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[20:13:29] dnyy: are there any (actively maintained) appointment/booking gems? being able to set your availability and other users being able to book you based on that etc
[20:16:55] dnyy: ice_cube seems useful, but i can't tell if it works for the use case of "Im available 9am, noon, and 3-5pm on mondays. 1pm-3pm on tuesdays"
[20:17:03] dnyy: i guess so if each day is stored separately
[20:24:17] dnyy: the booking itself seems pretty easy to do myself, it was mostly the storing recurring availability part i was stuck on
[20:24:31] dnyy: the booking is always one off, so that (should lol) be as easy as storing a start and end date
[20:25:58] dnyy: https://github.com/seejohnrun/ice_cube/issues/350#issuecomment-289662369 seems basically what i need


[21:53:45] dnyy: so my app lets users store when they're available on what days. so they can select any (or all) hours from 9-5 on any week day. what is the best way to store that data? kinda at a loss of how to store it without overcomplicating everything with a ton of has_manys going on
[23:24:42] dnyy: so my app lets users store when they're available on what days. so they can select any (or all) hours from 9-5 on any week day. what is the best way to store that data? kinda at a loss of how to store it without overcomplicating everything with a ton of has_manys going on
[23:24:50] dnyy: (copy/pasted from earlier when nobody was here lol)
[23:31:14] dnyy: recurring yea. so the date itself doesn't matter, just the times and the day of the week they fall on
[23:32:24] dnyy: it's used for scheduling. so if i want john doe to do something, i can see when he's available on a calendar (that uses this + few other things)
[23:33:28] dnyy: serialized hash seems like quickest way i guess


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[21:03:40] dnyy: anyone use knock? having issue trying to find or create a user. https://gist.github.com/dannytatom/00f8c513d00105825974581c945fdd10 when #from_token_request is called, the logs show a SELECT query with the right stuff so it's trying to find it, but then it's halted because it can't before creating?
[21:03:46] dnyy: no idea how to get this working


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[17:42:32] dnyy: how can i use #select (or #reject) on an ActiveRecord::Relation and have it return a Relation instead of an array?
[20:37:06] dnyy: anyone in here using pg_search? trying to restrict multisearch to only search certain columns but can't find a way to do it. use case is "search only title for this text" instead of the default "search everything for this text"


[18:43:14] dnyy: heyo, have a sunspot question. i have a model i want to search on that has multiple scopes for sorting/ranking (example: https://gist.github.com/dannytatom/106c25ef1a70508046b00e87cc0be488). how can i tell sunspot to use that for ordering?
[18:43:26] dnyy: want to somehow combine them so i don't have to duplicate a lot of code everywhere
[19:01:53] dnyy: https://github.com/plataformatec/devise/blob/88724e10adaf9ffd1d8dbfbaadda2b9d40de756a/lib/devise/encryptor.rb
[19:01:58] dnyy: should help
[19:09:15] dnyy: anyone have any ideas on my q? :/
[19:10:04] dnyy: trying to get sunspot to order by existing model scope
[19:10:10] dnyy: so i don't have to duplicate all this sorting code
[19:56:35] dnyy: so my q (sunspot stuff) seems not possible grr
[19:56:55] dnyy: it doesn't break to do Track.popular.search but it also doesn't work lol
[19:59:22] dnyy: https://gist.github.com/dannytatom/106c25ef1a70508046b00e87cc0be488 still ordering by relevance, also only returns results with exact matches even tho i'm doing fulltext grr
[19:59:41] dnyy: also sunset seems pretty dead/looking for maintainers, any other full text search gems?


[21:35:53] dnyy: if you have /articles/123/publish, what would be the right URL for publishing all articles?
[21:36:05] dnyy: i mean what would be the most RESTy
[21:38:02] dnyy: momomomomo: publish would be an action on the article controller


[22:18:56] dnyy: is it possible to give an object to nested_form's link_to_add? e.g. meal has many recipes through meal_recipes. i want to add an existing recipe to a new meal.


[04:40:12] dnyy: i have a probably dumb question, but I can't figure this out. i'm making a little mini-app to track player wins/losses in games we play around the house. what's the best way to model that? each match has a game and many players. not sure where to mark which players won and which lost.
[04:44:09] dnyy: umdstu_: yeah, but the issue i'm having is there can be multiple winners
[04:44:36] dnyy: fair enough, can do that yeah
[04:46:42] dnyy: match having winner_ids and loser_ids seems cleanest, i think?
[04:47:04] dnyy: so i could do player.wins (returns matches), match.winners (returns players)
[04:48:43] dnyy: so match.winners would just return an array of IDs, would have to get the matching players manually
[05:00:05] dnyy: umdstu_: so match has_many :winners. but how can i say "this is an array of player IDs, but return them as player objects"


[00:39:09] dnyy: why is this giving me a "keyword end expected" error? looks fine to me... https://gist.github.com/dannytatom/ac6fa5e815d41127d31c
[00:40:58] dnyy: i'm totally not seeing it somehow, lol
[00:41:43] dnyy: really only brings once && shows up https://gist.github.com/dannytatom/5ce28d58bdc4aa946233
[00:42:50] dnyy: derp, i guess adding parans fixed it
[00:42:53] dnyy: swore i tried that earlier
[01:07:30] dnyy: grr, cancan seems to avoid anything in a block
[01:07:40] dnyy: even just return false acts like it's true
[01:12:53] dnyy: rushed: yeah, i read through that and the defining with blocks section
[01:13:04] dnyy: and i'm doing it the same as the wiki, but it's like it doesn't even check them
[01:14:36] dnyy: pontiki: https://gist.github.com/dannytatom/8e85d6415d8ec5d6c2c6
[01:14:54] dnyy: there's a few more block abilities in the file, it ignores all of them. i just picked one to show to make it easier to read.
[01:16:28] dnyy: pontiki: talking to me?
[01:16:34] dnyy: oh yeah, also i use authorize! in the controller
[01:16:42] dnyy: it ignores the block in both the controller and the view checks
[01:18:37] dnyy: Radar: nothing, but that's not necessary is it? I don't think I've ever done that before with cancan
[01:19:31] dnyy: Radar: just a devise user object
[01:19:37] dnyy: i can run the code in the check in the console and get false
[01:19:43] dnyy: but if i run the check in the console i get true
[01:20:30] dnyy: https://gist.github.com/dannytatom/66ad0a53da0608ceaa76
[01:20:43] dnyy: same user as i'm logged in with in the app
[01:21:12] dnyy: actually changed the check since i ran that in irb, but same difference lol
[01:23:19] dnyy: rushed: i'll look into that. Radar all the relevant stuff, yeah. just simple definition and a check. :/


[20:42:08] dnyy: has anyone used select2's createSearchChoice with rails? If you type something that's not an option, it sends the text over as the value of the field. i'm not sure how to use find_or_create with it, though. if the record exists, it sends the id, if it doesn't, it sends the name they typed. i feel like i worded that super shitty, but hopefully it makes sense.


[20:13:13] dnyy: not sure if this is the right place, but after updating to OSX Maverick I can't connect to postgres.app anymore. anyone else having that issue and know what's up?
[20:13:47] dnyy: bricker: updated command line tools, yeah
[20:15:02] dnyy: lol, i made the mistake of doing it right before work day ;_;
[20:15:37] dnyy: postgres is my only problem


[01:42:08] dnyy: how can i get rails to render a JSON array without a key? or, i don't want a JSON hash, just the value array.
[01:43:35] dnyy: Radar: well, `render json: @line_tems` results in {"inventories":[{"id":7,"start":"2013-08-29","end":"2013-08-30"},{"id":1,"start":"2013-08-29","end":"2013-08-30"}]}
[01:43:42] dnyy: i don't want the inventories key, just the value array
[01:43:48] dnyy: but i can't find a way to not have it include a key
[01:44:38] dnyy: willbradley: no method values for array, lol :(
[01:44:50] dnyy: somewhere between the render json call and it showing on screen it becomes a hash, i guess?
[01:47:46] dnyy: Radar: i think just an array is valid jSON
[01:47:51] dnyy: Radar: yeah
[01:49:12] dnyy: Radar: i think that's actually the opposite, lol
[01:49:34] dnyy: i did, but false is i think the default
[01:49:38] dnyy: so doesn't really do anything
[01:49:50] dnyy: ACTION too
[01:50:45] dnyy: Radar: false
[01:51:58] dnyy: Radar: rails 4, maybe this will help https://gist.github.com/dannytatom/35d6bedb01d2f660213f
[01:52:02] dnyy: i'm not the greatest at explaining things
[01:52:52] dnyy: Radar: wasn't sure if i was clear in the question or not
[01:52:57] dnyy: if you want i guess? lol
[01:56:03] dnyy: Radar: well what the hell
[01:56:31] dnyy: just jumped into the already existing project, couldn't really tell ya
[01:56:38] dnyy: but that gives me some kind of idea of where to go, so ty


[01:51:24] dnyy: so i'm getting "uninitialized constant ActionsController" and i'm guessing it's because I named a controller Companies::ActionsController
[01:51:34] dnyy: can anyone confirm that's the issue before i waste time changing everything?
[01:52:08] dnyy: really nothing else to show, lol, it's a standard thing with no other errors but that
[01:53:25] dnyy: having a controller named ActionsController, it seems
[01:53:49] dnyy: just attempting any of the routes associated with it
[01:54:53] dnyy: https://gist.github.com/dannytatom/1a34b637be12ed0ea5d4
[01:56:38] dnyy: lol, yes. it's namespaced, so i didn't think it'd be an issues, but i guess it's colliding with rail's action controller
[02:00:21] dnyy: derp, go tit
[02:00:24] dnyy: got it, rather
[02:02:13] dnyy: i thought nesting the resources would work the same as namespacing (as in, it would know ActionsController was Companies::ActionsController because nested) but no, had to specify the controller in the routes


[23:24:14] dnyy: anyone used filepicker.io with nested_form? the js isn't being called when a new set of fields is added to the DOM, but i can't find a way to call it myself.


[06:10:20] dnyy: how can I use simple_form's f.assocation to add existing users to an account (account has_many users, user belongs_to account)?
[20:44:29] dnyy: so both create and update use the same account_params (params.require(:account).permit(:name, :address, :phone, :email, { :user_ids => [] })), but create fails with ActiveModel::ForbiddenAttributesError while update does not. any idea why that'd happen? :/


[06:32:12] dnyy: is it possible to use a table in active_admin without using a resource?
[06:32:23] dnyy: i can't seem to find anything, but seems like something you should be able to do.
[06:32:40] dnyy: how? all i find is table_for everywhere
[06:32:58] dnyy: right, yeah
[06:34:23] dnyy: just arbitrary stuff that needs to be shown that's not just a list of users or anything like that
[06:34:45] dnyy: i had previously just had a list, but a table seems nicer
[06:35:21] dnyy: i think we might be talking about 2 different things, lol. active_admin has things like table_for so you can create tables in the UI for it.
[06:35:51] dnyy: but table_for requires a AR collection for it to iterate over whereas I just want a simple table I can put random stuff in
[06:36:11] dnyy: doesn't seem like it :/
[06:36:55] dnyy: it's part of active_admin
[06:37:11] dnyy: kinda confusing lol
[06:37:57] dnyy: @sevenseacat lol
[06:39:15] dnyy: i honestly have no idea why it's done this way except it's making things hard
[06:47:08] dnyy: s2013: i just decided to go back to using a list, lol
[06:47:11] dnyy: too much work


[23:14:53] dnyy: So, let's say a user uploads an image. Other users can "fork" that image (duplicate?) and edit it. Other users can then fork that fork (or the original), creating a kind of branch of versions for that image, each belonging to a single user. What would be the best way to go about that?
[23:17:57] dnyy: well, i could hack it together just fine, i'm just wondering if there's a "right" way to do it.
[23:18:30] dnyy: off the top of my head, each record could have a parent_id. 'forking' would just duplicate the record, change parent id to what was forked, and call it done. not sure that's the cleanest/best solution, though.
[23:20:10] dnyy: gwillen: yeah, don't see a reason it wouldn't work. i might just be being paranoid/over thinking it too soon. :p
[23:21:28] dnyy: ah, yeah. really, the only time i need to see parents is if i want a pretty graph of parents & children. otherwise, i just need to be able to list the children.
[23:21:56] dnyy: just showing parent -> this record -> all children would probably be good enough


[06:08:57] dnyy: r0bglees0n: lolol


[02:28:57] dnyy: reseting my password with devise sends me to users/password.user. I can't seem to find where that is set or how to change it (ideally, it'd redirect to root_path). anyone have any ideas?


[19:13:21] dnyy: got disconnected, not sure if my last message sent: so I'm trying to convert this less file to scss, but I have no idea what `.transition(~"border linear .2s, box-shadow linear .2s");` would be. any ideas? not sure how to translate the .transition and ~ (or what ~ even does)


[23:49:28] dnyy: anyone using zurb foundation? any time I try to use a mixin (with scss), i get an undefined mixin error. is there something special i need to do to use mixins?


[17:57:21] dnyy: Is there any reason form_for would be rendering all the fields outside of & under the form tag? i've spent hours trying to figure this out to no avail.


[20:55:14] dnyy: does anyone know why simple_form would be rendering the form tag, but then all the fields outside of it? http://x.dannytatom.me/image/3n2D1m002F2S
[20:55:37] dnyy: i'm calling `= simple_form_for order, :remote => true do |f|` within a partial


[19:40:02] dnyy: how can i show something other than model validation errors in simple_form? i want it to do the same highlighting of fields and such, but with an if/else from the controller.


[16:23:14] dnyy: Can someone tell me how to make this select the right contact on edit? I've tried using builder.object.id, but builder.object is nil. https://gist.github.com/c66a06fb40ceabcf8bfc
[16:25:47] dnyy: mikecmpbll: i know, but i'm not sure how to get the id for the current contact. like i said, builder.object is nil, not sure where else to get it from within that?
[16:26:59] dnyy: mikecmpbll: it's a fields_for for a has_many/accepts_nested_attributes_for
[16:27:52] dnyy: :p input fields have the right values by default on edit, but the select field doesn't and i'm not sure why and have no idea how to make it so
[16:39:40] dnyy: mikecmpbll: i haven't a clue. the "role" part of the contact shows fine, but doing a raise builder.object.inspect says nil.
[16:39:49] dnyy: not sure if there's another way i can access the contact object within that or not


[20:17:58] dnyy: What do I need to do to save a string into a date field? I'm sending over "2012-12-12" via AJAX request, and it's saving as a string in the database when it should be a Date. No idea why?
[20:19:47] dnyy: elaptics: schema file says t.date
[20:20:34] dnyy: luckyruby: sqlite3 right now
[20:20:49] dnyy: elaptics: i know, it shouldn't, but somehow is saving as a string. or at least being returned as one.


[19:00:32] dnyy: I have has_many through, the join model has an extra attribute on it. I can get it to save in the controller, but I have no idea how to access it. If I do case.contacts, how can I get the attribute from the join model (case_contacts)?
[19:02:40] dnyy: hm, right, it's an array but i guess there'll never be more than one. so i guess @case.contacts.last.case_contacts[0].role is safe to do.
[19:04:05] dnyy: bricker: https://gist.github.com/092bc470daa383381c07
[19:04:17] dnyy: CaseContact has a `role` field/attribute
[19:08:15] dnyy: bricker: aah, okay, so i have to go through case_contacts and not contacts
[19:11:36] dnyy: bricker: alright, thanks


[18:11:22] dnyy: I've created a manifest file that requires 2 other JS files, but when trying to load that file by itself (by calling asset_path('file_name')) it says it's not compiled. the 2 files required compile into it, though, so i'm pretty confused. any ideas?
[18:11:44] dnyy: it's for a bookmarklet, so the script tag is being generated by JS. that's why i'm using asset_path instead of javascript_include_tag.


[00:36:04] dnyy: I'm having an impossible time searching for this, what's the name of the % operator?
[00:36:24] dnyy: eph3meral: much thanks
[00:36:31] dnyy: google isn't good for that kinda thing, it seems
[00:36:54] dnyy: davidcelis: i was thinking modulus, thanks though :D


[19:21:53] dnyy: If you wanted to have a "type" field for a model (say, Home has the types Apartment and House), how would you go about that? create a HouseTypes association? (sorry if i already sent this, keeps saying cannot send to channel. D:)
[19:25:03] dnyy: blazes816: will do, thanks
[19:25:21] dnyy: seems weird to create a ton of tables for that, but wasn't sure
[19:28:33] dnyy: blazes816: All I need is to be able to show a select list of available types that a user can choose from when creating a record
[19:29:51] dnyy: blazes816: aah, that sounds the easiest. just have a list in the model itself?


[14:52:12] dnyy: how would you update an objects parent (the belong_to of a has_many object) from within a form_for for the child parent?
[14:54:13] dnyy: universa1: i've been trying that, and in the controller i'm doing current_user.invoices.new(params[:invoice]) but then i get the error "Couldn't find User with ID=6 for Invoice with ID=". not sure if it's actually related to that or not, though, but it's setup the same way it would be if i was creating an invoice from a form_for :user.
[14:56:10] dnyy: universa1: yeah, was just typin' it up: https://gist.github.com/d9b333c044b66eeb6bc8
[15:01:16] dnyy: so the docs say accepts_nested_attributes_for "allow you to save attributes on associated records through the parent." how can i save attributes of a parent from a child, though? D:
[15:02:11] dnyy: Radar: so exact same code (give or take) could update the Library object from a Book object?
[15:04:21] dnyy: Radar: if I do it that way, do I need to save the parent (Library in that example) when saving the child (Book)?
[15:05:17] dnyy: yeah, i'm just confused 'cause the docs say all changes to the children are saved when you save the parent. but since i'm doing it the other way around, i'm not sure if it'll save the parent when saving the child.
[15:05:20] dnyy: oh, ok, gotcha