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[21:42:39] donovan: has joined #ruby


[04:08:05] donovan: I see more jobs for RoR than most anything else still
[04:08:44] donovan: depends, but generally speaking, yes.
[04:08:59] donovan: they go hand in hand more and more
[04:09:23] donovan: though there's a fair bit of API work with Sinatra too
[04:10:05] donovan: then again, asking a ruby vs python question in a ruby forum is probably not going to get you unbiased answered either.
[04:10:45] donovan: personally, I really like the Ruby language. Rails is just icing on top.
[04:11:08] donovan: I used to be a perl & python guy
[04:11:17] donovan: so, take that as you will
[04:11:53] donovan: yeah.. CPAN
[04:12:01] donovan: gems blows it away
[04:12:33] donovan: ask him how easy it is to find and install something on CPAN. ;-)
[04:12:43] donovan: gem search ...
[04:12:46] donovan: gem install ...
[04:13:34] donovan: good deal.
[04:13:45] donovan: RVM or rbenv are both good choices
[04:14:09] donovan: RVM is better if you're on linux (IMO)
[04:14:17] donovan: rbenv is better on OSX
[04:14:24] donovan: (again, my opinion)
[04:15:17] donovan: I don't think you'll be disappointed
[04:16:14] donovan: ellisTAA: survey says...
[04:18:40] donovan: ellisTAA: printf is your friend.
[04:20:26] donovan: ellisTAA:
[04:21:53] donovan: also look into the String '%' operator
[04:22:02] donovan: does the same thing, mostly
[17:30:14] donovan: "where did I put those new batter.... "
[17:32:34] donovan: that's just silly
[17:34:03] donovan: I was kidding, but I agree with that.
[17:37:52] donovan: workmad3: interesting... on one hand, you would need to suppose that the universe "splits" at all and doesn't merely "exist" in multiples
[17:38:39] donovan: workmad3: but, it also a "split" would assume linear movement through time
[17:39:20] donovan: what if time is just a series of moments, happening at random intervals in random "universes" and "reality" is simple a composite of those moments?
[17:40:17] donovan: so we're not in "one" reality but an infinite number or "realities" all jumbled together
[17:40:27] donovan: collapsing into a singular "reality"
[17:41:38] donovan: rushed: lol, I didn't start it, but yeah. heh
[17:42:49] donovan: all this just to suppose that nil *could* be truthy... in some "reality"
[17:43:03] donovan: ACTION brings it back on topic
[17:43:39] donovan: yeah, me too. One of my thought exercises
[17:47:06] donovan: that's the "reality" of it... but yeah, there would also be "rules" so that those moments are infinitly close to each other so as to remain in a semi-consistent status, right?
[17:47:39] donovan: I've thought about this a lot, actually
[17:47:41] donovan: but thanks
[17:48:34] donovan: by "rules", I really mean "random order"
[17:49:08] donovan: It helps me to visulize these "moments" as a cloud of smoke
[17:49:32] donovan: infinitely large