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[12:55:34] digitalowl: Hello, guys. Can you tell me about bootstrap-sass using? I do all from instruction on github, but assets:precompile faile with 'bootstrap-sprockets' with type 'style' not found. When I looking for files in gem directory I found files _bootstrap.scss and _bootstrap-sprockets.scss. I use rails 5.
[12:56:32] digitalowl: I try include bootstrap libraries in application.css.scss like /*= require bootstrap-sprockets /*= require bootstrap /*= require_self


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[18:23:53] digitalowl: Guys, what's better - PriodicTimer from EventMachine or loop supervisor with sleep?


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[18:09:55] digitalowl: Hello. Can I generate event for EventMachine? I want generate periodic inotify events for scan path.
[18:10:15] digitalowl: Only touch file in watched directory?
[18:14:08] digitalowl: I want process big count of files in 10-15 threads and files will be added. When threadpool for file processing will be filled - new inotify events will be just dropped. I want additional periodic generate additional intofy for continue process.
[18:15:55] digitalowl: s/additional intofy/inotify/
[18:17:39] digitalowl: I think about native threads with supervisor, yes...
[18:21:47] digitalowl: Hm... Okay, try again - I have a temporary folder with files - my task - pack all files so fast as i can
[18:22:06] digitalowl: And move packed files to destination directory.
[18:22:51] digitalowl: I want read listen inotify events for new files coming and create separated packing thread for every file in directory
[18:24:39] digitalowl: Yeah, while count of running threads less than threads limit
[18:25:34] digitalowl: I want limit count of threads because packing is heavy task
[18:27:55] digitalowl: I want use 10-15 threads for process thousands files - ofc all threads will be busy
[18:28:47] digitalowl: from 1 to 5-10 seconds
[18:29:09] digitalowl: I think rate for new files is low
[18:29:34] digitalowl: First fill of database
[18:31:36] digitalowl: But sometimes I can get new pack of files (ofc with less count of files)
[18:33:17] digitalowl: In ideal case I want create simple backend with CRUD api - I put file to server, he save to file to temporary directory and after one of threads is free - he process new file.
[18:33:31] digitalowl: s/to file to/to/
[18:34:12] digitalowl: In additional case I think about use message broker
[18:35:16] digitalowl: Inotify will be generated - but I may only drop it or save for future process.
[18:37:01] digitalowl: For my case inotify is not a right choise, because I want listen inotify on remporary directory, but that
[18:37:24] digitalowl: event will be generated on each modification of folder - create file, delete file, move file, etc
[18:38:18] digitalowl: What do you think about message broker or memcached?
[18:39:04] digitalowl: Server got file< save his to temporary directory, push metadata to message broker, queue turn, read new messagess and process new files
[18:39:30] digitalowl: Rocket science is all of my live :D
[18:40:40] digitalowl: I can't listen inotify events for non existent files. I can listen inotify for temporary folder, but without additional information - only - folder changed.
[18:41:16] digitalowl: About alternatives - yes, that's true.
[18:48:08] digitalowl: RickHull, thx, I get message broker. INotify is not applicapable for my case.
[18:50:57] digitalowl: Em... Server put message to broker, queue run per minute for example, get new messages for free threads and drop his from message queue.
[18:51:56] digitalowl: something like that, yes
[18:52:13] digitalowl: But in this case I can get race condition :D
[18:53:49] digitalowl: replace ls to File.exists?, but yes, you right, I think about that
[18:54:56] digitalowl: lol, I know how write queue on bash in 5-10 lines, but that's not interesting
[18:56:33] digitalowl: I create this project for myself because I want understand what multiprocessing problems I get, resolve it and get more expirience.
[18:56:57] digitalowl: And I want have a normal library for my ebooks collection.
[19:02:19] digitalowl: prutheus, 30 elements per minute?
[19:17:53] digitalowl: RickHull, hm... I found another solution with inotify :D
[19:18:17] digitalowl: RickHull:


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[10:34:16] digitalowl: Hello guys. I have some count of different linux distros in production. And I have different included modules in each distro. Gems and ruby version is equals, but on CentOS 7 in rails console I have loaded Resolv module, but in Arch he is missing.
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[10:48:43] digitalowl: Hello, guys. Who can help me with 'require' and autoloading modules?
[10:52:20] digitalowl: Ok, sorry for my mistake. I have two linux distros in prod - Arch and CentOS. On each distro I have same versions of ruby (2.0.0) and gems. I use rails for some applications and run same code on each distros.
[10:53:13] digitalowl: And I have a problem with module Resolv. On CentOS in rails console thats module is loaded by default, but on Arch is not and application don't working.


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[12:58:29] digitalowl: Hello, I have a question about cancan module, anyone use that?
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[13:06:58] digitalowl: I have a simple rule, like 'can [:index, :view], Book, id: user.book_ids'
[13:07:38] digitalowl: But this rule return always true, when book_ids is enpty array, and when book_ids filled
[13:18:06] digitalowl: Maybe later, but I must use this library because I support old enterprise system
[13:20:33] digitalowl: > has_and_belongs_to_many :users
[13:24:01] digitalowl: hm.... Use 'unless user.book_ids.empty?' instead 'id: user.books_ids'?
[13:25:45] digitalowl: Oh, it's decision, thx.