2018-12-01.
[20:04:41] darix: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt this seems like something wrong when you use update-ca-certificates
[20:05:06] darix: havenwood: before I can work on this I need to wait for my gitlab package to publish
[20:06:10] darix: you shouldnt have to use c_rehash anymore with a system that uses update-ca-certificates
[20:06:20] darix: i have the feeling you are mixing a lot of things there
[20:09:32] darix: isene: normally if you use your system ruby and dont configure anything special with your CA certs in your script or any of the gems you are using
[20:09:50] darix: than ruby (well openssl) should find the system certs automatically
[20:10:00] darix: easiest way to test that is
[20:10:11] darix: openssl s_client -connect someservice:someport < /dev/null
[20:12:43] darix: how did you install that ruby?
[20:13:38] darix: looks like debian or so
[20:14:37] darix: works fine with ruby 2.5 on opensuse :P
[20:15:11] darix: did you check their bugtracker if it is a known issue?
[20:17:12] darix: poking a friend at ubuntu
[20:17:15] darix: if he can reproduce it
[20:20:51] darix: isene: he can reproduce it
[20:21:09] darix: isene: my friend ask if you can file a bug
[20:22:45] darix: launchpad i guess
[21:38:58] darix: isene: looks good


[14:28:30] darix: catphish: so what to do when the signal gets thrown in that block?
[14:28:38] darix: a signal that might indicate a serious error
[14:37:03] darix: catphish: imho signal usually means something important needs to be done now
[14:49:09] darix: catphish: your signal handler could just set a variable and your event loop could check those variable at the beginning of the next iteration?
[14:50:21] darix: that is a pretty small code already imho


[13:58:43] darix: marz_d`ghostman: what makes you think it hasnt happened instantly?
[14:02:20] darix: you need to provide a script for reproducer
[14:11:47] darix: marz_d`ghostman: should the hash like string at the end be an url maybe?
[14:14:24] darix: see your last line
[14:19:02] darix: and line 21 triggers an error?
[14:21:48] darix: your script works here creates 2 tables and then inserts into 1
[14:22:02] darix: and the data is there
[14:24:59] darix: i commented on your gist
[14:25:35] darix: a very glarring lack of openSUSE/SUSE There :P
[14:28:16] darix: opensuse package for 2.6.0~rc2 submitted
[15:03:45] darix: marz_d`ghostman: for me it was ruby 2.5.3 + ruby2.5-rubygem-sqlite3-1.3.13-1.11.x86_64
[15:37:40] darix: maybe they block commits


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[13:28:21] darix: bsrd: log to something like a message bus and feed your real log destination from there
[14:03:21] darix: just feeding into sidekiq would be one way yes


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[14:15:30] darix: marz_d`ghostman: you are not in #slim


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[23:04:51] darix: leitz: leave out the 2nd param?
[23:09:20] darix: leitz: uploading a version is like freezing it. think of it as immutable. version numbers are cheap.
[23:09:33] darix: you never change a release
[23:10:08] darix: leitz: example: many distros verify that the checksum of the upstream tarball (a gem in your case) doesnt change
[23:10:33] darix: leitz: so if you upload 2 different tarballs for the same version ... you would break that. and the first assumption would be ... someone broke into your account
[23:10:45] darix: _ari: 1. #rails 2. why wouldnt it?


[21:56:52] darix: baweaver: there are worse ldap libraries


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[19:53:56] darix: peacetreaty: uhm
[19:54:09] darix: why not full_path.start_with? dirname
[19:54:39] darix: maybe run File.expand_path on both before
[19:55:00] darix: Mike11: or do you only care about direct parent relationship?
[19:56:14] darix: '/etc/sysconfig/kernel'.start_with? '/etc'
[19:56:17] darix: >>> '/etc/sysconfig/kernel'.start_with? '/etc'
[19:56:27] darix: so the bot napping again?
[19:56:47] darix: >>>> '/etc/sysconfig/kernel'.start_with? '/etc'
[19:56:53] darix: apeiros: ?
[19:57:05] darix: RedNifre: a ruby twitter library
[19:57:41] darix: https://rubygems.org/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=twitter
[19:58:07] darix: RedNifre: well you need to handle oauth and all the jazz :)


[14:04:28] darix: blood: if you only have one namespace ... yes
[14:04:31] darix: then you can do that
[14:08:13] darix: blood: but you can have thins like <foo:bar><foobar:bar /></foo:bar> ... now you do //bar ... which one do you refer to?
[14:12:17] darix: ACTION tries to remember where his code is for xpath with namespace
[14:16:02] darix: blood: //xmlns:filter-name
[14:16:09] darix: blood: //xmlns:cookie-name
[14:17:04] darix: that xmlns is a short hand for the default namespace
[14:19:00] darix: yeah now you need to prefix things with xmlns: and be done
[14:19:38] darix: you might need //xmlns:filter[xmlns:filter-name='psfilter']
[14:19:46] darix: otherwise yes
[14:19:51] darix: blood: hint. binding.pry
[14:19:54] darix: and play around with it :P
[14:20:03] darix: blood: you can. but it doesnt matter
[14:20:05] darix: you can also do
[14:20:20] darix: /xmlns:weblogic-web-app/xmlns:session-descriptor/xmlns:cookie-name
[14:20:33] darix: blood: binding.pry :P
[14:25:02] darix: blood: https://gist.github.com/darix/7b6422a4334937fcd6e0cc193d9721f8


[13:44:08] darix: guzzlefry: works for me
[13:49:20] darix: guzzlefry: would be interesting which IP you see for www.r-l.o
[13:49:35] darix: dualstack.m.shared.global.fastly.net has IPv6 address 2a04:4e42:3::434
[13:49:35] darix: dualstack.m.shared.global.fastly.net has address
[13:49:35] darix: www.ruby-lang.org is an alias for dualstack.m.shared.global.fastly.net.
[13:49:35] darix: host www.ruby-lang.org
[13:50:59] darix: interesting
[13:52:33] darix: so returns your list for me ... while and my local resolvers only get my list
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[14:39:22] darix: gray_-_wolf: the new jit added for 2.6 will bring you something similar
[14:42:08] darix: gray_-_wolf: it will store the compiled version of your ruby files if it is jit worthy
[14:42:16] darix: gray_-_wolf: are you sure the parse time is your problem?
[14:48:05] darix: gray_-_wolf: not sure we have something like that.


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[14:18:36] darix: apeiros: JFYI: https://www.humblebundle.com/books/cybersecurity-wiley-books
[14:22:03] darix: i leave managing daemons to my init system


[22:41:08] darix: >>> a = []; a.freeze; a.dup.frozen?
[22:41:14] darix: bot broken


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[22:00:39] darix: JJonah: maybe checkout what activesupport does
[22:18:09] darix: apeiros: the old activesupport way doesnt work anymore?
[22:23:44] darix: apeiros: but it would achive the goal wouldnt it?;)
[22:29:41] darix: apeiros: for me it is more a question of solving the high level goal :P


[21:24:39] darix: leitz: you can use globs
[21:24:46] darix: when constructing the list
[21:24:49] darix: the gemspec is ruby
[21:25:59] darix: leitz: so?
[21:30:42] darix: leitz: so use it properly


[14:43:55] darix: mjacob: maybe use "".codeporints "".chars "".bytes
[14:43:59] darix: depending what you want