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[19:32:55] djdduty: Hey guys, my Ruby.framework on macOS is missing the universal-darwin18/ruby/config.h and only has universal-darwin17/ruby/config.h, I have made sure I have the most recent version of everything. Anyone else run in to this and know the solution or if I'm asking in the wrong place?
[19:33:12] djdduty: Seems more like a package management issue than ruby, but figured I'd ask here.
[19:34:39] djdduty: havenwood Attempting to install a gem via a bundle install that is throwing an error about it missing.
[19:37:37] djdduty: havenwood I used rbenv to set 2.5.3 as my global version
[19:37:48] djdduty: But for whatever reason it's still trying to use 2.3 from the System when installing the bundle
[19:37:56] djdduty: ruby -v confirms that 2.5.3 is selected.
[19:38:42] djdduty: looks like it may be related to macOS sdk headers or something, IIRC when I upgraded to mojave I did it before the full release (it was beta), I wonder if that's it.
[19:40:04] djdduty: which bundler does show the 2.3.0 bin
[19:40:07] djdduty: Didn't think of that.
[19:41:07] djdduty: I'll try that, thanks.
[19:42:12] djdduty: havenwood I did a `gem update --system` and `gem install bundler` which prompted an overwrite of the bundler in the 2.5.3 directory, went ahead
[19:42:20] djdduty: which bundle/which bundler still shows the 2.3.0 path
[19:43:33] djdduty: Looks like my .zshrc has something explicitly adding the ~/.gem/ruby/2.3.0 to my path
[19:44:20] djdduty: I removed that and now which bundler points to ~/.rbenv/shims/bundler
[19:45:07] djdduty: Hey, that did it.
[19:45:11] djdduty: havenwood Thanks a million.