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[07:43:40] dionysus69: anyone has experience with daemons gem?
[07:44:29] dionysus69: I am having trouble using Daemons.run command from the script, it works if I run it from bash like daemon.rb start or from rails, exec "ruby", "daemons.rb"
[07:45:26] dionysus69: my aim is to fork a ruby process from rails process which runs forever
[07:50:04] dionysus69: here are the files https://gist.github.com/webzorg/cbb6b37ec3c9c9357f6e16199437270e
[07:51:01] dionysus69: there are two scenarios, both calling the same file, one works another doesnt, they are commented
[10:46:13] dionysus69: fox_mulder_cp: I use sidekiq but sidekiq cron provides once per minute functionality as a lower bound. I need tasks running every 5 seconds or less


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[14:54:21] dionysus69: happy new year everyone in advance, going on vacation ^.^
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[14:05:48] dionysus69: I have a naming dillema, I have an object named Address, it should have couple fields, one of them is the address itself, how should I name that field? Address.first.address doesnt feel write
[14:19:45] dionysus69: its more like a bitcoin address, address has 2 values basically, the address and balance :)


[07:10:09] dionysus69: thanks havenwood :) I have used spiped before when I was doing my own infrastructure but wasn't sure if heroku was doing its own thing to secure coms
[07:56:18] dionysus69: redis cloud addon doesn't support SSL as a heroku addon, I will need to make a subscription on their website.
[07:56:35] dionysus69: or Stunnel setup


[09:34:27] dionysus69: does anyone here use heroku for production apps? if yes, what solution do you use for redis? I have questions particularly about Cloud Redis and the connection security


[07:14:15] dionysus69: is it possible to use multiple select like checkbox? so it includes unselected as 0s in the submitted params
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[08:01:05] dionysus69: just for info, there's this Rails group on linkedin for those who are interested: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13653102/


[08:17:49] dionysus69: I am little confused about the migration/schema flow when I am migrating to different platform
[08:18:31] dionysus69: so I have a schema that has changed allot on staging, and I will be restoring production database on new platform without past n migrations
[08:18:38] dionysus69: so there will be schema mismatch
[08:20:01] dionysus69: so I wonder, do I `HAVE TO` run migrations on old production db and then make a backup, or can I rerun certain migrations on imported db?
[08:39:54] dionysus69: ok so if I copy over my production db and run migrations, it will pick up from the right place right? since pg keeps track of which are the last ran migrations, the state of schema doesn't matter at the point correct, unless I am loading db from schema?
[08:46:02] dionysus69: kk I ll just go and test it first I guess :)
[13:18:40] dionysus69: vim /usrshvimvim80def


[11:08:57] dionysus69: which is considered more secure, to keep super secret ssh key in rails 5.2 credentials or let's say PaaS ENV var?
[11:09:58] dionysus69: since master key required to decrypt rails creds is also in PaaS env var, security of both options seem to be pretty same
[11:10:04] dionysus69: but still cant make up my mind


[11:13:33] dionysus69: so I pass n number of arguments to exec
[11:13:49] dionysus69: how do I save it in method or proc so I pass method/proc as argument to exec
[12:42:10] dionysus69: jhass: https://gist.github.com/webzorg/be545f089095b92b707c3db1c635cfc8
[12:42:16] dionysus69: how would you dry that up?
[12:42:29] dionysus69: I tried putting exec block in a method, but it misbehaved
[12:48:10] dionysus69: ok so you think spawn is better used in this case than fork? but they roughly do the same right, both return the pid
[12:48:55] dionysus69: yea thanks for the splat operator
[12:50:40] dionysus69: now I get it
[12:50:45] dionysus69: finally, thanks :D
[12:58:56] dionysus69: jhass: result :P last_call ? exec(*ssh_args(args_for_args)) : spawn(*ssh_args(args_for_args))


[08:22:50] dionysus69: you could store to Rails.cache or to a tmp file
[08:24:15] dionysus69: I have 4 rails processes running on heroku on a single dyno and I am at the ceiling of the allowed 500mb memory. how do I create trimmed down version of my rails app with just a database connection and a redis connection? This service would require only couple of gems, instead of all the gems in the gemfile
[08:38:21] dionysus69: tbuehlmann: yes yes, this service basically does only one job, streams data from 4 different sources with faye-websockets
[08:38:40] dionysus69: so it would need 2 gems on top of default gems required by the vanilla app
[08:39:21] dionysus69: since faye-websockets works with event machines, I was unable to launch it with threads or in any other way, so I just went with 4 different rails runners
[08:40:11] dionysus69: it wouldnt need any controllers or views, but I assume that doesn
[08:43:13] dionysus69: yes that is the part where I am lacking experience at this point, so I dont load app with config/application.rb just make a copy of it and load specific group and then launch my services using different config.ru / application2.rb?
[08:44:02] dionysus69: atm heroku costs 40$ for the whole staging app, I will obviously use bigger non hobby dynos for production
[08:44:42] dionysus69: I am trying to keep staging as cheap as possible :)
[08:46:15] dionysus69: ok, sounds legit :)
[08:46:55] dionysus69: production would cost at least 200$ with 2 app dynos let's say, spending that much on staging at this point is unviable for my company :)
[08:49:29] dionysus69: yea good point, so I'll get back to finishing up sidekiq jobs :D
[12:40:51] dionysus69: so I have this task to solve
[12:41:37] dionysus69: I need to run 6 ssh tunnels from ruby, I can't obviously run them with 6 execs since on the first one, the process will be replaces
[12:41:57] dionysus69: so, do I run first 5 with system and then the last one with exec?
[12:42:35] dionysus69: I don't want to run them in separate rake jobs since it will take abnormaly long and resource spike will be high too
[12:50:38] dionysus69: and how exactly do I do that :D ?
[12:53:22] dionysus69: jhaig: so fork 5 times and exec on last one?
[12:54:47] dionysus69: well I am launching an ssh tunnel so in the end it has to be a non ruby process
[12:54:54] dionysus69: I am just using ruby to launch all this
[12:59:17] dionysus69: I use ruby because I have some secret credentials taken from the rails env, in script I would have to rely on env vars, plus I am not that good at bash
[13:02:13] dionysus69: so I fork 5 times and exec inside each of them and then exec from my main process too. this is so far what I came up with
[13:02:36] dionysus69: well, I use rails credentials Rails.credentials[:cool_hash]
[13:03:05] dionysus69: ok I will look what spawn does exactly
[13:03:11] dionysus69: but the result will be the same right?>
[13:12:43] dionysus69: couldnt really get how spawn works
[13:12:50] dionysus69: whats wrong with if I use fork :)
[13:27:22] dionysus69: anyways, thanks for putting mine derailed self back on rails :P


[06:40:58] dionysus69: is there a conventional way to save record errors to the column? I moved model validation to just a method since I need to validate this at sidekiq dyno, but how should I tell user what the rejecting error was, create a custom field on the model?
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[11:07:36] dionysus69: how do I validate a model inside a worker? this particular validation works only from the sidekiq node
[11:07:49] dionysus69: by node I mean physical server
[12:18:16] dionysus69: tbuehlmann: I need to validate a field before AASM state is changed :S there's lack of documentation online for this specific scenario
[12:18:44] dionysus69: I may just use a regular method to validate this then


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[07:23:59] dionysus69: yottanami: scaffolds are pretty automatic ^.^
[08:07:34] dionysus69: yottanami: yes, if you pass correct params while generating scaffolds, it will create full working MVC. in case you already have models you can generate scaffold_controller which creates controllers + views, you still need to manually pass in model attributes see bin/rails generate scaffold_controller HighScore game:string score:integer https://guides.rubyonrails.org/command_line.html#rails-generate
[08:08:25] dionysus69: in your case you will get jbuilder views if you are using default rails --api mode


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[13:25:32] dionysus69: does anyone know how do I run 4 event machines into single heroku dyno?, when I declared command; command; in Procfile, it only runs the first one


[08:36:05] dionysus69: any tips on how to imrpove this snippet? http://paste.debian.net/1052424/


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[10:06:06] dionysus69: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32600912/rails-4-manage-file-based-translations-at-admin-end
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[08:29:04] dionysus69: when I do bundle package --all it installs gems into vendor/cache dir
[08:29:11] dionysus69: but when I add that dir to the repo I get this error
[08:29:16] dionysus69: You've added another git repository inside your current repository.
[08:30:03] dionysus69: adding embedded git repository: vendor/cache/ruby/2.5.0/bundler/gems/ckeditor-dc2cef2c2c33
[08:30:23] dionysus69: obviously, ckeditor gem is fetched from github
[08:30:27] dionysus69: what's the workaround?


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[12:00:21] dionysus69: How are assets treated in production containerized environment? do I have different container for supplying assets or every pod has its own copy of assets precompiled within the app pod itself?


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[09:03:14] dionysus69: This doesn't work in application.rb config.require_master_key = false, I want to disable credentials decryption while in build step of the deployment, assets precompilation shouldn't require master keyt
[09:03:29] dionysus69: so is this a bug?
[09:07:01] dionysus69: oh thanks tbuehlmann, now I get it, I didn't know it was explicitly declared inside environment/production.rb


[14:02:14] dionysus69: *.net *.split
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[14:07:06] dionysus69: at which stage of deployment I should precompile assets when deploying with kubernetes? if I precompile and run rails s in dockerfile, precompilation happens everytime, I thought of precompiling locally and then copying assets in the docker container. does that sound legit?


[06:27:13] dionysus69: So, I decided to go with GKE (google k8s engine) for now, since it relatively simply solves many headaches associated with scaling. If anyone of you doesn't agree, let's discuss ^.^
[06:28:22] dionysus69: And from the exploration I have done, it is cheaper than Heroku.


[11:12:09] dionysus69: /original/inCollage_20181019_223425171.jpg I get that the first part of the name is the date, whats the last part ?
[11:13:58] dionysus69: yea I dont know
[11:14:13] dionysus69: trying to exploit one website with no permissions on activestorage files
[11:14:40] dionysus69: so theres no way to know names
[11:16:10] dionysus69: btw I am no black hat hacker so no eyebrows raised I hope ^.^


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[13:53:56] dionysus69: dachi hello from AAT :)
[13:58:33] dionysus69: how did you guess :D
[14:00:54] dionysus69: nice nice, I couldnt help you with that question, I never done such a thing so :)
[14:01:38] dionysus69: yes I am fine, same to you, if you need a rails job give me facebook ping btw, we maybe looking for an extra employee ^.^ if you are in Georgia :)
[14:04:51] dionysus69: oh yes yes, say hi to him, let's move to #RubyOnRails-offtopic btw before one of the Jedies gives us a notice
[14:05:34] dionysus69: dachi Abulashvili var Kokilashvili ki ara :D
[14:06:52] dionysus69: araushavs :D ravi kargad, ert saitze vmushaob Rails-is developerad
[14:08:15] dionysus69: xo me vmushaob bitforx.com -ze
[14:08:32] dionysus69: tu shenishvnebi geqna momcere :D
[14:08:59] dionysus69: xo iqac vnaxe facebookze ro daposte prosta mec ar vici magisi gaketeba ar damchirvebia amitom ver dagexmare :)
[14:09:20] dionysus69: va tqven xart anu VPS hosting providerebi?
[14:11:06] dionysus69: va dzaan magaria, gadavxedav aucileblad :)
[14:11:31] dionysus69: mec exla scalings vechalichebi, docker terraforms da kubernetebsac shevexe da var ert ambavshi :)
[14:12:37] dionysus69: tu ici ise railsis developeri damcyebic ki visac unda am mimartulebit scavla shegidzlia gamagebino
[14:13:00] dionysus69: xo kubernetebs am etapze tavi gavakebe sanam dockers ar gavarchev kargad
[14:13:20] dionysus69: google kubernetes engines gamoyeneba ar minda cocxali tavit
[14:13:40] dionysus69: mirchevnia digital oceanze pirdapir vmarto chemive infrastruqtura :) da eg kide rtulia
[14:13:49] dionysus69: ki ki mtliani saiti railsshia
[14:14:13] dionysus69: plius kriptovalutebis nodebs ukavshirdeba aplikacia da stuff like that ^.^
[14:15:22] dionysus69: ok I will answer that in English, yes Rails community is great :D
[14:40:33] dionysus69: dachi gamixarda sheni aq naxva martla, pirveli qartveli xar me vinc vici am channelshi :)
[14:42:06] dionysus69: me 2-3 celia titqmis sul var aq online
[14:42:17] dionysus69: xo saqartveloshi ratomgac ar aris ruby popularuli :\
[14:42:35] dionysus69: da vcdilob popularizacia gavucio :D
[14:44:04] dionysus69: :\ araushavs, mtavaria ar davnebdet ^.^
[14:45:38] dionysus69: ki :) landing page-s gavuketet jer marto rebranding
[14:45:45] dionysus69: ilustraciebi ar aris ogond chemi
[14:47:29] dionysus69: xo ra, SPA rom gamoviyenot magisi sachiroeba jer ar gagvchenia, mashin front-end devic dagvchirdeba
[14:47:35] dionysus69: turbolinks ftw :D
[14:48:54] dionysus69: xo kargia, dzaan responsiulia
[14:50:16] dionysus69: :) kargi ideaa es ise, mec gamoviyeneb tu dagchirda
[14:51:21] dionysus69: xo ravi rato unda daxarjot magaze dro tu ukve mushaobs :)
[14:51:55] dionysus69: xo ar vici me arc nodeshi maqvs gamocdileba da arc go shi
[14:53:43] dionysus69: xo saintereso sferoa, ar aris gviani shegidzlia exlac daicyo tu ramea
[14:54:29] dionysus69: vax rogor :D sagol magas :)
[14:55:37] dionysus69: security ar aris chemi dzlieri mxare
[14:55:57] dionysus69: ufro systems programmingis mimartulebit unda cavsuliyavi mashin
[14:57:23] dionysus69: xo mec, arc ise bevri hashrate gvqonda chvens cloud miningshi :S
[14:57:56] dionysus69: me imaze vigadave ert tveshi yvela traderi ro gaichita
[14:58:19] dionysus69: xo mec rusti mizidavs prosta jer ar miscavlia :D
[15:00:00] dionysus69: va sainteresoa Burst
[15:00:21] dionysus69: kai rame chans featurebis mixedvit
[15:03:46] dionysus69: vax ara, Nodarma business daamtavra da exla DJ gaxda :D erti chemi tanamshromeli vici vinc rails-s iyenebs da vabakos tanamshromlebic shoridan vici meti aravin
[15:07:12] dionysus69: xo mec aq davamtavre alasania
[15:21:49] dionysus69: dachi ise tu iuris sheudzlia chveni saitis security analizis reporti rom gagviketos ra pirobebi aqvs gamagebine da sheidzleba shevukvetot
[15:25:46] dionysus69: ara rato fulsac gadavixdit ra egre sadaa :D
[15:26:37] dionysus69: mec mainteresebs tan security status ra sheidzleba iyos
[15:27:06] dionysus69: 1 celia gashvebuli da mxolod erti kritikuli bugi agmovachinet jer jerobit
[15:36:24] dionysus69: va gadavxedav mageebs aucileblad, madlob :)
[15:39:51] dionysus69: ok sounds good :)
[15:40:32] dionysus69: kargi gavedi exla saxlshi
[15:40:44] dionysus69: sul online ki var mainc da tu ramea xval gipasuxeb


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[08:06:20] dionysus69: I am trying to access constant defined in environment.rb inside the application but it gives constant undefined. any ideas how can I share constant in both of those locations?
[08:08:52] dionysus69: sevenseacat: https://gist.github.com/webzorg/0889b59acfe54a3eb2a77616efc5e8dc
[08:09:09] dionysus69: uninitialized constant Bitforx::Application::DOCKERIZED (NameError)
[08:09:33] dionysus69: if I do puts :DOCKERIZED I get the same error
[08:11:05] dionysus69: true that ^.^
[08:11:24] dionysus69: anyways, I tried defining the constant before requiring application, still the same error
[08:11:43] dionysus69: I obviously need to define constant inside the application, which is where? source code? :S
[08:12:12] dionysus69: for what? :)
[08:13:05] dionysus69: yep one second
[08:13:10] dionysus69: I will try one more way
[08:14:52] dionysus69: yes apparently now I finally understood the bootup sequence
[08:15:07] dionysus69: I didnt notice before that application rb was loaded in environment.rb
[08:15:57] dionysus69: thus now I just defined constant on top of application.rb file, now it is available both in environment.rb >> config.ru
[08:16:41] dionysus69: thanks for leading me to the solution ^.^
[08:28:31] dionysus69: now I can do config.logger = ActiveSupport::Logger.new(STDOUT) if DOCKERIZED, even conditional url in database.yml, exciting :D
[10:56:17] dionysus69: hammer065: https://teamtreehouse.com/community/nested-params-rails-4 this is for nested strong parameters