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[22:17:38] doctorly: Is there a way to allow my angularjs modules access to all images in the asset pipeline? I am having issues because erb evaluates before my JS. I would like my js to decide which images it wants
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[00:07:11] doctorly: I'm trying to have a method that is given a character, lets say 'a', and then can translate that into 'author'. so I can call something like '' when I am passed 'a'. What method should I look into?
[00:09:39] doctorly: derpy: thank you!
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[21:47:16] doctorly: Hello, I have a quick question. What types of skills would a Junior Ruby developer be expected to know?
[21:48:26] doctorly: apeiros: I believe the job will be scripting deployment commands and such.
[21:48:56] doctorly: apeiros: I think it is basically a dev ops position, using ruby
[21:49:49] doctorly: apeiros: so if a company wants to hire me at a junior level, as long as I have a strong background, I should be able to manage?
[21:51:55] doctorly: apeiros: The company is hiring senior, but some people managed to convince them to talk to me about a junior position. So I am really in a spot where I'm nervous about the questions they are going to ask me lmao. I don't want to get pushed out because I forgot how to explain something simple.
[21:52:16] doctorly: I will just continue to study and do my best I guess
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[21:16:24] doctorly: hello, I am trying to run rake db:reset
[21:16:32] doctorly: and I am getting this error:
[21:17:16] doctorly: My migrations look to be in the correct order, and this is a recent issue. I haven't changed any migration files in my repo for a while now either.
[21:21:45] doctorly: tubbo: I uploaded it to gist, should I have done something different?
[21:21:53] doctorly: tubbo: Looking at that file now
[21:24:00] doctorly: tubbo: I also found the issue, thanks
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[19:26:21] doctorly: Hello, I am sending in an application for a first job. I need to send ruby samples as part of the prescreening process. I have two that I can choose from, can someone look over these two examples and tell me which would be a better candidate?
[19:26:26] doctorly:
[19:26:32] doctorly:
[19:26:40] doctorly: Thanks in advance
[19:27:10] doctorly: norc_: lmao
[19:27:16] doctorly: greate time for me to show up
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[02:34:02] doctorly: I ran `rake assets:precompile` and now rails isn't automatically precompiling my assets every time a change my css. How can I fix this?
[02:34:50] doctorly: Radar: Thank you.
[02:36:15] doctorly: Yeah, that was perfect.
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[19:43:17] doctorly: Hey everyone. I completed the third draft of my resume, I basically just took (almost) everything redundant out. I'm thinking about expanding my skills section, or having a seperate skills section where I describe some things instead of just buzzwords. Let me know what sounds good etc. Thanks for the help everyone, my resume is a lot smaller but I feel like it will look a lot better when applying for
[19:43:23] doctorly: RoR jobs.
[19:46:26] doctorly: uberjar: yeah, ignore punctuation and formatting for now. I am going to go through and move everything, spell everything later.
[19:47:23] doctorly: uberjar: good catch though, just changed it on my local copy.
[19:56:00] doctorly: uberjar: Yeah, but I do need to convey that I work with people
[19:56:18] doctorly: uberjar: and I know employers might skip the initial paragraph a lot of the time
[19:56:59] doctorly: uberjar: but I do realize it is noisy, I need to find a better way to state that information
[19:58:38] doctorly: uberjar: I am an intern and don't know anything about finances though, I could not state something like that.
[19:59:17] doctorly: uberjar: that sounds a lot better though
[20:00:54] doctorly: uberjar: the product isn't deployed for a while either. So that sounds pretty hard for me to do. Private code base as well. I have a demonstration I can show in person, but this actually sounds like a pretty big fault right now
[20:02:06] doctorly: uberjar: So it sounds like I am in the exact situation I shouldn't be in by what you have said, lmao
[20:04:31] doctorly: uberjar: That doesn't make sense at all though, if it my main experience
[20:04:49] doctorly: uberjar: of course my future employer would be interested in that experience
[20:05:18] doctorly: uberjar: and internships are so important on resumes, I am really confused by that advice
[20:05:50] doctorly: uberjar: and I do have a demonstration for actually interviews
[20:07:18] doctorly: uberjar: Yeah that is true, but I believe I would get an interview without having to directly prove that first
[20:07:38] doctorly: uberjar: and like I said, I have proof, when I am in an interview
[20:07:55] doctorly: uberjar: But at this point, I don't have any other option lmfao
[20:08:59] doctorly: Yeah, I might just ask about financing and some sort of proof. So I can have more to work with
[20:10:31] doctorly: uberjar: Except it looks like I'm working somewhere fake lmao
[20:16:34] doctorly: uberjar: Yeah, I understand that, but I don't have anything else to work with, like I was saying.
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[02:31:00] doctorly: Hello, I am working on a resume, to hopefully obtain my first job. I am having a hard time thinking of a proper objective, and which points to focus on. Here is my pre-draft, , any advice is greatly appreciated.
[02:32:30] doctorly: sevenseacat: Do you think that would be a good objective, or are you actually asking?
[02:36:11] doctorly: sevenseacat: I see what you mean, yeah, I have just put a placeholder there for now. Do you think I should put my reason for wanting to be a ruby on rails dev?
[02:37:21] doctorly: I was under the impression that I should explain my experience and accomplishments in the cover letter, should I do it here as well?
[02:41:10] doctorly: sevenseacat: My personal objective is really clear: I want to secure a job, so I can pursue a career in development. I love problem solving, and I especially love the constantly developing problems and solutions you get to encounter when working on web applications. I love constantly having to learn new things, finding solutions. I also love working in a team, cooperating with intelligent people. BUT
[02:41:16] doctorly: the hard part is wording this in a professional manner.
[02:41:18] doctorly: that appeals to an employer
[02:44:07] doctorly: I will try to word it more profesionnaly. Thanks.
[02:44:14] doctorly: matthewd: when hiring?
[02:46:29] doctorly: matthewd: Do you suggest I explain problems I encountered and how I solved them on the resume? or just in the cover letter, leaving only the basic information on the resume.
[02:59:26] doctorly: Yeah, it takes so much more work for me, compared to coding lmao
[02:59:48] doctorly: by that I mean, it takes so much more motivation to do so little work.
[03:02:16] doctorly: lmao this sucks
[03:03:11] doctorly: Well I would say, I want to be working at a more startup-y place, and there are enough here, but I will probably be applying to both types in mass
[03:03:26] doctorly: because it will be my first payed job, I really just need to get it
[03:04:37] doctorly: sevenseacat: I am going to have lunch meetings as well, but I need to do both, right?
[03:06:29] doctorly: sevenseacat: Like I am going to be introduced to a few places, and recommended, but I feel like I am going to still need to apply to a variety of places to be sure I get a job.
[03:08:02] doctorly: sevenseacat: Unpaid internship for over a year
[03:08:26] doctorly: sevenseacat: For a guy that is friends with a lot of startups
[03:08:58] doctorly: sevenseacat: Yeah, it isn't the slave labour type of internship, it is more two people trying to make an app, but one knows what is going on
[03:09:49] doctorly: sevenseacat: he basically has just taught me rails
[03:10:26] doctorly: sevenseacat: But it has gotten to the point, that if I am working, and not getting money, it would be slave labour lmao
[03:12:01] doctorly: sevenseacat: I don't mind the comments, to a certain degree I agree. But on one hand I really really wanted to learn, and he has been an amazing teacher.
[03:14:43] doctorly: and also thanks for the suggestions everyone (sevenseacat matthewd pontiki etc.) I am going to try my best to put a lot of it to practice
[03:17:15] doctorly: matthewd: Can you expand on how I should mention it? Do you mean like, Say that I have made models? And controllers? I have done a lot of different stuff, and it is difficult to decide what I should focus on.
[03:22:40] doctorly: matthewd: Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I didn't even think of that. Thank you
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[21:47:48] doctorly: I followed everyone's advice yesterday, and I have been making progress on my resume. If anyone could give me advice, that would be appreciated!
[21:51:23] doctorly: Radar: Should I just put rails development?
[21:51:50] doctorly: Radar: I'm sure some of the things I am saying sound awkward to an experienced dev too, that is something I am worried about
[21:52:47] doctorly: Radar: a lot of the advice I was getting, was to be more specific about what I did.
[21:53:01] doctorly: I will go through and try to make sure I'm not repeating myself.
[21:54:23] doctorly: Radar: How come I should remove jQuery + AJAX?
[21:55:24] doctorly: Radar: Do you mean remove them from my skills and experience?
[21:56:31] doctorly: Radar: By that I mean, should I keep line 24
[21:57:25] doctorly: Radar: I was thinking that, but I was actually getting the exact opposite opinions from multiple people yesterday
[21:57:39] doctorly: Radar: So now I am confused
[21:58:40] doctorly: Radar: Yeah, I am not shrugging any of them away, I am just saying that I am more conflicted now haha. I think your advice is probably good advice though
[21:58:53] doctorly: Radar: because you are well known-ish
[21:59:40] doctorly: Radar: would you suggest a style closer to this:
[22:00:21] doctorly: But the way experience is worded
[22:00:53] doctorly: Radar: alright, I will go more in that direction
[22:01:08] doctorly: Radar: and try again lmao
[22:26:05] doctorly: radar: How do you feel about this?
[22:31:35] doctorly: Radar: ah actually need to take out the github bit too
[22:32:21] doctorly: Radar: alright, removed the bits I forgot to.
[22:43:34] doctorly: Radar: merge my education into work?
[22:44:19] doctorly: Radar: Oh yeah, I mentioned that earlier sorry
[22:44:27] doctorly: Radar: that I edited it I mean
[22:45:09] doctorly: Radar: Is there anything I should mention that I haven't? I am confused on which information to include
[22:45:21] doctorly: Radar: It seems like most of the stuff should be implied
[22:46:13] doctorly: Oh yeah, that makes a lot of sense
[22:48:24] doctorly: Radar: But do you think I should just drop the whole asynchronous part? Is that not relevent?
[22:51:42] doctorly: dopie: your problem is that it doesn't keep the window open? Vim isn't meant to be used this way. Have you tried neovim yet?
[22:52:28] doctorly: dopie: then what does it have to do with vim. You didn't give enough information in your gist
[22:53:23] doctorly: Radar: Like a small paragraph before the points? That is a solid idea
[22:54:12] doctorly: Radar: alright, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the advice
[22:54:24] doctorly: Radar: hopefully it will make a big difference
[22:58:40] doctorly: dopie: I can probably help you if you provide a clear question and objective. But you should really be asking in #tmux anyway. This question has nothing to do with rails or vim as far as I can see.
[23:00:54] doctorly: dopie: I don't understand what it has to do with vim though.
[23:01:20] doctorly: dopie: if you asked that question in #vim they probably didn't answer because it has nothing to do with vim lmao
[23:03:30] doctorly: dopie: That keeps the window open when you leave tmux.
[23:03:40] doctorly: dopie: still have no idea what you are trying to do.
[23:03:50] doctorly: dopie: xy problem.
[23:04:17] doctorly: dopie: go to #tmux and I will help you
[23:04:38] doctorly: dopie: or one of the hundreds of active user will


[00:01:15] doctorly: Radar: I'm actually not sure, because the code involves several partials, controller, and model. I was guessing model, but wanted to make sure. I will post the code in a moment.
[00:11:12] doctorly: thanks in advance!!
[00:20:17] doctorly: Radar: That makes sense, I should be using strptime.
[00:20:55] doctorly: smathy: that fixed everything, thanks a lot. So does trying to access start_date prevent me from saving to the db?
[00:23:39] doctorly: Radar: I see, that makes a lot of sense. I will read the docs on attr_accessor more. I obviously need to learn how it works.
[00:26:29] doctorly: Radar: Allowed me to set custom getters and setters. I was thinking that I would need to use it for start_date too, but it makes sense why I wouldn't now. Didn't understand it at all on a lower level.
[00:28:21] doctorly: Radar: smathy: thank you!
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[20:48:45] doctorly: I am getting an error "can't write unknown attribute" when trying to use a virtual attribute. I am having a hard time finding an up to date guide on virtual attributes. Can someone link me?
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[23:57:25] doctorly: I am having a hard time getting a virtual attribute to work. I am calling the setter before validation, and it sets my attribute 'self.start_date'. It passes validation, but doen't actually save the attribute to the database. Any ideas how I can get passed this hump?
[23:58:05] doctorly: What exactly do you want me to show though, where would the problem reside?


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[19:59:41] doctorly: I am using arch and having problem start rails server. I have my project files on an SD card. The error I get is: `initialize': Connection refused - connect(2) for "localhost" port 9200 (Faraday::ConnectionFailed)
[20:04:24] doctorly: rhizome: I'm trying to figure out why the connection is refused, how should I trouble shoot?
[20:06:34] doctorly: rhizome: I think es, I am going to check the daemon and see what is going on at that end.
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[04:33:18] doctorly: I am having an issue trying to select a dynamically generated form. using `.submit` no longer works when the form is dynamically generated. What is the correct method for doing this?
[04:34:09] doctorly: I am using Jquery by the way, sorry.
[04:40:35] doctorly: There isn't any code that I can show. Can't you give advice on the general problem? I am having the issue of dynamic content not being selectable by jQuery. I know it can be done with '.on', but I need something that will work with
[04:43:00] doctorly: I have code, there is no doe that I can show
[04:44:13] doctorly: I am not doing this for pay, I am still learning, but I still had to sign an nda on someone elses project.
[04:44:34] doctorly: not trying to get free work, literally need help learning.
[04:46:42] doctorly: Yeah that sucks, if nobody has an idea of what I am talking about, I guess I will ask somewhere else and hope they will.
[04:50:18] doctorly: Radar: In order to work on the project I needed to sign the nda, that isn't a big deal to me. I wasn't implying that you don't have the knowledge to help me either, I was saying that with the information I gave you, you can't assist me. I will just have to find somewhere else. I don't have another option lmao. I didn't realize the irc is so strict about code.
[04:51:10] doctorly: Radar: I understand ambiguity, I wasn't expecting you to do anything at all
[04:51:48] doctorly: I was, but I wasn't expecting it
[04:56:20] doctorly: VeryBewitching: Yeah, my problem is dealing with elements that are rendered after the rest of the page, it definitely looks like I should ask on #jquery, but I probably won't be able to get much help from them either without posting code.
[04:56:36] doctorly: VeryBewitching: Thanks though, guys
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[23:08:22] doctorly: Hi, I am having an issue with using `console.log`. I am finding that if I put it in a lot of places I am getting an error `unexpected token .`. Does anyone have an idea why this would be happening?
[23:11:23] doctorly: Radar: I will get an example quick, but I am having this issue in a lot of places
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[00:59:48] doctorly: I am using a theme, and I am trying to locate the javascript function that is activating a drop down menu, is there a way to trace that?
[01:03:24] doctorly: Ziggy: I use chrome dev tools, when I look at the elements though, aren't I only seeing the html and css? I can see things change but it I don't think it is what is actually causing it. Like I can see `expanding` then `expanded` or something, but there is no way for me to recreate that process.
[01:03:43] doctorly: Ziggy: or is there somewhere else I should be looking?
[01:06:56] doctorly: Ziggy: how do I look for what is listening? That is what I want tbh, I just don't know what to search for. Like what section is it under
[01:10:20] doctorly: Just going to ask again in case someone can shed some more light on what I shoould be searching for. What is the best way to find out what is listening to an element?
[01:11:30] doctorly: Ziggy: I do see it, is somewhere I didn't expect at all, thank you
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[19:52:49] doctorly: I am trying to use something like `render 'position', position: @position` but in `position` partial I don't have `position` local variable, instead it is `@position` instance variable. Is there something I am missing to change this?
[19:53:34] doctorly: or should I declare a new local variable before passing it?
[19:53:39] doctorly: to achieve my goal
[19:56:23] doctorly: cnk: one moment
[20:00:43] doctorly: cnk: I still get the `@position` instance variable, without manually passing it
[20:02:22] doctorly: cnk: sorry, I want to have a local variable, not an instance variable.
[20:02:59] doctorly: cnk: and I don't mind just manually assigning it to a local variable and then sending it, but I don't know if that is bad practice or not.
[20:06:04] doctorly: cnk: that did work, I guess I don't quite understand how the `position: @position` shortcut works yet. Thank you.
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[01:13:04] doctorly: what is the website to upload code again?
[01:13:11] doctorly: as in pastebin
[01:16:05] doctorly: I am having an issue using select2, it is over-riding the css of my template. When I try to edit the CSS by adding a style tag, I can only get width to change. Here is the tage I'm using . Any help would be aweosme!
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[03:50:03] doctorly: Does anyone use a time tracker in vim or terminal? I am looking at options but can't find a whole lot of opinions on what really works
[03:51:01] doctorly: sevenseacat: it is very related, because it involves tracking time on specific tasks related to rails projects. I would have posted somewhere else if it was more relevent.
[03:52:49] doctorly: Radar: Lmfao
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