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[17:38:02] dmarr: I'm trying to access Rails.root in my config/puma.rb file but getting this error: NameError: uninitialized constant #<Class:#<Puma::DSL:0x007f81cb1d57a0>>::Rails
[17:38:34] dmarr: I'm starting the server via foreman, and a Procfile which simply runs: web: bundle exec puma -C config/puma.rb
[19:43:34] dmarr: Anyone know why Rails.root would throw when accessed in config/puma.rb?
[19:47:50] dmarr: amperry: im not sure how interpolation happens in Ruby
[19:48:05] dmarr: It's in a ssl_bind block in the puma config
[19:49:02] dmarr: amperry: it't not the crux of my issue, which is this during SSL requests: SSL error, peer:, peer cert: , #<Puma::MiniSSL::SSLError: OpenSSL error: error:1407609C:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_CLIENT_HELLO:http request - 336027804>
[19:49:23] dmarr: amperry: thank you, i'll try with the #{}
[19:50:29] dmarr: amperry: is that incorrect?
[19:50:49] dmarr: I get errors when I wrap the join call in #{}
[19:54:51] dmarr: amperry: just `puts Rails.env` throws
[19:55:20] dmarr: but thank you. i'm not sure why SO suggested the .join solution
[19:55:58] dmarr: amperry: the reference I was looking at
[19:57:32] dmarr: Rails.root.join('server.key') works fine in a rails console
[20:02:00] dmarr: amperry: thanks, i'm just confused as to why referencing Rails in the config file is erroring


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[19:20:33] dmarr: hi im curious if people have solutions for 'slugify'ing a string. in js i use this I see the slugify gem but when I add slugify to my model, it has issues when I try to execture .slugify on my instance. NoMethodError: undefined method `slugify' for Slug (call 'Slug.connection' to establish a connection):Class
[19:21:33] dmarr: my Slug class
[19:25:04] dmarr: centrx: no but thats perfect
[19:30:58] dmarr: is that the approach i'd take for saving a derived value to the db?
[19:31:56] dmarr: say i create a slug = value="Maps & Directories", i'd want the .save to store the parameterized value, so would i use that after_create hook
[19:32:15] dmarr: or do i just not even store the parameterized value and only access it through api
[19:32:37] dmarr: *store the parameterized value into a separate field in the db
[19:33:54] dmarr: its a simple api to store strings, which will be queried by a foreign key
[19:34:37] dmarr: yeah i'll assume its going to be unchanging, to remain on the safe side
[19:40:43] dmarr: seems like thats not doing it
[19:48:19] dmarr: tbuehlmann: thank you
[19:48:30] dmarr: tbuehlmann: update_attribute did work somehwo
[19:49:27] dmarr: it didn't appear to
[22:03:41] dmarr: using the before_validation to create a parameterize'd value store, I don't want that to change when the record is updated. How would I prevent that from happening?
[22:04:52] dmarr: ie i only want slug generated during initial create:
[22:12:31] dmarr: I guess i'll just use before_create
[22:21:48] dmarr: in my controller, i'd like to be able to POST /slugs with value=3, but I am getting a 422 saying "slug" cant be blank. in my create method i have @slug =
[22:22:08] dmarr: and slug_params def is params.permit(:value, :centre_id)
[22:28:19] dmarr: how do i avoid having to send slug: { } in the payload and just send the inner properties?
[22:29:39] dmarr: actually, i think im misunderstanding my issue.
[22:29:56] dmarr: Parameters: {"value"=>"Search2", "slug"=>{"value"=>"Search2"}} is shown in the log. and the error: Unpermitted Parameter: slug
[22:30:50] dmarr: its strange because im not sending that slug value in my POST
[22:36:44] dmarr: figured it out. i had a before_create that was trying to set a slug but i guess it needs to create the record first /shrug
[22:37:07] dmarr: since i dont think i have access to params in before_create do I?


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[04:06:17] dmarr: how do you step in pry?
[04:09:07] dmarr: ah got it.. installed pry-byebug instead of pry
[04:57:41] dmarr: Im trying to write a test for a worker process (sidekiq) and I am a little confused about passing an instance variable (@picture) to the test:
[04:58:33] dmarr: I was thinking I could pass it in here, and access the image_id property:
[04:59:00] dmarr: like, refactor sepia_filter to take in a picture instance SepiaFilter.perform_async(
[04:59:06] dmarr: SepiaFilter.perform_async(@picture)
[05:00:10] dmarr: sorry yeah i was thinking of passing the picture instance in, so it would receive `picture` instead of `id
[05:01:14] dmarr: this is a refile :attachment class
[05:03:26] dmarr: basically the output from puts @picture in the test is different from the one inside the filter function that i'm testing
[05:03:56] dmarr: when i change it to pass in the instance, and puts inside the test 'sepia_filter_worker' it shows "#<Picture:0x007ffd87e52658>"
[05:05:22] dmarr: created_at: Mon, 15 Feb 2016 05:05:03 UTC +00:00,
[05:05:22] dmarr: title: nil,
[05:05:22] dmarr: id: 980190963,
[05:05:24] dmarr: updated_at: Mon, 15 Feb 2016 05:05:03 UTC +00:00,
[05:05:26] dmarr: image_id: "c163344cbd971e55d00e13c6f82894f923a37a1858f73ca01383f43a76ff">
[05:06:11] dmarr: and from inside the perform: => "#<Picture:0x007ffd87e52658>"
[05:06:33] dmarr: sorry, i mixed up the original output starts with => #<Picture:0x007fccab0b7bb8
[05:06:41] dmarr: so its not the stringified version
[05:06:51] dmarr: inside the perform shows the stringified version
[05:07:23] dmarr: yeah i'll send a link one sec
[05:09:12] dmarr: yeah i'll send a link one sec
[05:15:19] dmarr:
[05:17:51] dmarr: that might be whats happening ... => "\"#<Picture:0x007fa6304633a8>\""
[05:18:11] dmarr: i dont think i have sidekiq actually running, or redis for that matter
[05:20:04] dmarr: does that matter if i am running in a test env?
[05:20:21] dmarr: as in `bundle exec rake test`
[05:38:11] dmarr: this may be a refile problem now, but created_at and updated_at are the same even though I called with a new image
[05:39:14] dmarr: would i have to reload picture somehow before this line
[05:40:32] dmarr: kinda new to async in rails
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[06:03:45] dmarr: anyone using async testing with Sidekiq? I am trying to understand why my image isn't changing even though it appears to run the sepia_worker here:
[06:04:16] dmarr: sepia_filter rather


[18:56:23] dmarr: I'm trying to load a puma app on an osx machine but i'm getting malhttp: error: SSLError: [SSL: UNKNOWN_PROTOCOL] unknown protocol (_ssl.c:590) while doing GET request to URL: https://localhost:3000/
[18:57:12] dmarr: i have openssl installed but it seems ruby is failing to use it
[18:57:42] dmarr: trying that now :)
[18:58:24] dmarr: yeah i had 0.98 installed when i installed ruby the first time
[18:58:32] dmarr: fox_mulder_cp: will give that a shot maybe
[19:05:47] dmarr: tubbo: reinstalling ruby didn't help
[19:06:29] dmarr: is there some way to output rubys idea of ssl properties?
[19:07:56] dmarr: rhizome: im OpenSSL 1.0.2e 3 Dec 2015
[19:08:02] dmarr: oops, tubbo OpenSSL 1.0.2e 3 Dec 2015
[19:09:19] dmarr: there are certs locally yes
[19:10:18] dmarr: in the server log Invalid request: Invalid HTTP format, parsing fails.
[19:10:40] dmarr: and then that error i originally posted from the client
[19:11:22] dmarr: its a fresh box so maybe im missing something
[19:12:43] dmarr: i dont have nginx running
[19:12:46] dmarr: or installed
[19:13:49] dmarr: config.force_ssl = true
[19:13:49] dmarr: Byebug.start_server 'localhost', 12345 rescue nil
[19:13:49] dmarr: # Force all access to the app over SSL, use Strict-Transport-Security, and use secure cookies.
[19:13:57] dmarr: thats in my config
[19:14:22] dmarr: do I need to add my cert to openssl maybe?
[19:15:05] dmarr: A CA file has been bootstrapped using certificates from the system
[19:15:06] dmarr: /usr/local/etc/openssl/certs
[19:15:06] dmarr: keychain. To add additional certificates, place .pem files in
[19:15:19] dmarr: i have a crt file, maybe i need to do something simliar?
[19:22:55] dmarr: oh well moving on


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[06:15:51] dmarr: a darknet market
[07:07:25] dmarr: i'd think this wouldn't run the `set_picture` method inside pictures_controller
[07:08:23] dmarr: routes is setting :index as the handler for get /api/v1/pictures according to, right?
[07:09:26] dmarr: sevenseacat: no but is the second question I ask valid?
[07:10:47] dmarr: sure, I replaced get '/api/v1/pictures'
[07:11:05] dmarr: s/ /get pictures_path with:/
[07:12:31] dmarr: I originally had get pictures_path instead of get '/api/v1/pictures' but that is because the generator i used (rails g integration_test picture) had generated it
[07:12:52] dmarr: um the spec is just trying to hit the index route
[07:13:13] dmarr:
[07:14:03] dmarr: first one: api_v1_pictures GET /api/v1/pictures/index(.:format) api/v1/pictures#index
[07:14:37] dmarr: GET /api/v1/pictures(.:format) api/v1/pictures#show
[07:15:37] dmarr: that routes file is clearly wrong
[07:16:08] dmarr: or at least should expect an id for the show route
[07:18:05] dmarr: i should have modeled it after
[07:18:51] dmarr: working through this book
[07:21:26] dmarr: yeah its like finding an easter egg every time you get through a chapter
[07:29:38] dmarr: lol that its an otter on the cover, reminds me of that oatmeal raisin meme
[07:32:41] dmarr:
[07:35:32] dmarr: sevenseacat: /shrug
[07:39:01] dmarr: wtf
[07:40:05] dmarr:
[07:40:21] dmarr: sorry, that url was broken for me, the /badges/shields one
[07:41:44] dmarr: does it work for you?
[07:42:23] dmarr:
[07:42:37] dmarr: like, github just crashes on that url for me
[07:43:09] dmarr: hmm, weird my browser is dying
[07:43:30] dmarr: on just that gh repo it seems
[08:09:26] dmarr: is it possible to link an image in an rdoc?
[08:19:07] dmarr: night. that doesn't seem to work on GH// oh well
[21:34:43] dmarr: for people using travis with secure credentials for testing apis, do you use env vars for all of your secrets.yml? i would like to only use env vars i think when travis runs
[21:35:57] dmarr: i have an initializer that pulls from application.secrets here but i think its getting overwritten when run in travis because there is no secrets file checked in
[22:52:01] dmarr: im using the aws-sdk and for some reason when I execute my app, its not pulling in the AWS_REGION value from ENV, but according to the docs it should


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[02:22:19] dmarr: getting some trouble with minimagick gem:
[02:24:51] dmarr: getting that running
[02:25:16] dmarr:
[02:27:11] dmarr: would the version `convert` runs from a shell different than the one used with bundle exec?
[02:28:36] dmarr: ok, so `convert -list command' from shell does include '+sepia-tone' yet the output from `bundle exec convert -list command` does not.
[02:29:08] dmarr: the gem must not be using my system verison
[02:29:17] dmarr: of the imagemagick binary
[02:29:49] dmarr: s/the gem/my application
[02:32:53] dmarr: sorry, the bundle exec does show the same thing (-sepia-tone, +sepia-tone).
[02:35:27] dmarr: so back to square one. FailBit when I run the command manually it's ok
[02:39:12] dmarr: found the issue, just pushed up the fix. uses builder.merge! ['-sepia-tone', '80%']
[02:39:26] dmarr: instead of builder << '-sepia-tone 80%'
[02:39:58] dmarr:
[02:40:41] dmarr: also rhizome i am not sure where to find that log
[03:59:16] dmarr: interesting that the command seems to be the same if i use << or .merge!
[04:01:14] dmarr: is that most likely a library issue or just an idiomatic thing
[04:05:17] dmarr: that part in the appending section about `convert << "-resize" << "500x500"` vs `convert << "-resize 500x500"` is just a ruby thing? Is there more reading on that I can do somewhere
[04:08:25] dmarr: matthewd: thats not what I was noticing
[04:08:37] dmarr: with the -sepia-tone 80%
[04:09:21] dmarr: matthewd: i don't know what you mean by single parameter in shell
[04:09:50] dmarr: like convert foo.jpg -sepia-tone 80% test.jpg
[04:10:06] dmarr: isnt that using -sepia-tone 80% as a single parameter?
[04:10:56] dmarr: matthewd: yeah you right
[04:11:23] dmarr: i don't understand what merge does to achieve that
[04:38:46] dmarr: anyone know of a good way to test that a worker acted on a file properly? I was hoping to follow the sidekiq guidelines
[04:39:13] dmarr: my worker is just an example but
[04:44:58] dmarr: image =
[04:44:58] dmarr: and what is the syntax with the two ::
[04:50:36] dmarr: matthewd: using the Sidekiq::Testing.inline! method
[04:51:32] dmarr: I assume there are best practices for testing an async function that would alter a file's contents
[07:16:21] dmarr: I'm getting an aws error when I try to modify an image stored with refile/s3 backend:
[07:16:31] dmarr: the error is: Aws::S3::Errors::XAmzContentSHA256Mismatch: The provided 'x-amz-content-sha256' header does not match what was computed.
[07:44:45] dmarr: would I just delete the header ?seems like something refile/s3 would have support for
[21:40:26] dmarr: anyone here using refile with the s3 backend? I am trying to understand how i'd update an image
[21:41:24] dmarr: filed an issue explaining what i'm seeing here
[21:46:25] dmarr: rhizome: huh
[21:46:37] dmarr: i posted it there because it pertains to that library
[21:48:58] dmarr: i mean its probably my code but im not sure where else to ask


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