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[02:19:50] edj: so i have these two files in the same directory, and when i try to require one in the other i get an error.
[02:20:18] edj: thank you so much jhass
[02:21:35] edj: yup that did the trick jhass
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[19:31:35] edj: i dont understand how ruby koans is supposed to help if all im doing is putting varname= whatever
[19:31:56] edj: how is koans supposed to help?
[19:33:02] edj: anyone?
[19:34:50] edj: so its more for entry level?
[19:35:13] edj: I'm more of an advanced beginer
[19:36:06] edj: hi blub
[19:36:47] edj: ill probably go back to reading grounded rubyist
[19:37:25] edj: just to try koans for a bit. i didnt realy stop stop. you know?
[19:38:26] edj: oh ok ill keep going
[19:39:42] edj: oh my god thats so cool
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[03:33:18] edj: did anyone here learn ruby as their first language?
[03:55:25] edj: as a first language how long should ruby take to learn?
[04:10:10] edj: ive been dabling for a while but now im getting more serious about it. is "well grounded rubyist" going to teach me enough?
[04:13:55] edj: yea i think im trying to rush and make too much of a plan for learning
[04:16:46] edj: whats it called?
[04:17:04] edj: so one monthish?
[04:18:46] edj: how many hours a week should i devote?
[04:18:58] edj: is 12 hours a day unreasonable?
[04:20:39] edj: so this 1000 page book should take me a month or so?
[04:20:52] edj: i was aiming at a week but thats unrealistic
[04:21:08] edj: i dont know why i do that
[04:21:48] edj: i try to make an equation and a plan out of absolutely everything
[04:22:40] edj: pontiki: i know lmao
[04:23:15] edj: jhass: ive already gone through a track on treehouse and a few paths on code academy. would you still advise i read the book?
[04:23:39] edj: jhass: will it give a better foundation regaurdless?
[04:24:29] edj: jhass: ok ill order it
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[04:58:47] edj: what languages do i need to know to make an app with ruby motion?
[04:59:12] edj: does anyone know ruby motion or where i can talk to someone who does?
[04:59:18] edj: the irc is empty
[04:59:35] edj: dont i need html and css and javascript ?
[04:59:43] edj: and a javascript framework?
[04:59:55] edj: i want to be full stack
[05:02:23] edj: I'm sort of lost
[05:05:25] edj: so i dont need html/css or javascript?
[05:09:35] edj: do you know where i can find a rubymotion irc thats active?
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[06:49:11] edj: ja: you there?
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[02:38:41] edj: is there somewhere i can take a test to see if i know enough ruby to do rails?
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[02:51:17] edj: do i need to know metaprogramming in ruby before i start learning rails?
[02:51:28] edj: radar: I ordered your book
[02:51:56] edj: radar: ok
[04:24:00] edj: radar: totally lost i bought well grounded rubyist
[04:24:38] edj: radar: from what ive seen in that i think im about 1/2 done with ruby
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[05:17:59] edj: does anyone know why this "Unable to save /c2f.rb Error: Permission denied" would pop up in sublime when i try to save my file?
[05:20:53] edj: douglass1: well I just created it so i would assume so
[05:21:08] edj: it wouldn't even let me officially create it though
[05:21:19] edj: i tried to cmd s it
[05:22:09] edj: normally yea
[05:22:22] edj: i have been coding in browser until now
[05:22:35] edj: i just started the grounded rubyist
[05:22:46] edj: i haven't tried
[05:23:27] edj: i just tried with .txt
[05:23:35] edj: sublime wont save anything at all
[05:24:48] edj: i just tried it with another folder
[05:24:53] edj: still same
[05:30:46] edj: blubjr: didnt work
[05:31:08] edj: shevy: i only have one user on my computer so idk
[05:34:32] edj: and i was able to make a .rb file in aptana
[05:41:20] edj: shevy: could there be some dependency issue?
[05:53:25] edj: i got it figured out thank you guys
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[06:05:40] edj: is there a way to get a ruby console in dreamweaver??
[06:26:01] edj: verybewitching: is there something better i can use?
[06:26:05] edj: I dont like it
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[03:53:53] edj: how do i know when i know enough ruby to do a rails tutorial?
[03:55:12] edj: ja:niiiiiiiiice lmao
[03:57:41] edj: ok that makes since. so just syntax is needed?
[03:57:55] edj: radar: could you link me to your book
[03:58:45] edj: alright.
[03:59:42] edj: thanks guys
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[00:17:00] edj: *varName in a function makes it a global variable?
[00:19:39] edj: whats a good website to post code on so i can link it here?
[00:19:58] edj: ok thanks
[00:20:34] edj: https://gist.github.com/edj979/7a7d088e2b6e80e8f55c
[00:20:51] edj: *numbers is a global var even though its declared in a method ?
[00:22:48] edj: so if i do def name ($var) its global?
[00:23:21] edj: idk, flexability
[00:23:42] edj: i guess i could just create one as an output
[00:24:41] edj: or i could use $var=method(var)
[00:25:13] edj: I'm legit retarded
[00:25:20] edj: pinkie pie swear
[00:25:43] edj: I'm pretty smart, just a noob.
[00:26:36] edj: I'm not really making anything practical yet just trying to get a good grasp of ruby
[00:26:41] edj: but thats a good point
[00:27:18] edj: what habit is that ?
[00:27:44] edj: what habit lmao
[00:27:51] edj: alright man
[00:28:07] edj: i understand
[00:28:13] edj: I need to stop that.
[00:28:50] edj: no, but i am
[00:32:18] edj: so *var means it can take multiple arguments and put it in one?
[00:32:31] edj: alright, nice
[00:34:21] edj: so it creates an array?
[00:34:31] edj: of variables
[00:34:42] edj: and runs them all through the same place
[00:35:58] edj: but it can be more than three, right?
[00:38:18] edj: then why use it?
[00:38:41] edj: is there one that makes it so its how ever many you put in?
[00:39:04] edj: I like flexible code
[00:40:22] edj: thats not a real thing
[00:40:40] edj: sarcasm doesn't come across well through text
[00:42:17] edj: lol I knew it
[00:48:24] edj: explode one argument to many?
[00:51:23] edj: what is that for? how does it connect to everything?
[00:52:19] edj: it seems like having one argument 9001 times wouldnt have any use
[00:58:10] edj: OOOOOOOOH
[03:06:38] edj: whats the difference between a lambda and a method?
[03:14:52] edj: so a lambda can just take an argument where a method needs an actual object
[03:16:54] edj: Radar: after reading your book would i be ready to get a job ?
[03:17:07] edj: Radar: or after doing everything in it.
[03:17:50] edj: radar: so id be ready to after reading your book?
[03:18:18] edj: radar: i meant ready to build an app
[03:19:16] edj: radar: how long would you think it would take for me to do it?
[03:19:31] edj: radar: I just really like planning
[03:19:46] edj: radar: my mtbi is entj
[03:21:00] edj: radar: I'll probably be ready before august. that's all that really matters i guess lol. I dont know why i feel the need to predict the future.
[03:23:43] edj: radar: but I'm definatly getting it with my next check
[03:24:30] edj: radar: I'll tell my friends to get it too. You're so helpful.
[03:24:49] edj: radar: i know at least one will
[03:29:48] edj: radar: awwwwww yea $4.
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[03:10:11] edj: radar: are you here?
[03:10:38] edj: radar: lol yea
[03:12:28] edj: radar: should I go through courses multiple times until i master them or just keep going?
[03:14:05] edj: radar: So just keep going?
[03:15:14] edj: radar: I'll know more about certain parts of it, but overall i guess not.
[03:15:43] edj: codeacademy ruby and im working on rubymonk
[03:17:13] edj: I really like ruby monk, it seems to cover a lot of information
[03:21:50] edj: weaksauce: I want to use rubymotion to make an app
[03:22:47] edj: weaksauce: it makes ruby code cross platform
[03:23:10] edj: hardtail: not yet I'm trying to learn all the ruby ill need first.
[03:23:46] edj: weaksauce: don't i need rails to use it?
[03:24:11] edj: hardtail: awesome!
[03:24:37] edj: weaksauce: well I'm about to sound like a total noob... but what exactly is rails for...
[03:25:14] edj: wealsauce: so i could make an app using location using that right?
[03:25:42] edj: weaksauce: rubymotion
[03:26:37] edj: radar: a hash
[03:26:51] edj: weaksauce: phone i guess
[03:27:12] edj: radar: I have!
[03:27:39] edj: weaksauce: it needs to track current location and have users
[03:28:40] edj: radar: not yet, I'm sort of scared to I feel like i might need to finish up codemonk then try michael hartls tutorial or maybe rails for zombies first then the rails tutorial.
[03:29:18] edj: radar: yea i do
[03:36:18] edj: does anyone know aproximately how many hours rubymonk should take?
[03:50:20] edj: radar:edj979
[03:53:46] edj: radar: thanks I'll probably get it with my next check
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[02:02:31] edj: what even is a proc?
[02:02:37] edj: the entire concept is new to me
[02:02:46] edj: i just dont get them
[02:02:51] edj: why do they exist?
[02:03:05] edj: how do i store this information in my head?
[02:03:39] edj: yield and proc and lambda dont make since
[02:03:53] edj: i know a decent amount of javascript
[02:04:08] edj: i just dont know what their roles are really
[02:04:19] edj: i am not
[02:04:40] edj: i guess not
[02:05:39] edj: i think i used it but no i dont remember what it does
[02:09:16] edj: what is a method?
[02:09:19] edj: .something?
[02:09:32] edj: .upcase things like thaT?
[02:09:51] edj: i dont really know the vocabulary i just kind of do things
[02:10:55] edj: most of the time i dont really have many methods memorized
[02:11:01] edj: but i know what alot of them do
[02:15:00] edj: i guess i know what a method is too
[02:15:16] edj: just dont have specific ones memorized
[02:16:32] edj: def name (something) code end
[02:16:39] edj: but on multiple lines
[02:17:46] edj: it needs {} ?
[02:18:19] edj: OOOOOOH
[02:19:16] edj: so proc can just get called
[02:19:25] edj: but a block is just set where it is?
[02:19:36] edj: and lambda?
[02:19:54] edj: ok so id use proc 99% of the time?
[02:20:22] edj: lambda > proc?
[02:21:12] edj: are lambdas easier to call?
[02:21:17] edj: more flexable?
[02:31:27] edj: should i complete ruby monk ?
[02:31:33] edj: am i ready for rails after that?
[02:33:50] edj: where would i got after koans?
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[02:44:10] edj: radar: are you here?
[02:46:45] edj: will i learn enough ruby with https://rubymonk.com/ to come to ruby on rails?
[02:47:41] edj: anyone?
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[03:50:22] edj: is rubymonk expecting me to google things?
[04:01:34] edj: has anyone here ever used rubymonk?
[05:01:49] edj: :radar are you there?
[05:17:15] edj: :Radar Is RubyMonk.com good?
[05:17:35] edj: Radar:Is RubyMonk.com good?
[06:26:14] edj: ACTION slaps Radar around a bit with a large fishbot
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