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[15:30:49] elisaado: Hey, can someone help me with DataMapper?
[15:31:24] elisaado: When I create a user it shows up in the db, but when I do User.all after that, it deletes the user
[15:31:29] elisaado: Which it should not do
[15:31:31] elisaado: https://i.imgur.com/2qfkpp0.png
[16:40:32] elisaado: Anyone here using datamapper?


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[11:55:17] elisaado: Is there a cool ruby interpreter that can uuse many cores?
[12:15:44] elisaado: dminuoso: Which one do you use on a daily basis?
[12:16:59] elisaado: dminuoso: I see, thank you!
[12:36:08] elisaado: dminuoso: Building a *very* speedy webapp
[12:46:23] elisaado: dminuoso: Most of the time would be spent in computation
[12:46:31] elisaado: It's for a school project about AI :D
[13:13:34] elisaado: dminuoso: Does MRI do that out of the box or do I need to build it?
[13:13:55] elisaado: dminuoso: I see, I guess I'll try truffle
[13:13:58] elisaado: dminuoso: Multiple cores
[13:14:05] elisaado: Use multiple cores*
[13:21:20] elisaado: Can MRI do that out of the box or do I need to build it? *
[14:47:22] elisaado: chrisseaton: Oh, I see. Thank you!
[19:25:32] elisaado: clemens3: There's ruby2d!
[19:27:13] elisaado: Also ruby-GNOME
[20:15:12] elisaado: Ruby2d should work on any system that supports SDL and simple2d


[11:19:56] elisaado: apeiros: it works now!
[11:20:08] elisaado: I'm using a database lol


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[14:52:27] elisaado: Is there a way I can listen for telegram updates but also listen for http things?
[16:30:37] elisaado: apeiros: Can you give me a hint? :D
[16:32:17] elisaado: Quite high level
[16:32:36] elisaado: apeiros: I mean
[16:32:46] elisaado: Two threads running at the same time
[16:32:58] elisaado: One sinatra
[16:33:18] elisaado: and the other is going to be telegram-ruby-bot
[16:34:52] elisaado: apeiros: The blueprint of the app
[16:35:03] elisaado: What can I use to run those two loops at the same time
[16:35:31] elisaado: They need to use the same variable
[16:35:57] elisaado: I don't want to write a lot of times to my filesystem >:(
[17:05:27] elisaado: Sinatra does that
[17:05:50] elisaado: be a loop, right?


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[08:44:41] elisaado: Hey, anyone know a good sound library? The main thing I want to do is write tones to a file
[08:46:26] elisaado: Oh I found wavfile
[11:29:49] elisaado: Too. Many. Join and leave. Messages.
[13:08:34] elisaado: tobiasvl: can't I disable them in my config? lol
[13:10:37] elisaado: tobiasvl: Thanks!
[13:12:33] elisaado: Someone join and leave
[13:12:36] elisaado: Wanna see if it works :p
[13:15:54] elisaado: I still see it
[13:15:58] elisaado: I'll disable the smart filter
[13:16:06] elisaado: I'll use the non smart filter
[13:20:16] elisaado: dminuoso: I did
[13:20:32] elisaado: Maybe I should
[13:21:03] elisaado: Or I didn't enable it
[13:21:26] elisaado: /filter add irc_smart irc.freenode.#ruby irc_smart_filter #ruby
[13:21:37] elisaado: oh I think I know why
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[13:28:43] elisaado: dminuoso: weeiiirddd
[13:28:52] elisaado: I'm a weechat noob


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[20:32:35] elisaado: Hi, what do you all think about ruby2d?
[20:35:24] elisaado: OwO Bunq client if for the dutch bank bunq?
[20:45:10] elisaado: matthewd: you forgot /s