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[10:06:06] dionysus69: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32600912/rails-4-manage-file-based-translations-at-admin-end
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[08:29:04] dionysus69: when I do bundle package --all it installs gems into vendor/cache dir
[08:29:11] dionysus69: but when I add that dir to the repo I get this error
[08:29:16] dionysus69: You've added another git repository inside your current repository.
[08:30:03] dionysus69: adding embedded git repository: vendor/cache/ruby/2.5.0/bundler/gems/ckeditor-dc2cef2c2c33
[08:30:23] dionysus69: obviously, ckeditor gem is fetched from github
[08:30:27] dionysus69: what's the workaround?


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[12:00:21] dionysus69: How are assets treated in production containerized environment? do I have different container for supplying assets or every pod has its own copy of assets precompiled within the app pod itself?


[02:49:01] dionysus69: Read error: Connection reset by peer


[09:03:14] dionysus69: This doesn't work in application.rb config.require_master_key = false, I want to disable credentials decryption while in build step of the deployment, assets precompilation shouldn't require master keyt
[09:03:29] dionysus69: so is this a bug?
[09:07:01] dionysus69: oh thanks tbuehlmann, now I get it, I didn't know it was explicitly declared inside environment/production.rb


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[14:07:06] dionysus69: at which stage of deployment I should precompile assets when deploying with kubernetes? if I precompile and run rails s in dockerfile, precompilation happens everytime, I thought of precompiling locally and then copying assets in the docker container. does that sound legit?


[06:27:13] dionysus69: So, I decided to go with GKE (google k8s engine) for now, since it relatively simply solves many headaches associated with scaling. If anyone of you doesn't agree, let's discuss ^.^
[06:28:22] dionysus69: And from the exploration I have done, it is cheaper than Heroku.


[11:12:09] dionysus69: /original/inCollage_20181019_223425171.jpg I get that the first part of the name is the date, whats the last part ?
[11:13:58] dionysus69: yea I dont know
[11:14:13] dionysus69: trying to exploit one website with no permissions on activestorage files
[11:14:40] dionysus69: so theres no way to know names
[11:16:10] dionysus69: btw I am no black hat hacker so no eyebrows raised I hope ^.^


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[13:53:56] dionysus69: dachi hello from AAT :)
[13:58:33] dionysus69: how did you guess :D
[14:00:54] dionysus69: nice nice, I couldnt help you with that question, I never done such a thing so :)
[14:01:38] dionysus69: yes I am fine, same to you, if you need a rails job give me facebook ping btw, we maybe looking for an extra employee ^.^ if you are in Georgia :)
[14:04:51] dionysus69: oh yes yes, say hi to him, let's move to #RubyOnRails-offtopic btw before one of the Jedies gives us a notice
[14:05:34] dionysus69: dachi Abulashvili var Kokilashvili ki ara :D
[14:06:52] dionysus69: araushavs :D ravi kargad, ert saitze vmushaob Rails-is developerad
[14:08:15] dionysus69: xo me vmushaob bitforx.com -ze
[14:08:32] dionysus69: tu shenishvnebi geqna momcere :D
[14:08:59] dionysus69: xo iqac vnaxe facebookze ro daposte prosta mec ar vici magisi gaketeba ar damchirvebia amitom ver dagexmare :)
[14:09:20] dionysus69: va tqven xart anu VPS hosting providerebi?
[14:11:06] dionysus69: va dzaan magaria, gadavxedav aucileblad :)
[14:11:31] dionysus69: mec exla scalings vechalichebi, docker terraforms da kubernetebsac shevexe da var ert ambavshi :)
[14:12:37] dionysus69: tu ici ise railsis developeri damcyebic ki visac unda am mimartulebit scavla shegidzlia gamagebino
[14:13:00] dionysus69: xo kubernetebs am etapze tavi gavakebe sanam dockers ar gavarchev kargad
[14:13:20] dionysus69: google kubernetes engines gamoyeneba ar minda cocxali tavit
[14:13:40] dionysus69: mirchevnia digital oceanze pirdapir vmarto chemive infrastruqtura :) da eg kide rtulia
[14:13:49] dionysus69: ki ki mtliani saiti railsshia
[14:14:13] dionysus69: plius kriptovalutebis nodebs ukavshirdeba aplikacia da stuff like that ^.^
[14:15:22] dionysus69: ok I will answer that in English, yes Rails community is great :D
[14:40:33] dionysus69: dachi gamixarda sheni aq naxva martla, pirveli qartveli xar me vinc vici am channelshi :)
[14:42:06] dionysus69: me 2-3 celia titqmis sul var aq online
[14:42:17] dionysus69: xo saqartveloshi ratomgac ar aris ruby popularuli :\
[14:42:35] dionysus69: da vcdilob popularizacia gavucio :D
[14:44:04] dionysus69: :\ araushavs, mtavaria ar davnebdet ^.^
[14:45:38] dionysus69: ki :) landing page-s gavuketet jer marto rebranding
[14:45:45] dionysus69: ilustraciebi ar aris ogond chemi
[14:47:29] dionysus69: xo ra, SPA rom gamoviyenot magisi sachiroeba jer ar gagvchenia, mashin front-end devic dagvchirdeba
[14:47:35] dionysus69: turbolinks ftw :D
[14:48:54] dionysus69: xo kargia, dzaan responsiulia
[14:50:16] dionysus69: :) kargi ideaa es ise, mec gamoviyeneb tu dagchirda
[14:51:21] dionysus69: xo ravi rato unda daxarjot magaze dro tu ukve mushaobs :)
[14:51:55] dionysus69: xo ar vici me arc nodeshi maqvs gamocdileba da arc go shi
[14:53:43] dionysus69: xo saintereso sferoa, ar aris gviani shegidzlia exlac daicyo tu ramea
[14:54:29] dionysus69: vax rogor :D sagol magas :)
[14:55:37] dionysus69: security ar aris chemi dzlieri mxare
[14:55:57] dionysus69: ufro systems programmingis mimartulebit unda cavsuliyavi mashin
[14:57:23] dionysus69: xo mec, arc ise bevri hashrate gvqonda chvens cloud miningshi :S
[14:57:56] dionysus69: me imaze vigadave ert tveshi yvela traderi ro gaichita
[14:58:19] dionysus69: xo mec rusti mizidavs prosta jer ar miscavlia :D
[15:00:00] dionysus69: va sainteresoa Burst
[15:00:21] dionysus69: kai rame chans featurebis mixedvit
[15:03:46] dionysus69: vax ara, Nodarma business daamtavra da exla DJ gaxda :D erti chemi tanamshromeli vici vinc rails-s iyenebs da vabakos tanamshromlebic shoridan vici meti aravin
[15:07:12] dionysus69: xo mec aq davamtavre alasania
[15:21:49] dionysus69: dachi ise tu iuris sheudzlia chveni saitis security analizis reporti rom gagviketos ra pirobebi aqvs gamagebine da sheidzleba shevukvetot
[15:25:46] dionysus69: ara rato fulsac gadavixdit ra egre sadaa :D
[15:26:37] dionysus69: mec mainteresebs tan security status ra sheidzleba iyos
[15:27:06] dionysus69: 1 celia gashvebuli da mxolod erti kritikuli bugi agmovachinet jer jerobit
[15:36:24] dionysus69: va gadavxedav mageebs aucileblad, madlob :)
[15:39:51] dionysus69: ok sounds good :)
[15:40:32] dionysus69: kargi gavedi exla saxlshi
[15:40:44] dionysus69: sul online ki var mainc da tu ramea xval gipasuxeb


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[08:06:20] dionysus69: I am trying to access constant defined in environment.rb inside the application but it gives constant undefined. any ideas how can I share constant in both of those locations?
[08:08:52] dionysus69: sevenseacat: https://gist.github.com/webzorg/0889b59acfe54a3eb2a77616efc5e8dc
[08:09:09] dionysus69: uninitialized constant Bitforx::Application::DOCKERIZED (NameError)
[08:09:33] dionysus69: if I do puts :DOCKERIZED I get the same error
[08:11:05] dionysus69: true that ^.^
[08:11:24] dionysus69: anyways, I tried defining the constant before requiring application, still the same error
[08:11:43] dionysus69: I obviously need to define constant inside the application, which is where? source code? :S
[08:12:12] dionysus69: for what? :)
[08:13:05] dionysus69: yep one second
[08:13:10] dionysus69: I will try one more way
[08:14:52] dionysus69: yes apparently now I finally understood the bootup sequence
[08:15:07] dionysus69: I didnt notice before that application rb was loaded in environment.rb
[08:15:57] dionysus69: thus now I just defined constant on top of application.rb file, now it is available both in environment.rb >> config.ru
[08:16:41] dionysus69: thanks for leading me to the solution ^.^
[08:28:31] dionysus69: now I can do config.logger = ActiveSupport::Logger.new(STDOUT) if DOCKERIZED, even conditional url in database.yml, exciting :D
[10:56:17] dionysus69: hammer065: https://teamtreehouse.com/community/nested-params-rails-4 this is for nested strong parameters


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[07:41:41] dionysus69: are there any go to vulnerabilities for the rails app that is launched in development mode facing internet?
[07:43:01] dionysus69: I have found one site on tor network which shows a full stack trace on routing error. That indicates that the site is launched in development mode
[07:45:49] dionysus69: important ethical note, compromising such website is very much ethical since it deals in shady business, you just have to trust me on that


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[14:29:32] dionysus69: any idea why these two examples are returning incorrect results? https://gist.github.com/webzorg/b4e3d783ea1aa8a37970ecca8f1b43e5
[14:29:52] dionysus69: the icorrect one should return 0.778457 instead of 0.08
[15:12:23] dionysus69: phaul: no it is big_decimal
[15:15:27] dionysus69: I converted it above and then I also checked later on second line it is also Bdecimal
[15:17:04] dionysus69: incorrect i is being returned
[15:17:12] dionysus69: it should return 5 or 6 instead of 1
[15:17:16] dionysus69: in the incorrect example
[15:19:47] dionysus69: that's not the issue though in this particular example, it is regex :S


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[11:28:03] dionysus69: Hey all, would you help me decide whether I should go the Heroku way for scaling or Google Kubernetes Engine platform? My problem is to find simple platform for best price.
[11:28:23] dionysus69: and to more simply solve scaling issue
[11:43:23] dionysus69: well, we then will have to provide constant electricity and internet which is not 100% guaranteed in my country :s
[11:44:10] dionysus69: and security too because we are involving monetary transactions
[13:16:24] dionysus69: blackcross: thank you, since moving an app to docker isnt that complicated I will make both setups and make them work for a month, see which requires lower complexity, price and ability to scale
[13:16:51] dionysus69: typo*:P docker = heroku
[13:17:12] dionysus69: I was just reading about running dockerized rails app on heroku


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[06:49:11] dionysus69: Does anyone here use docker to deploy to staging/production?
[10:30:51] dionysus69: davidh38: just simplify your life and download sublime3 with rubocop or something
[10:33:27] dionysus69: I rarely use such tools but yea it's great, very famous
[10:35:39] dionysus69: for various reasons which you will understand with experience, you are not welcome to use IDE in ruby community
[10:36:34] dionysus69: I'd put it as unnecessary overhead
[10:37:40] dionysus69: IDEs are associated with languages such as java and c#
[10:37:54] dionysus69: which need compilation
[10:43:12] dionysus69: one main argument would be, you wouldn't have such problems you just had? :P
[10:44:26] dionysus69: setting up ruby environment is as easy as install ruby and open up a text editor. I don't know, if you paid for rubymine, I guess you can invest more time in it, I don't mean you should abandon it or anything
[10:50:41] dionysus69: davidh38: there's pry also
[10:52:04] dionysus69: dunno, I do things without pry or byebug, I usually get what the error messages says
[10:52:33] dionysus69: you should learn using them when you cannot advance without them I'd say
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[06:39:57] dionysus69: Greetings to the Jedies
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[07:34:54] dionysus69: using rvm in docker deployment doesn't make any sense right?
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[11:43:03] dionysus69: Rails.application.secret_key_base returns some random secret_key_base which is not in rails credentials. where is it coming from?
[11:43:38] dionysus69: also, changing Rails.application.credentials.secret_key_base doesnt invalidate cookies in my development env, shouldn
[11:43:48] dionysus69: n't it though?
[12:01:33] dionysus69: ok thanks, I guess works differently for production


[11:49:28] dionysus69: if you want cleaner views go with slim
[11:50:32] dionysus69: it needs some initial configuration but after that you are good. it can integrate with any text editor I think. I use sublime
[11:51:21] dionysus69: well, rubocop won't know what content the code has in the view, so it cannot help with that part


[07:32:43] dionysus69: so now I have to manually specify the class_name
[07:32:43] dionysus69: is that a bug?
[07:32:43] dionysus69: I had regular has_many relationship and the parent expected child class to be ParentClass::ChildClass instead of just ChildClass
[07:36:07] dionysus69: resolved, naming error :S thanks anyway
[10:48:44] dionysus69: so I am entering new stage and I need an advice
[10:49:47] dionysus69: so I am getting into real scaling and real production infrustructure, and I need a very very important advice, what toolchain to use. I have heard of chef and docker and kubernates, which one do you guys use and why? and which one do you recommend for start?
[10:51:14] dionysus69: at the moment I have a basic infrustructure, the only separate node is the redis VM and I use capistrano for deployment. I was thinking that instead of continuing to scale up manually, I should look into orchestration methods
[13:17:41] dionysus69: any ideas why sidekiq is creating 51 connections when I have concurrency set to default 25?
[13:20:58] dionysus69: I was reading that but, I didn't understand what it really was for
[13:21:37] dionysus69: I think it's for throttling certain workers not to use more than given number of connections
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[13:51:20] dionysus69: Changing host
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[12:00:32] dionysus69: is it possible to save cert files in rails credentials?
[12:09:12] dionysus69: tbuehlmann: is it an okay idea? :D


[07:33:22] dionysus69: if anyone is using cloudflare here, how do you block IPs that try to brute force login, I tried fail2ban, it bans my ip fine but I still get access, I disable cloudflare and only then I get banned
[07:33:55] dionysus69: I inserted nginx module to restore original IPs for cloudflare redirected http/https requests but still no luck


[10:41:27] dionysus69: I have this line in log and the fail2ban failregex, it should work as I know but it doesn't, is my failregex correct? http://paste.debian.net/1042777/
[14:28:04] dionysus69: I am tinkering with fail2ban for a while now, this rule: REJECT all -- my_ip_here reject-with icmp-port-unreachable gets added to the iptables but I am still able to render login page
[14:28:20] dionysus69: can anyone help me with this? :S rule seems to be corrrect


[08:37:25] dionysus69: yes all works fine locally
[08:37:36] dionysus69: Redis connection works
[08:37:48] dionysus69: on infrustructure's side everything looks fine
[08:38:21] dionysus69: interestingly, this happens right during assets precompile step of deployment
[08:39:31] dionysus69: sevenseacat: good question
[08:39:44] dionysus69: I didnt restart server after branch merge
[08:39:48] dionysus69: so I get error on local too
[08:40:02] dionysus69: No connection pool with 'primary' found. (ActiveRecord::ConnectionNotEstablished)
[08:40:22] dionysus69: so seems you were right, some problem with database but on the other branch it worked
[08:41:29] dionysus69: nothing database.yml was last updated months ago
[08:41:43] dionysus69: I just added a table or something thats it
[08:41:49] dionysus69: migration doesnt work obviously
[08:44:36] dionysus69: so when I turn off postgresql service it returns the same error so I guess it cannot even detect database's existence
[08:53:44] dionysus69: sevenseacat: strange, I did git reset --hard HEAD~1 and git is set to the same commit, maybe a git problem
[08:55:13] dionysus69: sevenseacat: ok I think I found it, I should have guessed
[08:55:24] dionysus69: error appeared on Rails.initialize!
[08:56:01] dionysus69: so initializer had to be a problem, I have an empty initializer file and I didnt really know or remember that I cannot do that, I just thought the file would just get loaded and not expect class statement to be uncommented
[08:59:08] dionysus69: yea actually no, it fixes local but not the capistrano deployment, weird stuff
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[14:36:25] dionysus69: sevenseacat: https://qiita.com/masayuki14/items/27ca4764d0bcae4affea just left to translate it :D it is 4 days old so it has to be something that has changed recently