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[05:38:05] desnudopenguino: ACTION winks at baweaver
[05:52:53] desnudopenguino: baweaver: oh snap, you're using the plum keyset as well?


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[01:25:42] desnudopenguino: baweaver: that was like aesop's fable worthy. you wrapped some learning into a fun story.


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[00:58:41] desnudopenguino: you guys have any suggestions for stress testing tools for a rails app? i'm looking for something that can test authenticated user actions, there is only like one page that doesn't require authentication


[01:12:28] desnudopenguino: jayjo: i'm messing around with setting up an AWS EC2 instance with some ruby stuff, and with sinatra running thin, somehow my local ip is showing up in the log, not my ISP provided ip
[01:44:39] desnudopenguino: hays_: give us more info concerning what it is complaining about.


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[20:55:08] desnudopenguino: havenwood: nice!
[21:32:21] desnudopenguino: jayjo: are you running it locally/on your own hardware?


[18:44:50] desnudopenguino: `gem install rails -v <version #>` should do the trick
[19:07:10] desnudopenguino: if you really get into it, i'd look at some of the pragprog books or ruby/rails.[sort_by]=pubdate&f[category]=ruby_and_rails&f[skill_level]=All&f[title_contains]=
[19:08:30] desnudopenguino: though some are a little dated, they have a lot of good stuff, and are super easy to read


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[04:42:17] desnudopenguino: i'm working on a rails app with vue and webpacker, and i've run into a bit of an issue testing out a production deployment. I'm getting a CSP warning. I precompiled the assets and everything. anyone have any suggestions?


[21:46:26] desnudopenguino: wow, people don't stick around long in here for answers, do they?


[21:15:05] desnudopenguino: tycoon177: you mean something like this?
[21:25:18] desnudopenguino: raw sql is usually how i handle those things, until i figure out a more "railsy" way to do it
[21:42:49] desnudopenguino: there are a few thoughts i have, is the record going to be written once and that's it, or is it updatable? if it is a write once thing, then you could use a before_validate to create and check the unique string
[21:43:44] desnudopenguino: if it is updatable, you could just have some logit to check if the value is set in the before_validate
[21:44:53] desnudopenguino: yeah something like that
[21:51:06] desnudopenguino: i think i've run into a similar scenario, but can't remember exactly. things in the callbacks felt a bit "off"


[17:40:15] desnudopenguino: skryking: why directly in ApplicationRecord?
[19:08:28] desnudopenguino: subclass or a module, i'd think a module might work better, "censorable" or something similar. and apply it to all models or what have you.


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[02:25:17] desnudopenguino: man shoulda stuck around a little longer, i just set up vue in rails


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[16:47:36] desnudopenguino: i'm hitting a pretty annoying brick wall currently, maybe you guys can help, still trying to get rbenv/ruby-build to install ruby on OpenBSD.
[16:49:34] desnudopenguino: i'm running into issues with openssl, installed 1.0.2 from packages, and i'm trying to point it to the proper directory for the openssl includes, but for some reason it is defaulting to /usr/include/openssl, which contains LibreSSL files.
[16:54:12] desnudopenguino: konsolebox: i have a newer version of OpenSSL installed locally (1.0.2n) than i do on my FreeBSD box which has no issues (1.0.2k). the issue is that using the notes from
[16:55:05] desnudopenguino: it isn't accepting the directory i'm giving it
[16:55:53] desnudopenguino: so it tries to build the same if i have `RUBY_CONFIGURE_OPTS=--with-openssl-dir=/usr/local/include/eopenssl/openssl` included in the command or not
[17:01:16] desnudopenguino: konsolebox: just '/usr/local'? eopenssl is what the official OpenSSL pkg is installed as on OpenBSD, (strange licensing things). LibreSSL comes with base in /usr/bin
[17:05:48] desnudopenguino: ok, so i was misunderstanding the --with-openssl-dir option a bit then
[17:07:16] desnudopenguino: i guess i'd want all the eopenssl things in there to link to /usr/local/{include,lib,bin}/openssl then?
[17:10:56] desnudopenguino: yeah, should be pretty harmless.
[17:14:24] desnudopenguino: OpenBSD has some unusual things with their base setup if you want to use gnu tools as well. many needed tools have been rewritten because they have a more premissive license on OpenBSD vs gpl that comes with most *nix software
[17:15:27] desnudopenguino: makes my life a living hell on these occasions.
[17:16:12] desnudopenguino: konsolebox: building now, will know in the next 10 or so mins if it worked or not
[17:22:12] desnudopenguino: well that cut down the errors a little from what i can tell, there are still some there though...
[17:29:46] desnudopenguino:
[17:42:18] desnudopenguino: i have no idea lol.
[17:44:37] desnudopenguino: the only *error* i'm seeing is `ossl_x509cert.c:372:57: error: invalid type argument of '->' (have 'int')`
[17:44:50] desnudopenguino: if i'm reading that log correctly (though i'm probably not, which is why i'm asking for help)
[17:47:28] desnudopenguino: eam: which file are you looking at in my gist?
[17:48:03] desnudopenguino: i have 2 posted, one is older and has tons of errors, the other is newer and has one that i can see
[17:50:03] desnudopenguino: eam: there are 2 files in that gist. so if you search on the page, you'll see a lot more than what's in the error3 file
[17:50:52] desnudopenguino: there's a 2300 line file, and a 1400 line file in there
[17:51:57] desnudopenguino: sorry was lazy and only have one gist for the files, thought it would be better to keep it rolling in one location
[17:53:17] desnudopenguino: i have 2 openssl environments, Libre- and Open-, one is under /usr (Libre-) and the other under /usr/local (Open-)
[17:54:59] desnudopenguino: sure thing. one moment
[17:55:37] desnudopenguino: that'll get a new gist, because it's hyoooojah
[17:56:59] desnudopenguino: or not as huge as i though, but it'll be easier with another gist i think
[17:57:16] desnudopenguino:
[18:10:32] desnudopenguino: yeah, i'm confused lol
[18:13:09] desnudopenguino: cthulchu: what's up?


[02:38:23] desnudopenguino: wow. that guy was somethin else


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[18:29:08] desnudopenguino: anyone have any experience working with ruby-build on openbsd?



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[02:36:23] desnudopenguino: Disavowed: there are quite a few jquery plugins you could use


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[20:35:07] desnudopenguino: using the roo spreadsheet gem, how does one ignore the header line in a csv spreadsheet?
[20:35:36] desnudopenguino: i tried adding { header: :first_row } and { header: true } in the args when loading the spreadsheet.
[20:43:29] desnudopenguino: ok, nevermind got that sorted


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[17:46:21] desnudopenguino: is anyone in here messing with AWS and serverless-ruby for lambda functions?
[17:49:31] desnudopenguino: havenwood: do you have any good tips for getting things to work? i know it is a bit hacky still.
[17:50:19] desnudopenguino: which would you suggest?
[17:53:08] desnudopenguino: is what i am starting with, but i'm flexible.
[17:56:41] desnudopenguino: havenwood: you're a godsend my friend. you've given me a path to go down at least (look into jruby aws lambda wrappers).
[18:03:47] desnudopenguino: i haven't played with any of the alternative rubies yet.
[18:07:46] desnudopenguino: havenwood: are you familiar with how it would handle bundling gems? (c9katayama/aws-lambda-jruby that is)
[18:15:54] desnudopenguino: havenwood: thanks i've got some stuff to look at now haha.
[18:17:35] desnudopenguino: how hard is it to gram those jars from somewhere to use?
[18:28:49] desnudopenguino: i'll probably float over there shortly.
[18:32:02] desnudopenguino: i've no idea. i've heard about JRuby and CRuby before, and some of those other flavors, but never actually used them. today's going to be a long, but hopefully positively eventful day
[18:59:02] desnudopenguino: well i got the c9katayama to build, now to write some code to deploy and see if it works
[19:11:49] desnudopenguino: my stack deployed, let's see what happens when i try to run it. hahaha
[19:14:13] desnudopenguino: ah, it might be because of how i set things up...



[03:40:18] desnudopenguino: anyone have any good suggestions for code testing? I'm trying to work towards BDD, but have to set up tests for my already existing code first. I have some models covered with rspec, but was looking at using cucumber for integration tests, but i've found it a bit of a pain with session and cookie data
[04:32:46] desnudopenguino: fryguy: do you have a suggested web driver to run with it?
[05:12:25] desnudopenguino: fryguy: thanks!


[17:00:10] desnudopenguino: desperek: what errors/issues are you having?
[17:01:17] desnudopenguino: desperek: can you gist that file?
[17:05:24] desnudopenguino: so in the error, it should read "... unitialized constant Users..." then?
[17:13:00] desnudopenguino: and you have the Users::ConfirmationsController file in the proper location? (app/controllers/users/confirmations_controller.rb)
[17:13:36] desnudopenguino: try with lowercase u
[17:15:00] desnudopenguino: i'm pretty sure all the files are/should be 0644
[17:17:09] desnudopenguino: man chmod to get your syntax on it
[17:30:27] desnudopenguino: desperek: i'm not sure then man. haven't used devise in a while. do you have the routes set up properly and everything?
[17:31:27] desnudopenguino: desperek: sometimes windows doesn't give a poop about capital vs lowercase in filenames, unix-based systems on the other hand do
[17:31:52] desnudopenguino: i'm not sure if that propagates into things like rails or not, but
[17:32:59] desnudopenguino: what's your routing look like?
[17:33:32] desnudopenguino: i'm just throwing out ideas of what i would check if i were in your situation
[17:44:29] desnudopenguino: what error is it throwing? should be able to see in your log
[17:58:49] desnudopenguino: hrm, i'd suggest setting up some sort of dev environment that matches your production environment
[20:20:53] desnudopenguino: anyone using cucumber-rails for testing? I'm trying to check for a redirect, but I'm getting "undefined method `redirect_to' for #<Cucumber::Rails::World:0x0000081347c280> (NoMethodError)"


[19:58:22] desnudopenguino: i'm working on adding rspec to my rails app for testing, but after add it to the gemfile and bundle install, i'm getting the following error when running `bundle exec rails generate rspec:install`:
[19:58:32] desnudopenguino: /home/yacfr/.rbenv/versions/2.4.1/lib/ruby/gems/2.4.0/gems/rb-kqueue-0.2.5/lib/rb-kqueue/watcher/file.rb:19:in `initialize': Operation not supported - Failed to open file
[19:58:35] desnudopenguino: /usr/home/yacfr/yacfr/shared/sockets/puma.sock: File type not supported. (Errno::EOPNOTSUPP)
[22:56:21] desnudopenguino: i ended up dumping my filesystem and doing a fresh pull from my git repo and it seemed to fix that issue.


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[01:42:22] desnudopenguino: amperry: could you show some code? (i have no idea, but it might help someone who does)
[02:40:27] desnudopenguino: amperry: i'm here!
[03:12:42] desnudopenguino: amperry: we all have real lives going on haha.
[03:16:09] desnudopenguino: i'm not sure. it looks like it only works for new/create and edit/update views/actions?


[20:53:54] desnudopenguino: grr, i'm getting invalid authenticity tokens testing the production version of my app, but things are working on dev, any suggestions?
[20:55:56] desnudopenguino: ... or let me rephrase that a little, can https cause invalid auth tokens?
[21:04:21] desnudopenguino: ... well it ended up being an nginx thing.
[21:11:38] desnudopenguino: amperry: no worries! a quick google revealed it :)
[21:12:21] desnudopenguino: irc channels usually end up being my own rubber ducky when debugging issues with projects
[21:13:36] desnudopenguino: i have to say, working with rails on personal projects after dealing with some ugly php makes me feel like i'm flying haah
[21:17:22] desnudopenguino: Disavowed: Django in python-based right? what's holding it back in terms of dev vs the RoR framework? (i haven't worked with Django yet...)
[21:20:16] desnudopenguino: Disavowed: ah. yeah RoR lets you fly through some of that stuff.
[21:21:27] desnudopenguino: Disavowed: understood. each tool has pros and cons depending on what you're doing. i find it useful to get input from people about things though. haha
[21:22:53] desnudopenguino: man i love debugging in rails
[21:24:45] desnudopenguino: byebug, rails console, and linting with rubocop are glorious
[21:32:20] desnudopenguino: amperry: it may be a hack, but it works pretty well.
[21:33:12] desnudopenguino: i don't have a ton of experience with Ruby/Rails though
[21:51:04] desnudopenguino: amperry: yeah. it *could* always be added in, eh?
[21:57:48] desnudopenguino: LiamW: i'm sorry man.


[06:13:29] desnudopenguino: anyone using ansible for provisioning and rbenv? i'm running into an issue where installing ruby through rbenv takes too long or breaks on this path
[06:17:07] desnudopenguino: it's only 512 mb of ram, just a cheap vps instance
[06:18:15] desnudopenguino: and yeah rbenv is compiling a bunch of stuff
[06:19:18] desnudopenguino: there's no swap afaik
[06:22:02] desnudopenguino: might be a possibility
[06:26:16] desnudopenguino: it installs fine when i run it through normal ssh, just not over ansible
[06:26:34] desnudopenguino: so i think something is breaking somewhere with the ssh connection in ansible
[06:41:01] desnudopenguino: i'll do some messing and figure it out haha
[06:41:10] desnudopenguino: thanks for the suggestions!
[06:41:22] desnudopenguino: i'll let you guys know once i figure it out


[21:54:32] desnudopenguino: i'm trying to get a rails app running on FreeBSD, but running into issues getting a js enronment working. what do you guys suggest?
[22:15:55] desnudopenguino: havenwood: ah ok
[22:16:35] desnudopenguino: therubyracer worked on a ubuntu vps instance i was working on, but not so much for FreeBSD


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[06:49:59] desnudopenguino: is there a way to view a complete Net:HTTP request string?
[19:32:38] desnudopenguino: reber: what do you mean?



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[18:58:57] desnudopenguino: i just set up rbenv on an ubuntu 16.04 box. i'm getting "ERROR: Loading command: install (LoadError) no such file to load -- zlib"
[19:02:33] desnudopenguino: havenwood: already done
[19:06:52] desnudopenguino: NL3limin4t0r: that's a good idea. thanks!
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[19:08:08] desnudopenguino: i'm runnig ubuntu 16.04, just installed rbenv, trying to install some gems, but I'm getting "no such file to load -- zlib", yes i have zlib and zlib-dev installed as well
[19:26:36] desnudopenguino: havenwood: ah, thanks!
[20:40:52] desnudopenguino: gyar. i'm trying to get ruby 1.9.1 installed with rbenv, and i'm getting this error "Makefile:220: recipe for target 'ossl_pkcs7.o' failed"


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[21:58:34] desnudopenguino: i'm having an interesting issue with form submission. I have a form as a partial on a view, If I try to submit it, nothing happens (the submit button appears active but doesn't do anything), but if I refresh the page it works fine the next time. And this keeps happening, so if I go back to the page again to enter more info, I have to refresh the page again before the form will actually submit
[22:39:51] desnudopenguino: ah, ok so it is because i have the form inside a table.


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[19:16:43] desnudopenguino: quirkycoders: do you have the correct permissions set for the users on the other host?


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[03:39:02] desnudopenguino: Rakko:
[03:42:16] desnudopenguino: kuwze: try
[03:43:08] desnudopenguino: you're trying to change the Author object to a string, that's what that error is saying
[03:43:59] desnudopenguino: ACTION feels kind of useful today
[03:46:24] desnudopenguino: yeah, what i posted above *should* do that
[03:51:06] desnudopenguino: what error did you get?
[03:53:19] desnudopenguino: what's your view/partial code?
[16:26:25] desnudopenguino: FrostCandy: it depends. are we talking about db roles or account roles on the site?
[16:28:37] desnudopenguino: FrostCandy: ah, most of the discussion in RoR is on account roles (authorization and authentication within the app)
[16:57:52] desnudopenguino: kuwze: might need more context(code causing the error), it looks ilke you are trying to call a method that doesn't exist


[00:53:34] desnudopenguino: alright, so another question for my csv exporting stuff. i have a table of additional attributes in key value pairs, what would be a good way to add that to my contact objects to export via csv?


[18:20:31] desnudopenguino: i'm working on a csv export feature for a site, and trying to figure out a way to create a specific filename for the exported data vs just "export.csv" which is the route to the action
[18:39:17] desnudopenguino: matthewd: here's a code snippet of the action:
[18:42:46] desnudopenguino: matthewd: there it is! thanks!
[20:11:04] desnudopenguino: claudevandort: if you throw in the error message stack and the code, someone can probably help
[20:11:11] desnudopenguino: we just need a little more info to be useful :)


[01:01:40] desnudopenguino: anyone have any experience with
[01:03:39] desnudopenguino: so my issue with is I'm getting an error "Net::POPError (-ERR unable to open that message)" so I'm trying to step through the emails and figure out what it is in byebug, but i don't think I'm getting it right
[01:15:58] desnudopenguino:
[01:16:02] desnudopenguino: with the error in the comment
[01:19:05] desnudopenguino: I'm trying to parse through the emails with Mail.find(:what => :last, :count => 23) and Mail.find(:what => :first, :count => 23) and I'm not getting matching emails between those two queries though I'm getting overlapping dates, and I'm finding the error "*** Net::POPError Exception: -ERR unable to open that message" when I hit an email that can't be opened I guess
[04:20:56] desnudopenguino: bios: that sounds cool but like a pain
[06:03:33] desnudopenguino: i think i figured out the issue, there is some sort of phantom email or something in my mailbox that is not readable, and not letting any email clients connect happily, and it is messing with stuff


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[04:01:32] desnudopenguino: so i'm trying to use a variable in setting a future date <date>+n.<variable> like date+1.year but it is yelling at me that there is no <variable method for n:integer
[04:09:35] desnudopenguino: havenwood: thanks!
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[21:34:03] desnudopenguino: i have a simple create form set up for one of my models. every now and then the form won't submit. i can hit enter or click the button and nothing happens, no js events triggered, no form data sent or pages requested or anything. any ideas what is going on?


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[21:53:16] desnudopenguino: i'm trying to use the whenever gem to have cron/timed things happening in my project. I have it set up, and it is trying to execute. I have it set to execute 'runner "MailManager.import"', but I am getting "undefined method `get_mail' for MailManager:Class
[21:53:20] desnudopenguino: Please specify a valid ruby command or the path of a script to run.
[21:53:22] desnudopenguino: Run 'bin/rails runner -h' for help.


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[22:55:20] desnudopenguino: man i like rbenv
[23:04:03] desnudopenguino: havenwood: for sure


[18:11:08] desnudopenguino: creating a trade table? if it is a one trade to many transactions, you add a trade id to the transaction table
[18:12:13] desnudopenguino: a.k.a. the transactions need a foreign key for which trade they belong to
[18:44:59] desnudopenguino: tsujp: transaction table has a column for the id of the trade item it is associated with
[18:49:10] desnudopenguino: is it one trade "owns" multiple transactions, or one transaction "owns" many trades?
[18:51:59] desnudopenguino: ok, then you want to have a transaction model with a trade id as I have stated twice now
[18:53:48] desnudopenguino: you need a trade table, yes
[18:54:47] desnudopenguino: and a tranaction table that has a fk that points to the trade table item
[18:54:52] desnudopenguino: sorry for the confusion
[19:20:11] desnudopenguino: not that I'm aware of
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[02:22:15] desnudopenguino: no idea, I'm sure someone is, but they may not be active here
[18:48:48] desnudopenguino: make questions a hash instead of an array?